GW2 Salvation Pass Raid Weapons Skins and Minis

A gallery of the new weapons skins and minis from Salvation Pass Raid wing 2.


These skins and minis can be obtained from a combination of raid drops and purchased for Magnitite Shards from the vendor at entrance of Salvation Pass. Chat code taken from that_shaman’s thread.

Weapon Skins

Sloth-Hunting Hammer – [&CvIZAAA=]


Slothasor Effigy (Focus) – [&Cu8ZAAA=]


Matthias Staff – [&CvUZAAA=]


White Mantle Sunderer (Greatsword) – [&CuYZAAA=]


White Mantle Greatbow – [&CvwZAAA=]


White Mantle Short Bow – [&Cu4ZAAA=]


White Mantle Gavel (Mace) – [&CvkZAAA=]


White Mantle Bulwark – [&CvsZAAA=]


White Mantle Bugle (Warhorn) – [&CuIZAAA=]


White Mantle Pistol – [&CusZAAA=]


White Mantle Censer (Torch) – [&CukZAAA=]



Mini Slubling – [&AgEYMAEA]


Mini Slothasor – [&AgEuMAEA]


Mini Berg – [&AgGzMAEA]


Mini Zane – [&AgEjMAEA]


Mini Narella – [&AgH8LwEA]


Mini Matthias Abomination


By Dulfy

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27 replies on “GW2 Salvation Pass Raid Weapons Skins and Minis”

wow white mantle weapons! i wish they weren’t from a raid but i’m glad they brought the white mantle into weapon design. pretty cool

on the other hand, that slothasor focus ……….. -_-

If they removed the branch from the slothasor focus, had it facing upwards and clinging to your pants while stowed and then wrapping around your hand while you draw it, they could have passed it off as a legendary.

That last mini spoiled everything….thank you…. white mantle, bloodstone, experimenting with it on humans. Dulfy, next time put spoiler alert on top of the page.

Bruh you’re looking up Raid minis and weapons of course you’re gonna get spoiled. Use some common sense.

I’m tired of all these swords that are like weird twiggy things with multiple flimsy prongs instead of an actual blade,who even thinks these are cool

lol.. why does anet put such shit items in their top level content…. same as most of the legendaries… joke…we need some more armor… maybe the devs should stop taking so much time to make those stupid talk shows and get to it… if it was really that hard to do… they should have made a better selection to begin with… why waste all that work on most of the crap they produced…. GW is such a beautiful game… with one of the worst armor selections i have ever seen…

i tolerated it because i thought there was gonna be more… but now it seems like armor will almost never be introduced… so were stuck with the entry level crap for good… its funny how anet made quite a few armor sets when they were being sold on the gemstore… now that they are ingame only… they are too much trouble…. they could at least make every skin in the wardrobe available… there r some great skins out there that we just cant get… and the work has been put in already!!!

Outfits are a cheap 1 dimensional alternative…. create an army of cookie cutter clones… the color schemes are also not very customisable… so i tend not to use them… i prefer my characters to look unique…

After this rant.. i have to admit… all the characters i have geared up so far look amazing… but it took every single ounce of my creativity to find the looks… shouldnt be that hard imo

Hey, you can either grind a lot for shit.
Or spend money to cooler looking shit.
Welcome to free2play.

And your response, the mentality, is why raids are toxic. Why in the world would I, or anyone for that matter, want to do a raid with you?

Seems to me the only one sucking here is you. How about you take your noise somewhere else?

Or maybe Rick, you could sit down and stfu yourself? Not everybody wants to play raids boy, so get over yourself.

Seems I offended more than a few sensitive raiders. Gee. And they wonder why the majority won’t play with them.

Hardcore raids but reward weapon skins are just terrible i miss weapon skins like Jade and Zodiac most now seem rushed and really ugly.

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