Black Desert Gardening and Farming Guide

A guide to Gardening and Farming in Black Desert Online tailored to the NA/EU version.


Farming/Gardening Basics

Farming/Gardening in Black Desert Online is a great way to get some of the materials for cooking and making a profit later on with Sunflowers. Additionally you can get a large amounts of carrots for cheap to replenish your horse’s stamina. To get started, all you need is some contribution points.

May 18 Update

With the May 18, 2016 update you can now have workers manage your farms, more details below.

NA/EU Region Differences

Compared to the Korean/Japan versions of the game, there are currently no way to make Haystacks.This means you cannot have cows on your farm to gather milk/beef/leather.

Renting A Fence

To start farming, you will need to rent a fence from some NPCs using contribution points. The rental is permanent as long you keep using it. If you don’t use it for 7 days, it will get deposited back to your storage and you can go back to the NPC to return it to get your contribution points back. Of course you can always remove and return the fences early if you decided farming isn’t for you.

There is a NPC in Northern Guard Camp north of Heidel that will give you an introductory quest for farming and give you a Weak Fence which can field only a single corp. It is rather useless but better than nothing if you just want to try it out.

There are three types of fences you can rent (Small, Plain, and Strong). Beware that some seeds take up 2 crop spaces and can affect how many of them you can plant per fence.

  • Small Fence costs 3 contribution points and allow you to plant 4 crops.
  • Plain Fence costs 6 contribution points and allow you to plant 7 crops.
  • Strong Fence costs 10 contribution points and allow you to plant 10 crops.

If you are going to max contribution point efficiency, small or plain fences are better if you don’t plan to use scarecrows/waterways but once you are at the point where you have enough contribution points and just want time efficiency you probably want the strong fences.Strong fences also get the most benefit from scarecrows/waterways since they take up crop spaces.

To find the NPCs that will rent the fences to you, you can open up the NPC window and type in Fence, this will list all the NPCs you know that rent them. Of course if you havn’t explored much they won’t show up but I will show you some example locations below.


Strong Fence can be rented from Flaviano inside Heidel. He is also the material vendor so just click on Material button when you are in Heidel to find him. Small/Plain Fences are rented from the two farms just south of Heidel. Mael Costa rent Small Fences and Mercianne Moretti rents Plain Fences.


Once you find the NPC, click on [Rent] button in the dialogue window and a new Contribution Item Rental window will pop up, allowing you to rent the item and get it in your inventory if you have enough contribution points.


There is no limit to how many fences you can rent from the same NPC so you can go rent multiple ones.

Putting Down A Fence

In general you can put down a fence in a grassy area that isn’t near a contested node or inside a town/city. When you right click on your fence in your inventory, you will see a placement mode being activated. Move the fence around the area to see places where it lits up blue. That is where you can plant your fence. Obviously you want to pick some place that your alts can reach easily as you may need it to tend to your farm later on while taking into consideration of the temperature and humidity of the area. Once you have placed a farm, press R to enter placement and place your seeds. Garden usage at top left corner of the placement window tell you how many crops you have planted and the max number of crops.


Unlike other games like Archeage, farms/gardens here are not contested. Instead, they are instanced which means that even if other player’s farm are nearby, you can still drop your farm on top of theirs and their farm will disappear out of view.

Once your fence is setup, you will be able to view its location on the world map by a dark blue icon. This will turn into red if there are blight/pruning problems.



If you are planning to farm a specific plant, it might be important to take into consideration the groundwater/temperature/humidity of the area, which you can view with different filters on the world map.

Groundwater Distribution

Groundwater distribution can shift with rains so the pattern always changes. This isn’t something to particularly worry about.



Temperature is different in several regions. The area around Olvia for example is a bit warmer (represented by yellow) than the rest and some plants like Grapes and Sunflower have a high growth rate there. You have to use some real world knowledge to deduce if a plant will like a warmer area or colder area.



Humidity can affect the blight rate of a particular crop. If the humidity isn’t suitable for the plant, it may blight more and have its growth slowed. The regions with more intense reds are more humid than rest and may change as rains come and go.


Finding Seeds

You can breed crops in Black Desert to get more seeds so once you have acquired a single seed, you can plant it and then get more. So technically all you need is a single seed to get started.


Seeds can be gathered from Bushes/Thicket using barehands or gathering hoe you can purchase from material vendors or crafted (requires Tool workshop). This is a random and slow method (depending on your gathering level, most weed at low levels) but you can find random seeds for free this way while leveling up your gathering skills.


If you want a specific seed however, you will need to buy it from the seed vendor or Marketplace. Marketplace is a hit or miss since it is stocked by other players but sometimes you can find cheaper seeds than buying them from vendor.



The seed vendor in Heidel is named Hunt. He is located in the northmost part of the city and he has a rather poor selection of seeds. It is only sufficient for the most basic farming.


If you want a more complete selection, visit Calpheon which is far west of Heidel. There is a seed vendor there named Ahr that has probably the most complete selection of seeds you can expect from a vendor. You only need to purchase one seed to get started but if you want to be time efficient probably buy 2-3.



You can now have workers tending to your farms, and they will prune weeds and remove bugs until their action points are depleted. Only one worker can tend to a farm at a time. To do so, simply left click on the farm/garden icon to display a list of all your farms. Click on the list button next to the farms and it will let you select workers to tend to the garden. Workers will not harvest/breed seeds for you and you do not get any farming XP from their actions.


Workers that have their lodging closer to the farms will have less travel time compared to workers far away but you do not need to have nearby nodes connected or anything and can use any worker that is available.

Upon on returning, workers will store everything they got from pruning weeds/bugs in the warehouse (i.e. Weeds, Kermes, Monk’s Branch, Spirit Leaf etc) so make sure you have enough space in the warehouse. Giant workers are best for this as they have the most stamina and you do not need to feed them as often.

Crop Information

To view crop information currently, you need to press R to enter placement mode for the garden and then click on each crop individually. There is suppose to be a method to click R on an individual crop to view the information directly but it is currently bugged.


Crops only grow if you are online. If you are not online, their growth will be halted so make sure to login and just AFK if needed.


The temperature bar you see here compares the crop’s preferred temperature vs the temperature of the garden. The little vertical bar tells you the crop’s preferred temperature and the bright red area tell you the garden’s temperature range. The 1.50% tells you the growth rate of the crop every 5 minutes. You can adjust the vertical bar by moving it around and the displayed % will differ. This tells you what temperature range this particular crop prefer. For example I shifted the little bar to the right and the growth rate went up to 1.79% instead of 1.5%. This means that this particular crop prefer a warmer temperature and will grow faster if our garden was planted in a warmer area.

Don’t get confused and think you can change the crop’s growth by shifting the little vertical bars around. They are only there to show you what the crop prefer and how it likes the current garden conditions. This give you an idea of where to move your garden for best growth rate for that particular crop.


Lets look at another crop. This particular crop’s preferred temperature is in the range of the garden’s temperature and we have the highest growth rate. If we were to increase the temperature for example by moving the garden to a warmer area, the growth rate drops by 0.05%.



Humidity bar acts the same way as Temperature with the difference being that the % represents the chance of the crop catching blight.

Sunflower here has a preferred humidity inside the range of our garden’s humidity. Therefore blight has the lowest % of happening (3%). If we planted a garden at say at a higher humidity area, the same crop would have a 10% chance of blight.



The water bar tells you how full the groundwater is below the garden. The % displayed here is the change of the crop’s moisture with the current water level. To raise the water bar, you will need to pour Distilled Water i(info on how to make it below) into the garden by standing inside the garden and right clicking the item in your inventory.

Generally you want the crop to be at 100% moisture as dropping below 75% moisture can affect crop yield.


Fertilizer/Estimated Time

The fertilizer bar tells you how much fertilizer is left in the soil. There are three different types of fertilizers and they will each fill the bar to a different extent. Inorganic Fertilizers, the lowest tier, will fill the bar about 50% of the way, Fertilizer Byproduct will fill the bar about 65% and Organic Fertilizer will fill the bar about 85%. They all reduce the growth time (estimated time) by the same amount, with the only difference being on how long they will last.

Here is a comparison between a crop using Fertilizer and one not using Fertilizer. You can see the estimated timer was reduced by about 20% from 13 hrs to about 10.2 hrs.



Blight and Pruning are two issues that can increase the crop’s growth time by 50% if untreated.When there is a Blight/Prune issue, your garden icon on the world map will turn red instead of the normal dark blue. Compare the growth time of the same crop with and without blight.


Due to the lack of a feature on the NA/EU servers that allow your workers to prune/cure blight for you, you will need to manually do it yourself. The best way is to park an alt next to the farm so you can just relog to fix the issue. To fix blight/prune, you simple need to run next to the affected crop and press R to prune or remove insect. Blight/Pruning does not affect crop yield, only its growth time so you can ignore it if you don’t mind waiting twice as long for the plant to grow.


Bird Attacks/Health

Birds can attack your crops and reduce the overall health of your crop, which can reduce the growth time. I personally havn’t seen many bird attacks but you can prevent them with a Scarecrow, which is discussed below.



  • Growth speed of the crop is affected by: Temperature, Blight, Pruning, Fertilizer and Bird attacks.
  • Yield of the crop (not seeds) is affected by: Water and harvest time (before 120%). This is discussed more below.

Taking Care of Your Garden


The groundwater at your garden often isn’t enough, especially if you have multiple crops planted. You will need to water. To get water for your garden you need to collect them from the river. To do this you will need to find a material vendor in a town/city by using the NPC button and then purchase Empty Bottles.


With the Empty Bottles in your inventory, walk up to a river and right before you touch the water, right click the bottles in your inventory to begin transforming Empty Bottles to Bottles of River Water.


Bottle of River Water can be used to water the garden but they don’t add too much water.To make this efficient you want to convert them to Distilled Water by pressing L (processing) and select Heating. This will convert them to Distilled Water at a 1:1 ratio with extras depending on your processing skill which give you even more water.



Waterway will reduce the water consumption of your crops by 50%, which is a must have if you have lots of crops. Unfortunately they will take up a crop spot so you have less space for your crops. To craft this you need to use your contribution points to find and make a Carpentry Workshop by using the house filter at the top right of the screen inside a town/city.


Making it requires 2 Logs, 8 Bottles of River Water and 1 Black Stone Powder. You need to put them all inside the Storage and have your worker make it via the Carpentry Workshop. Logs can be obtained by using an lumber axe and cutting down trees. Black Stone Powder can be obtained by making a Refinery and have your workers process the Rough Stones you get from mining rocks like Fieldspar which are all over the map. Alternatively, you can acquire Black Stone Powder by breaking down the random crystals you get from questing via the Grinding option in processing (L).


You install the waterway the same way you would plant a crop in the placement mode.



From time to time, birds will attack your crops and reduce the overall health of your crop which in turn translates to slower growth. To counter this you can install a Scarecrow, which is also made from the Carpentary Workshop. Like Waterway this will also take a spot on your farm. I personally havn’t found a need for this but if you need it you can make it with 10 Logs and 1 Black Stone Powder.



There are three types of fertilizer you can make for your garden: Inorganic, Byproduct and Organic.The only difference as far as I am aware is that they give different amount to the fertilizer bar in the garden window information and does not give different growth times. Therefore it might be just easier to make the Inorganic Fertilizer than bother with the other two.

Inorganic Fertilizer

  • This requires 5x Grain (i.e.5x Potato, 5x Barley, 5x Corn or 5x Sweet Potato). Press L to open the processing window and then select Drying and put in whatever Grain you have (must be the same one). Since you cannot split stacks in the processing window just put in whatever you have and move your character once you think you have processed enough.


Fertilizer Byproduct

  • This requires 3x Inorganic Fertilizer and 2x Leavening Agent. Leavening Agent can be brought from the cooking vendor. If you are in a town/city use the NPC button to the left of your mini map and select cooking to find the NPC. Select the Shaking option in the processing window to make it.


Organic Fertilizer

  • This requires 1x Fertilizer Byproduct and 2x Distilled Water. Make it by using the processing window and select Shaking.


Harvesting and Breeding Crops

Breeding (Getting Seeds)

You can select the F1 option once a plant has reach 100% growth or more to breed the crop. This will produce 1-3 seeds from the crop, with the possibility for higher quality seeds.


There is a tier system within the seeds.

  • Withered Seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • High-Quality Seeds (green)
  • Special Seeds (blue).

To get High-quality seeds, you breed crops grown from regular seeds. To get Special Seeds, you breed crops grown from High-Quality speeds.

Planting Crops for Breeding requires less micromanagement as nothing affect the yield/tier of the seeds but RNG and farming skill. So you can ignore water, birds and even pruning/blight if you plan to not tend to your garden for a while. Also unlike harvesting crops, having a 120% growth does not lower the yield.

Crops grown from Special/High Quality seeds have more yields and you can substitute them in for regular version of the crop with fewer amounts. A Special crop is worth 5 regular crops and a High Quality crop is worth 3 regular crops. So instead of using 5 potatoes for a beer, you can just use a single special potato and get the job done.

Harvesting (Getting Crops)

If you plant seeds to be harvested for the product via the R button, then you need to pay more attention. If the moisture level gets low, your yield will be reduced so you need to monitor the water usage often. Also, you must harvest the crops between 100% and 119% as letting the crop getting to 120% will drastically reduce the yield.

Blight and Pruning affects the growth speed but not the final yield of the harvest so you can ignore them as well as long you stock your garden full with water, use a waterway and harvest before they reach 120%.

Harvesting also costs energy so make sure you don’t run out of it or have an alt to harvest for you since they share the energy cap but use their own energy.

Farming skill will increase crop yield as well so as you get higher in farming you will get more crops.


Much like cooking, you can get some byproducts when breeding, harvesting, or even while removing insects from blighted crops. Examples include byproducts you can exchange for high quality seeds, silver, fertilizer and trade items that are worth 10k silvers.


What to Farm


Sunflower farming can be a fairly lucrative way to make some silvers. Your goal is to breed Sunflowers until you get a Special Sunflower Seed and then you keep breeding them until you get enough Special Seeds to populate a couple farms. You want to harvest about half of the Special Sunflowers and breed the other half to keep your stock of special seeds.

Make a Crop Workbench and have your worker make Special Sunflower Crate with the harvested sunflowers. Sell the Crates to traders merchants for 15k silvers each.


Additionally, regular Sunflowers are used to make Tea with Fine Scent  with cooking as it is the only flower that can be mass produced without manual gathering. These teas are used to make Milk Tea, which give a 8% XP buff are in high demand.

Due to the long grow time of Sunflowers, you need to be online at least 5+ hrs a day for the Sunflowers to grow.


Some people farm blue quality Carrots the same way as Sunflower and then make them into carrot juice using the cooking recipe of 1 Special Carrot, 3 Sugar, 3 Flour (any grain) and 4 Mineral Water. You can then sell the Carrot Juice to NPCs at 220 silver each. Use the byproducts to trade in for silver, contribution xp, beer and milk.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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I love the complexity of various machanics in Black Desert. Such game was much needed in mmo world.

Thank you Dulfy for your guides, they are really helpful!

You can’t in the NA/EU version. You need Haystacks to get cows and currently there isn’t a way to get Haystacks as drying 50 weeds doesn’t yield anything.

Dulfy, I’m almost certain there was a Farm NPC near Valia that was selling haystacks. I can’t double check right now but i’m almost certain there was just a few days ago.

No, sweety, sorry I only had a 7-day pass and have been waiting for the funds to buy the game. I do know it was one of the two farms just south of Valia.

I just checked all the farms around Velia – Loggia, Bartali, Finto, Toscani, and Lynch – and found no vendors that had haystacks on them. The basic ones did not have them, and the amity vendors all sold worker contracts.

My guess is that if they were in the game, they’ve since been removed.

Is that something that comes with one of the updates that the Koreans already have? I was somewhat perplexed as to why they have afk fishing and now afk horse training. Why not use use the node and worker system for that sort of thing?

How do you water your crop?

I have the bottles of distilled water but right clicking them seems to do nothing and pressing R on View Crop Information does nothing as well

pressing R to view crop information is bugged as stated above, you need to press R to enter placement mode and click on the crops individually to see them. As for watering it is easily as you described, just view the crop information and it will show you the water levels

You just click the water by the looks and the indicator goes up when you go back into the placement mode.

As I said above, be sure to use Bottled water not distilled. You can buy bottles and fill them yourself with fresh water. 😀

Hopefully this picture will clear this up? Sometimes there’s some game latency as to how fast it shows up, but it works as long as you are near the plot. Distilled definitely works and does BETTER than River Water

Great guide as always Dulfy! Do you know any reason why my strong fence only allows me to plant 6 or 7 crops? I’ve tried placing it in 2 different locations. The first allowed me to plant 7, the second only allows 6.

Thanks Dulfy awsome guides as always.

Anyone has a spare guest pass for my wife? I’m using one right now and she’s dieing to try the game.
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In regards to breeding and growth rate what is your take on this?
I see a lot of people advice to wait to get close to 120% as it would yield more seed but I would tend to agree with this guide, I personally had great luck with breeding plants at 100% so it seems totally random to me.
What is everyone’s experience with growth rate for breeding?

Hi just wanted to confirm that there is a global limit of 10 fences for an account. I have not been able to place any more than 10 of any type of fence anywhere in the game world. Did not see this limit indicated in your guide above, just wanted to let you know.

Can you water your plants before harvesting to recieve the same benefits, instead of at the beginning of planting?

Can we change the moisture level? I dump (pour) distilled water into my garden, but it doesn’t seem to take affect? I stand in my garden, open my inventory and right click on the distilled water. My distilled water is used but it doesn’t change the percentage for moisture? The water level for my plants go up to about 0.33 but doesn’t go any higher than that. Is it because of my location? What am I doing wrong? D:

You need to Use river water not distilled. Buy bottles from a merchant vendor and fill them with fresh water (Not sea water)

This is wrong info. Distilled (as well as Purified) water adds more water value to the farm than a bottle of river water.
His question is about the crop’s moisture, which is only changed by the value (0.33% in his case) every tick.

Great guide! I am at skilled 5 thanks to this guide :). One question, do some crops require more pruning/removing insects then others? I have tried potatoes/strawberries/sunflowers but there doesn’t seem to be a difference.

Some crops do require more pruning/removing insects. For example mushrooms generally need more pruning and crops crops require more insect removal.

Just saying you can do the quest for a free 1 slot fence over and over again with new characters. the only thing stopping you is the cooldown to delete those throwaway characters. If you want to get serious with the farming in BDO then you can just run dozens of 1 slot fences along with all the small medium and large fences you get for contribution points

Hey Dulfy, wonderful guide.
I just wanted to note that upgrading fertilizer is 200% worth it
If your processing skill is anything above beginner then you’ll get 2-5 upgraded fertilizer every time you process, and since the mats for it are all basically free you’ll save a ton of energy upgrading over making millions of inorganic.

Dulfy is right, if you upgrade the fertilizer you have to use more energy so you may as well leave it as inorganic ^⏒^

what do you think of Olives VS Sunflower?
-one takes 2 slot BUT you get more Yield, do you know if the more Yield from the olives is worth it over the Sunflower?

-what city do you recommend, to make our main base of operation?

Here’s some more info on Sunflowers v Olives. Growth rate in the optimal temp is slower, blight chance is same, slots taken doubled. Sunflower harvest max I’ve seen is 40, with maybe ~15 as the minimum. No idea what Olive yields will be yet though.

It’s also just H.Quality, and never really gave any attention to if quality of crop influences these values or not, but I don’t think it will.

thanks, did you try Olives, do you know the olives yield now?! because if Sunflower= 15-40 yield and Olives =30-80Yield , they are pretty much the same except for the growth differencfe of 1.50 vs 2.08%

I’ve only got 5-6 small plots based on current CP needs, but I have been running them for a while now. Olive yields seem to be in the area of 35-70. I feel it’s worth doing some of each depending on your Farm size/schedule, but

It held you in suspense didn’t it? Not sure why it got cut off or what was there 2 hours ago. I believe it was that fewer plants at a time results in fewer fruits collected.
I got many more Crimson fruits via Garlic (since I didn’t care about anything but Seed Harvesting it)

im more interested in Olives then sunflower because my Giant worker with 25 energy does not last for a full growth cycle…. so i am trying to find something that will insure my worker can last long enought, this way i can just put a timer for the full growth cycle and come back and they are all ready at the same time. (if the worker goes back to town, it starts to prune/bird/insect and the time starts to vary, need to wait up to 15-20min waiting for the slower one to arrive at 100%)

beside Olives do you have anything else to suggests to try? tthat can achieve my goal?

I don’t think I saw it anywhere in the guide but it is important to mention that you can water up to 4 fences with 1 water by standing in the middle of 4 adjacent fences (The fences need to be touching each other) this works with fertilizer as well.

I sure hope this isn’t as complex as it appears to be. I’m still downloading the game but reading everything I can on how to play it. Thanks for the guildes Dulfy.

has anyone figured out what actually gives you farming xp? It seems pretty random after growing/harvesting/breeding 10 plants x 4 times.

Its so random! I will tend 8 times and get an increase… then 2 time and get an increase… then 15 times and counting with no increase. So Annoying.

It’s not just when removing insects or pruning but you have to get a proc of an item. So you really only get Farming XP when a rare item drops when caring for your crop. Removing weeds also will give XP but less I believe. Gathering crops only gives a very small amount of XP.

So regular caring for your crops will give the most XP gain. Conversely, if you use workers to manage your gardens then you barely get any XP at all, only the tiny amount from gathering. I donlt think that rare items gained when harvesting give XP like they do when weeding/ pruning.

Pruning, Killing Bugs, and harvesting/breeding give experience – the amount of experience is determined by what you loot, so if you loot grass/caterpillar/twig you’ll get less xp than if you loot a Female Kermes (trade item), Spirit Leaf, or Monk’s Branch. You also have a chance of getting hard/sharp shards, which will give you a good boost of xp.

Experience from harvesting crops is pretty minimal, and when breeding you might get a bit more if you manage to get a fruit or something. Turn-in items/byproducts don’t really give much experience either.

You’ll get the most experience if your crops proc bugs or get tangled and require pruning often, as you’ll essentially get more rolls on crop “loot”. So, if you’re farming for the sake of leveling the skill, you can manipulate conditions to increase those procs if needed.

Great guide! Two quick updates: #1 the dwarf north of Heidel right by the mine imps gives a 1/character quest that rewards a 1square farm with zero cp requirements. I have 5 of them. Very handy. You unlock the quest chain by doing some of the production quests in velia and heidel but I don’t know the specifics. I’ve been trying to track it down.

Also, there is a way to farm cows in the NA/EU version now. I’ve seen a few outside Velia.

I found them, you get haystacks from the rewards for first becoming skilled, artisan and professional at farming. Just 1 each.

Is there any updates for the valencia patch? Also What is the difference in sliver when growing sunflower vs carrots. Obviously you dont get trade skill from carrots but it seems like quicker cash.

I think some information that would be invaluable that I can’t seem to find anywhere else would be specific seed information. Such as which seeds are high,moderate,low temp and high,moderate,low humidity. So far, I’ve had to use trial and error with several seeds at a different location to see what crops are the best in that area.

mushrooms aren’t grown from seeds, they’re grown from hyphae. for example, a dwarf mushroom hypha will grow dwarf mushrooms.

The few I have gotten have come from random gathering out in the wild. I have managed to have enough to sell on the auction house but they don’t always sell. Not a huge demand for them.

Although the hyphae don’t seem to sell well, most of the mushrooms I put on the AH are sold the same day I put up for sell.

Hi guys, bit late to the party, but how do I tell where to grow something specifically? Doesn’t say so on the seeds! I am planning on growing sweet potato, and my guess is to put down a farm in Mediah where the sweet potato plants are grown by the NPC (makes sense to me). Is there any way we can determine where a particular crop would thrive? Thanks!

so far combat is the only ‘coop’ part of the game. best u can do for a friend is trade him elixirs,potions or food keeping in mind once you do its bound to him preventing him from using it in cooking/alchemy.
Well you can ‘decorate’ a friends house with only Cash shop decor that he’ll keep once purchased u cannot take back.

Spot on… pretty much a solo experience it seems to me. Not a bad game but seriously fuck the stupid no fast travel thing

Either you are total shit at writing or you need to share some of your puff puffs cause seems like you got the good stuff. Even a fat piece of shit eating cheetos and drinking Dew has better things to do then waste 10 to 25 plus minutes to get anywhere. It’s almost hilariously tedious and absurdly impractical among other things. Heck makes ganging up impossible

i second his notion your a fucking idiot russian… quick travel is for lazy assholes go play a game where you can buy max lvl.. save you alot of time and energy… not to mention there is a button that if you have set a path will take you their so you can go afk and beat your meat……. i know thats soooooo rough

sounded like someone needed that t8 horse 🙂

I mean quick travel is cool and everything but every fucking mmorpg has it. This game isn’t zoned, instanced, nor with tram subways or wayshrines. The lack of such commodities is supposed to incentivize and encourage players to capture, train, and breed horses for better and faster offspring. Transportation has it’s it’s own special lifeskill. I found this this not only more realistic (because I do understand, not everyone wants or needs realism. It’s a video game.) but I found it more rewarding than traditional cash shop mounts which are only used to travel small distances after getting off the flight-master, portal/fast travel or whatever that game has. In the end, most systems like that encourage players to purchase mounts for luxury and fashion, since they all function at the same speed.

The t8s wtith the right skills in this game go unrealistically fast, so travel is not a problem.

and “every fucking mmo” SHOULD have it. Your opinion is functional and true but destroyed but every imaginable pro. More players and more money would go to the game. Not everyone has the time, or patience to travel and you can’t play with friends, just those reasons alone are huge.

I noticed the percentage can go aboce 120%. is the best time to harvest still the same or did that change as well? Been a while since a played and just came back

Just my take on gardening.

Slap a water way and a scarecrow down and put a worker to work managing the plot. You can pretty much ignore everything else. Just harvest or breed once everything is above 100%.

To be honest, I hardly ever shut the computer down. Because I’m always regaining energy points after burning through most of my during game play. I just plant whatever I like in the plot and harvest or plant breed it afterwards. Usually be the time I come home from work the crop is at 200% or close to it. Sure you lose some yield from having the crop go stale, but at the same time all you have in the yield is a seed you grew, the contribution points, and a handful of beer to keep the worker happy. Any lost yield is rather irrelavent.

Trying to stay completely 100% efficient is pointless. Just harvest the yield when it is ready for harvest.

Just understand that with a waterway and a scarecrow you will have 8 plots to work with. So if you plant the same thing in all 8, half of the plants will likely need to be breed to give you enough seeds to do it all over again.

Each plant you breed can generate anywhere from 1 – 3 seeds of equal or higher quality. And I have seen plants produce seeds of two quality levels at the same time.

Get mount. Get 10 slot fence. Get 10 seeds that take 1 slot. Go to trademerchant. buy item and put in horse pack. Ride outside town. Park horse. set up fence and plant seed. take item out of horse pack and set up small auto loop in front of garden. throw item in horse pack when prunes pop. Levels fitness strength and farming in one go. Multitask!

I am new to Black Desert, tons of questions, today’s #1 question is why I can’t auction certain items when I use the marketplace, they are grayed out in my inventory, unable to list. These re green items such as the female kerme amber insect etc. TY for your thoughtful input!

Hey Dulfy, is it still viable to crate sunflowers and sell to trade NPC’s? I know you can get distance bonuses etc. but it still looks like selling directly to market is more profitable, even with tax.

Special Sunflower market price: 6,687 Silver
Special Sunflower crates price: 15,240 Silver

Not to mention crates require 10 Sunflower and black stone powder to return that price per crate.

Is there something i’m missing? I’m not sure why a lot of guides I’ve found recommend trading.

I’m not sure there’s a strong market for sunflowers on the market. The crate gets you instant, guaranteed money; the market is slow and takes up another marketplace slot.

Need an update on the small fence rental. Mael Costa no longer rents a small fence. Martina Finto, from Finto Farm will rent small fences though

Here’s another tip, you ought to power level your Black Desert Online account. Guides like the one here are informative, but requires a lot of time for you to learn and execute… Isn’t it better to just buy account or power level so you can hop into the endgame in close to no time? Imo that’s the best way, as I’ve done it myself and have saved up a lot of time, which I can now use to play and have fun with friends, rather than mindleslly grind long hours in BDO.

That doesn’t work. You now get an error message stating Cannot find corresponding NPC name when trying to search for Fence in the search menu.

Mix them with any special seed by shaking them together and you get a seed that takes up 5 plots in your fence. This seed yields 7 plots worth of plants.

Hey, fyi I made a haystack in NA by drying a large bunch of weeds. Thanks for all the awesome guides!

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