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SWTOR Visionary Alliance Pack Preview

SWTOR Visionary Alliance Pack Preview. This pack will be released on April 5 with Game Update 4.3.


Note: This is not a complete list of all the items in the pack. The current PTS iteration is missing some items from the pack.



Wartime Ambassador’s Armor Set – Silver


Zakuulan Inquisitor’s Armor Set – Silver


Relentless Hunter’s Armor Set – Gold

This armor has been updated to include a laser function on the helmet.



Jedi Strategist’s Armor Set – Gold



Dasta Emissary – Silver


Marsh Hunter Acklay – Gold


Oberle Siren – Gold


Terrorclaw Raptor – Silver



Tempted Apprentice’s Lightsaber – Silver


Tempted Apprentice’s Shoto – Silver


Tempted Apprentice’s Dualsaber – Silver



Advanced Torquoise Color Crystal – Silver


Droid Companion: Q0-77 – Gold



Gallery View:

Bonus: HK Weapons for April Subscriber Rewards

HK-55’s Vibrosword (Color crystal does not change color of the lights)


HK-55’s Blaster Pistol


HK-55’s Sniper Rifle


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307 replies on “SWTOR Visionary Alliance Pack Preview”

I see the tradition of adding shoulders to otherwise good sets is still alive and well. RIP Jedi Strategist aka NotSatele.

they love slightly changing sets.. :/
even those that came from star wars lore characters (satele, and many others)

I’m still butthurt that they had to go and add a huge ass radar dish to Darth Sion’s set. And to rub salt in the wound, they re-released the set with *two* butt-ugly shoulder pads, rather than NONE.

Oh well, another pack I have zero interest in, and it’s not the first.

I really don’t know why they have to put backpacks and radar dishes on everything..
I like neither, which makes me like only a handful of sets

Still 2 shoulder pads are better than 1 I guess.. still ugly half the time though

The gold sets feel kind of meh, especially compared to the silver sets.

And of COURSE the lightsaber hilts are MASSIVE. At least the color crystal and droid companion seem promising.

The droid is great. I only saw this model twice in the game. A Crew skill trainer on Zakuul and one of the foes in the Imperial Heroic “Specialists” on Makeb.

I know there are some folks excited for these armors, but they all hit me as sort of bland. The Sith Sphynx/Viper Pilot helmet is just a really heavy reworking of the old hunter armor (the one that was all beast lordy, but too clean).

That said, I have been expecting the Aklay since it’s appearance on page one of the decorations list, and its cool that it is here. This droid could have been an hk skin, but it uses 2 pistols so maybe in the future it will result in more skins that way, also, those are the best guns. Hopefully those are the guns it comes with. I don’t even use the companions I already bought, but I am gonna buy this one too…because I am a slave to greed, and too afraid of not having something I might want later.

I REALLY liked the new HK pistol that exists only in my imagination from the first picture, so bulky. Then my eyes focused and I saw it was 2 pistols overlapping….oh well. That sniper rifle though, so elegant and delicate. I likes. I am guessing the sword is going to have lightning lines like all the others, not lights like in the preview.

Lets hope armors dont keep getting more and more shouldery.

Funny, I saw those blasters as one as well, and if not for your comment, I would still be confused… but I thought the exact opposite, that it looks fugly if it’s that bulky xD

I’ve been waiting for an Acklay mount since they started making animal mounts too. I hope it makes the sound. I’m sure it will.

Too bad that forge and hut are centerpieces. Why do they keep putting out so many? there are not that many hooks.Mine are already full,

Huh! The Jedi Strategist looks like a punk version of Satele’s armor to me – which very nice!
The Zakuul Inqui’s helmet has more of an Egyptian thing going than a samurai one but looks interestingly weird.
But why, oh why do they insist on animating their lightsabers with those ridiculously stupid pommel-end hand positions?! If you went into a fight with those positions you’d look like an idiot and you’d be dead!
Showing off a few more details on those saber hilts doesn’t even make sense since most of the time the camera distance is too great to make out anything of that size! Now I love the Tionese Forcemasters saber because of its effect but most of all because it has a real solid hand position. I want some more liké that! Please Bioware, promote safety in lightsaber wielding and GET A GRIP!

well the saber seems based on Luke Skywalker’s ROTJ saber and to be fair, he choked it pretty low on the hilt.

I know they did that in the movies to provide the hero shots of the sabers, but it was wrong back then, too, from a sword-play point of view. You’ll never be able to make the sword an extension of you body if your afraid of your own blade! More importantly, you’d constantly be blocking yourself holding the sword that way.

Hmm, that pic kind of makes me stop and think. Everyone bitches about how big the sabers are but look at how big his is. I think they aren’t too far off.

Yeah, but I’m pretty certain his left hand is almost running out of pommel because he’s holding it so low on the hilt. It’s an unnatural and cramped way of holding the hilt.
And you just know that the little boxy part on the side of the hilt is digging painfully into his fingers, when he has them in that position.

Although I hate to say anything good about the prequels but they often did a better job in regard to that. They had to, given how much complex choreography they had to deal with in those movies! Their hilts were better designed to accomodate that kind of usage.

I’d like to get the designers in SWTOR to stop using these enourmously long lightsaber heads for single-bladed lightsabers. They’re all right on dualsabers like Satele’s – they actually make sense there! But not on the single saber variants. lukes saber seems to fit into that category only because of its long neck. The actual ‘head’ is signoficantly shorter than the one on Satele’s single saber.
But even with those long heads they still place the hands to low on the hilt.

Do you guys think I sound a little obsessed? Be honest now!^_^

It’s not the length it’s the thickness, most CM sabers are so thick you can’t close your hand around them. Of course a good grip may not be that important when fencing with a beam of light.

Seriously, the thickness? Have you ever even watched A New Hope? Go watch the scene where Ben gives the saber to Luke, right now. Did you watch it yet? No? Seriously, go watch it I’ll wait……..

Ok, now STFU.

‘length’ hmmph….’thickness’ fnaaar……’so thick you can’t close your hand around them’ bwahhhaaaaaahahahahaahaaaaaa.
I’ll get me coat.

I hope the Blizz statue is out soon, as well as the Guss one; and while we´re on it, why not a Seh-run one? 😛

Wow. I was wondering how long it’d take them to add that “Statue of an Ancient Jedi” to the decorations list. You see them and those “Jesus” looking Jedi statues on several planets. Figured they’d had all those out long ago.

Trying to be clever are we? Anyone who uses 5kk is an idiot. And no I’m not poor I just find to be a rediculous price for non-centerpiece deco.

Yeah, that’s the one deco I’ve really been waiting for. I know its kind of plain, but like you said, you see it on several planets so its become, to me, kind of iconic.

Honestly, I really preferred the original Jedi Strategist colorscheme.

And I really hope they make the shoulders a tad less big for the smaller bodytypes, eugh.
I doubt it, though. :c

A lot of these armors feel like rehashes of older ones! Jedi Strategist is similar to Satele Shan’s, and the Sith one to Tulak’s (altough the helm on this one is ugly :|). The weapon forge looks cool though, so does the ancient jedi statue!

“A lot of these armors feel like rehashes of older ones!”

Just this pack??? Every cartel pack ever has had rehashes of original armors or just plain reskins. It is Bioware’s M.O. – Do as little work possible (reskinning) making cartel pack items and call it new content.

I didn’t claim it was the only pack to have rehashes! But yes I agree with your remark about Bioware!

Yes, there’s some rehashes, but there’s enough of a difference that a person choosing between one or the other would probably have a preference. Rehashes aren’t always useless.

I’m actually really surprised by the Turquoise crystal. It looks pretty good in the preview, and I look forward to picking some up.

Strategist set is awful. What is that thing around the neck? And cool. So many people were looking forward to the tempted apprentice hilt and guess what. It’s oversized as heck. Shoto is kind of a normal size but then its blade is too short. Bioware is taking a piss… Also what happened to the lore sets???

I’m sure Strategist set will be the new gear Satele wil use in the story line, if not. What a bad rehatch.

I’d be inclined to agree if this were any other game. But given that Theron seems to be glued into his outfit I’m sceptical.

Kaliyo used the Dune Stalker set that came out before KotFE. Lana wasn’t stuck with the same outfit, either.

Aye, but they couldn’t really reintroduce old comps with their previous starting gear (they are trying to sell each chapter, after all) and Lana is all but the main companion post-KotFE (and her previous appearance was a divisive topic). I can’t see Satele getting a third outfit when Theron hasn’t moved past one.

Could be wrong of course but I just don’t see it happening personally.

Wouldn’t mind if she did, but datamined conversations make it sound like Satele is happily retired (sort of :P). Suppose we’ll find out eventually; in the meantime, my Guardian will be wearing it 😛

Yeah, I liked the Strategist in the preview, but the addition of the scarf is terrible. It looked like a set I really wanted, as did most of these in the pack, but seeing them in action – not so much.

Inquisitor looks more glazed-eyes than intimidatory as well.

I do like finally getting that Jedi statue though.

I think the scarf on the Strategist set was there in the preview, it just looks like it hadn’t been textured yet. That seems to be happening a lot to armor sets between previews and actually appearing – like maybe they’re somehow overworking them?

But yeah, the helmet on that Inquisitor set just looks kind of confused. Or maybe surprised. Either way, not really screaming ‘I sow terror’, is it?

I thought the saber was just Luke Skywalker inspired. Now I see it IS Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber.

Aye, more or less identical though. Which is good for those who want it I guess. It is a nice hilt, but I prefer not to use sabers that are recognisable as ‘So-and-so’s lightsaber’. Hope they do more though; I’d love to see some EU hilts in there somewhere.

Yes! I personally will go apeshit if they introduce Quinlan Vos’ lightsaber… I already carry a Kingpin lightsaber which is kind of an approximation, but that actual lightsaber is a favourite of mine…

For me, gotta be Mara Jade’s. I want her lightsaber. I want her outfit. I want her hair.

I just want to be Mara :’)

I love that story, how she goes from being an Emperor’s Hand to being Luke’s wife. Unfortunately it never happened, so I got dozens of books on a shelf featuring an alternate reality, because since Disney bought the franchise the EU books never happened… Oh well…

I feel you, I really do… Still don’t know FOR REAL what remained Cannon or not, I just don’t care. Those stories existed for me and that’s that.

So since it’s only lightsabers, I can assume they are indeed making everyone a force user? 😛

A giant version of Obi-Wan’s/Luke’s lightsaber…. they couldn’t even keep something so pure its original size. Bioware is shit.

That’s not really all that much, if any, bigger than the saber Luke made in Return of the Jedi.

You’re talking about the shoto, right? Because in the pic you posted, you can see that holding it with both hands, Vader would cover the whole thing except for the emitter and the pommel. Granted, David Prowse probably had fairly large hands to go with the rest of his fairly large self, but in the preview for the lightsaber you can see that even when holding it two-handed, there’s still room for one-and-a-half extra hands on that hilt.

I mean, it’s not like huge lightsabers are a new thing in this game.

That helmet on the Zakuulan Inquisitor’s armor looks like a Colonial Viper helmet and a Mondoshawan facemask. :-p

I’d care more about these weapons if Bioware allowed us to have cosmetic overrides for them, until then i’ll stick with my legacy 224s that I can transfer to my alternate toons on the other faction.

Great pack and all but I feel there’s something terribly disturbing with it. Hint: Stare at the thumbnail for a bit.
Edit: Fixed!

This made me laugh :DDD, but its true, they should make these chance cubes as an EXTRA for the packs not an actual item.

It’s their sneaky way of cutting back on development cost. Replace half the items in the pack with old stuff. Half as many items = half as many people.

Hm. Didn’t they actually admit that even the CM team had suffered cuts?

Usually, when you are getting less of something, you also pay less. Here, it’s the other way around… gotta hand it to them.

What are you talking about? A bag of Doritos used to be 16 oz, now they are like 10.5. Same size bag, same price, less product. Everywhere you look the price of things don’t change, they give you less and hope you don’t notice.

I’ll take your word for it, since I don’t eat Doritos… or live in a country that uses ounces.

Lmfao! In all seriousness chance cubes helped me put my kids through college. It would have been university but I wanted an Unstable Arbiter saber.

I like that jedi strategist set. It is a reworked satele outfit… an outfit that I will never get so lets hope that this will be diffurent.

Honestly its pretty much the other way around. In the books he is pretty much like “Yeah I know you abandoned me for the greater good but seriously go fuck your self.” And Satele is the one breaking into his apartment wanting to mother him.

I like the Jedi Strategist’s Armor Set and the droid companion, but I don’t understand why the companion has a metal plate welded to its face.

There’s a crafting trainer (Cybertech?) on Zakuul that uses this model if you want a closer look in game.

Hehe, yeah, I thought so, but changed my mind after getting that fucking Arbiter’s Lightsaber from that fucking little piece of lottery… 😀

You know. … I like the cubes *ducks the knives thrown at me* you can get really cool armors/weapons from them

games on its dying legs. i doubt they really care about releasing anything unique anymore.. its all just the final cash grabs at this point.

Zakuul Knight personnel decoration but still no Republic/Imperial Officers or an “At Ease/Parade Rest” emote. *Sighs* Too much to ask.

Have they made any changes, or made any comments, about the drop rate of the chance cubes? The pack I bought a few months ago didn’t even have the advertised items. Just wondering if they were planning on addressing this…

I’m interested in some of these items, but until they address the Chance Cube issue, I’ll be going to the GTN instead of the Cartel Market. =/

There is also a lack of dyes lately.

“They don’t want any more of my pink dyes?! I’ll fix them. We are no longer putting any new dyes in the CM packs!”

It’s the same with almost every color they give us. The purples, the greens, the reds… most of it is eye-searing, and it’s really disappointing.

True. I also wish armors had two dye slots – one primary and one secondary rather than combining both into one slot, since they cant come up with many decent combos. I mean really, who wants to dye their armor Buzz Lightyear colors?

BioWare’s art team only knows kindergarden colors. SWTOR is like a 80ies music clip.

No olive, no dimm blue, nothing.

And we know they are color blind. So it’s not their fault. They don’t even know what we are talking about. It’s the fault of the guy who empoyed a colorblind team for this job.

How nice would the Jedi Strategist outfit look without the shoulder pads? [Or what would be a nice name for the version without the shoulder pads?]

Except that the Jedi Strategist top isn’t made like Satele Shan’s top, it’s asymmetrical instead.

Two — ‘lads’ aren’t the only ones who can enjoy SW: TOR.

Data provided by SWTOR_Potato. Check out the most recent datamined article on SWTORCommunity and the most recent link on SWTOR_Potato’s Twitter.

“You can now set mounts as favorites by right clicking them in the ability panel. The random mount ability will now only pull from the list of mounts you have set as favorites.”

I have been thinking about this since the Random Mount ability came out. And I never thought of suggesting it on the forums, because I didn’t think they would pay attention to it. Fortunately, I used the Force and the devs read my mind.

and another pack infested with those chance cubes and overpriced on the gtn for 700k+ no thanks again lol

Don’t bet on it. They’ll prolly add brown or a sheen to it that won’t match. Story of my life here mate. Would be so nice if we could have an armor quality function where we could mend sets together using one of three settings. Broken, slightly used and straight off the lot. A guy can dream can’t he.

Anyone have any suggestions for pants on the ambassadors wartime armor other then the lower robe that comes with it?

I was about to compliment them for making the Inquisitor set without one giant shoulder pad…. But then I saw they just couldn’t resist giving it one larger glove…

No shit…… I’ll tell you what you already know since you seem to be bent on having it spelled out. I was making an observational comment about SW’s fetish for big shoulders/gloves/boots etc on one side of the armor…

“I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.” *

Honestly? I think people are flipping out waaaay too much about the lightsaber hilt and the strategists shoulderpads. Just need to relax and have fun with it xD

I wonder how the Relentless Hunter’s headpiece will look on Togrutas? lmao

Totally aware the helmet won’t show but the animation should still be there.

for those thinking that the unstable arbiter will not be in this pack check the preview picture a bit carefully, that lightsaber with its unreasonable drop rate will be in this one aswell

Avast offers me to hide my online presence at two places… The one is Pornhub and the other is dulfy’s

I’m actually digging the Inquisitor set but I know that it’s going to be priced hella high to point of not being worth it just like the Sith Recluse set.

Yeah but the pack in which its contained isnt on sale. Items which arent obtainable increase in value (chance of getting it with a Chance Cube is still low). Since the inquisitor set is silver rarity it will drop a lot. Just dont buy it during the first week when the pack is released.

Might have to be one of the crates i buy the x30 of for once, been awhile, but i want that droid companion.

I do not want that crap. Give me my grand chance cube hypercrate!!!!!!
Anyway my favorite stronghold begs for zakuul knight protectors, like them

Is it odd that I think the Silver armor sets look a lot better than the Gold ones? I’m digging the Ambassador set and the Zakuul one’s Eygptian-like design is pretty sweet. The Hunter is….meh, and the Strategist armor just looks like a redone Satale set.

The sabers are decent and old-school. A Turquise crystal? Yes please. The mounts look interesting, especially the Acklay The decors are ok, nice mix of items. What in the Nine Hells is up with Q0-77’s head?!?

The HK-55 weapons are….disappointing. The vibrosword looks clunky and awful, the sniper rifle boring. The pistol are decent at least.

All and all, an improvement over the last set, but not by much.

I’m with you on the Silver armors looking better. That’s actually a good thing as a consumer XP

Oh I agree from a consumer’s perspective. Much cheaper to open up. However from a seller’s perspective this isn’t a good thing at all. It makes it VERY unlikely for someone to open up one of those, and thus slows down your revenue. Considering that some people will drop $40-120 USD to buy Hyperpacks but nothing to activate an ugly Gold set speaks volumes.

After seeing them on Vette and Gault, they’ve become more appealing to me. I’ll probably get them if they aren’t too expensive. Not going to spend millions though.

I actually like the hunter armor. If nothing else mix and match the helmet with other armors xD also I appreciate the hk weapons. Now if only I had a class other then agent I could give the sniper rifle too 8D /bitter

The helmet is decent, but the rest of the armor is just cloth with a few thin metal bit and what looks like a damaged jetpack. I hope the “laser” works if not wearing the entire kit.

I would have preferred silver version since not many good looking have that. But then again in was very silimar to original movie trilogy so got changed 😀
Dont like black or matte lightsabers.

After three hypercrates, i got 3x acklays, 3x raptors, 3 complete armor sets and, probably not intentional, an unstable arbiter’s lightsaber. If someone is interested i can sell the saber for a acceptable price and you get a raptor for free. EU servers only though. 🙂

Bet you all money when I open the ten crates I can afford tonight I get 20 cubes 8D… I want your luck. GIVES IT TO ME

Awesome. That re-affirms my sitting out of hypercrate purchases this time around. Can’t wait to buy stuff on the GTN cheap come Thursday.

The Hypercrate Equation is: 1 Gotta Have (Arbiters Saber) + Filler (Everything not Arbiter Saber) =’s tons of inexpensive filler to sift through cheap on the GTN.

Depends on how much they are for sale on your server. For example, on my server they are sold for 38 million and up. I would sell it for 20 million which i think is acceptable given the rarity of the saber. 🙂

If it’s not too late I would like to buy the unstable arbiter’s lightsaber for 20mil, if it is still available that is.

That’s okay, do we have to be on the same EU server or can you send mail from a different EU server to another?

We have to be on the same server, but depending on how much CC you and i have, one of us can transfer the character back and forth. 🙂

Sent it to you, pay the “little” fee and you can call yourself the proud owner of your own lighter lightsaber. 🙂

I just realized you can send mail cross server, silly me, any time tomorrow just send the lightsaber COD to my character Deltac 🙂

I am on Ebon Hawk and I recently saw those sabers for as low as 7 million. Don’t fall for price fixing. NOTHING is worth 30+ million.

Wait a second the Blaster Pistol of HK ist Bound to Character….so no sending to your Legacy to use 2 Pistols when you are Mercenary…how in hell could this guy up there have 2 ???

They are added to collections when you get them in your mail, so you can just get another one through the Special section of your collections.

One Hypercrate = FIVE ACKLAYS, 8 full armor sets, 4 crystals, a few toys/pets, two of the three sabers, 3 Dastas and half the decors (no Forge though. Disappointed in that).

It kinda is. It’s a nice decor piece and would work well with my SH idea (I want to do a colony/outpost design for roleplaying). I guess selling the Acklays will help me buy it off the GTN, though.

I promise a few of them to in-game friends (for cash. I’m not insane 😉 ). However, come Thursday I will be putting what I have left on the market. If someone can explain how to sell an item across servers, I will make you as fair a price as I can (don’t worry, I’m not one of those “Everything is 20 mil and up” guys).

got 2 of the forges, I’m on Jedi Covenant server id be up for a trade of some type, not sure what server you’re on

Why the fuck can’t they just give us lightsabers with classic sounds on them, instead of classic sounds that have been wrung through a dubstep machine, or completely new sounds that are garbage? Luke and Ben Kenobi’s lightsabers are my two favorite designs, functional without being overly ornate and flashy. So I was super excited by these last few lightsabers inspired by them, but the sounds suck. I’d really like to see an Auditory Module slot added to all weapons.

Dulfy takes the effort to share their audio on youtube. SWTOR fundamentals won’t change, game’s too old as they’d care. I reported some bugs months ago (visual errors on vehicles and outfits) and EA doesn’t give a damn.

Changing sound files isn’t as easy as just plugging in a piece of code. Plus there are priorities as well. I doubt ‘lightsaber activation sounds’ rank that high on anyone’s list. Worse, they may have to pay royalties for those sounds, especially with Disney holding the franchise.

Come on now, Gift, we all know that Psykrom is the only person reporting bugs and that BioWare caters to his every whim. Plus these visual errors simply break the game. I’m on a different server than him, yet the ripples of the shockwave that is his cosmetic clipping are felt even there. It’s all that we can talk about in gen chat! Plus, as we all know, coding is the easiest thing in the world, especially for a game this size. BioWare is obviously uncaring, lazy, and greedy, yet we spend real money and copious amounts of time with their product.

The design of these saber is similar to Luke’s green saber. They have running LEDs on the sides. Sound wise….yeah I would like some of the classic hiss and clash sounds we used to have.

The lightsabers they release are also mostly way too big or bugged in a way that they don’t clip to the belt properly and, with this batch, aren’t even held properly with two hands (one hand is partly off the hilt).

I noticed on my Commando i was unable to equip any of the weapons… did they just forget Commando’s were a thing? I hate all the Hk stuff but hell, if you are gonna force me to have it, force me to have it for all my toons…

*Commandos, and why would one be able to equip a sniper rifle, a blaster pistol, or a vibrosword now when they’ve never been able to before?

they meant they did not include a weapon for every class smarty, commandos, shadows and vanguards are not included in this months cub reward apparently(and whatever wields the identical weapon on imperial side)

Tempted Apprentice’s Lightsaber first sounded like the shoto version of it but now its sounds like a fucking astromech droid… its a fucking shame.. i was wanted to buy it because its looks like Luke’s ROTJ saber + had the actual sound of it.

I do. I also have a Terrorclaw Raptor to boot. And maybe a statue of an ancient jedi. Redside, friend Skarub. Blueside, friend Fellhand. Let me know you’re from here, and I’m sure we can work something out. I usually go 500k under GTN, at least.

Ah, thanks man! I did get a good deal on one this past weekend, so I’m set now. But I appreciate the contact!

I’m not a fan of the shoulderpads, but in any case, the Jedi Strategist would look SOOOooo much better without the neck cast. Who the hell keeps ruining what would have been a good armor design by what I can only assume is forcing the designers to add weird things to it? Like.. I’m imagining the artists coming up with a design and being “this… is a master piece!” and their boss rolls up and is like *points at the waist line* ‘You need to put airplane tail fins on that.”

Come on havent you seen Attack of the Clones? That weird dress Padme wore, George Lucas is behind all the clothing designs.

She wore so many dresses, it’s hard to tell which one you’re referring to. The geisha like one? That wasn’t all that bad. At least her fashion wasn’t based on speeder injuries. “Neck brace jedi”

In Attack of the Clones. When she was having dinner with Anakin. The black one with no shoulders and a NECK brace. Google it. I’d post it but I admit I have no idea how to do that. It was designed my Lucas.

hehe. that one always seemed bdsm inspired to me. That scarf thing could easily be replaced with a collar/chain. I think that was a super subtle nod to slave Leia

Maybe. It could have actually been the most modest of the options given to her, she may have wanted to be in that rather then crotchless panties, and pasties.

Well, by that logic it could have also been what she had on under the Boushh disguise, thinking to surprise Han with it when she got him back to the Falcon…

I’m pretty sure the CHARACTER Leia had no control over what Jabba wanted her in / what his minions dressed her in. She responded by choking Jabba to death with the very chain he used to constrain her.

So, sorry, I just don’t like that it’s fetishized as if Leia chose to dress that way to create boners. Obviously the creative minds behind Return of the Jedi wanted some cheap boners, but they are still cheap boners over watching a female character being reduced to a scantily clad slave.

You are misunderstanding what I’m saying. Leia (the CHARACTER) could have been given several things to chose to wear, that outfit could have been the best choice.
Why am I argueing with you? You’re obviously a feminist that is offended that Carrie Fisher had a good body that she could show off when she was 21. I’m sure you couldn’t pull that outfit off unless you dropped 40 lbs. ok now tell me how you are the perfect weight for your height……

Wow, you’re a piece of work. Aside from your super defensive horrible attitude, I think you misunderstand everything I said.

1.) I thought you were referring to the actress, rather than the character, when you spoke of “pasties”. It was a pretty reasonable mistake to make, especially considering many are aware of Carrie Fisher’s rolls-eyes comments to Rey’s actress about what to do and not do.

2.) I am a Star Wars fan. I am such a Star Wars fan, I kept reading the novels even after some boy threatened to kill me for reading Satanic, gender-inappropriate literature. (Yay! Southern United States! Represent!) I would be happy to be pointed towards any EU material that indicates Leia was allowed to choose which outfit to wear for the scene in question. But until you give me evidence that such a thing exists, you have no reason to make such assumptions, and it really doesn’t matter anyway. In such a scenario, picking the outfit she hated the least is still not much of a choice. It’s like giving a guy sentenced to death a choice between a red, pink, blue or green noose, then saying he chose to die. An extreme analogy, but I’m pressed for time so try to follow it.

3.) Now look at Padme. If that’s a nod to slave Leia, it’s in poor taste, because it insinuates someone else is dressing up Padme. And that’s creepy. I prefer to think Padme wanted to dress like that, and I didn’t care that much about it.

The dinner dress has the phalic scarf thing. I think Holyfrog probably means the loyalist committee dress.

Sorry my bad then. The term “neck brace” kept making me think of this one. I posted the dinner one below…
Either way, your point still stands that the outfit (like most of the fashionin TOR) is based on the movies in some way. 🙂

actually you literally said: “Come on havent you seen Attack of the Clones? That weird dress Padme wore, George Lucas is behind all the clothing designs.” Dinner was never mentioned

You need to read all the older replies. He literally did mention the one from the dinner.


You need to read the time stamps, because dinner wasn’t mentioned before I asked.

Haha. The time stamps were exactly what I was looking at. Even now, his time stamp says its from two days ago and yours says it’s only from one day ago.

Haha. The time stamps were exactly what I was looking at. Even now, his reply time stamp says its from two days ago and yours says it’s only from one day ago.

My original post: Apr 7 10:04 pm.
Holly ‘weird dress’ post: Apr 7 10:07 pm
Me: ‘So many weird dresses’ Apr 8 12:15 AM
Holy: first mention of dress Apr 8 1:01 AM

You really need to learn how to read time stamps. Mouse over the “day ago” part to get an exact time stamp.

Correct! And then, 9 hours later…..

Holyfrog–>Darth Twinge: Apr 8, 10:03am
I literaly said the one from the dinner.

Jason Boone –>HolyFrog: Apr 8, 6:47pm
actually you literally said: “Come on havent you seen Attack of the
Clones? That weird dress Padme wore, George Lucas is behind all the
clothing designs.” Dinner was never mentioned


Before you get all uppity and tell me how to read fucking time stamps, maybe you should learn to read who the comment is directed at, and learn to scroll down. See that comment 3 posts down? It is directed at YOU, and I in fact DO comment on the dress at dinner. So your comment above about never mentioning it is absofuckinglutley wrong.

You need to read WHO the comment was addressed to. The dinner comment was directed at Twinge. Take the stick out of your ass.

Dinner was mentioned below. Before I said “I literally said the one from dinner.” i posted a comment about it that was directed at you unlike the “literally” one.

WAAAAAY too few decos. I have no idea if they are intentionally trying to limit the amount of decos released for some reason, but I can’t imagine they are that damn difficult to produce. The assets already have been designed. So many awesome banners, statues and NPC’s for Personnel, why the neglect?

A: WTF Bioware. The Hk Stuff is cool but why restrict the crap out of it? Oh it goes into collections just so I can put another mainhand only sword on someone. What was the point of making them mainhand only and not legacy? wtf. So the hk helmet which is ugly is legacy but not any other hk stuff… Riiiight. I mean I was excited for the hk sword. It looks pimpin. Too bad can have it as an offhand for a mara also.

B: Shane reskin with ugly boots and gloves. So you took the satele shan set and took away the only good elements on the set and call it something new? People only bought that ugly ass top/pants to get the collections for the gloves and boots.

C: oh a single glow light on an ugly helmet. Def makes up for originality

D: Again ugly ass no one wants lightsabers. You wanna make all light sabers wantable? Make it so the effect from the volitile and others with effects can have the effects taken out and put into hilts that aren’t so freaking ugly the effect of the blade barely offsets the ugliness of the weapon itself.

E: Do we need any more off color crap color crystals? Release something people wants like a blackcore with white outline. ITS EVEN FREAKING CANON stating in clone wars that pre vizla’s blade which dath maul took was from the old republic in the jedi temple Why the F*** hasn’t bioware done this. Make it a 1/1000 drop whatever. Disney made your game half way canon you can at least thank them by being somewhat accurate. Same thing with kylo Ren’s blade. Nice to have the unstable but HIS BLADE WAS SPECIFICALLY STATED TO BE A DESIGN FROM THE OLD REPUBLIC!

F: Add another F****ng legacy offhand option. Having the gree even be the ONLY source is freaking rediculous. You want long time players grinding and playing but we want legacy gear we can switch between our toons. And unless your a noob to the game it’s how it is. But if your gonna have such a rare item make it available for at least 2 sources. the 1-2 chance a year thing just kills your profit with subs and people fed up with obvious changes.

G: One of the only thing keeping people subbing is OPS/WZ and ESCROW, you wanna game to come back some highly restrictive decorative weapons isn’t enough. and whoever thought that’s enough should be fired or demoted for the dumb idea.

This is the bitch section that if any of this was done would make people happy.

Usuaully I’m a negative and positive person who likes to see both ends but this pack is garbage. I bet it still has chance cubes also making the chance cubes the most valuable thing in this pack besides maybe 1-2 mounts and the droid comp…

ha! for such a snarky comment you may wanna rewatch since it’s only called a lightsaber like um 10 times during cloneways by both vyzla and Maul. And why would maul take a second blade that wasn’t a lightsaber. If it’s crystal in design it’s a light saber which was why the first order using kyber crystals was such a huge deal in the movies. But yeah tune down the snark when you’re posting things that are wrong off the bat.

On another note try using a non lightsaber with a lightsaber on a mara right now. Like the classic vibroblade from last set or hk or corruptor blade. It’s all screwed up animations not working Sweeping slash doesn’t even have an animation toon just stands there and damage goes off. So yeah great job bioware. Easy fixes that will never happen.

It would be nice if you could use in-game apostrophe for the names.
The game uses ALT+39 and you are using ALT+0146 on names, the 2 apostrophes are interchangeable on some fonts and also on chrome (when searching text) but not on in-game gtn search, I know is just a tiny detail, and probably not a lot of people will copy paste the full name.
So ignore my request if it doesn’t make sense. Thanks.

After clicking a bunch of times and entering my credit info, I have concluded this is in fact, spam. And also NSFW. And kind of gross.

I really like the sound of the HK-55 pistols. Maybe they could use that sound on some of the Cartel guns, like the Insurrectionist’s Pew-Pew Blaster.

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