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SWTOR March Producer’s Livestream Coverage

SWTOR March Producer’s Livestream notes and coverage.

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  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter 11
  • Odessen Proving Grounds & Rishi Arena
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • Eternal Championship
  • Chapter 12 story time
  • Next producer livestream will be on Tuesday, April 5.

State of the Galaxy

  • Eternal Championship delayed due to quality issues. It wasn’t fun to play.
  • We know there are a couple issues with Chapter 11 launch. Patch tomorrow morning to fix. Couple more fixes by early next week (hopefully Tuesday).
  • They like to thank the youtubers/podcast for sharing info

Chapter 11

  • Join forces with Major Jorgan and Havoc Squad. Venture deep into enemy territory and change the course of war.
  • New Disavowed Cartel Market Pack is live.
    • Standing mount and Havoc armor most popular

Odessen Warzone/Rishi Arena

  • Coming with Chapter 12 on April 5th (both warzone and Rishi arena)
  • Warzone is for available to all players (both F2P and subscribers)
  • Cross-faction is only available for Odessen Proving Grounds right now, might expand to other warzones in the future.
  • Iteration in progress
    • Control Point active for 90s instead of 75s.
    • Middle control point always available in round 1
    • Battle mods available until used

QoL Improvements

  • Some QoL changes mentioned last livestream that are coming April 5th.
    • 5 strongholds, 50% increase in decoration limits for guild ships, 999 new limit for common decorations
    • 1000 member guild cap, legacy name column with primary character flag, mass selection guild management option
  • Character name improvements – allowing you to have a space in your name.
  • PvE and PvP instance types. Traditionally our servers have being a specific type, we wanted to do away with that. Now you can be on any server you want and through the map you can select PvP or PvE instance.
  • Updated server select screen to reflect the new PvP/PvE instances.
  • Social window improvements like using /who

Eternal Championship

  • Eternal Champion title available for those playing it
  • Launch date will be announced next Producer stream in 4 weeks or beforehand.
  • PTS and blog for Eternal Championship will be available late March (within next 2 weeks)

April Subscriber Rewards

  • HK-55 weapon set: Sniper rifle, blaster pistol, and vibrosword
  • Early access to Chapter 12: Vision in the Dark


Story Time with Charles Boyd

  • Inside the story video blog coming soon (next week or two, could be even sooner)
  • Chapter 12: New information leads to potentially deadly mission for the alliance. Valkorion has brutal plans for the outlander. Special return appearance from some fan-favorite characters (Satele Shan and the spirit of Darth Marr). You will also get some chance to see some Odessen wilderness.
  • Alliance recruit: Akghal Usar (a dashade like Khem Val). Hidden in a mysterious tomb on Yavin 4. Need to solve an elaborate puzzle to unlock him. A deadly ally with ties to both past and present. He is a side character like Blizz.
  • When are we getting our favorite companion back?
    • They need to be tied to the story, their return need to matter.
  • How much time has passed from the time you were unfrozen to Chapter 11?
    • Couldn’t be more than a month or two
  • What happened to Elara Dorne?
    • It is likely Elora was not allowed to continue with the Havoc Squad due to her previous Imperial afflictions (Saresh wouldn’t allow someone with Empire afflictions near the top Republic elite force).

Producer Livestream Recap 3/9 | 03.11.2016, 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by SolarSaenz

How will the stronghold conquest bonus be affected now that our max number of strongholds is increased?

I checked with the team and there should be no effect on the bonus that Strongholds grant towards Conquests.


Originally Posted by squirrelballz

Eric can you please address why slicing nodes were nerfed from prototype lockboxes to premium lockboxes? Thanks for the update as well.

Slicing nodes were dropping more credits than intended so that changed allowed us to bring those credit gains back to a more desired range. This is also without impacting Slicing Crew Skill Missions, which can still drop Prototype Lockboxes.


Originally Posted by DerSchneider

SO many people asked on the stream and you told nothing.
Will season 7 lauch on 5th april, or you are closing ranked pvp?

The team is still discussing what the plans are for the start of the next Season. As soon as I have more information I will pass it on!

Producer Livestream Recap 3/9 | 03.11.2016, 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by Jerba

Can you please clarify what this means? How much bonus will there be for four strongholds at 100% each, and how much total bonus will be there be for four strongholds at 100% each?
That sentence can be interpreted in multiple ways (no effect on individual bonus, no effect on total bonus, no effect on “you have to have each stronghold at 100% for max bonus”).

Yup, happy to clarify.

The cap for the Conquest bonus from Strongholds is still 100%. This bonus is now calculated based on your top 4 most completed Strongholds. Meaning even if you have 5 Strongholds at 100%, your bonus will still only be 100%, not 125%. By there being no effect, I mean that if you have 100% right now, you will still have 100% when the 5th Stronghold is activated.

Hope that makes sense!


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“Standing mount and Havoc armor most popular”

Other stuff might be popular too, if you didn’t make them so hard to get. Equal rarity for all cosmetic gear, and let the peoples’ fashion sense decide what is most popular!

Agreed. I actually don’t want either of those things. I’m probably just going to buy the slug companion, orange crystal, and the pet really…

Plus the price for the item that actually is the most popular/sought after is up to…what, 40 million creds now?

That price is only because the drop rate is super fucking stupid low too

How do they know if these items are popular if the timer’s still on them, meaning they can’t be listed on the GTN yet?

PvE and PvP instance type

So their plan is:
PvP players on PvP servers have to move on PvE servers, because they are not empty
Solo PvE players have to move on the PvP servers because there they aren’t bothered by other players on these empty servers.


So, based on the Inq story, I guess it has to be Akghal Usar for non Inqs because of the bond between the Inq and Khem val?

I believe he’s also replacing Khem. (Notice that recently Khem’s class was changed from “Khem Val” to “Dashade.”)

Well there better be a way to get Zash back. They talk a lot about choices that matter. One of the few choices that actually mattered was khem or zash.

I think the “choices that matter” only applies to KotFE. It seems that only romances from before KotFE are tracked.

Also, Akghal is not Khem, meaning no connection to Zash or the Inquisitor.

I have a feeling that there might be one of those class specific dialogue options where you could mention Khem to Akghal. Hopefully O.O

And ignore all mentions of Chapter X still being bugged for some agents. Just like they ignore the thread in the bug report forum. Ah I am so bitter, lol.

Got to be some kind of random thing with the agents, probably like the Chapter 11 bug. My op got through just fine, and yet in Disavowed tried everything to get it to reset or abandon and nada. My scoundrel is stuck staring at empty ruins at the back of the map.

“PvE and PvP instance types. Traditionally our servers have being a specific type, we wanted to do away with that. Now you can be on any server you want and through the map you can select PvP or PvE instance.”

So..when he says we can be on any server we want, does that mean we can go between US or EU with our characters, or just in our region? And what about RP tagged servers?

I think he means: Your friends are all on a PVP server, but you hate PVP so you dont want to be on their server – now with this change it wont matter. You can transfer to their server and not worry about gankers

Yeah…. but you can be in the same guild, and chat is cross instance (when fleet overflows now) and I suppose that your friend could just switch instances for a bit if you wanted to do something together….

Kinda curious what this means – if anything for the RP servers though…

No. You can be on a (former) PvP server and just be in a PvE instance not bothering about open world PvP. Or you can be on a (former) PvE server and be in the PvP instance all the time, where every player is always flagged in the open world.

RP, I think they forgot them for no reason.

I know about the instances, it’s just the way he said be on what you want and my wishful thinking says be on any with your legacy characters xD

Right after the bracers that make it look like a tiny HK-55 is perched on your shoulder scoping for targets of opportunity, but before the belt buckle of his head.

if you play dcuo thier basically doing what dcuo does. You can switch between pve/pvp servers just as i thought lol. Still the rest is a bit confusing though overall /sigh

Why does Bioware think that everyone has a huge HK-55 boner? The companion was good, the jetpack was good, the helmet was really bad, and these weapons look somewhere in between. I guess I’ll wait to see if there’s an assault cannon, and if it’s as ridiculous as the others we’ve gotten since the game launched.

At least they don’t literally look like his limbs crafted into weapons. Wearing your dead friend’s head as a hat is normally pretty antisocial behavior. I too find all the HK55 pandering to be getting stupid. How about some Hutt stuff from Ogorrob? Or some neat “I have Valkorian in my brain” related regen item? And that is stuff I came up with in seconds, here, since I started writing. Imagine what I could come up with on payroll, with 8 hours a day of subscriber bilked wages to go on.

Right. Unfortunately, you have to imagine if you were on a payroll and told to use the same assets over and over to make new items because people will pay for them anyway.

Those weapons look like new assets though, with un-necessary HK tie ins. Like he is Kotfe jesus or something….its not like he died for our sins and rose from……oh.

The weapons are new, I’m just referring to the overuse of HK-55. Honestly, he should have stayed dead. He was better as a badass character who gave his life to save you. It’s like if they brought back Darth Marr in ghost form as a companion.

Yeah, the other good thing about him dying was that we he didnt continue to take away from HK-51- who now seems….overpriced.

Honestly, I think they just thought it’d be fun and cute if the rewards had a theme, but it’s wearing thin pretty fast.

This HK-55 fetish is seriously getting out of hand.
Get him as a companion? Okay.
Get a jetpack inspired by his look? Okay.
Get his head as a helmet? Wait, what-.
Get weapons that are inspired by his design? Okay, this is clearly getting out of hand.
What’s next, we get gloves, boots, pants, a belt, and chest piece inspired by his look so that everyone who plays looks like HK-55, and then SWTOR becomes a church worshiping the idol that is HK-55 and we march our legions forward to every battle to eliminate all of the pitiable undesirable meatbags?

Cause if that’s the case…nah, I’m good.

ea: our email survey showed hk was a huge item we could exploit and use and destroy to no end for subs!

HK-55 was set up to be brought back from the dead from the beginning. It’s a key part of their way to make this business model work and keep ppl subbed. He ties back to KOTOR for the nostalgia feels for the coveted new players and the old, received several funny moments to make you like him, and was the only companion from the chapters 1-9 to suffer any real consequence. Of course everyone was going to pick him as their favorite. These mostly sub rewards have been set up for months.

Unsub, let all the single-player endgame hating fanboys/girls beta test KOTFE for you, and then pay $15 to play through it all at once later this summer.

Why do I have this god awful feeling that alot of people are gonna get f***ed over with thier companions and LI’s?

Define what you mean by “f***ed over”? I mean, I kinda don’t know why people are so damned insistent that their companions stay with them from now to the end of time anyway. That isn’t how relationships work. People change, drift apart, become enemies, lovers, or just stop talking to each other.

It’s like the 1-50 game has trained it’s players to view relationships as possessions. Which is kinda fucked up, to be honest.

I want there to be one, and I want it to use the unstable blade. Then I want to spend hours laughing at the people who paid millions of credits to buy one on the exchange.

Okay, not really. I’d feel bad for them.

I mean, I’d still giggle a little, but I’d feel bad about it.

Aye. Never fully understood how much I appreciated those folks (except Quinn) until they were gone, though guilty of using the companion locater as well.

I tried to wait it out, but it’s been six months now. I expected each new chapter would bring at least four or five new alerts. This chapter we got a whopping 0. =( I finally broke down.

Yeah. And they’re saying the NPCs that make sense are appearing, but Tanno Vik has extensive black market weapons experience, and would have made a lot of sense for recruiting. Instead the player has already killed him or he’s just lingering in the underworld, eking out an existence. .

A lot of players hate Vik’s guts, and his original VA passed away. BW had a lot of good reasons to want to retrie that character.

Why would they hate Vik? Because he wasn’t straitlaced enough? So what if he was a war profiteer on the side? That’s the reality of war zones.

My Trooper court-martialed Vik for treason.
Same will happen to Koth, should I get my hands on him.

Treasure hunting and puzzles, yes please. I am going to let myself get a bit excited for this Not-Khem’s quest. I hope that puzzle is hard. Setting excitement to a 3…cause its gonna be bugged. Completing the puzzle is going to result in an empty inventory, followed by a quest, completely made up of old bugs that have matrix like sentience, that has you traveling the galaxy to get your fleet passes and ops stims back. Upside…one of the bugs is Monica Belucci. :3

Screw reality, Weeeeeee.

The puzzle will be blocks into shape holes. 😀 Look how many people were screaming for help with the easy puzzle of XI. There were giant colored coded cables next to blinking colored lights and still people failed.

Admittedly, General Chat made me very sad yesterday. Also “Hey everyone, Aric is Naked.” for the 900000000th time…seconds after the last one, so you know the person who said it was probably crossing the swamp when it was said last, and could have seen it if they weren’t so blind. Bless the hearts of the people who typed out the work around over and over and over etc etc….

I mentioned in game chat that it needed a sticky at top somehow. Naked Jorgan = Exit and rest mission. Was amazing how many times it was said and how to fix.

Why would people bother with chat in a single-player game until they needed something? Most ppl these days probably have it completely hidden until they need to ask questions such as “I’m a trooper like Finn, how do I use a lightsaber?!”

Lol… Just yesterday some guy was asking for help with the final Shroud mission on General Chat, the H4… Good luck with that… Not the kind of “can anyone help me with this” quest…

I…actually love that mission, and sign up every month or so when I see someone doing it. Just did it a few weeks back actually.

Me too! I love it, it’s a remnant of what playing this type of game should be: playing with other people. Some people have asked for it to be converted into a single-player thingy like everything else… I disagree. It must remain a proper group mission, with proper puzzles. Yes, it is difficult to get a group going… But it is worth it.

For Elara Dorne I think you mean affiliations, not afflictions. Also, their answer is lame, if you can’t prove your fitness after saving the galaxy as an integral part of havoc squad then what are you supposed to do? Could they not get the VA or something?

The real answer:
“Like Vette, Kira, Jaese and other popular and romanceable companions we feel we can get you to sub for many months while making you wait for their return, gotta milk them players!”

More like sprinkle them in well spaced intervals. I think we are getting Vette soon and many people love T7, Blizz and Bowdaar. After all if all the favorite companions don’t show up til season 2 no one would sub until the end of season 2.

Yep. Even if one doesn’t care for the humor around Blizz, he’s the easiest to please of all npcs. He seemingly appreciates all gifts.

This is a stupid argument. If you are only sticking around for a certain comp why would you stay subbed? Why not just come back when that comp was announced? They aren’t that stupid.

watch it this ones a rager hell go make a fake account and try to troll you and accuse you of bieng me lol

Hey always I don’t make up accounts, argue with myself , and then have those posts deleated.
You really are pitiful, raging against a game that you don’t play and hope dies. I guess that’s what happens when you get banned.

yeah sure ya dont thanks for proving my point “again” LOL as for bieng banned lolz.

So it’s true? Zash is gone forever? Damn. She was a treacherous b***h, but she was my treacherous b***h. Will miss her advice.

I loved my choice of zash over khem. It was a “choice” that mattered. They should honor choices, isn’t that the whole point of this expansion? Zash offered all the same strength and power of khem (once she has his body) but her knowledge and counsel made her invaluable. This new replacement will be useless if he’s just a brute that wants to kill things. anything fits that role.

All these companions we recruit arent in the story anyways. they have a recruitment chapter or mission and then they r added to ur comp tab and thats it. Only real characters are lana, theron, etc. The rest r just optional companions for dailies. They serve no purpose. cosmetic only. Making all companions available has kinda ruined the uniqueness of class anyways.

Class doesn’t matter anymore, we are all Outlander class. There is one class then 8 advancd classes then 16 advanced, advanced classes……

I think u didn’t get the memo.
They said that there will be no new ops. After shitstorm that happened later they rephrased it to no ops till we get good story background for ops. Meaning no new ops at least till last chapter. But until then there will probably be no ppl who want a new ops left in the game, so we are getting back to no new ops.

I’m assuming that in terms of mechanics, the only difference will be the Dashade’s nametag and default look (looks like the red slightly armored Khem customization). Akghal also has a techblade, but he can still use a vibroblade.

Afterall, it could be worse today. You could be a SWTOR player AND a Cleveland Browns fan. Sorry Dawg Pound.

As much as I want some of my favorite companions back, I kind of agree with Bioware that their return needs to matter, like what if Elara had returned in this chapter, she would have been a side character in the chapter like that new girl in Havoc, wouldn’t have really felt like she mattered to the story.

the problem is they shouldnt have been taken away in the first place and rehashed as “new” content which is what they did but apparently people are to stupid to realize this. Pretty lazy on thier part

Gtfo Spruce… just because you make a new account doesn’t mean we don’t know it is you. No one trolls these boards more than you, and certainly no one does a worse job at it.

/sigh not this “spruce” and im not going anywhere also i wasnt trolling thats my opinion on the matter nothing more

so this means khem val will not be returning at all? lame reall lame 1 of the most unique comps in the game and this is his treatment, its worse then when tulak hord left him in stasis on korriban

the only REAL choice that matters is if you as customer wants to payed to be shit on. I chose dark side option told ea to go f themselves lol

companions lost uniqueness awhile ago there all cookie cutter molds now hk was the worst what they did absolute shit

true but atleast khem val still has his unique quest where you can decide either zash stays or your morose monster (always go for khem <3)
still this new dashade sounds retarded and i want khem not some fake wannabe

They are getting rid of Khem Val because they do not know nor want to try to implement a “test” for who kept Khem and who kept Zash. Thus, they can just keep the “beast language,” have Khem be killed or something, and you get a new dashade.

Its fucked up, but that’s what happened when BW has EA’s dick inside them the whole time.

What I said above applies to Jeassa as well. So it’s not 2 versions but 3 versions: Light side, dark side, insta-60 side :), meaning those who never met her and thus never made any decisions for her.

insta 60 is automatic darkside but i dont count insta 60 would be a cheap copout by biofail if they go that route

Also do not forget the insta-60 toons. They, in reality, never had any convo with Khem. So on one side we have those who kept Zash, then we have those who kept Khem, and finally we have those who never even met him. That’s probably the reason they are replacing him with an “easier” solution.

I really like being able to use whatever companion I want regardless of role, but I do wish they kept the little flavor abilities like Temple’s mini Force push. At least Lokin can still turn into a rakghoul.

only lokin, tharan, hk51 and treek kept some of their unique abilities
everyone else got the cookie cutter deal they are all the same its so sad to see khem val not using his devour abilty

I guess the thinking is that Khem wouldn’t be able to serve another character besides the Inq. BW wants to have the companion available. Therefore they have to make him a different version of the creature.

But I would prefer the Inq gets Khem Val

Fun fact: If you preview a Companion Customization on Khem when not an Inq and playing KotFE, the name in the preview window says “Akghal Usar”

you sire need to wash your mouth with soap and asap!

khem val is hands down on of the best comps in the game period
anyone disliking him never played the inq story and completed his story arc plus he has some really funny things to say. like how skotia is bad for indigestion or that he has a sabacc face when in reality he hates sabacc *he says that in cantina on tatooine(

I agree. Khem Val was the ideal Inquisitor companion. Way better than the Agent getting stuck with Kaliyo as their prime companion.

IMO, these should be the prime comps:
Knight – Kira
Consular – Nadia
Smuggler – Risha
Trooper – Jorgan
Warrior – Jaesa
Inquisitor – Xalek
Agent – Lokin/Temple
Bounty Hunter – Mako/Torian

i tend to agree with him as xalek is obtained really late like before correlia so i cant really bond much with him as i did with khem who has a part to play in chapter 1 and 2 of inq

Hated Kira. My Jedi Knight would kill her if she could. Having her whininess off of my ship and out of my life is nice. It’s not worth the loss of Doc and Scourge, but I’m pleased she’s gone.

I see your point, but honestly, the main chars throughout SW history were whiny. Luke, Anakin, Kylo 😀
And I never really liked Doc. I’d rather take Rusk back. Just for the fact that he uses Assault Cannons…

I got banned for daring to call them out on their greed. All I was doing was advocating against the continued use of the chance cubes and I wasn’t alone. Another guy got blocked for doing the exact same thing. At this point I am fed up with their shit…I decided then that if they wanna ignore me then that’s fine..until they get their shit together I won’t be buying anything from the cartel market and no amount of subscriber rewards/bullshit Excuses will influence my decision to stay or go.

I can confirm this is the case.
The inquisitor’s dashade has been killed/banished/whatever due to BW not wanting to spend the resources to “test” for who kept Zash in him and who put Zash in the mind trap.

Source: Bar in Austin

Too bad, I thought that was an interesting part in an otherwise bad storyline (Inq is my least favorite so far)

Absolutely. A nice cross between Star Wars and Jason Bourne. Most creative of all the story lines, though Inq is a close second for me because I love a good ghost story.

I thought the worst was the 2 Jedi classes. Cliche as hell like a PS1 Star Wars game. VAs that sound shoe saleman. Trooper boring as hell.

To be fair, if the “HK themed” stuff is like the backpack and the weapons, then what they really are are just some kinda cool weapons with an HK-55 inspired aesthetic. Like, the jetpack is cool independent of it’s HK-ness, and the weapons look pretty neat as well. The “HK-55” is just a name in this case.

The helmet was just kinda dopey, tho. I can’t imagine any of my characters wearing it.

Hey that helmet is an important part of that HK-55 and Lana Beniko role play EA knows you want.

I’m ready for my oil bath mistress Lana. “Pow-p-p-p-pow, chica, pow, chica, wow-wow”

The helmet will be better if they do the rest of the armour. Given that the next rewards are weapons, though, it’s looking like the HK armour might just be another half finished idea.

I, for one, welcome our attractive Sith Overlady. I mean, she’s no Marr, Malgus, Lachris, Vowrawn, or Serevin (in that order), but she’ll do.

She seemed to have a level head in those two cutscenes. Sure, those were just two cutscenes and it’s been five years, but I prefer to remain optimistic in my oppressive magocratic militarized war machine of a dictatorship.

Funny enough I JUST did arcanum no less than an hour ago, and when she started yelling over the comms I was like “Ohhhh THATS who Acina is?….and she gets to be the new Emperor?….good deal for her, you go girl.”

Kind of an Ozymandias position now though, all things considered. I always thought Soa’s ramblings were tribute to that poem.

Maybe this is because I’m a writing student, but I could see Saresh was evil from the beginning. And I mean the very beginning. She’s got the bad vibes going on Taris, and the way she acts at the end of the Trooper storyline is eyebrow raising. Then with every interaction and mention after, she gets worse and worse. More corrupt and evil. It was pretty obvious they were setting her up to be hated. I wasn’t sure if they were ever going to follow through and make the main characters turn against her, but her being terrible did not come out of left field.

Same. And I f***ing love it. And her. And her voice actress…

This game’s story and characters are so good.

I agree. I really like how the Republic’s leader turned out to be such a crazy zealot, with it really culminating on Ziost in a charge that only made the situation worse. It’s a very interesting flaw for the Republic to have. I’m an Imperial player, though, so I may be a bit biased.

I actually kinda liked her on Taris. She was a go-getter administrator who was determined to make an impossible project happen. She didn’t really come off to me as a total jerk until I ran into her as chancellor, but even then she would listen to reason. But treating a hero of the republic like shit because she happens to come from an imperial background is super low.

Often immitated, never duplicated. If yer gonna make a shitty meme image, you gotta do it in paint. You post it once, and never again, cause just cause the game recycles it’s content, doesn’t mean we have too.

Not a sub atm thus don’t really care what the HK-55 flavor of the month it was, is, or will be, but I would be surprised if none of them is a trainer holo: “What termination technique you wish to learn today master?”

Where is all the fan boys complaining about story talk during the live stream! Everytime i ask about ops during the live stream some fan boy needs to point out its a story stream. Cause all the streams aren’t story streams.
What new producer stuff did we learn today? Nothing. Chapters are still buggy. Rewards are still weak. Hey we have some packs to sell!!! Just to reiterate we don’t yet understand what an mmo is so in the meantime we are going to ruin factions with cross server teams. We’re going to ruin servers by doubling the instances. fortunately you won’t notice the extra lag cause hero engine was crap in 2011.
I love how Boyd says chapter times are roughly relative to real time. Minus the 5 years you were frozen in Carbonite. Except for the operations Boyd. They’ve been frozen for 5 years too. I know the producers forgot about operations so i thought I’d remind you in a forum you can’t ban people from.

in before its said to you “we know your shawn hargrave” and “gtfo you troll with your dual accounts shawn hargrave”!

Hey michael i agree with ya and that engine was an alpha engine they bought being cheapasses. chapter times are relative to real time hahah so he doesnt play for more then 5 minutes either eh hahaha.

“It is likely Elora was not allowed to continue with the Havoc Squad due
to her previous Imperial afflictions (Saresh wouldn’t allow someone with
Empire afflictions near the top Republic elite force).”

The word is “AFFILIATIONS”. You’re smarter than all your errors, Dulf.

lololol btw didnt that other guy framed bounty hunter? I remember killing him, but chancellor was tormen’s target i think, but i chose to kill torme. cuz of constant forcechoking whenever i tell him something xD

Alliance recruit: Akghal Usar (a dashade like Khem Val). Hidden in a mysterious tomb on Yavin 4.
What if i completed my last comp mission on chapter 3 ,and i choose to keep Zash inside Khem’s body ?

Seems khem will be dead anyway so no matter what you choose. Its bioware’s way to not get all too complicated.

What if you made some choice in your Inquisitor? You get a blank-slate Dashade recruit regardless like every Tom, Dick and Harry. Because Choices Matter ™.

The rage is going to be so fucking awesome when they try to pull something similar with Jaesa. It’s pretty hilarious because first they fucked PVPers over, then it was the raiders’ turn, and now it’s seemingly “story” players.


I just realize, they could “kill” light jaessa for, i dunno, she trying save someone on tython or korriban or whatever and dark will just sit and wait you find her. After this events its possible i think.

The original Dashade is not coming back in the story. Tanno Vik didn’t either (Although he made a brief appearence), but Khem Val is not a part of the expansion at all.

tanno vik was part of kofte story the only thing was we could not do was recruit him back as he was done with playing hero.

and this is why his voice was different, althought he had no lines while exploring…

yeah well many people came with ideas to overcome that, but they never considered those..

Actors can be replaced if they really wanted to. And although just for a brief appearence, the “new” voice actor they used for the Asylum scenes was good.

Your point is? No, don’t bother answering, I don’t care about your reply.

its bioware giving you the middle finger and saying haha fuck you if you had khem val
seriously biofail just doesnt want to put forth the small effort to give us back khem val and wrapping a nice litte story around him or he survived so long without the inq.

No mention of fixing the horrific Cartel Packs then? Yay.

And HK weapons are ugly. What happened to the armour? o_o

Maybe BioWare thinks there is nothing to fix.
People pay money and get stuff/crap. For BioWare everything is fine.

Hehe, doubtful considering all the fanboys being a subscriber AND pucking up 50$ a month to get Hypercrates and whatnot =P

Sort of expecting it to end up like LOTRO, mostly for RPGers. That game is mostly LOTR fans and hardcore Tolkien fanatics where “canon” often seems to be the major complaint. Honestly, this game was kind of set up that way from the beginning, the emphasis on stories, voice acting, cinematics.

It may be the mmorpg term needs re-defining or broken up into new categories. For some it implies raids and/or pvp, and others online rping, it would seem. Maybe for some of these games they just need a term for online, open-ended, mass rpg. Maybe you’re right. Maybe there should have been a KOTOR 3 online for rpers, and an MMORPG with heavy emphasis on raiding/pvp. It seems getting it all in one game is something doesn’t happen very often in MMOs.

Admittedly there’s A LOT of luck to it. I got Kreia robes and a Grassland Varactyl out of chance cubs. 3 million for the Varactyl on Progenitor. And I’m not somebody who usually very lucky.

The issue is the majority of what you get from new packs is old. It’s a totally garbage system, and once again is designed with casual players in mind.

So this candle stand/sculpture is supposed to be a sword?
I think BioWare doesnt know the difference between a sword and a club/mace.

And it’s ugly. Uglier than every ugly weapon BioWare made so far.

That is nothing surprising. Look at the Exarch fighting moves in Star Fortresses. It is clear they have no idea what is the difference between sword and spear.

Hm. They really think ppl will transfer from a populated server to an empty one?
Or are they lying?

People will tranfer from a empty server to a populated.

Their subtle goal is to get people to leave low pop servers. They just don’t want to be up front about it.

Khem Val promised my little Sith he will kill her before this is over!

Ackghack User, or whatever, is ok for non-inquisitors. But not for the class Khem belongs to.

“When are we getting our favorite companion back?
They need to be tied to the story, their return need to matter.”
Yeah, like the returning naked Jorgan, that’s really immersive …

To be honest, when I first saw that naked cat I thought the game had actually become interesting. Imagine Jorgan having gone crazy and reduced to a madman running around naked through the swamps shooting at creatures with an imaginary rifle. That would have been a lot better than the actual chapter we got.

HK-55 weapon set: Sniper rifle, blaster pistol, and vibrosword. I like the idea of legacy weapons for a reward, has usefulness on many fronts, However why won’t they stop with HK-55 themed items and choose something else, I mean the March subscriber reward was pitiful.

If it has to be connected to HK-55 on any cost, I would prefer a HK-55 Customization instead of random stuff that is golden to pretend it’s HK-55 themed.

Maybe an Proto-IG-88 Customization for HK-55, or something like that.

“999 new limit for common decorations” Does Imperial/republic guards count as common decoration? 😀

Haha^^ It’s in my plans, the council accept my demand, nothing can stop that! I want my army!! I want to invade the galaxy with this powerful army (and not with the 50 mens now^^) My sorcerer will rules Yavin and some other worlds (Yeah, I’m a bit crazy but it’s cool :D)

Firts inqs had Khem crying about his poor fate and beloved master Tulak Hord, now we’ll get Akghal crying about sweet times with Exar Kun. I just simply want to kill Khem, nothing more T_T

Got Aric back, put on Thin Lizzy “Boys are back in town”(Boys are back in town is universally enjoyable…I know you boys secretly like “girls just wanna have fun”) while saving a village. He’s no Johnny Gat, but it was alright.

Omg… It seems TOR players have great taste in music… Always loved Phil Linott’s way of singing, my favourite Lizzy song is “Opium Trail”… Not sure how that would translate to TOR, but hey… 🙂

I give Bioware more leeway than just about anyone else, but if they only give us Akghal Usar, and tell us Khem Val died on the way back to his home planet, I will be extremely disappointed. For all their emphasis on meaningful story, to have companions that actually DO mean something just disappear while being replaced with kinda-the-same-but-not-really clones would be exceptionally disingenuous. Knuckle down, spend the money, create class-specific content for meaningful, unique companions!

But I also can’t see Khem following anyone else but the Inquisitor.

So maybe everyone else finds that Akghal guy instead?

I don’t even get it, like it would be such a colossal effort to do Khem/zash voice for those that kept her around (I didnt, I like him) to keep such an interesting character intact. I’d say the expense is worth the results, but I’m not an EA executive. It’d be one chapter though and probably never again. He at least deserved an on screen fate. Nobody, not even Quinn deserves offscreen death. (Quinn makes the cut cause we all demand the satisfaction of seeing it though.)

Unrelated. Ortolan companion for “new” quesh star fortress please.

If they really really just don’t wanna check for Zash, I would rather they just handed Khem quietly and storyless back to the inquisitors rather than replace him. Seems like a dashade would be a pretty unusual companion to have anyways. I don’t need him on every class. Same goes for Jaeasa if her ‘choice that mattered’ is an issue as well.

You can get him quietly and storyless with the companion summoning thing on Odessan. =/ I broke down and did that, when I realized he wasn’t returning in the story.

Whoa, waitaminutethere. If thats true then I wonder if inquisitors will end up with 2 dashades? Because otherwise it would give you Akghal right?

Khem Val: A new hope

Technically, yes. Inquisitors will have 2 dashades, when it comes to choice of what companion to do dailies and whatever with. But it will be considered “non-canon” and the story will pretend Khem isn’t there. 🙁

Khem Val’s class has also been changed to “dashade” instead of “Khem Val”. I’m guessing the purpose of that is to make his customizations work for Usar.

But the real point in getting Khem back is to be able to interact with him. What’s the point of using the console to get Khem and then do the mission to get Not Khem Just to have him? Im sure you will be able to use the Khem customizations to make Not Khem look like him. You can’t use them both at the same time. They took the easy way out on this. It would have taken very little effort to change some voice acting for Khem/Zash. Let’s face it once you do those comp alert missions the cut scenes with those comps are over.

Jaesa I expect will have undergone massive changes in the 5 year gap. It wouldn’t surprise me if they played her as a dark side character with a LS Warrior or perhaps Republic character getting a throwaway line or two about how it is all an act to protect herself while in the Empire.

With this Khem crap I’m really not expecting to get her back. Makes me sad she was my favorite slutty comp.

Bioware has experienced this before. I hate to speculate, but one thing that would not surprise me is if Akghal is the normal companion and if you are an Inquisitor you realize it is Khem Val.

I don’t think the Khem/Vash choice is the tricky part. I think the lore of how and why he would interact with other Outlanders is more difficult. Even if they don’t have a flag they can always give an Inquisitor a choice.
“interact with memory box near the suspended Dashade”
“You remember how Khem had two personalities before you…
1. Sealed Khem
2. Sealed Zash
3. …I need to seal Khem or Zash wil perish
4. …I need to seal Zash or Khem will perish

Nope. That would make for a class specific storyline.We are all the same class with the same story.
Outlander class = best class

Or at least have Khem self-sacrifice for the inquisitor the way hk-55 did, so then, at least, the inquistor can say:
“hmm guess I need a new dashade”

Akghul Usar… hmm…
Maybe BW is trying to hint that Khem Val is a Rakghoul User!

Hmm…maybe I need more coffee? 😉

“Havoc armor most popular” i hope they mean most popular as in most requested armor and not most bought armor. and look at them milking the HK stuff.

EDIT: or do they mean the New havoc armor?

HK-55 weapon set ? really ? lemme guess the sniper and blaster sound like:

Don’t get your panties in a wad. It’s not that great of a reward and just using the word “reward” for it seem off.

I was subscribed and did not get the email that my other guildies verifed in the days they were giving it out. Big long thread on forums about this.

yeah i was the only one of my guildies to not get the email as well.. no matter how many tickets i put in, forum post, or time spent with customer service i got nada

The 900 pound ewok in the room is server population. Even Harbinger is going ‘light’ mode at times in the day. Small populations mean poor economy people not pvp’ing because they have to get face rolled by the 24/7 premade kids (they’ll be the last people playing this game).

Merge North American Servers into 3 while updating their capacity: 1 East, 1 West, 1 RP, or implement cross server capabilities.

Many people of the pvp server tranfered to the pve server because warzones and arenas pop more often (also ops and fps) on a populated server, and that’s what you want to do. Playing the game, not staring and the queue with nothing happening.

More contend can’t change this. They wouldn’t transfer back to the pvp server because of new content. Because it still would pop often enough.

Its not that simple though, there are so many legacy things in place right now like strongholds, cargo bays, and characters themselves, how do you merge all that together. I’ve got friends with legacies and strongholds on multiple servers and more characters across them than what a single server allows so how do they merge servers without destroying all that.

Legacys don’t merge. In the likely event that a merge happens they will announce what servers will be shutting down. You can choose what server you want to go to before it happens, if you wait they will choose for you. Say there are only 3 servers left you can have 3 legacys. If you have 4 you are SOL.

“Only the strongest Legacys will survive.”
-Charles Darwin, 1583-

I know that legacies don’t merge that’s the problem, if you have a stronghold tied to your a legacy on one server and the same stronghold tied to another legacy and they merge, which stronghold is kept? Also legacy cargo holds, which cargo hold would be kept and where would the items in the one not kept go. And of course characters, if you can only have 14 on a server, assuming you haven’t bought extra, and a server with 10 characters and one with 8 characters get merged what happens to four of the characters.

So much can go wrong if they merge without considering these things that they would lose more people from a merge than not merging and then the server would still be as empty. Besides transfers are 90 CC, so its super easy for guilds and friends to move to a more populated server, that’s what my guild did when our server died.

Well, if you move a character between legacies, the higher rank legacy is supposed to be the one that is kept. So I expect that is what they would do with everything – the stronghold with the highest prestige would be kept and in theory, any overflow characters as a result of the merge would have to be set inactive the way they would be on a f2p account…
But yeah, I agree that the idea of it all is still yucky, messy, and scary. : /

It won’t be an unannounced merge. You will have time to move things around. Unless they make one server there will be other servers you can transfer a legacy to. I believe (someone correct me if I’m wrong) you will get to choose to move to a different server before the merge happens. Even if you don’t get to choose you can always move them yourself for about a dollar each.

I read that right?

Warzone is for available to all players (both F2P and subscribers)
The finaly gona implement that ? or are they troll people again.

F2P can solo-queue for 5 warzones per “week” (the “week” resets at sunday AND monday…) and toon, and after that they can still be listed when grouped with a sub.

I am aware of that already… I talking about notes listing “Warzone is for available to all players (both F2P and subscribers” if it removing that limit.. cause it “already” available to all…

No, the question that was asked of them was if access to the warzone was only going to be given to subscribers in the same way that chapters are only given to subscribers.

And the answer they gave was No. You will be allowed to play in the warzone even if you aren’t a subscriber.

It has nothing to do with the F2P restrictions which are staying in place.

I’m actually glad that the I don’t care at all about the weapons or the helmet. I’ll just farm credits by leveling some alts and resub when more (if rewards suck maybe even after all) chapters are released to actually being able to experience the story as a whole. I don’t pay a months suscription for content I’ll play through in a day or two. I hate this monthly content strategy for suscribers. And with the 350k credit limit actually makes it easier for me to save up for the more expensive items I want fron the GTN (impulse buys are my doom)

‘Character name improvements – allowing you to have a space in your name’
why wasnt this done sooner?

EA CEO: “Name change sales are down. What can we do?”
EA Intern: “Durr Let’s allow players to put spaces in their names so that they’ll all buy name changes!”
EA CEO: “Brilliant! Glad I thought of it. I’ll give myself a raise later”

Name change sales are down because you only have to spend 180cc to transfer change your name.cupir attempt to jab them about being greedy failed. The best comedy is rooted in truth.

“You have been banned for exploiting the character transfer system. All your accounts are now belong to us.”

That only works if someone makes sure the name is taken on another server. I would never condone creating an alt with the exact same name just to be sure.

As long as transfers are 90cc the most you’ll have to spend is 180cc. Transfer off, make a place holder, transfer back.

Any news about a free character name change since they are giving us a space in our names now? I highly doubt it but you can always dream.

I also doubt it, but if they do it will likely be just one or two. Or most likely the name change token will go on sale.

The HK rifle and blasters look pretty nice. I will be a subscriber on April 1, but my subscription will end before the release of the early access of Chapter 12. Will I still get my subscriber rewards when I am a F2P in the mail?

If you are subbed in any day that qualifies you for sub rewards and early acess, then you will get it. So yes if you qualify for the early acces but you drop to preffered status by the time of release, you will still get it.

More and more, the bottom line just seems to be, if you got attached to your NPCs, stop lvling after Ziost. They believed we’d go along on this ride through Zakuul, and we have, but…

Assuming I haven’t missed your point, I would say to BW: You can do this separation once, but don’t try it again after KotFE is done.

And for that matter, I definitely wouldn’t do another forward in time again. I think you can only pull that gag once. If I’m them when KOTFE is done, I think I go to a war between the Rakata and Esh-ka with both factions trapped in the middle backdrop.

Age is reflected in some of the face options, not complexion. These can then be modified with additional visual effects from complexion.

I remember from a previous livestream that Eric was saying that he had played EC and it was a lot of fun. Suddenly it’s delayed because it’s not fun to play….that seems a bit odd to me.

Go back and listen to Eric on the very first TOROcast. Hear how a lot of the fears and doubts he had about BioWare making an MMO have come to pass with KotFE and then realize he’s serving his employers more than the players since he now says everything is awesome. Can’t blame the guy for doing his job to make a living but he’s a hype/PR machine for BW and nothing more.

If you followed the Shadowrealm game, EM was on the msg boards for it saying “the game is not getting canned” two weeks before it got canned. He’s a marketer/salesman now, not “one of us”.

Eric was the community manager for that other game as well – it was a failed startup Bioware games. People on the message boards were getting concerned that the game was in trouble. And two weeks before the game was officially cancelled, Eric had a post on reddit actually ( assuring everyone that the game was not about to be cancelled. I understand that he’s just doing a job and don’t hold it against him personally – it’s possible even that he was lied to, but that killed his professional credibility for me.

April 1 joke idea for BW:

Patch 4.5 Notes:

– Open world exploration including new quests on Odessen and Zakuul!
– 4 new FP and 2 new Operations (including “The Wrath of Kephess”!)
– New Elite Bounty Contracts! Hunt down some of the most reviled individuals in the galaxy such as the sniveling traitor, Malavai Quinn!
– Class specific quest to reconnect with your romance option companion of choice! Activated by speaking to droid 4-1F at your Alliance base!

To obvious mate. Without an HK specific thing in there, people will know imediately that it’s a joke.

Your good just say “HK inspired belt”. Like the jet pack. Like someone else aaid it will have his head on the buckle.

Damn, you’re right! How about this?

– Romanceable companion for HK-55 during the special HK-55 subscriber chapter! HK-47 returns and forms a deadly partnership of robotic love match with you!

I actually hope they bring back Kephess, they can have Vaylinn use her powers and ressurect him. Fight him, beat him then get him to join us and enact vengence on Arcann and Vaylinn on way they have done to him.

So to me it sounds like some companions may not be returning at least from a story aspect. That is contrary to previous statements on comps. I can’t see them giving us two Dashade companions, so Khem is mia? And Elara Dorne isn’t in havoc squad, that’s fine. But is she returning at all? I haven’t summoned my old comps back from the terminal on Odessen on any of my characters, and have been patiently waiting for them to return as part of the story. It’s going to be disappointing if the wait was for nothing.

I don’t think they ever stated that you would get every old companion back via storyline – at least not recruitable.
I believe they stated that you would get access to all your old companions after chapter 9. This promise is 100% fulfilled by the companion locator terminal…


Much like every potential LI character other than Vette and Jorgan, Khem isn’t coming back this season. He may or may not come back later, but considering that we are getting another Dashade, it probably means they simply took the easy way out of his character arc. Do away with him offscreen and replace him with his dumb cousin. Throw in a (possibly bugged) Lore entry for Inquisitors. Lame.

At first I thought they will flood us with Customizations in Cartel Packs, and that’s why we can’t change their armors. But nope, they don’t give us anything.

I wish they made a Scorpio Customization with less good child-bearing hips. She will never give birth, so it makes no sense at all.

Also I assume that’s supposed to be “Imperial Affiliations” at the end, rather than “Imperial afflictions”. Wait…Unless Elara contracted the Rakghoul plague! Nooooo!

That would actually be awesome. Actually have a use for one of the thousands of comps we seem to have.

Checking back periodically to see if it was a good decision not to renew my membership after 4 years as a sub 2 months ago, and my god: a fan-fucking-tastic decision it was. The game has gone stale

Hard to compare.

Leveling/story: the enemies are no threat at all. You only use other skills than Autoshot because it get’s faster to kill this trash, not because you have to.

Companions: they have more or less all the same skills. They are just a skin now, for one virtual companion you have. Chooes your favorite, bomb him with gifts to get to max. Done. They are all the same.

So yes the game is kind of dumbed down.

kind of? they removed all challenge the class story end chapter bosses had, all elite and champion enemies that used to have a little challenge are all gone
heriocs are piss easy
tacticals well they are hard if you get retards who cant read chat and ask how to do this boss after it being explained
and ops maybe have some rememblance of challenge if again if you do it with newbs
everything else? dumbed down to toddler lvl

Yeah the game is super easy now. I remember when SWTOR first dropped and you actually had to level a bit to finish certain parts of the story (and learn your basic rotation OMFG). You actually used heroic moments for the elites (not trash 4-player groups and open-world raid ops lol)

god lord you said nge and the site held up. I think nge with the comps that for sure the comps got nuked and are flat out useless cookie cutter pokemon shit now.

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