GW2 Ironclad Outfit and Glider Gallery

A gallery of the Ironclad Outfit and Glider added with March 22 Game Update.


Ironclad Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Pattern











Charr (Both genders uses male version)


Asura (Both genders uses male version)


Ironclad Glider – 500 gems


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63 replies on “GW2 Ironclad Outfit and Glider Gallery”

Pretty disappointed in the new outfit. I wish they would put more thought into it. The human female one looks above average, but the male version just looks lazy in my opinion.

They’ve made some badass armors and outfits, I wish they would continue to press the limits.

Honestly, this being an outfit kinda puts a nail in the coffin of ever seeing piecemeal armour like Zodiac or Viper in the store ever again.

“I am unable to find a suitable replacement element for the reactor, sir. You are running out of time, and options.”

I like the glider but I already have enough. Plus it doesn’t go with any theme I am running or willing to run. As for the outfit… meh!

What a wasted show of design to put on an outfit. Hopefully we’ll at least get some NPCs wearing this outfit when plunging into volcanoes after Primordious. Well, no Char NPCs anyway. 95% body cover doesn’t provide 95% protection against 100 degrees Celsius -.-

iron suit for protection against lava? sounds like protecting youself from electricty by being wet

Another terrible outfit, another terrible glider. Anet get back the previous creative team already and stop reusing stupid skins…..

Thats EXACTLY my first thought. Second thought was the females get screwed over. Just hope the footstep sounds are really heavy and ‘clonky’

How exactly is this related to anything going on in the game at the moment?
I would rather have stuff that is related to whats currently going on in the game. then again, that requires anything to go on in the game in the first place.

Whats next? Captain Charrmerica, or gw2spidy?

we had a bandit outfit that ended up being worn by raid mobs, that’s what i assume will happen with this outfit as well

the heavy plate design looks awesome ,,BUT” some parts of it leaves someone feel awkwardly stupid and ashamed

Female actually looks good.

Male… wtf.

Still, likely to buy it so that all my female medium/ light armor can wear reasonable looking plate. (My chrono-tank, I’m looking at you. >.< ) xD

as is usual with outfits, i like parts of this. i would probably have bought the gloves separately. maybe the legginsand shoulders, too. but it’s not appealing as a whole


i have issues with both the male and female versions of this. i understand they want to tailor them for both genders, but i think it would work out a lot better if they kept them very similar. does the male version have a butt cape? no? then dont put one on the female version. does the female version look like a 50s sci fi villain? no? then dont do it to the male one.

OR! Make your own damn game with your own stupid ideas for the gender models and stfu! And then I will be an internet crybaby and come along and point out why i dislike your sh*t!

whoa calm down tough guy. he’s entitled to his opinion well. He had some really good points. or maybe you are one of those people who posts open letters to people on tumblr that no one reads. lol

martimus also has a really good point and is entitled to his opinion too. If you don’t like something don’t wear it and stop being a cry baby about something a lot of other people do like.

There’s a set in Iron Marshes that, at least for me, was already worthy of that. Couple that with the Gas Mask from Tower of Nightmares and you have a Space Marine.

The funny thing about this? I already saw a person running around named Super Iron Mann with this on…and it was a norm maxed out in everything body wise lol

Ehh… not a fan of the bulky look. Although I think this outfit looks best on an Asura… I think I’m going to colour mine to make it look like 8-bit Megaman with a pistol 😀

OF course the male ones have to be “muscular” and slim …lol anet please stop this. See what I did? I can try and enforce my sensitivities onto hundreds of other people and limit creativity, too!

I don’t see anything sexy about it, it covers up everything, and if you mean sexy by showing that it has breasts well women have breasts sorry there’s no getting around that so you might as well get used to it

Well nothing to be said about breasts ( they seem to occur in 50% of the population…strange^^), But does every female costume have go for a skirt/buttcape and effeminate shoulder pads (unless you are an asura ) ?

I don’t know I didn’t make the outfit and I don’t like it, not sexy or shiny enough for me >.< If I made this game it would be 100% like the original guild wars play style and everything. I was just commenting on that person who said it was too sexy…I think they just have a problem with breasts or anything slightly feminine

What absolute nonsense.

There’s already a huge amount of female armor which is skimpy. There’s significantly less which is more realistic.

Do you know what happens if you have boob plates? The crease laying right on the sternum becomes an instant deathblow if anything hits you – it will crush the sternum and cause death.

There’s tons of skimpy armor in game. There are very few options for women who don’t like to have their bodies on display.

Your claim that not wanting to have everything hanging out is “having a problem with breasts or anything slightly feminine” is simply *ridiculous*.

To each their own, I think you guys complaining about “boob plates” as you put it is very ridiculous I mean laughable ridiculous but yea to each their own. I still say that armor is the exact opposite of sexy. I don’t know where you guys live but where I live people run around in bikinis so yea a fully covered metal outfit isn’t the slightest bit sexy to me. But if you want your woman character to dress like a man there’s plenty of armor and outfit options for you too, no need to complain about ” boob plates” just don’t buy it, wear something else.

iron clad… yeah with boob armour. its stupid! if i woman or man was wearing that, theres a nice cavity there to collecting a massive strike from a war hammer. its not going to deflect any blows what so ever. im pretty sure thats what he ment.

also in your other comment about how it covers up everything. No it doesnt. the neck is fully exposed, a nice target to slice with a sword or pierce with an arrow.

should have called it something else, iron clad is definitely the wrong name.


lol anime example as well

Yea because we all SOOO wana run around looking like anime characters or the tin man from wizard of oz

I’d much rather dress like her, sexy feminine and with the strength of 10 men

Yea I get that you want to look sexy and of course this is a fantasy game, but look at it from another perspective. Realistically that Xena outfit is exposed to things like…Arrows, sword strikes, Ax strikes. Stabbing. All it does is cover the torso. Things like Boob Armor is redundant Fantasy fluff that some people dislike. Realistically speaking women wore armor that men could wear if not just resized to fit them.

Xena caught arrows before they hit her, if she had been wearing some huge heavy metal suit she wouldn’t have been fast enough to move around and do stuff like that. Also why complain about feminine armor…. just don’t wear it easy as that. Better yet play a male character and you wont have to ever even worry about having those annoying breasts get in the way.

yeah see that would be ok. but you wouldn’t call that iron clad. just seems weird but thats just me being austistic about it lol.

i guess im just dissapointed, because being a girl, i would like to have a female character with a armour set that kinda looked like the iron clad, but more “practical”

but i guess being a fantasy game, obviously we going to get boob armour, butt capes, and explosed flesh 😐

Yea well we all have our personal preferences personally I’ve never been one to like to be very covered up I tend to wear the least amount of cloths possible so on a video game Id take that even more to the extreme. Plus it doesn’t matter what I wear my breasts are gonna stick way out there there’s just no hiding that even if I wanted to which I don’t, So it doesn’t seem like a normal or good thing to flatten out the chest in armor or outfits, sounds really painful to me . But there’s plenty of armor and outfit skins in the game that are very covering this one seems extremely covering to me. There’s also tons of dungeon armor skins that cover everything up.

Oh I never watched that show or movie, well who knows maybe one day they’ll ad something like that. Personally I’m waiting for a amazon warrior type thing to get added before spending more gems on outfits. THIS would be amazing. And yea fun discussion >.<

the thing I like about at least the male version is that it’s really heavy plated, I can agree that it looks somewhat weird but yeah

Hey Anet if your’e listening please make a few outfits for women characters that shows ABSOLUTELY no evidence of breasts, breasts seem to piss off a lot of people in this game. Oh also make it with no skirt or butt-cape, make it EXACTLY like the mans version. Also could I please get a amazon warrior outfit that shows lots of breast and leg, maybe a little bit of booty and with big furry boots and maybe a head piece with deer antlers cuz I like that sort of thing. Please and thank you. 🙂

I really don’t understand all of the hate. To be fair, there’s a good amount of sets that don’t have “boob armor” or “butt capes.” Ceremonial plated, anyone? Oh, and from what I’ve seen, that’s not one to leave shop. 😐
I actually received an outfit in a similar style to the ceremonial plated one, for free, when logging in recently. Royal Guard, anyone?
Are there quite as many as those that do conform to the body? Maybe not.
The real question is, why should it matter?
I personally like the boob armor and butt capes, because I find them to be a clever mix of practical, and feminine, and I know there are others who like it for similar reasons. And this is one of the few OUTFITS in that vein that I could wear for my guardian, and have it make sense. Many others in that style look too much like leather, cloth, or casual-wear.
This actually looks a bit more like a female stormtrooper. Or snowtrooper, rather.
And before you go nit picking that statement, you might want to go browse the website for the 501st. Having boob armor does not suddenly make you less awesome.
If you really want to go ham with fashion criticism, go to Blade & Soul or Tera. Then come back and tell me things in Guild Wars 2 are really that bad. I mean, at least you get to have ANY fully covering armor here, and the option of no boob armor or butt capes.
A lot of these comments acknowledge that. You do have options, so go use them, and don’t criticize something that might be viable for others. It’s kind of rude.

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