SWTOR CM Weekly Sales March 15 – 22

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales for the week of March 15 – 22


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  • some Guy

    Yeah, stuff everybody need…oh, nevermind

    • Emon McCullen

      If ppl wouldn’t throw their hard earned money after that shit BW puts in here all the time, they might want to be inclined to put something actually useful in it…

  • Gabriel Mican

    WTF would pay that much for that shit mount!? No, really? There’s plenty better looking mounts for dirt cheap on the GTN anyway! The only moderately decent deal is the Sith armor.

    • Syne

      Every other Orlean looks better.

    • lemon

      Sith armor a moderatly decent deal? C’mon, it looks identical to several ingame outfits, those crafted Aegis ones included. I wouldn’t pay even 6 CCs for it, let alone 600 (+ another 400 for unlock). Maybe if someone wants it for a Smuggler or Jedi to dress them up as Sith (RP reasons)? I’d still prefer something more unique than this.

      • Guest

        The thing about that armor though was it came out before the costume slots, so to keep that look after you out leveled that in-game gear you needed to buy this version of it from the Cartel Market so you could keep it modded as you level.

        Costume slots however have made multiple armor sets on the Cartel Market suddenly not needed to keep a look you want.

        • Ben Gimson

          Probably why they removed the pre-level cap PvP vendors and all the planetary equipment vendors.

          • Guest

            That stuff got removed because they didn’t want to bother reworking it with their new mastery stat system. If you craft armor you’ll notice there’s only two armor sets pre-65 anyway one DPS/Heal set and one Tank set, so most of those pieces would have had the same stats as each other.

            • Ben Gimson

              Don’t know anybody who cared about the stats. The abundance of orange weapon and armour shells that are now gone from the game, though…

  • JT

    Finally … the Spacer’s deco pack reduced 🙂

  • Seph


    • Holyfrog

      So you are willing to pay real world money for new content?

      • Emon McCullen

        s/he must be really desperate lol

        • Seph

          Lol. So you’ll pay real money for Barbie dress up but not for actual end game content. That is the entire problem with this game in a nutshell.

          • Holyfrog

            No one said anything like that.

            • ExBiowareLackeyIgor

              Yet you just said exactly that in a sarcastic manner.

              • Holyfrog

                No I did not. CCs are bought with real world money. Even the monthly “grant” comes from real world money. I look at it as $10 to sub and being forced to pay for $5 of CCs. So what I said in a “sarcastic manner” was that he is willing to pay real world money for new content. Go away troll.

              • Voltzorn

                ….we are paying real world money for new content

                its called paying a sub to play the fucking bugged to all motherfucking hell KotFE

              • Shawn Hargrave


              • Reality

                I’ll pay RL money for all you whiners to shut the fuck up forever 🙂

              • Shawn Hargrave

                id pay rl money for all the carebears and fanbois to stop with thier propaganda and flat out bs but good luck to us both lol

              • Holyfrog

                I KNOW THAT. He’s saying he will pay for end game content with CCs. I pointed out that CCs are real world money.

      • Biower pls

        Sure, I am. I happily paid for RotHC and SoR. I bought a ton of adventures in DDO (a game with a cash shop model a thousand times less shitty than SWTOR’s). I don’t expect to get shit for free, but I’m sick and tired of getting shit for my sub.

      • Vysehrad

        Doing Secret World now, and it’s pretty much the way it goes. They give you 1200 a month in points for subscribing, and it costs 1080 for each issue (their name for expansions).

        • Holyfrog

          Yet another person that fails to see that all I was doing is pointing out that CCs are paid for with real world money, so he was really saying he would pay real money for end game content. Something most people would do.

          • Vysehrad

            Dude, relax. I got your point. I was basically agreeing with you.

    • le sigh

      you shouldnt need cc for that. Thats what subscriptions are for.

  • Gary

    Good sales, but nothing for me.

  • Ben Gimson


  • ExBiowareLackeyIgor

    Hey guys heads up, word down the pipe line is that Bioware intends to charge customers 10cc per quest, and 20cc per character response. Start stocking up on those monthly CC’s now folks.

    • Agent

      One of the more interesting troll posts but kind of unrelated to this article. Were this posted on the next packs preview article it would have a little more related, but this article is simply showing us this weeks sales, not anything new to spend CC’s on.

      • awesomea doubleOhseven

        I was on the other side of that pipe line and I assure you this is not a troll.

        • Holyfrog

          Lol sure it’s not. I pay per quest in every other game I play.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      in before its said “we know your shawn hargrave”

  • Syne

    Is this stuff that people buy? Stuff for BioWare to make money? An ugly mount. Horrible male hair and a XP boosts nobody needs. Wouldn’t they make more money with less poor items?

    • Matthew Langley

      Hey, nothing wrong with dreadlocks. Other than that I agree though.

  • DerpDude

    Meh…..Sith Raider armorset is the only interesting thing there =P

  • I just wondering when BW made old shipments in CM

    • Lamayas

      Who knows. They’ll probably try to milk the whole chance cube thing as long as it lasts

      • waste of cc…..

        • Dr. Mike Wendell

          And yet we keep getting stuff like that which means someone is buying them…

          • always someone will buy somthing. But that isnt changing true about old packs was much better then new one. I mean quantity and quality.

          • Lindsoal

            Im sorry, i cant help it……

  • Vysehrad

    It really is looking like the beginning of the end, isn’t it? They’ve run out of ideas for cosmetics, content coming at a dribble, etc. “Carebears” and “haters” alike, you have to wonder if there will be some sort of re-awakening for this game, or will it slowly fizzle out. I had hope that the chapters would get longer as they established themselves in KOTFE, but this Chapter 11 was the shortest yet. I still find it hard to believe EA would just let this thing die, when the Star Wars IP alone is enough to draw subscribers. I mean why buy Bioware in the first place when this MMO is the long game, and games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect would inevitably wear out?

    • guest

      Why buy Origin, Bullfrog, Westwood, Maxis? Ruin their IPs then close the studios?

    • Holyfrog

      All game companies are now Taco Bell.

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