Black Desert March 16 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online Patch Notes for the March 16 Game Update.

Greeting Adventurers,

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of our next set of patch notes to accompany the server downtime.

Date: March 16, 2016


Event & System

  • 3 new channels (Valencia 1,2,3) have been added to all servers for now, to handle the increased population and secure a stable gameplay experience
  • Requesting a Chat Ban has changed as follows;

    • Cost is now 15 Energy to request a Chat Ban.

    • Chat Ban duration has been increased.

  • A Roleplay chat channel has been added.

    • This channel is off by default but can be enabled in settings.

    • Talking in RP Chat will cost 1 Energy

  • Ratio for horse breeding has been increased to produce more high tier horses.


  • Witch/Wizard

    • Can no longer accidentally resurrect opponents.

    • Damage to frozen opponents has been increased up to 20%.

Holiday Event

  • Start: March 16th 09:00 UTC (After maintenance)
  • End: March 21st 09:00 UTC (With maintenance)
    • Event Title: Saint Patrick’s Day
    • Green Dye Bundle price reduced from 120 pearls to 80 pearls.
    • Add a one-time purchase Green Dye for 1 Loyalty.


  • Cash Shop

  • The following items have had their tool-tip corrected.

    • Agerian Helmet

    • Agerian Helmet of Iron Wall

    • Agerian Helmet of Agility

    • Agerian Helmet of Intimidation

    • Agerian Helmet of Destruction

    • Agerian Helmet of Sacrifice

    • Ultimate Agerian Helmet


  • Added new Field Boss “Dastard Bheg”

  • The following Field Boss mechanics have changed.

    • Each Field Boss now has a fixed spawn location.

    • All Field Bosses will not return to full heath if they leave combat.

    • Field Bosses will now attack players who get too close to them with a ranged attack and are invincible when not in combat.

  • Green Orc Skeleton Warrior has had an HP increase.

  • Green Orc Elite Soldier population around Hexe Marie has been increased.

  • Monster arrangement at Calpheon Shrine has been modified and population has been increased.

  • Monster arrangement at Abandoned Monastery has been modified and population has been increased.


  • Changed the horse “Parking” notice to only appear above your horse.


  • Fixed the issue where characters would clip underground when sitting or crawling.

  • Fixed the issue where characters would be under water when they logged in after logging out on a boat.


  • Pet Breeding is disabled pending system changes.


  • The standard on Channel Server Status has been changed.
    • Example: The number of players need to change status from Crowded to Overrun.
  • Batorr

    I am thinking of buying this would anyone recommend it?

    • EL chu chu

      If you like PvP and are not shy of joining a guild and getting involved within said guild, get it. If you want PvE and dungeons and raids, don’t bother, it is not the focus of the game.

      • Batorr

        I was never interested in raids and the PVP in this game seems fun, I am going go buy it, thanks.

        • Turats

          BTW, the ingame tutorials are crap. Your best bet it to read/watch tutorials and guide videos while you play. Just like in all games, there’s grinding, but it’s grinding that’s more fun than in other games. Have fun and welcome to the fray 🙂

        • Amodin

          It’s a sandbox MMO, so you have a LOT of things to do in the game. It’s not just about leveling. Trading and crafting are heavy areas of the game as well. Yes, PvP is the end game and there is no dungeons, but I disagree with the guild aspect. Life would be easier in a guild at end game, but not necessarily a “must do”.

          I haven’t played an endgame PvP since DAoC, but I am looking forward to trying it out and playing it. The game’s graphics are absolutely amazing and the styles of fighting are just kick ass. Crafting can be cumbersome, but it’s actually interesting and I finally figured out trading (it’s not the market place – that is different). Caught my first horse the other day, and I play three characters at the moment – all a lot of fun.

          Good luck, I think you will enjoy this game.

          • Spießbürger

            To be a member of a guild will bring you money but because of guildwars you will get more attacked by enemy guilds as of random pks

    • Link Swartz

      It’s only a one time fee of 30$. It’s definitely worth a shot. Unlike most MMOs which are Monthly pay.

    • Turats

      There’s way more to do than PvP, there’s a $hit ton to do and get ditracted, it’s so not your average MMo and it’s not theme park (thank goodness for that) in interviews they said that they would probably add dungeons at a later day. You don’t have to join a guild if you don’t want to, but would recommend it since they pay you to be in it. Just after you reach a certain level there’s a risk of an a-hole PKing you, but it’s not like you have to run around paranoid about it… lol. They’ll loose karma and cities won’t welcome them within the limits and guards will attack them. But since they are jackholes they don’t care…. it’s rare, but it there.

    • Iron-Clad

      If any single one of these apply, you would likely enjoy this game:
      1) You enjoy crafting
      2) You enjoy open world PvP
      3) You enjoy mass slaughter of NPC’s for gear upgrades
      *So long as you don’t mind poor translations, as they don’t seem to have had an english speaker edit after automated translation.

      Below is my take on a few aspects of the game (it is a very complex game, this is but a brief overview of the main parts of it). Please at least glance at the first few lines of the tradeskill section as it can impact all other areas.

      PVE: Many people say this game doesn’t have PVE. This simply isn’t true. It doesn’t have the WoW style “farm this dungeon every tuesday for your epics and sit in city trolling until next tuesday” setup which nearly every MMO in the past decade has used. Sadly anyone that is a teenager or younger has only experienced that style and thus believes this game has “no pve”. I would compare the current PVE of this game to be more akin to the diablo series: go slaughter mobs and hope for drops. There is ALWAYS a benefit to being out killing things, if you enjoy killing things. However there are so many options in this game, if you don’t like killing things there are still advancement options available to you. In general, there are only a handful of different items, and to upgrade them you use generic upgrade items that are acquired in a variety of ways. Thus, one way to upgrade to BiS gear is to simply kill stuff and get those generic upgrade items. There are some upcoming world bosses and dungeons.

      Questing: There is nothing great about the quest system; pretty run of the mill. I find the story interesting, but it comes in very tidbits, and what voiceover there is doesn’t match the text. If you’re accustomed to SWTOR quality quests, you’ll be sadly disappointed. However, it is worth noting that there are a TON of tradeskill related quests, maybe more than combat related quests (tbh there were too many for me to keep up with; I stopped doing most tradeskill quests at Heidel, not sure if they continue all the way through the game or not)

      PVP: PVP is disabled until lvl 45, so you don’t have to worry about getting ganked while levelling up. As Turats said below, there is a Karma system where you lose points for PKing someone, so random griefers that will following you around trying to ruin your day aren’t really there (although in a future update there will be a city that welcomes those with low karma, which might slightly increase this). Guilds can declare war on other guilds, which is currently a main component of PVP. However, there will be node/castle wars, where guilds of any size can duke it out for control of a node.

      Tradeskills: There is so much to this, you can’t crack the surface without a novel. You can go wrangle wild horses to make them your own. You can build fishing boats. You can (will be able to) build siege weapons for node wars. You can start your own farm, requiring you to manage seeds, fertilizer, water, pruning them, etc. You can trade goods from settlement to settlement, where you buy goods from an NPC in one settlement, travel to somewhere with a higher price, and sell to an NPC for a profit. This can involve levelling up a series of horses (yes, you can name your horses and they do have levels which increase their stats), building a wagon, and loading the wagon up with goods to be hauled by your horses. Then there are all the more generalized tradeskills you are all more familiar with, such as chopping wood, mining ores, etc. to make gear or w/e. However, these systems are far far far more complex than what most people have seen. Wood can be chopped from trees, chopped into planks, converted to plywood, etc., ores can be mined, ground into stones, melted into ingots, etc. There is an entire system of hiring workers to do many of these things for you. You must provide lodging and food (beer) for each of these workers, and you must have a trade route (node investment) established to wherever you want your workers to work. Various crafting will require various workshops, and you will have to have workers in the same city as the workshop in order to assemble the end-product you want; not all cities have every workshop available, and you must invest to build the workshop.

      Other Important Misc.:
      You don’t select an enemy to target them and blindly hit hotkeys. There is an aiming reticule in center of your screen, and whatever ability you use will go towards the aiming reticule. I find combat to be the most enjoyable of any MMO I have played.

      Gear/money cannot be traded between accounts – all sales are anonymous through the ‘AH’, and there are upper and lower limits for each item based on the current average. Thus, gold-selling isn’t a thing, and each account must work for what they have.

      Very few items that are bound – you could put BIS gear on a level 1 if you had the money and were so inclined. Money and most items are tradeable on your own account by putting them into storage.

      There are day/night cycles. At night it is hard to see, monsters get tougher, but monsters reward more xp.

      Simply gaining levels hardly makes you any stronger in itself. To get better skills, you have to earn skill points (generally from killing mobs). At first, there are tough choices to make in what skills to invest in, however it is possible to eventually have every single skill maxed out. There is also an advancement experience of ‘contribution points’ which is primarily gained through questing, which will impact every aspect of the game but primarily tradeskills. You could be a level 5 with an obscenely advanced trade network raking in millions of silver, or you could be a level 50 with no contribution points wondering why you can’t access many parts of the game. There are many advancement paths and you’ll have to choose how to balance them for your own playstyle.

      • Spießbürger

        You can have all your basic skills maxed but after this you will not have enough points for the awaking tree.

  • Link Swartz

    Finally more channels!

  • Bahemut

    Finally more channels!!

  • Jun

    Hi Guys, i still new for this. just wonder about server picking. is it every time i enter the game i need to pick server again?

    • Amodin

      You have to navigate to where your character is, as is tradition with any MMO with multiple server selections. I think I’ve only seen GW2 not do this and just go right to your character selection.

    • Hawks

      Yes, annoyingly. Never had an MMO force me to log into my server every time like this.

      • Zoom

        You’re not picking the server, you pick the channel. You can move freely between the channels on your server, with only minor limitations.

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