Patch 4.2 patch notes SWTOR

SWTOR Game Update 4.2 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch notes for Game Update 4.2 which will arrive on March 8 after maintenance from 5 am to 9 am PST.



Chapter XI: Disavowed! Battle alongside Major Aric Jorgan in the next Chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Players who were subscribed on March 1st have immediate access to this new Chapter, and it will be available for all other subscribers on Thursday, March 10th.

Relics of the Gree is back! The Gray Secant has been spotted on Ilum, which means only one thing: the Relics of the Gree Event is back! From March 8th at 4:00PST/12:00 GMT to March 15th at 4:00PST/12:00GMT, Black Bisectors are called upon to lend a hand

Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins March 22nd at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT and ends March 29th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT.


  • Blizz went on a crash diet and lost all of his Life Day weight, and is now at his correct size.
  • The Commemorative Statue of the Dread Council decoration now has the correct source in its toolip.
  • A new "Special Promotions" vendor has been added to Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, and both Fleets. This vendor will allow players to trade Razer promotional crystals for +41 stat versions:
    • SE Black Green Eviscerating Crystal
    • SE Black Green Indestructible Crystal
    • SE Black Green War Hero’s Crystal
    • SE Black Green Hawkeye Crystal
  • The Codex and Title associated with the "Chamber of Speech" Mission is now granted as intended.
  • The Codex and Title associated with the "Cutting off the Head" Mission is now granted as intended.
  • Black Sun Loader Droids have been added to the list of NPC’s that count toward the "Junking Black Sun Droids" and "Dismantling Black Sun Droids" Achievements on Coruscant.

Cartel Market

  • The Cyborg Sablefur Kowakian Monkey-Lizard now unlocks properly in Collections.
  • The Exiled Master Chest’s hood no longer clips on Body Type 1.

Classes + Combat


  • Superheated Plasma now increases Plasma Cell damage by 10% (down from 30%) and its chance to be triggered by 5% (down from 10%), to properly mirror the values of the Pyrotech’s Superheated Gas.

Imperial Agent

  • Fixed an issue that caused Seek Cover to be removed early, rather than be refreshed, if the Sniper was out of cover when Entrench ended.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Heads Up to be removed early, rather than be refreshed, if the Gunslinger was out of cover when Hunker Down ended.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Encounters in Nightmare Mode Operations now have a 100% chance to drop Rating 224 gear tokens.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed NPCs to teleport after being rooted during the Dread Master Styrak encounter in Scum and Villainy.

Crew Skills

  • The following crafted Artifice items now have the correct level requirement (51):
    • Mytag Asylum Tech Shield
    • Rainbow Gem Asylum Force Shield
    • Rainbow Gem Asylum Tech Shield
    • Rainbow Gem Onslaught Focus
    • Rainbow Gem Onslaught Generator
    • Mytag Onslaught Generator
    • Mytag Asylum Force Shield
    • Mytag Onslaught Focus
  • 200 and 208-rated Synthweaving items now have the correct number of stats.
  • The craftable Rating 212, 216, and 218 relics now have the correct stats.
  • The Crew Skill vendor that allowed Grade 8 Materials to be exchanged for Grade 9 Materials has been removed.
  • Slicing Harvesting nodes no longer drop Prototype (blue) quality Lockboxes and now drop Premium (green) quality Lockboxes.
  • All Rating 200 and 208-rated Armstech items now require Investigation Materials instead of Underworld Trading Materials.
  • All Grade 9 Cybertech Grenades now require Cybertech components
  • All Grade 9 Artifice and Armstech weapons now have Color Crystal slots. This fix will also apply to weapons that have already been crafted.
  • All Rating 200 and 208 Artifice items now correctly require Artifice Bonded Attachments.
  • Defiant and Exarch crafted 212 and 216 items no longer have a chance to give Slicing Materials when Disassembled.
  • All Cybertech Grenades have had their Crafting costs adjusted to be appropriate to their Grade.
  • Numerous duplicate rating 178 Enhancements have been removed from the Cybertech trainer.
  • The following Enhancements have been added to the Cybertech Trainer:
    • Barrage Enhancement 36
    • Studious Enhancement 36
    • Bastion Enhancement 36
    • Proficient Enhancement 36
    • Savant Enhancement 36
  • Grade 5 Synthweaving Augments have had their required Skill reduced to 340.
  • Cybertech Crafters receive the following additional Earpieces when they first learn the Profession. In addition, these Earpieces are now available on the trainer for no cost.
    • Terenthium Bulwark Relay
    • Terenthium Initiative Relay
  • All Operations gear now has a 60% chance to Reverse Engineer and grant a Schematic. Previously, some pieces had a 40% chance or an 80% chance.
  • Numerous Rating 200 and 208 Barrels, Hilts, and Enhancements now have the correct Mod number in their names
  • The Artifice schematic “Advanced Yellow Indestructible Crystal” has had its training cost increased from 139 to 1390.
  • Numerous Crafting Mission text descriptions have been modified to be Faction neutral.
  • Multiple Wealthy Crew Skill Missions have had their yield descriptions clarified
  • War Supplies that can be crafted with Grade 5 and 6 Components have been changed to require Grade 4 and 5 Components.
  • Cortosis Substrate now correctly states that it is a Grade 6 Crafting Material.
  • Corundrum Powder now correctly states that it is a Grade 7 Crafting Material.
  • The following Grade 1 Treasure Hunting Missions have had their costs increased:
    • "Dig It"
    • "Stalker Needed
  • The following items found on the Crew Skill Trade vendor have had their costs reduced:
    • Cranoran Thread
    • Endothermic Flux
    • Vapro-sampler
  • Prototype Polybiotic Versatile Stims now give Mastery instead of Endurance
  • The following Color Crystals no longer have a Slicing Material crafting cost, and have been updated with Treasure Hunting Material cost:
    • Advanced Black-Blue Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Orange Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Purple Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Red Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Cyan Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Magenta Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Purple Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Eviscerating Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Blue Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Orange Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Purple Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Red Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Cyan Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Magenta Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Purple Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Indestructible Crystal
    • Advanced Cyan War Hero’s Crystal
    • Advanced Purple War Hero’s Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue War Hero’s Crystal
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange War Hero’s Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Blue Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Orange Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Purple Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced Black-Red Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced Cyan Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced Magenta Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced Purple Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced White-Purple-Blue Hawkeye Crystal
    • Advanced White-Yellow-Orange Hawkeye Crystal

Items + Economy

  • The following items have had their stats reduced:
    • Outlander Force-Healer’s Cuffs MK-5
    • Outlander Med-Tech’s Vambraces MK-5
    • Outlander Mender’s Bracers MK-5
  • Fixed stretching issues with the Citadel Bulwark’s MK-2 hood.
  • The "Portable Zakuulan Sentry Turret" Decoration has been fixed so that it is no longer floating off of the ground when placed.
  • Alliance Supply Crates now really don’t drop Premium Quality Gifts, and instead drop Artifact Quality Rank 5 Gifts.

Missions + NPCs

  • Imperial Agents are now able to complete Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise.
  • Jedi Knights that have completed the Mission “Healing a Hutt” now have the correct line when first meeting Firebrand in Chapter X.
  • Travelling to the Republic Fleet using the Emergency Fleet Pass ability while on the Mission “The Jedi Prisoner” now properly advances the Mission.
  • Imperial Players can now reacquire the "Fire in the Hole" Mission from the offering NPC on Hoth if they abandon it.
  • Organa Recon Operatives no longer count towards the "Organa Meat", "Soldier of Organa", "Organa Grinder" and "Devastating House Organa" Achievements as they are not Strong or above in difficulty level.
  • Reduced the toughness of The Tyrant on the Republic Belsavis Mission “[Heroic 2+] The Tyrant.”
  • The Inquisitor Mission "Inheritance" now once again offers Kallig’s Lightsaber. Kallig’s Lightsaber is now Bound on Legacy and has no Modifications.
  • Updates to the Chapter 10 Mission Journal now occur as the Chapter is progressed through.
  • The name for the Giradda the Hutt PvP vendor now appears in FR and DE clients.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

243 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 4.2 Patch Notes”

Plasmatech Vanguard. Nerfed.

Am I playing the same game? I mean — I get its so that PT and VG were mirrored — but why nerf the worst performing spec in the game.

Its ranked right in the middle. Gunslinger SS is almost 6% behind it on the way bottom of all else. It will be fine.

“Jedi Knights that have completed the Mission “Healing a Hutt” now have the correct line when first meeting Firebrand in Chapter X.” Awesome, was waiting for that. Now can we fix Kaliyo’s invisible pistol in her pre KOTFE cutscenes?

wondering the same thing. Also what are the craftable 212 relics stats suppose to be. I didn’t realize they were wrong:)

Hey Dulfy I know it’s kind of minor, but do you think you could do a video on the line the Jedi Knights apparently have?

Well babe, you can’t stop other people from being friendly. You need to relax, let’s chill and watch some Netfix, ok babe?

These nerfs have actually been in place for a long time, however they only applied to powertechs and not vanguards. Now they made it so they are the same. Sigh

“Jedi Knights that have completed the Mission “Healing a Hutt” now have the correct line when first meeting Firebrand in Chapter X.”

My JK already did this chapter last weekend :/


“The Inquisitor Mission “Inheritance” now once again offers Kallig’s Lightsaber. Kallig’s Lightsaber is now Bound on Legacy and has no Modifications.”

What about the mission for his helm??

I assume that Zenith will be available via alliance alerts? Also, any word on the new crystals like the black-cyan and black-white crystals?

Because the achievement for recruiting him (or rejecting him) has been active since about a month ago.

Was that the one that wasn’t giving a mission or any text in the description box? Because i thought that was for Bowdaar.

An expected nerf, after the many many tears of nerd rage by non-slicers
(I personally have all crafts at 550, and I don’t find it very interesting to lurk on Yavin, so this doesn’t really affect me)

Exactly; very few people are boring enough to spend hours farming the nodes, and now everybody loses out.

Glad to hear they fixed Kallig’s lightsaber. What about Kallig’s Countenance?

Are there any other armor/equipment rewards like these that are missing?

I’ve been leveling up a PT recently, and noticed that it didn’t give the “Chapter 1 reward” with the legacy weapon token and such. Wasn’t sure if they removed them all together intentionally or not…

not just that but people would farm yavin and make 9 mil in 6 hours just from collecting boxes. this i understand

Reduce the spawn rate on the nodes. Reduce the amount of nodes. Either would be better than shitting on slicing and making it totally useless again.

Last week I sliced around on Yavin4. Uhm, I can grind for some time, but to be honest, it’s too boring, I wouldn’t do this too often. So the change doesn’t really matter to me.

I ran around last night on Belsavis and got some nodes. And sent companions out on some missions. And you are right. Too boring to be worth my time.

Will probably be released along with the patch, and it still has chance cubes so it’ll be just as lame sadly.

Aw man they nerfed my blue outlander mk-5 healer bracers with the 123 alacrity or crit on them. Boo.

Look at all those crafting fixes for so many blatantly obvious screwups like armstech components for the majority of new artifice crafting. But hey, lets keep anything worth crafting a purple version of (outside of biochem) taking slicing parts, and armstech UT and TH purples are still only good for useless “static gear” no one who has a clue would use. Oh I guess grade 6 tresure hunting is good for the rarer crystals now.

They must not have anyone left who has any clue about coding ops mechanics if they are still having this much trouble coding/balancing eternal championship. I guess telling the ops people to piss off is coming back to bite them in the ass and people are supposed to just be happy fighting through the same lameass trash mobs for the whole expansion. We’ll just throw in a silver with an instcast choke once in a while to make sure you dont fall asleep killing starter planet level trash.

They are clearly understaffed for what they are trying to accomplish and management can’t/won’t get the ok to hire some more people.

It’s only been half a year the courting gifts have been fucked up and only a few week the companion customization disappeared — why would you expect them to be fixed before 2017 (at best) beats me…

Lol why indeed. I honestly don’t see why they just don’t get rid of them altogether. Make it so no companions accept them but love another type of gift. The changed Kaliyo’s loved gift from Underworld Goods to weapons. Give the player the ability to exchange them for any other item of the same rank/value.

That, or I think it would also make a good wild card. As in, just make it so anyone will love courting gifts. Would help soooo much

Courting gifts work for Doc if you have a knight. worthless on any other companion.
They dont drop from lockboxes anymore at least.

I haven’t noticed any companions losing their customizations, or is it only on ones that you regain through the story/alliance alerts?

No, I think it has to do mainly with Hk51 and Treek (possibl more) customizations. For some reason during the last patch, their loadouts got reset to their starting equipment. This means whatever weapon they had disappeared along with their customization. If you got it via cartel market, no biggie, just get it via collections, but if you got it via rep vendors like the bounty brokers like I did you are sol

I just logged in to check this, and it looks like they fixed this, btw. One of my HK-51’s had the Dread Master customization, and it just showed up in my inventory. In addition, his Scoped Assassinator with the mods I had put in it pre 4.0 also reappeared in my inventory, along with Treek’s Bowcaster.

“Alliance Supply Crates now really don’t drop Premium Quality Gifts, and instead drop Artifact Quality Rank 5 Gifts.”

I don’t believe it.

Pah! That ain’t hoarding. When you create 4 new alts, give them all 5 tabs on their personal banks and fill them to the brim, that’s hoarding.

Well, good thing i traded in my level 8 crafting materials last night (knew it was coming). Didn’t realize the blue slicing lockboxes were a glitch. Now if only those of us who had the KotFE romances glitch could get that fixed, that would be great. My female Knight was pursuing a relationship with Koth, but I never got the notification that they would enter a relationship, and since I thought it would work like 1-50 romances, I never knew I needed one.

As they do not mention any fixes for the Gree event, I assume it will be rolled out for the third time in a row in the broken state it is in. Thus PvP kills will not count, as they “require bolster” which is no longer in the game (we have the fucked-up lvl synch instead), and lvl 60 toons will not get bolstered for the SM Xeno op and, inflicting only grey dmg, they will be again completely useless.

But hey, at least we have the epic Bioware storytelling to enjoy!

But hey, at least we have the epic Bioware storytelling to enjoy!

40 Minutes every month.
It’s like Netflix gives you 1 new episode of Better Call Saul every month, and expects you to watch Matlock and Knight Rider for the rest of the time…

“The Inquisitor Mission “Inheritance” now once again offers Kallig’s Lightsaber. Kallig’s Lightsaber is now Bound on Legacy and has no Modifications.”

So my SIN that didn’t get the saber when she finished the bugged quest will receive it in the mail, right? RIGHT?

Damn, i already did chapter 10 with jedi knight, you think they’ll let me do it again since i meet kylio on my ship back in the day? (This mission healing a hutt.)

Only for this? No this is too much. Im not complaining when i see bugs in game, all can do mistakes. But when it affects story i think its too much.

“Maintenance from 5am to 9 am”… Translation: Swtor will be indefinitely unavailable. Please visit the twitter page for updates until 7pm when the servers come back online.
At least theyre going to take away the 8/9 mats trader… Oh wait that actually totally sucks.

Did I miss it or is synthweaving reverse engineering still bugged ?
Can’t reverse engineer my own Alacrity Augments o.O

“you can now complete chapter X as imperial agents”

…oh so did I just imagine that I had finished chapter X on my sniper, or should I go out and buy a lottery ticket since it (apparently) wasn’t bugged for me?

It was bugged for my Operative. I wasen’t able to end the chapter. The mission at the end says “go to your war room on Odessen” or something like this. When I go there, nothing happens. Hopefully now this chapter will end for me and I can move onto the next one.

If you played after patch something.something.b it’s not bugged for you. All the others were stuck in chapter 10.

Yeah, because that has started out so well. Nothing like the server crashing as soon as it starts.

Why am I weird? I’m not the one talking about going to play a game that can’t be played because the server crashed as soon as it came on.

server outage 6:30 to 07:15 mez on launchday morning. ok that could happen. how long does swtor need for the last patch ? 4-5 hours ?
lets see how stable the division servers will be in a month or so but right now theres nothing to complain.

where did I complain ? its just time for me to move forward and enjoy a new game that launches…TODAY ! if you are still happy with swtor – fine 🙂

LoL if u don’t have anything wise to say just don’t say nothing…

“Encounters in Nightmare Mode Operations now have a 100% chance to drop Rating 224 gear tokens.”

I’ve ask about every boss will drop it or just last one because I don’t remember with which patch 224 tokens will drop form every single boss.

The line about nerfing the already overpowered Plasmatech simply made my day. I couldn’t stop hysterically laughing… way to go! Go BW go! Go BW go!

Nothing downloading here, been trying since just after the servers came down. Just get log in not available!

I had the same issue. Too bad, was hoping to just download it in the background while doing other stuff waiting for it to come online.

Just a bit worrying!! First time I’ve had no download while a patch went in, and considering the ‘issues’ last update….

I’m getting the “login service not available” error currently. I had hoped to start downloading as well since my local library’s wifi has been capped recently. 15 minute normally download for the cost of a Starbucks coffee compared to a 6 hour download at the library. Oh well. I tried.

They could have buff pyro to make it the same as plasma. But they nerf plasma, because pyro is pretty much fine!

How are operations nerfed to shit? I agree we need new endgame content, but that is neither here nor there at this point as it is story time and has been for a long ass time and still has 5 more chapters until it is over with. 224 should be dropped only in a nightmare setting infact now something better should be dropped like 228s or 230s for the effort of NiM since 224s are devalued to shit and show that you grinded easy highlighted hm operations on your 15 toons that are the same class for 224 pieces like HM Ev, KP, I know many that have done this exact thing and use legacy gear. The whole idea of storytime with no endgame was a slap in the face to the whole endgame community, regardless of the fact that highlighted hardmode easy crap dropping BiS Gear. Sadly I hope Biofail wakes up and realizes this game isn’t KOTOR 3.

Well there is a point there because quite a few mechanics have been taken out of SM operations that used to be there before. “Nerfing to shit” is perhaps a bit strong but the problem now is that aside from EV people really struggle with HM operations because the differences between SM and HM are just too big now. Think about the puzzle boss in KP or Kephess in TfB. Take Calphayus in DP. There are many examples where SM has been changed so much that they are so easy they’re not really a stepping stone towards HM anymore.

Don’t forget that SM ops are intended for the new players and the newbilies that cant really play good their toons and do just random rotations in stead of the optimal ones.
And even with current SM Standards many groups usually fail to complete SM content
So it shouldn’t be harder as is intended for the weaker ones that couldn’t play ops before.
The rest of the players that consider themselves good can try their luck in HM and NiM content after they gear up and learn their classes properly first.

I do agree with that, but that’s why I think they should have a mode in between. Originally we had Normal Mode that was there to prepare for Hard Mode. They realized that Normal Mode was too much for a lot of players so they changed it into Story Mode. The problem is though that players no longer get prepared for Hard Mode. In my opinion there should be a really easy Story Mode, then Normal Mode to get into the mechanics more and then Hard Mode. Right now Story Mode has some bosses that are really Story Mode level but other bosses are more like the original Normal Mode. Mixing the two is bad in my view. They should separate them.

To be really fair with you why wouldn’t there be a fourth level of difficulty?
I mean currently you don’t really get in an OPS group unless you have achievements for normal mode unlocked. And those people are doing it on normal mode. Basically unless you are in a PvE guild that provides you with a guaranteed spot on their OPS team you are not going get any progression in gear in comparison to those who already did it and / or veterans. The Skill Level is too high at the moment for new coming players which is sad.

I don’t think that is necessarily true, but personally I do not see a problem with players needing to be in a dedicated guild to complete higher difficulty levels.

I don’t agree with taking out mechanics from SM bosses because SM is for learning and mechanics are a big part of the fun, but no one with half a clue should be wiping over and over on story mode operations and that was the thing that really killed raiding during 3.0, with underlurker which was buggy, but also badly overtuned for story mode.

I wonder if this: “Slicing Harvesting nodes no longer drop Prototype (blue) quality Lockboxes and now drop Premium (green) quality Lockboxes.” and “The Crew Skill vendor that allowed Grade 8 Materials to be exchanged for Grade 9 Materials has been removed.” will finally stop the slicing bots on Yavin?

I know, and I really hope that it does end most of the bots so the manual farmers can compete. The bots have been so numerous lately, it is nearly worthless to even try.

Punishing players doesn’t help against bots.
Bots still will be around and do what they do.
Do you care if bots/creditseller make 1 million/time unit or 1.5 million/time unit?

Doesn’t change much.

all it did was that reall players stopped bothering with slicing nodes on yavin, its now the playground for just bots so no it didnt stop the bots from slicing those nodes, infact those bots have zero competition from real players thanks to fucking whiners.

just you wait, next thing these whiners will complain about is the heriocs giving good credits and how botters are botting that, and before you know it bioware nukes that from orbit

So….now we have to start over with investigation instead of underworld….really nice ty for that…

Maybe this not that bad, gathering missions is just sent companions over and over again.

Wow, nice response. You’ll note if you click the third party pingdom link, the spam site is listed in there for her website’s output. May want to think before you troll. Some of us do take the time to report things if we see issues.

Are you a real doctor? Or one of those Ph.D. fucks from an online school? Or an accredited Ph.D. but got it in English or something worthless?

Just bi-curious

i said medical no recreational although you could prob use seem very tense and wound

lol Well I wish you’d stop prescribing it to EA. They seem utterly baffled at what it takes to keep an MMO running.

i dont think their taking any but on the other hand it explains the lazyness on ea’s part haha

I did and I don’t see anything connecting it to Google. Yes, the links are connected with Google. The scr links are coming from a company called “TMRG, Tnc.” which describes itself as “Online market research community enabling members to earn cash and prizes for participating in surveys.” That ain’t Google.

Ignoring the lovely person below, I did spend a few minutes researching this before posting. Thanks.

I never realized people used him except as a companion before we get our first class companion. (Not being sarcastic BTW. Just never realized some people preferred him)

I usually try to go for comps that “make sense”. So I had Nico on both my Scoundrel healer and my Marksmanship GS. Makes no sense to me to have, let’s say, Xalek on them…. But that’s just me…

It’s not game breaking, but it’s annoying since I did put some effort in upping their Influence with Nico… But I’m sure “they” will correct it…

Sometimes I wonder how you have time to play the game at all, considering how much time you spend here, telling the excited crowd how much this game sucks.

It’s not like it really matters with 26 other comps to choose from. But another bug is is disappointing to hear about.

well erm the list of fuck ups is pretty big atm No kallig legacy sabers aric is naked nico is gone some eople lost hteir legendary status and god knows how many more bugs

So i’m not the only one. I also had kallig’s single and dual saber on 2 toons and they’re gone now…

Nope, you’re not the only one. My Nico is un-summon-able as well… I should be pissed at it, but you know what? My expectations are so low atm I don’t even care any more… It’s a given they’re gonna break something with their updates, and soon another batch of patches to fix the patch will ensue…

Was also going to post this Nico is not summon-able and the deco is missing as well. I put in 2 tickets.

So it’s at a level that BioWare believes we players deserve. The highest quality experience

Maybe be at some point Bioware will make a persuasive enough case to EA that the dev teams is too small to manage this game.

Never noticed your name before 😀 Otherwise i wouldn’t have thought the bad joke needed to be made

Holy shit! It wasn’t a HK-55 dick! It was a cat man’s dick instead :D! i knew something was gonna give!

you have to reset the chapter if you see jorgan naked in the cutscenes. this fixes everything and the chapter can be completed. however, it’s 15 minutes long so i wouldn’t bother 🙂

Doesn’t fix for all.

I’m convinced they are hiring University of Phoenix (online school you fucks) grads or taking high school minecraft autists to make this game.

It worked for me, just stating some are still having issues. Sucks for BW/EA I’m sure even more people will leave this game or go F2P.

I’ll keep that in mind for when I get home for work. Maybe I’ll also do an alt first and wait on my main to see if it improves.

Quitting the game, re-logging doesn’t work and you can’t even go to Odessen without it insisting you play the chapter. Wow.

makes you wonder how people can defend this stupid shit and pay for it on top of it lol. If iwant to be shit on abused ill go to to thailand and hire a 18 year old be lot cheaper lol

I’ll be honest. I’m trapped because I’m that much of a Star Wars addict. I have to have this game. If it goes under, I’m probably back to Forces of Corruption because I was all Battlefronted out after 2, and Force Unleashed never really did it for me. People are talking about the possibility of a Force Awakens MMO, but if it happens it’s years away probably.

the problem is ea does not respect nor care about its players it sells games like thier movies a lot of support and help at the get go then they scale down the staff and devs after launch. I like star wars to but i refuse to be shit on and abused by ea ill tell you that. you should hear my roommate who quit recently sounded pretty god dam bad lol. The problem with a ep 7 and beyond mmo is ea going to be involved? most likely yes which means another turdburger like this. Personally i like battlefront 2 a lot better bf3 was lacking so much and it seemed like a call of duty skin mod to me and as usual ea piece mealed the game out so you dont even have the whole game lol /smh. I hear ya though

Me too. If we’re being honest, I can say that if this was not a Star Wars MMO I would have quit long ago. The game is great STILL, but they are doing a heck of a job ruining it.

Honestly (again) the very best piece of writing that came from these guys was RotHC, and not because of Makeb, but because of Oricon. I LOVED that part of the story, still my favourite expansion to this day. Great, fast story, coming from what we did on Belsavis, great dailies, awesome Ops.

SoR was ok, but I personally didn’t like bringing Revan up again. Again, not original thinking. They shouldn’t touch KotOR. THAT is the Holy Grail…

Then we get the little interlude from Ziost, and now in Knights of the Fallen Stripers… sorry Fallen Pants Empire I just don’t FEEL the epic-ness of the whole thing… Granted, have not played past Chapter X, but I’ve seen the videos, of course…

And the sheer amount of bugs we get from each update is getting to be embarrassing. It would seem they are trying to do a lot with limited resources, and it’s showing.

1) Buy a jawa flower gram thing from any bartender (fleet is best)
2) Spam the activation on it on random players, RPers are the best because they poop themselves.
3) It goes through walls, so just hide in a corner where they can’t see you.
4) Enjoy the meltdown in chat.
5) Get more to help you so it becomes a LULZFEST


You don’t actually use it. Activate it and before it finishes the full activation just move. The player you targeted gets forced into a celebration action, but you keep the one jawagram.

Chapter X still broken on my sniper. FML On the upside since they reset it for agents that were stuck I got to run through it again. This time it hit travel to the war room and chapter XI automatically started. Ran through that it told me to go relax at the end. So I took the elevator out of the room and exited the area. Get outside XI goes back to the Play button and X is still stuck in a loop. Chapter XI play button goes to the war room loop of X. Back to back broken chapters for the only character I have completed all the KotFE content on, Thanks BW!

Their QA is a fucking joke. A quest was broken in the first 10 minutes and it’s a widespread issue that pretty much everyone has seen. It’s just… I’m out of words for how fed up and disappointed I am with the state of this game. Them not running everything through PTS is the root cause of this and it’s all so they can protect their precious, incredibly average, story. The thing is they keep doing it and for some odd reason people, and I’m guilty of this, keep eating their bullshit.

Think about this before some of you apologetic twats jump forth and defend them. 3.0 was bugged for well over a month, didn’t have any PTS stuff done for it. 4.0 was bugged at launch, didn’t have any PTS stuff done for it. 4.1, the same. 4.2, the same. But then look at how things have been run in the past with Manaan having an extensive PTS period, and working beautifully for the most part. Same with Rakata Prime. Same even with Ziost.

This is a problem that Bioware can fix, but the issue is they refuse to fix it. They refuse to PTS all of their content because they value keeping a trivial average story all hush hush instead of quality and keeping their customers happy. It is beyond pathetic at this point. Spoiler alert, you beat Arcann. Who honestly gives a fuck at this point? Especially when the past two chapters have been throwaway terrible recruitment missions.

Been playing since beta, they finally broke me.

your best bet is to unsub and wait till the entire kotfe story is done pay 15 bucks 1 time run through it all unsub repeat. wouldnt sub long term not worth it imo

That’s what i’m doing. SWTOR has a great story and I look forward to resubbing in August, but I can’t stand the bugs.

why pay 75 bucks or more for it to. Youll miss out on glorious junk like hk scrap and playing him for 5 minutes lol. The engine is what concerned me the most they were cheapasses as the get go buying an alpha engine then to hear james ohlen saying the engine cant handle open world pvp or 15-20 people in area seriously? what a joke of an engine

You resisted 3 more months than me, I broke in December… Spoiler alert: Vader is Luke’s father. Now USE THE FREAKING PTS FOR THE LOVE OF THE FORCE… 🙂

No, but at least 3.0 was tested with a group of selected players who pointed out most of the bugs… unfortunately, they didn’t fix anything before releasing it. So, that testing was rather useless.

Hmm… and for the first time ever the patch is stuck for me. Been at 45% for ages and not going anywhere. Why? Who knows. But every time BW does a patch which is sposed to fix stuff they BREAK something. FML! *shakes fist*

Why are the companion recruitments so unbalanced from a lorewise perspective?
Obvioulsy the writers favor soldiers and agents, if you look at the number of the original class companions that you encounter throughout the story up until Chapter XI:

Soldier: 4 met, 3 (of them) recruitable
Agent: 3 met, 3 recruitable
Inquisitor: 2 met, 2 recruitable
Consular: 1 met, 1 recruitable
Knight: 1 met, 1 recruitable
Warrior: 1 recruitable
Hunter: 1 recruitable
Scroundrel: 0 !!!!!

As it seems, the soldier is nearly reunited with his team after 4 months, while a scroundrel has to wait 1 year to meet one of his older comrades?

Your Companions right now are temporary at best. They will go away when this story is over, because someone has to help rebuilding/control the galaxy and so on.
So you will end up with your original crew. But while other classes can build up their influence just playing, most classes have to stack gifts until the day their folks might show up? This makes it even more unattracktive not to get them back via the “magic recall interface”.

Comparing the class and companion stories, there are quite some characters who would fit in/benefit this alliance but haven’t been seen.

Obviously BW can’t afford the actors/actresses anymore, that’s why the playtime of these characters is cut to a minimum.
I wouldn’t be surprised, if you won’t recruit your companions at all and they just crawl from under a stone after the war, or out of that hidden compartment in your ship, maybe, or they are all playing sabacc on port nowhere.

Not even to mention to reunite with your former LI, wife, husband………….

Its to get people playing as those clases to reunite with companions.

They are the less desired classes – The focus is around saber users with the story.

Comparing the stories from a neutral perspective on depth and impact on the galaxy/war, I’d say:

From a story driven Game, that should be something that matters. At least, that’s what I would expect. But who am I to tell what to expect.

Have you played Imperial Agent? Their storyline ultimate leads to removing one of the greatest unknown threats in the galaxy. .

Yes i actually played them all.
AFAIK this hidden third party, right? OK, if you see it that way, you could put the IA on par with the Scroundrel.
But thanks to Arcann, whatever your class did in the past doesn’t matter. It’s like in the intro of WC2, when all your achievements in WC1 are almost undone, because they put you on a 10 year backwater duty (compared to the 5 year carbonite stasis in kotfe).

But hidden threats are a big part of all the story lines. If a person only played one class ever. they’d be completely unaware of certain threats to their faction. IA is the only one that deals with a threat to both factions. JK is front and center stage because of the movies, but yet he/she really accomplishes nothing in the end. Surely you’re not comparing the Voidwolf to Hunter (even if it is a stupid nickname) and company.

Considering the JK is the one that fights the Emperor and triggers all his non corporeal shenanigans… the JK accomplishes a heck of a lot in terms of the story. Most of it terrible, of course…. but still.

That’s the same with the SW though. The Emperor is nicely trapped on Voss, and almost nobody knows where he is, but the SW frees him. But the Emperor was ridiculously OP from the very start. Really wouldn’t have put him in there if I’d been doing the writing.

He is still OP. Though the JK managed to accomplished, what Revan never could, defeat him in a duell and kill his rotten 1300 year old body.
And exactly that’s what feels so odd, when you equalize a story for all classes. It’s like to compare apples and oranges. Play Chapter 1,2 KotFE with an JK and, lets say an SI. “Hey i like you, you are really special”….. yeah… You killed me….. vs. … oh so you went from slave to sith council in no time and speak with the folks in the maze galaxy……. Thinking about it, there a many other things, that don’t make sense, if you want to compare (especially with any of the movies), but I am sure there are dozens of other Threads regarding this, so I will stop right here.

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