Black Desert Valkyrie Awakening Trailer

Pearl Abyss has released a trailer for the Valkyrie awakening coming soon to the Korean servers.

Unfortunately NA/EU servers won’t get the Valkyrie Awakening anytime soon (need the Valencia patch first).

At end of the video are the teasers of the Blader and Plum awakening weapons.


  • b92303008

    Jeez, I just can’t stand this kind of Asian no brainer action fake rpg mmo.

    • Hawks

      So don’t play it…?

      • heimdall

        maybe he doesn’t

  • Kodiak

    Blader awakening hyyyyype!

  • Sinis

    Why…do I get this feeling that the attack moves are a mixture between TERA and Monster Hunter?

    Wonder how long it’ll be for this to drop in the NA/EU servers. I’m still not sure if I should pick this game up or wait until Riders of Icarus hits…

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