Black Desert New Pet Breeding System Guide

A guide to the newly introduced Pet Breeding system added on March 23 to NA/EU Servers.


As of the March 23 Patch, you can now breed pets in the NA/EU version of Black Desert Online. We are using the new Korean pet breeding system which Korea just received a week ago. By reading this guide, I assume you know the difference between pet levels, tiers, special skill, and buffs. If not then you should consult this guide.

How to Breed

There are some basic rules of pet breeding in Black Desert:

  • You can only breed pets of the same species (i.e. no cat breeding with dog).
  • The two pets you are trying to breed must not have a tier difference of more than 1 (i.e. you can breed a tier 1 and a tier 2 pet together but not a tier 1 and a tier 3 pet).
  • When you breed two pets, both parents will die and you get a single offspring.

To start breeding, you must check in the two pets and then click on the exchange button. This will open up the breeding interface which you can then add in the pets. You also need to name your new pet offspring and select if you like to inherit any of the parent’s transferable skills (buffs), which I will cover below.



Pet can grant buffs to owners when they are checked out. The pets you brought fresh off the Pearl Store are tier 1 and will only grant buffs once they reach level 10. If you want to have them give you buffs at lower levels, you must breed them to advance  Tier 1/2 pets have 1 buff, Tier 3 pets have 2 buffs and Tier 4 pets have 3 buffs. The type of buff you get varies depending on the species of the pet you breed. Shared buffs are those that can be obtained by any species of pet.

  • Shared: Combat EXP Increase 3%, Karma Recovery Increase 3%
  • Domestic (Dog, Cat, etc.): Cooking/Alchemy/Processing/Farming EXP +3%
  • Aves (Hawk, etc.): Fishing +1, Luck +1, Fishing/Hunting/Training/Trade EXP + 3%
  • Monster (Snowman, etc.): Gathering +1, Gathering EXP + 3%

The EXP Bonus is capped at 3% per pet. The combat EXP buff is apparently fairly rare and people have spent lots of money buying various pets to breed without getting it.

When you breed pets and pick the Transferable skill option, your pet offspring will copy over the buffs of that parent. If your offspring happens to advance a tier and gain an additional buff slot, that buff slot will be filled with some random buff from the list above. If the parents have good buffs you like to keep, I would pick this option. Otherwise don’t pick any or pick the non-transferable option so you get rolls at new buffs.

You can see what buffs your pet give when they are checked out by looking at the pet window. For example I have two Tier 3 pets summoned and I am getting three buffs here (+3% EXP Alchemy/Processing and +6% EXP Farming). Buffs from different pets can stack and add up. However, the same pet cannot have two identical buffs (so EXP bonus for anything is always capped at 3% for as single pet). So here both pets are giving me 3% Farming EXP and they add up to 6% EXP.


The maximum EXP boost you can have from the pets for any specific category appears to be 9% assuming you have 3 pets out with the identical 3% boost.

Advancing Tiers

Part of the pet breeding is getting the buffs, the other part is advancing in tiers. Pets can advance in tiers when you breed them together. The rules for tier advancement are as follows (taken from this thread).

  • T1 + T1 = T2 or T3
  • T2 + T2 = T2 or T3 
  • T2 + T3 = T3 or T4
  • T3 + T3 = T3 or T4
  • T3 + T4 = T3 or T4

As you can see, when you breed two parents, your offspring will generally advance a tier but in the case of breeding Tier 3 and Tier 4 pets it is possible for the offspring to go back down to Tier 3.

Levels do still play a factor but the system is predominately RNG based. If you want the best chances at advancing a tier, obviously breed two Level 10 pets. However, I have gotten Tier 3 pets from breeding two level 1 Tier 1 pets so if you are in a rush and have money to spend levels may not matter as much.

Special Abilities

Each species of pet have a special ability. For cats this is detecting gatherable resources, for dogs this is detecting hostile players and for hawks this is finding rare mobs. Through breeding, you have a small chance to switch this around or get a new Taunt Monster special ability, which can be a bit annoying.

For example my Tier 4 dog has gained this Taunt Monster ability and lost the detecting hostile player ability. My Tier 3 cat has gained the ability to detect hostile players but lost the ability to detect gatherable resources.


Offspring Appearances

When you breed pets, the offspring will correspond to the breed of the parents. If you breed two different breeds together, you will get one of the parent breeds. The appearance of the offspring can be different from the parent, even if it is the same breed. You can also change the appearance with the appearance change coupon found in the Pearl Shop.







By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

108 replies on “Black Desert New Pet Breeding System Guide”

Woohoo! New guide. Thanks Dulfy!
You also mention: “If you want the best chances at advancing a tier, obviously breed two Level 10 pets.” Do you think I should wait til my pets are level 10 before attempting it to breed it? It may take me a while since my highest level pets are only level 4. Any idea how much better or worse that chance is?

I don’t have any hard numbers unfortunately. There are two things you can do: afk and leave your pet out so they run out of food quicker and you can level them faster. Or you can just breed them. I didn’t had much trouble getting tiers 3s from tier 1 fresh from the pearl shop.

with the way the game trading is set up i dont see it since that would be a way to use rl money to gain silver

My Shepard that I bought just before this patch is Tier 1 level 4, and he is showing three ‘buffs’ for a lack of a better word, in his pet window. They were not there when I purchased him. I think they are just more animations for him, but of course, they don’t work.

I combined Fighting Dog level 10 x2 in two sets and got:

T3 Dark Brown Dog that you have shown above.
T3 Yellow Dog that you don’t have a pic of.

Unfortunately it’s dark out currently in game can’t snap a picture of it.

My breed results:
Naughty dog (T1, Level 10) + Fighting Dog (T1, Level 10) = T3
Grey Moon cat (T1, Level 10) + Black Mask cat (T1, Level 8) = T2, same appearance as black mask.

I bred 3 tier 3 dogs. first was a kaia and Fighting dog, i got a yellow kaia. Second was a level 9 kaia and 1 Shepard. I got a blue/grey kaia. and last was a Shepard and fighting dog, which gave me the yellow fighting dog. ALL three had their specials changed to finding resources.

I feel your pain on the Finding Resources change. I was still mad about losing my detect hostile this morning on both my dogs so I combined my two Tier 3 dogs, got a Tier 3 dog back, but it had Hostile Detect again. Then I bought 2 more Fighting Dogs and immediately combined them and got another Tier 3 dog with Hostile Detect and +1 Fishing. That made 3/4 pet combines giving me +skill xp% in other categories of animals which should be “Abysmal” chance.

Just total, frustrating RNG.

Here’s pic I got of my Tier 1 level 10 Hawks combined together. It’s Golden with either a super dark Blue or a Deep Black. Hard to really tell as the Black kinda looks blue when zoomed up in certain lights and Black in other lights. Got front, back and pet bar icon.

Bred two striped cats to get a t3 orange looking cat. Bred two orange brindle cats to get a white, greenish t3. Bred the two t3s together to get this lovely t4. Also bred two hawks and got this t3 fellow.

Tier 3 Pink Pooch made by squashing a lvl 10 tier 1 Batian Dog into a lvl 10 tier 1 Naughty Dog. (I’m Evanahoff on Croxus EU) – has +3% Farming and Cooking exp

T1+T1 = T3 black red feather Scarlet Macaw (cambat exp and training exp)
T1+T1 =T2 + T1+T1=T3 => T4white blue scarlet macaw (karma, fishing, training)

Dexter – Tier 4
Black/White Mediah Guard Dog

– Generations:
Shepherd 1 + Mediah Guard Dog 1 = Mediah Guard Dog 2 (Same Appearance)
Shepherd 2 + Mediah Guard Dog 2 = Blue-ish Black Mediah Guard Dog
Shepherd 3 + Batian Dog 1 = Batian Dog 2 (Same Appearance)
Shepherd 4 + Batian Dog 2 = Pinkish White (or possibly Pink/White or White/Pink) Batian Dog

* All of the Shepherds, the first Mediah Guard Dog and the first Batian Dog were all purchased from the Pearl Shop, the rest were bred (not necessarily and most definitely not in that order).

– Final Generation:
Blue-ish Black Mediah Guard Dog + Pinkish White (or possibly Pink/White or White/Pink) Batian Dog
Black/White Mediah Guard Dog

Finally satisfied with my dog’s appearance. ^^

I don’t remember all of the bred dogs’ Tiers, but I believe that most of them were Tier 3. One or (doubtfully) two might’ve been Tier 2, though.

Wish I would have read this guide before breeding my pets… Bred two lvl10 tier 1 cats, got a cat that I don’t really like the appearance of, lost the ability to locate gatherable resources, and now picks up slower (I assume at level 10 it will have a pick up speed at least as good as a tier 1, but I had two tier 1s…). The buffs I got were 3% cooking and 3% alchemy. Not enough to outweigh the cost, imo.

Hey Dulfy I got a cute little kitty here from breeding the black masked cat, and the black thin cat. Ended up a T3 with the combat exp 3% and karma recovery 3%

I combined a black thin cat with a black mask cat (one lvl 10 and one lvl 5) and got a tier 3 brown and cream thin cat. +3% alchemy and +3% gathering. Special resource ability is still there.

T4 Pure Black Hawk – 2 x Brown Hawk + 4 x White Hawk
T4 Cat Red Hair Green Eyes – 2 x Scrawny Black + 4 x White Moon

Grishnakk – Edan

So apparently I have had word that some people have max level’d a T2 and a T1 and gotten a T4 as a result. I am curious. If this is possible, would it not also be possible to result in a T4 from two max level T2’s? Can anyone else confirm this?

I can’t confirm, but being that you can combine 2 T1’s and skip a Tier, maybe their is a rare chance to skip a tier with T2’s.

Hey Dulfy, couple updates are needed on this guide. Daum added skills to Level 10 T1 Pets as of April 8th. Because of this, I think a disclaimer should be added that T2 Pets are now exactly the same as T1 pets. Additionally, the only way to gain any real benefit over having three Lvl10-T1 pets is to have three T3/T4 pets. So if you are going to exchange pets, you need to commit to getting three (unless you are doing it for the looks). Exchanging your pets is essentially gambling and you now have a chance to fail (T2).

Not ENTIRELY true that T2 is useless. If you’re combining, you have a chance to increase it’s base skill. For example a T2 Hedgehog or T2 Car can get +2% Life Skill XP instead of the 1% of T1.

Tier 1 pets DO get 1 buff, but only when it reaches level 10. Thus I believe you are off on each of the tiers. Tier 1 = 1 buff, Tier 2 = 2 buffs, Tier 3 = 3 buffs and Tier 4 = 4 Buffs.

BUT ONLY WHEN LEVEL 10…. As this unlocks the final buff for the pet. This happened for my Tier 1’s, currently testing on my 3 Tier 4 pets…. Level 6 atm, will update in a couple days.

T1 originally did not have skills. It used to work T1=0, T2=1, T3=2, T4=3. Daum randomly added skills to T1, presumably to increase sales. Unfortunately, that makes T2 worthless. (and cuts the value of of higher tiers slightly)

through a recent maintenance update, they made it possible for level 10
tier 1 pets to have 1 skill buff. the article is a bit old

4 times tried i to mate two tier 3 with eatchother and i never hot a tier 4. that was a waste of money :p

FYI T3+T4 = T3 or T4

I just got confirmation from a GM that you can, in fact, lose a tier when you breed pets. Pretty pissed off about this new information…..

What the heck is the point of breeding pets if breeding them once kills them, so you trade two for one, and then the tier 2 pets aren’t really any better anyways. So to get 4 of the top tier pets, you’ll have to buy a dozen tier 1 pets and kill them off to get six tier 2 pets, and so on. That’s crazy lol. Am I missing something?

Please update your guide, confirmed from GM that pets can breed the same tier.

T1 + T1 = T1, T2, T3

T2 + T2 = T2, T3

T2 + T3 = T2, T3, T4

T3 + T4 = T3, T4

2 x T1 Lv1 + T1 Lv1 Shaggy = 1 x T3 greyish + 1 x T3 white (hanging ears and smaller)

German Shepherd, Naughty dog Combination. T4. Level 10 Naughty dog + Level 10 German Shepherd + Level 1 Naughty dog and Level 1 German Shepherd. Fishing, Alchemy, and Processing EXP x3%. Will update when she is level 10.

White and teal Tier 3 hawk.
Source: exchanged my level 10 Tier 1 Brown Hawk Guide from the conqueror’s purchase and a level 10 tier 1 Brown Hawk Guide I obtained through the Maehwa event, then leveling and exchanging that result (tier 2 brown hawk) with a level 10 Sky Hawk.

RE:You don’t get to use Jane Goodall as your profile pic

Veronica, I like to observe chimps and apes just like good ‘ole Jane – she is my hero.

Sweetie I can’t help but feel contempt in your words – what gives?
I implore you to not go into full hysterics when presented with an opposing view – don’t let emotions take over and instead perhaps suggest some constructive criticism?

Dinduisim is a popular movement almost religion-like, what about it do you disagree with?


Hi Dulfy, thank you for the amazing guide as always!

I have one question that is not covered in your guide though: what are the possible breeding outcomes for T1+T2 (you list T1+T1 and T2+T2 but not T1+T2)?

Thanks 🙂

Pet lv1 name1
Pet2 lv1 name2 (6 or more letters)
Combine and insert name1 as new pet name
Done tier3

i discovered how to make tier 3 at first time… there is a bug i think. i dont want to share it obviously for patch fix but if you want to wisper me ingame..i can tell you.
kawaliera jordine.
from 2 White cat, black cat
from 2 White bird, the bird in the picture
from 2 red bird the green one
im italian so i dont know the animal exact name xD sry

I think the buffs are not animal related anymore i got cat with training +3% and also saw that pic with a cat having +1 luck

I spent so much money buying pets and never got a t4 pet from all my tries. I bred t3 and t3 to produce another t3, and I did it twice. I then bred 2 t3 pets, both offspring of 2 t3 pets also, and yet again, I got a t3. All pets were lvl 10 when I bred them. That’s just with hawks. I also have cats and dogs, same results. After that I gave up and plan to no longer waste my money on a system that is designed to do just that. I spent 800 euros in 4 months on BDO and decided I don’t want to spend any more money in this game, after a very dissatisfying conversation with a GM (on a different matter) a month ago.

This. Don’t endorse this gambling service. I’ve been pushing my legislators to heavily fine gaming companies who practice this kind of predatory practice that this pet system represents.

I hope to someday have the US at least fine any gaming company with these types of gambling activities and that allow minors to play.

Just bred my 2 desert foxes… it because a T3 Tanuki? I don’t know what he is some kinda raccoon family and thought I’d share an image since I wasn’t able to find any desert fox unique looks. I will most likely use a loyalty pet appearance changer since I’m not sure how I feel about this look XD. [Imgur](

I got a black T2 hawk from exchange. Used a white an ad gray/brownish hawk for it and I said that I wanted to keep the white appearance (and naming it peace). Oddly enough I ended up with a pure black one though…

there’s more pets in the NA shop these days, not listed here (yet?).

white shorthair cat
junaid cat
desert fox
red panda


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