GW2 March 8 New Hair Colors

A gallery of the 10 New Hair Colors from the March 8 Game Update. These are exclusive to the Makeover Kits and Style kits.

Back View

Champagne Country Blond Dry Wheat Beige
gw2-new-hair-color-champagne gw2-new-hair-color-country-blond gw2-new-hair-color-dry-wheat gw2-new-hair-color-beige
Rich Butterscotch Caramel Golden Brown Mocha
gw2-new-hair-color-rich-butterscotch gw2-new-hair-color-caramel gw2-new-hair-color-golden-brown gw2-new-hair-color-mocha
Rich Chocolate Mahogany    
gw2-new-hair-color-rich-chocolate gw2-new-hair-color-maghony    

Front View

Champagne Country Blond Dry Wheat Beige
gw2-new-hair-color-champagne-2 gw2-new-hair-color-country-blond-2 gw2-new-hair-color-dry-wheat-2 gw2-new-hair-color-beige-2
Rich Butterscotch Caramel Golden Brown Mocha
gw2-new-hair-color-rich-butterscotch-2 gw2-new-hair-color-caramel-2 gw2-new-hair-color-golden-brown-2 gw2-new-hair-color-mocha-2
Rich Chocolate Mahogany    
gw2-new-hair-color-rich-chocolate-2 gw2-new-hair-color-mahogany-2    
  • Jayme

    Whelp. The colors are just meh. Some of those even look so similar to others that are already in game.
    I guess we need highlights… don’t know if their engine can do it, though. Also more exotic colors like dark purple, dark green and orange.

    Thanks for the update, Dulfy!

    • Xhandra Hopebringer

      There are some hairstyles that have highlights built into them, so it is possible but it would have to be built into the style, not the color.

      • Jayme

        Yeah, like Asura, Charr and Norns have indeed. I was thinking about the feature as a separated thing, though. That I think it would be difficult to make.

  • merida

    Really Nice. 😉 Do you have pictures of the new BL weapon skins, Dulfy?

    • cierrablue

      click on the link. yes they do.

  • Busou Shinki

    Why not add more colors for the hair accessories instead? These colors are lazy and close to the colors we already have available.

    • Saihah

      I’d personally prefer it if they were to allow those hair accessories to be dyed at no cost from your dye library rather than added to the gemstore, but that’s a systems change that wouldn’t actually get anet any money so it won’t happen

  • Korey Garabed

    Boring, dull, and just weak.

  • Emily

    I feel like these kinds of colours should just be added to the standard character creator, most people aren’t going to enjoy having to pay to get *just* the right shade of blonde :/

    I agree with Busou’s point about the accessory colour too, the colours we currently have are hideous. They should consider making them into a separate dye channel, sometimes I don’t want to try predicting my end of game colour scheme when I create the character :s

    • Grim

      > most people aren’t going to enjoy having to pay to get *just* the right shade of blonde :/

      people who care about that stuff do IRL

  • Archi

    this seems like a pointless addition. just as others are commenting, i’ve said on many hair updates before that they need to add more colors to the hair accessories. there are several hair styles i really like but can’t/won’t choose because the accessory color options are so limited

  • Augustine

    Awesome, more colors we don’t even need. Thanks Anet, you really thought this one through.

  • Ralph Ellison

    Effects on hair already, flaming mullets, frozen Mohawks, poisonous fringes and for FK sake where is my wobbling jelly Afro!

  • Ok

    Boy these would be great if hair color wasn’t completely irrelevant due to the wacked out lighting in this game.

  • Arrowmeme


  • Tyrian Facial Hair Enthusiast

    How about adding some more god-damn beards instead of semi-default colors, Anet.

  • DasChief

    50 Shades of Brown anyone?

  • Nick Peterson

    I couldn’t understand if they were unique colours but theses are as plan as they come.

  • zok

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  • Terrie Burmeister

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