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SWTOR Chapter XI Disavowed Story Guide

SWTOR Chapter XI Disavowed Story and conversations guide.[toc]

Video of Cutscenes

Sorcerer (Dark Side)


Trooper (Light Side)


Conversation Choices

You cannot lose influence if your companions disapprove of your choices. Instead, disapproval will only earn you +50 influence points with them while approval give you +200 influence points. If you want to get max influence, pick choices that earn disapproval if there are no approval choices since they will give you +50 influence anyways.

Troopers have different dialogue options with Aric Jorgan. These will be noted below once the video for trooper is available.

If Koth ditched you in the last chapter (you won’t get to talk to Tora if Koth didn’t leave you)

Trigger: Tora says it is weird not having Koth around  
  1. Things could’ve ended better: + 50 LS
  2. Weirder things have happened
  3. He betrayed me: +50 DS
  • Speak to Theron Shan in the War Room
Trigger: Theron says he needs your help with something  
  1. Ask Away
  2. [Flirt] Privately? – Theron approves/Something Private?
  3. You always do
Trigger: Theron says he sent some info to the Republic  
  1. Anyone interesting?/Who?
  2. Very selective of you/Only prospects?
  3. That was risky – Theron disapproves
  • Rendezvous with the SiS Contact (If Aric Jorgan appears naked, you need to exit the phase whenever you are able to do so and then reset the mission to start over). Otherwise you will be stuck on a later step (find a good vantage point)
Trigger: Aric Jorgan says your background (Non-Trooper)  
  1. Class specific (Valkorion will reply to you)
  2. Will that be a problem? – Aric Jorgan disapproves
  3. That was a long time ago – Aric Jorgan approves
Trooper Only Trigger: Aric Jorgan says it is good to see you  
  1. I’m not your superior
  2. Forget the formalities – Aric Jorgan approves
  3. Present Havoc for Inspection
  • Defeat the Skytrooper Patrol
  • Defeat the Zakuulan Walkers
  • Speak with Aric Jorgan
Trigger: Aric Jorgan says we’re covering the retreat  
  1. Shouldn’t they be covering us? – Aric Jorgan disapproves
  2. Splitting up is a mistake
  3. We’re mission critical
Trooper Only Trigger: Aric Jorgan says we’ll cover their retreat  
  1. Only we’re a lot less green – Aric Jorgan is amused
  2. Splitting up is a mistake
  3. We’re mission critical
  • Find a Good Vantage Point
  • Defeat the Skytrooper Patrol
  • Find a Good Vantage Point
Trigger: Aric Jorgan talks about Saresh (Empire)  
  1. How did that happen?
  2. You must be exaggerating
  3. So you deserted – Aric Jorgan disapproves
Trigger: Aric Jorgan talks about Saresh (Republic)  
  1. There’s no opposition?
  2. Sounds like her
  3. I understand why you’re here – Aric Jorgan approves
Trigger: Aric Jorgan talking about bureaucrats and military matters (Empire)  
  1. We’ll make the difference here – Aric Jorgan approves
  2. Focus on the task at hand
  3. Maybe Saresh is right – Aric Jorgan disapproves
Trigger: Aric Jorgan talking about bureaucrats and military matters (Republic)  
  1. We’ll make the difference here – Aric Jorgan approves
  2. The Republic can be saved – Aric Jorgan approves
  3. Maybe Saresh is right – Aric Jorgan disapproves
Trigger: Aric Jorgan spots skytroopers and civilians  
  1. Cover me, Jorgan – Aric Jorgan approves, +50 LS
  2. Your call, Jorgan – Aric Jorgan approves
  3. Perfect time to escape – Aric Jorgan disapproves, +50 DS
  • Defeat the Skytrooper Patrol
  • Speak to the Exiles
Trigger: Exiles ask you for help  
  1. This is barbaric! – Aric Jorgan approves
  2. It’s okay, I’ll help – Aric Jorgan approves, +50 LS
  3. Forget these people, Jorgan – Aric Jorgan disapproves, +50 DS

  • Find the Exile Homes
  • Evacuate Exile Homes: 0/6
  • Rendezvous with the Rescued Exiles
Trigger: Exiles saying this is your fault  
  1. Everyone calm down – Aric Jorgan approves
  2. I saved you!
  3. Big Mistake – Aric Jorgan disapproves
Trigger: Aric Jorgan says he can offer protection  
  1. Let us help you – Aric Jorgan approves, +50 LS
  2. Is that even possible?
  3. That’s going too far – Aric Jorgan disapproves, +50 DS
  • Clear a Path to the Havoc Squad Camp
  • Speak to Aric Jorgan
Trigger: Aric Jorgan says the soldiers are his responsibility (Non Trooper)  
  1. I won’t give you orders – Aric Jorgan approves
  2. You’re a good man, Jorgan – Aric Jorgan approves
  3. Know you place – Aric Jorgan disapproves
Trooper Only Trigger: Aric Jorgan says Kanner reminds him a lot of you  
  1. How so?
  2. Missed me that bad? – Aric Jorgan is concerned
  3. I don’t think I like that
Trooper Only Romance Trigger: Jorgan talking about nightmares  
  1. [Flirt] Time for better dreams – Jorgan greatly approves, resumes romance
  2. Our time is past, Jorgan – Jorgan greatly disapproves
Trooper Only Non-Romance Trigger: Aric Jorgan talking about frozen for 5 years  
  1. I almost didn’t
  2. I’m tempted to stay dead
  3. I’m keeping the promotion – Gain 2500 influence with Aric Jorgan
Trigger: Jorgan talking about putting a wiretap on the transmitter  
  1. That will prove useful – Aric Jorgan/Theron approves
  2. To what end?
  3. Hardly a tide turner – Aric Jorgan disapproves
Trigger: Jorgan asks if you are willing to commit the resources  
  1. We’re in
  2. You believe in this, Theron? – Theron approves
  3. What does the local think?
  • Assault the Outpost
  • Find a way past the force field
    • There is a button at the back of the building to disable the yellow power line, there is a second button to disable the yellow line at bottom of the platform.
    • A button on the side of the building to disable the green power line
    • A fourth button all the back in the previous platform to disable the red power line


  • Plant the Wiretap
  • Defeat the Security Droid
  • Deactivate the blast door
  • Fight to the entrance
  • Defeat Battle Droid Atherna
Trigger: Pashna says I’m glad to be wrong  
  1. I’m glad too – Aric Jorgan approves
  2. How did you know?
  3. Foolish
  • Return to the camp
Trigger: Theron says I’d call that progress  
  1. We were fortunate – Theron approves
  2. Agreed – Aric Jorgan approves
  3. Don’t make me laugh – Theron disapproves
Trigger: Aric Jorgan wants to embed Havoc with rebels  
  1. I like it – Theron/Aric Jorgan approves, +50 LS
  2. That’s a waste of talent – Theron/Aric Jorgan disapproves, +50 DS
No Koth Trigger: Scorpio says the cost benefit is more in their favor  
  1. For your priorities maybe
  2. It’s worth it to me – Scorpio disapproves, Jorgan, Theron, Senya, Koth approves
  3. It’s an investment – Lana approves
Koth Trigger: Koth wants to know how guns will help the rebels  
  1. It’s how they want it – Senya approves
  2. Better than nothing – Lana approves
  3. Cost versus benefit – Koth disapproves
  • Relax in the cantina
  • Return to the Alliance War Room
Trigger: Lana talks about Theron and Scorpio arguing  
  1. You’re acting like children – Lana approves, Scorpio disapproves
  2. Starting now. Go! – Lana is not amused
  3. Stop wasting time – Lana/Theron disapproves

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165 replies on “SWTOR Chapter XI Disavowed Story Guide”

So, had a thought. If Koth left for some characters back in Chapter X, does that mean he effectively has no meaningful role to play in future chapters (to prevent those who lost him from missing part of the story)?

Also disappointed to see Lana has no role either.

I kinda sad Koth left and I choose the “I’m done” option and walk out, and i yet i can quit the alliance, and Koth was not shown but you heard koth over the radio on the final battle of the chapter…. I starting to think choices dont mater.

Id say bug, like there is suppose to be a special conversation that jedi knight has since they meet kaliyo if you did enough doc missions that didn’t occur a lot. Has since been patched though. That is kinda why I’m waiting for everything to come out to start going into it XD.

He’ll be back when they have something for him to do. They won’t leave some people with him and some without him for long.

What do you mean, Lana has no role? She shows up in the chapter. She says stuff.

Anyway, it was heavily, ham-fistedly implied that we have not seen the last of Koth, as much as I’d like to believe he flew directly into a sun.

You never know though. My LS Guardian said Havoc should train the exiles, whereas my DS Sorcerer said “to hell with them!!”. There may be some consequences for those choices in later chapters. Or maybe not… :).

This was a great mission for reuniting with Aric and meeting the new Havoc Squad, but it was light on everything else. Sending them to train exiles or not isn’t really an world-shaking decision. Also, we don’t even get to ask him about Elara! Where the hell is she?! WHERE’S MY WIFE, BIOWARE?!

It could easily turn into one later in the story. If they are trained they survive, but you miss out on some decapitation strikes causing the last mission to have more trash mobs versus bosses. Most of these choices are aesthetic choices designed for RPers. My brother absolutely loves the direction, whereas his wife tends to be more of a Character Insert player who sees the same story over and over again.

Also I hope that Elara and Doc are running a field hospital on Zakuul in a later release. I think the odd couple dynamic could be a fun chapter.

I do like the fact that they’re treating Havoc Squad like what they’re meant to be, a covert special forces unit. Now they’re embedded on Zakuul, training the exiles to fight against Arcann. It was nice to see that the squad is back up and running after it fell apart before, even if we only heard tiny bits of information about a couple of the new members. I guess I found it a bit lackluster because I’ve been watching the story of Havoc Squad from the beginning. I expected more, forgetting that these episodes don’t really offer much in terms of the overall story yet. We’re still in the ME2 squad building phase.

But I swear, if they introduce Elara with another cheap, boring fetch quest like they’ve done with all the other non-story companions, heads are gonna roll.

Unfortunately/Fortunately I think that Bioware is gonna string us along with the former LI as the monthly hooks. Someone was saying that we may see them step up the rate of introduction with Gault and Vette, Torian and Akavi in the next chapters which could mean that rather than an alert they devoted all their resources into the main story. The puzzle in this quest was nice, I just hope that they mix up some fetch, destroy, king of the hill and survive to keep up interest.

I heard that there will be an episode dedicated to the Mandalorians. I expect to see Torian and Akaavi in there.

Sadly, it looks like most of our 40 companions (5 for each of the 8 classes!) will not be returning during the 16 promised KOTFE chapters. I’ve heard rumblings of a “season 2”, but if that’s even called KOTFE, it’s not showing up until after a long break after season 1. At this rate could be years before some of the companions return in the story… if they return at all. 🙁

It’s been half a year since most of my favorites were taken from me. So today I decided to break down and use the companion locator thing in the alliance base, even though the game tries to guilt us into not using it.

I have no doubt that they planned to have a season 2, that’s why it’s taking so long to get comps. Why else would they call it “season 1”?

It really do not feel right with romanced companions. You will think most of them will try their best to find your character and some of them have means to make it work. Well, everyone will try, but Jaesa, because she is a w****

But she is my whore. She’ll come back soon if she knows what’s good for her. Other wise she’ll get a fat lip, dig?

Never liked w****** in real life, not planning to like them in game. Lets just say, if they will give me a chance, her death will be spectacular for every npc to see and laugh at her

If you romanced Lana and then locked a romance with aric, apparently there is a breaking up scene. I cant bear to watch it =( ,but there is your Lana and another choice matter scene ; a scene you will only see if your breaking up with her which why would you ever :P. I assume next mission will probably be an imp one and maybe lana will go with us then because i miss her. (even tho theran is great too). Though seems we might be going to Zak so maybe Senya.

There is a breakup scene with lana on youtube at the newest chapters with newest expansion so i have to assume that caused it. Everything else is speculated, though the Zakoul thing seems likely with their conversation about GERMINI.

Here is the video ;might also be kaliyo romance that would trigger it not sure sorry :

TBH, I’ve had my fill of Theron. I wouldn’t mean his boring and lackluster “puns”, if we atleast got to dress him up like a Trooper or a BH…

And where is Aric? Even the Gormak I recruited honk around in my base, but I can’t find Aric… is he down on Zakuul?

We’ll I guess I don’t need to buy a a cat litter box for the alliance base.

I don’t think Kaliyo’s in the base either. She did say she was heading offworld at the end of Chapter X. Did Jorgan say something about staying on Zakuul?

Yep. He is either training the rebels or looking for targets of opportunity. Although I haven’t completed the chapter with a romantic trooper so I don’t know what happens then. I had my fingers crossed that your LI would appear in your quarters on Odessan.

Jorgan is on Zakuul. Makes sense, but kind of a missed opportunity to have all those cool Havoc Squad NPCs hanging out in your base.

Now, why Blizz’s jawas are not in your base, I don’t understand. They were clearly coming with him.

I think he ordered them to finish up on Hoth. So while they would show up in your base eventually Bioware has a story telling out to keep the Odessan NPC population in check.

If that happened, you wouldn’t have any base by Chapter XII… They’d just dismantle everything.

Haven’t checked yet. Can we add him as decoration to our SH? I have some Republic troopers and could use a drill sergeant design

I am really torn on this entry. I just finished, it wasn’t long, but single chapters aren’t long, that has been established already, no expectations there. It is missing content, and no effort was made to replace it with some kind of plan B. Not a single alert, no bonus companions. This is inexcusable, something should have been added to compensate.

But…the mission was fun. It had a mini puzzle, it felt action packed, it used music well and got that little adrenaline tingle going, and I got to do something more than recruit, I finally felt like something was getting done. I am certain other people feel differently, but I liked it, personally.

….Also, first thing I did when I got best thing to spraying him with the water bottle.

Why not just give them a random BH set? I’ll turn into the Trooper variant when you put it on him.


The only thing that could make it worse is the customization that gives him the “Elvis” haircut…

Koth’s voice with the other people in the alliance is a silly bug for people who got rid of him. Hope it’s fixed someday.

What? Where? Didn’t hear him anywhere. What bugs me more is that Kaliyo has her default Agent story outfit in both of the conversations she appears in – the attack on Zakuul and then in the Odessen cantina, laughing at a fight.

I secretly hope i have get a hk-55 pet, we can dress as hk, play with hk, use his jetpack and have a mini-hk

My problem is your chin is exposed for some dumb reason and your neck and jaw isn’t fully covered. It is like they are trolling people that want to make full droid characters.

And while your chin is exposed, it still possesses a voice modulation thingy, that, IMO, sounds horrible.

Yeah I don’t want a Droid character but I found a good armor set match and I want the helmet covering the whole head

I actually found a good one. I used white trooper armor with a light gray-Dark Gray dye. When the helmet is dyed to match, it actually looks like it fits in.

Remember, they didn’t give us Bowdaar because they felt “the quality of its mission was not the one the players deserve”. From which it follows that they felt that the players deserved the quality of Aric’s mission. With him being naked making it impossible to complete the mission. Yeah, I guess they are right – any fools who still give money to Bioware deserve this kind of quality. /facepalm /biofail.

Why are the companion recruitments so unbalanced from a lorewise perspective?
Obvioulsy the writers favor soldiers and agents, if you look at the number of the original class companions that you encounter throughout the story up until Chapter XI:

Soldier: 4 met, 3 (of them) recruitable
Agent: 3 met, 3 recruitable
Inquisitor: 2 met, 2 recruitable
Consular: 1 met, 1 recruitable
Knight: 1 met, 1 recruitable
Warrior: 1 recruitable
Hunter: 1 recruitable
Scroundrel: 0 !!!!!

As it seems, the soldier is nearly reunited with his team after 4 months, while a scroundrel has to wait 1 year to meet one of his older comrades?

Your Companions right now are temporary at best. They will go away when this story is over, because someone has to help rebuilding/control the galaxy and so on.
So you will end up with your original crew.

But while other classes can build up their influence just playing, most classes have to stack gifts until the day their folks might show up? This makes it even more unattracktive not to get them back via the “magic recall Terminal”.

Comparing the class and companion stories, there are quite some characters who would fit in/benefit this alliance but haven’t been seen.

Obviously BW can’t afford the actors/actresses anymore, that’s why the playtime of these characters is cut to a minimum.
I wouldn’t be surprised, if you won’t recruit your companions at all and they just crawl from under a stone after the war, or out of that hidden compartment in your ship, maybe, or they are all playing Sabacc, or Pazaak on Port Nowhere.

Not even to mention to reunite with your former LI, wife, husband………….

I kind of skimmed over your post, but um yeah those are the previously available companions CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. You do know that the story isn’t done yet, right?! Bowdaar, a Smuggler companion, was supposed to be in this patch, but wasn’t. So they should have a point. A lot more have been somewhat confirmed (somewhat because datamining) in later chapters, so um stop panicking about what’s currently available, please. They’re not favoring one class over another.

Thx for the update.
It’s nice to see, that some comps are maybe, or maybe not (datamining, visa vi, concordingly….) available in future content.
Actually I’m far from panicking, spoiling, flaming whatever. All I stated was, that the companion recruitment system is currently imbalanced and therefore will be until the last chapter has been released, which is approximately in 5 months?.
But You can’t disapprove with simple math, can you?

So okay, you stated the obvious. Good job. Any way you look at it, the recruitment system would be imbalanced because of the 5 months part. If the companions were released in a different order like, say, a soldier like jorgan first and a non-soldier like scorpio last, you’d still be complaining

I am not complaining at all.
Reading through the replies on my posts, thx to all, all I am saying is, that it’s not really understandable, why some classes can access more original companions than others. Counting them makes 12. That would be 1 for all classes and 4 share, but at least every class would have one to focus on. It’s not the order, as stated above. But every class has combat expert companions, well except Bowdaar, his mission quality is just not qualified enough for recruitment. But what about Lt. Iresso, Quinn, SupaDupa ProRepublik Grunt Sgt. Rusk? I even made Elara Dorne my 2nd in Command but he ends up being the Major. Still not complaining, still stating obvious, well except the last line, that was personal experience.
All I am saying is, the story is the same for all, but not equal.

On Aric being a major and no Elara, it is possible she has moved on to bigger better things. She could be handling the Saresh problem more closely as she would make a brilliant politician, now that she is a full citizen.

A likely possibility, indeed.
Well, we’ll have to wait and see what time will tell.

It is a conflict, the soldiers hit the front lines, the smugglers, scum and villians scatter to the 4 winds looking to find a profit. It makes sense the smuggler’s crew would be the hardest to locate.

not really actually if you actually did the smuggler story, you would know that only guss and risha are the ones that like profit
bowdaar likes to fight honorable, corso wants to help all the little guys and akaavi well she wants revenge for what happend to her clan

😛 just commenting on your comment in terms of how smuggler would be hardest to find, can only agree on risha and guss since they like cons the most aswell as most profit.

Thats fair. There is obviously a big meta behind it as well based on likeability, keeping people happy, and fitting into the story they want to tell.

Good point, but Hylo Visz would/could use them too.
Every frontline is lost without support. It’s ok that you need scientists first, to understand your foe and to learn it’s weaknesses. I can understand, that the force users want to hide, because the pose the biggest threat to Arcann and were targeted early in his campaign.
But then, why Xalek, and not Khem? And you have at least one Grunt, Soldier like Companion for every Class…. Sgt. Rusk wtf….. where is he? Or Vector Hyllus…. no wait…. he’ll be having tea time with is Killik clan for sure. Zenith, Torian, Skadge. If they are not…. well honorable enough.. then why Kaliyo, an Anarchist? If we need crazy to win.. well there are a lot more companions who cover that aswell.
But we will see in time.

Yeah, Bowdaar is coming, but at the end of the day we’ve spent 6 months and counting to see a smuggler companion. Kind of mean. I finally broke down and used the companion summoning machine.

I suspect Guss is coming soon as it was his voice (i think) impersonating the Jedi on Hoth when you recruit Blizz

1. Bowdaar will – unless the F up again – come with Chapter XII
2. We already heard about Guss Tuno:
a) He’s the “Jedi man” in the Blizz recruitment mission
b) Several months back, if he isn’t there anymore, he was standing as a “talk-to” NPC named “Shiny Jedi man” in one of the casinos on Nar Shaddaa.

This chapter has more class dialogue than the anarchy in paradise. +1 for replay value because I played it with three diff classes and they even sometimes replied in thier respective manner without a specific option to force them so.

There seems to be some sort of bug with this chapter preventing you from progressing. When the cut scenes started, Aric Jorgan was not wearing any cloth. After the first wave of enemies you are supposed to go in a cave and talk to him, but he does not appear.

From what I’ve heard from some people, you have to reset the mission if you get the bug with him not wearing any cloths and several times at that. I reset it once and it started back at the very beginning in Odessan, so I haven’t tried it a second time to check if he’s wearing cloth/working properly.

This chapter was short and stupid. The options you choose (LS or DS) have no consequence on the chapter plot points, and unless I missed something I don’t even recall any “Jorgan will remember this decision” notes that would indicate any future ramifications. The only variation story wise is different cut scenes if you play as a Trooper, since the OG Trooper story involves you being/leading Havoc Squad. And even then, aside from different dialogue, none of your choices matter at the end either. So this plus a useless HK helmet = a waste. And it’s bugged to boot (i.e. Naked Jorgan). SMFH Biosuck….

1. I think the “important” choice is whether to let Havoc train the Exiles, or only give them suplies.
2. “OG Trooper” LOL ^^

What helped to me is to quit the first convo and instantly reset the mission. Jorgan won’t appear naked.

Looking over the last part of the dialogue trees, even though Koth remained on all my characters I never got the “Koth trigger” and on the “No Koth Trigger” I never got any mention of “Koth approves” when the others did.

Also, at the beginning, there was no [Flirt] with the “Privately?” option

Maybe you had to romance Theron in SoR and and start a romance at the end of Chapter IX to get this?

Maybe. The romances seem to have had glitches during early access for 1-9. I hit all of the flirts for Koth on my main for example, but I found out later the game doesn’t acknowledge them as having happened.

Anyone got footage, or know if you get special dialog if you decide to break up with romanced Jorgan on this chapter? Will you get similar breakup conversation as the KOTFE characters give you if you leave them over Aric?

You missed the dialogue scene where you tell Jorgan your going to keep your promotion and get your five years back pay from the Republic, he says he wants to be there when you do so and you get 2500 influence with him.

Same. Instead of saying “approves” or “will remember that” it says “Aric finds new hope for the future” and in green letters it says “[[Influence gained 2500]]” Never seen anything like that in convo before, outside of the droids, I was wondering if other characters had something similar locked away in the recesses of conversations, but probably not, I guess.

*Chapter XI Spoilers* I think that mako will join us in the next chapter, seeing as its about the “GEMINI Frequency” I am guessing we need an experienced slicer (mako) to help us hack into it. Also she is a romance companion so she should be in an upcoming chapter.

I might be wrong (because Aric and Kaliyo are exceptions to my theory), but I wonder if the romance companions from 1-50 are going to be kept until the last chapters to prevent people from dropping out of subscriptions once they get their spouse back.

Just speculation of course

If you ask 100 people “Kira or T7”, I’m sure at least 90 of them would say Kira. And that’s exactly why we got T7, in my opinion. The best should come last. Like in a concert; the more important band plays the last and the least popular one plays first. Etc etc etc…
But I don’t think this fact can keep one as a sub. Because you can unsub any moment and then sub when your beloved companion arrives. When you do, you’ll also get the chapters you missed previously.

Go to the bedroom in your alliance headquarter (near Hylo Visz) there is a terminal. It’s not highlighted but it’s there.

You can get your old companions back, but you cannot interact with them like you use to until they are brought back into the story. Kind of sad really. All the work put into the old ones and Bioware just takes them away.

Mako isn’t coming soon from what I’ve seen, but I can tell you we’re losing a companion in the not-to-distant future 😉

So question, Aric told us troopers we were promoted posthumously, but I cant remember what rank? Just curious.

Well, Aygo was discharged from the Republic army, so now he is just a military advisor and strategist. The trooper Outlander is no longer serving the Republic and is the (supreme) Commander of the Alliance. Past ranks don’t count anymore. There is even a conversation from 2 named npcs inside the base where imperial Private Schor tells republic Corporal Asani that ranks don’t count anymore, as they are all equal now.

Well, congrats to all of you who actually got to play it. I did everything I could, leaving the phase, leaving the planet, couldn’t reset or abandon no matter what. And no way to summon Aric. Made it to the village and wiped out the skytroopers by myself, since I couldn’t summon any NPC, and then arrived at a completely empty base camp in those ruins. Did set off my archaeology alert though wondering who build that fortress.

You have to be on Zaakul, but not in an instance in order to reset it from the quest log. You’ll want to reset phase and the quest.

hmm one big disapointment TBH … 20 minutes of new content, bugs and no new recruitable comps… i expected more

So I had Koth still, but that convo about the guns didn’t register is that normal? He was in the dialogue right before it.

Okay. I did commit them to the rebels. Is that what triggers Koth or do I have to take the Dark Side choice?

Havoc squad trains rebels = Scorpio’s conversation.
Havoc squad taken for missions = Koth’s conversation (He’s upset that you’re just going to dump guns on them with little to no training.)

Oh cool. Thanks so much for answering my question 😀 I’m kind of sour because my main Jedi Knight didn’t get the Chapter X line about Doc with Kaliyo. It’s a minor thing, but I can’t replay the chapters with him so I’m a little peeved.

I just wish they would continue the chaps without having to go a month out for each one. The chapters are short and for us subers it doesn’t seem like much fun.

that is why I am not renewing now until all the chapters come out. I just stayed a member long enough to get early access and the first 9 chapters. Best financial decision I made.

Any codex entries or other things/eastereggs to be found (I myself didn’t see any when playing through it once)?

Does anyone know what happens if you are a trooper who romanced aric but also theron in KotFE?? Like does aric figure it out and get mad or do you have to make a choice between the two??
Thank you.

My trooper romanced him and romanced Lana (ok no jokes, just having fun). When I got Jorgan back, there was flirt choice somewhere in the dialogue that allowed me to re-romance him.

If you choose Jorgan, any KotFE-romanced follower will contact you with another cut-scene and end the relationship.

hmmm that’s interesting, hope they do it like that with other companions like Kira…Thank you 🙂
Wonder when we get Kira back anyway, she was my fav companion from the different stories

You have to choose which one you want to be with. If you resume your relationship with Aric then at the end of chapter 11 depending on who you romanced they meet you in your quarters and you go your seperate ways. I chose to resume my romance with Aric therefore ending the relationship with Theron, im not sure what happens at the end of chapter 11 if you chose Lana/Koth/Theron over Aric

Thank you 🙂 does that mean potentially one of them would want to leave the Alliance? That would be going kind of overboard haha

Lana stayed in the alliance… it might depend on whether they were close (like Koth and his moody behavior). Or the romance may be completely separate.

My only complaint was that I felt forced to take him in.
“choices that matter” and all that….

*** possible spoilers ahead****

Aric and I didn’t agree on ANYTHING. So I felt like he probably wouldn’t really want to join me, nor would I tolerate his insubordinate attitude. Particularly, problematic was the second conversation where you have to choose to help the exiles being attacked by skytroopers, and you can say (DS choice) that Aric is “compromising the mission” and his replay is “if you dont like it go back to camp” and my auto reply is “fine we’ll do it your way”…

REALLY??? no option to punish him, or mind trick, or kill him where he stood? and at the end it doesnt add him to the list of Main characters. He is filed under “Other characters” So he isn’t plot essential anyways. Kaliyo went under main characters so I figure she has to survive because she is plot essential later….

/end silly rant

Kind of a familiar thing in a lot of conversations. Give the answers that the character would actually give or just say what’s expected of me for the sake of simplicity.

“You cannot lose influence if your companions disapprove of your choices. Instead, disapproval will only earn you +50 influence points with them while approval give you +200 influence points. If you want to get max influence, pick choices that earn disapproval if there are no approval choices since they will give you +50 influence anyways.”

I didn’t realize this. Here I’ve been avoiding disapproving responses like an OG min/maxer. Time for Ashara to get bent.

Maaan, cant wait for the next chapter, I cant belive its taking so long 🙁
Kotfe is excellent story wise, it just takes so long 😀
Anyone else bothered by the fact that in last 5 years we only got like 5 star wars games or so? Seriously we could use a bit more of them, some action, some rpg, some shooters 🙁
Battlefront, as great as it looks, is a very bare bones game, its just like Titanfall and Evolve, its only for specific people. I would have actually bought it, if they bothered with story mode even tho i do not like shooters in general, Star Wars is worth it, but without story, its just a nice skin 🙁

I am stuck on the force field one. I killed everything, hit all four buttons….and nothing… I tried to restart it and that didn’t work either………..bugged maybe?

it’s a trap. the first yellow one you think you need is a fake. the yellow above the door is probably still flashing. it branches and there is another one around the back.

There are 4 deals you need to get. One under a platform, one on the back on the wall, one under the main deck (take ramp down and under) that’s on a pillar, and one on the landing platform behind one of the crates (looks like a generator?)

This page doesn’t help with how to fight the Battle Droid Atherna, in the Disavowed Chapter.. I Have done everything else , But cannot beat it with my Sith & Aric .. help?

It helps to have your Sith with 190 and over armor, and mods upped (I hacked mine out of the purple armors you can buy from vendors on Odessen). I worked solely on the droid while Aric worked on everything else. I had to keep running around. Did it with BH Merc and Rep Vanguard. Melee can be a serious fussy thing. I’ve yet to take my Sith Marauder through that chapter

wow.. Thanks Dawn.. My Char is A Sith Sorcerer.. I will def have to Look for better armor then.. Much Appreciated.. 🙂

So if you romance someone else on the cantina scene on chapter 9, what can you do with Aric when he returns, I mean can you take him or he takes me back, because I kinda regret romancing Lana?

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