Black Desert Easter Egg Locations and Event Guide

A guide to the various easter egg you can gather for the Black Desert Easter event.


How the event works

Getting Started

This event runs from March 23rd 10:00 UTC to April 06th 10:00 UTC

Talk to a Priest in Velia, Heidel or Calpheon and you will receive a total of 5 quests. Use the NPC locator to find them if you are unsure of where they are.

  • Eil in Heidel
  • Leona in Calpheon
  • Ottavio Ferre in Velia


The first one is repeatable quest in which you turn in 10 of Rainbow, Raindrop, Star and Life eggs for a Black Spirit Easter Egg which can be consumed to grant you buffs. You can keep turning in the eggs after you have done the one time furniture quests for more Black Spirit eggs.

  • Casting/Attack/Gathering/Luck/Fishing/Move/Critical +2 for 20 minutes.


The individual eggs themselves also give 10 minute buffs when consumed

  • Rainbow Easter Egg: +1 Luck
  • Raindrop Easter Egg – +1 Fishing Speed
  • Star Easter Egg: +1 Gathering Speed
  • Life Easter Egg: Instant full HP/MP/SP/WP restoration. Can be placed on hotbar.

The other four are one time per account quests in each you can turn 40 of each of the eggs for a Easter themed furniture for your house.


Getting Easter Eggs

You acquire eggs in two ways. You can find them either in the open world via killing mobs, fishing or gathering or you can find special eggs in various locations that can give you multiple eggs. These special eggs always spawn in the same location, remains the same type, and have a respawn timer of 10 minutes.

  • Star eggs can come from gathering.
  • Life eggs can come from killing monsters
  • Raindrop eggs can come from fishing
  • Rainbow eggs can come from any of the above and especially from the special eggs.

The list below give you some of locations of these special eggs. Depending on the special egg type it can give you different amount of eggs

  • Rainbow eggs give you 1-5 eggs
  • Raindrop eggs give you 1-3 eggs
  • Life/Star eggs give you 1-2 eggs

Rainbow is therefore the easiest to acquire via exploration.

If you know locations of more eggs please submit them in the comment below and I will get them added in.

Overall Egg Map by Horrible

Some numbering might be off slightly as I update the list but this give you an overall map of the eggs. Thanks to reader Horrible who made the map. Bigger map here if you have trouble viewing (right click to open as a new tab).


Rainbow Easter Eggs

1. South of Olvia on top of a mountain.


2. Harpy Nest NE of Florin on top of the mountain.


3. Deep inside Caphras Cave near Florin


4. Inside a secret chamber underground  in Coastal Cave. Enter from Costal Cave node.


5. East of Lynch Ranch on top of a hill.


6. Inside Ancient Stone Chamber right by the Edan/Orwen NPCs.


7. Southeast of Heidel Pass on top of some hills.


8. Underneath wooden bridge between Delphe Knights Castle and Delphe Outpost


9. Oze’s House. Climb from the balcony in the back.


10. Inside Khuruto Cave not too far from the cave entrance is a body of water with a hidden tunnel. Swim through it to find this egg. Enter Khuroto Cave through the entrance near the node.


11. Mountain just SW of Phoniel’s Cabin


12. Longleaf Tree Sentry Post at the very top floor (have to take a ladder). This locaton is SE from Trent.


13. Marni’s Lab, inside a castle like building not far from node manager


14. Inside a burnt down cabin in Witch’s Chapel


15. West of Bree Tree Ruins


Raindrop Easter Eggs

1. West of Velia


2. NW of Western Guard Camp


3. East of Bradie Fortress


4. Southern Neutral Zone west of Gilsh


5. SW of Northern Wheat Plantation near Calpheon


6. West of North Kaia Ferry on a small island


7. NW of Hexe Stone Wall


8. North section of Iliya Island


9. On the Luivano Island north of Velia next to the node manager


10. Top of the node manager in Balvege Island


11. Invernen Island


12. Narvo Island


Star Easter Eggs

1. SE Of Olvia


2. Next to Wolf Hills Node Manager (SE of Olvia)


3. North of Wolf Hills


4. Slightly NE of Toscani Farm


5. Corn Fields in Marino Farm


6. Finto Farm


7. Ehwaz Hill


8. Lynch Ranch


9. East of Heidel


10. Alejandro Farm


11. Elda Farm


12. South of Epheria near where all the goats are


13. South east of Epheria


14. Slightly NW of Phoniel’s Cabin


15. South of Bree Tree Ruins


16. Gianin Farm SE of Keplan


Life Easter Eggs

1. SE of Casta Farms near Olvia


2. Slight east of Wolf Hills (SE of Olvia)


3. Loggia Farm


4. NE of Altar of Agris


5. West of Ancient Stone Chamber Node


6. South of Toscani Farm


7. Next to Northern Heidel Quarry


8. NE of Heidel


9. Near Northern Plains of Serendia Node


10. East of Northern Plains of Serendia Node inside the Imp camp


11. East of Lynch Farm Ruins


12. Castle Ruins SE of Eastern Gateway


13. Northwestern Gateway


14. Near Phoniel Cabin Node


15. Marni’s Lab – Second floor above the node manager


16. Witch’s Chapel very south of Keplan


17. Southeast of Epheria next to the trolls



Some of the locations for the guide were obtained from this thread on the forums. Thanks to everyone who contributed and special thanks to Jala for the help.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

95 replies on “Black Desert Easter Egg Locations and Event Guide”

Pretty sure there is one on every Island in the northern sea (if not the most) on 20 i found around 15 without hard looking… Energy-tour 😛

Do they share the same respawn time? I can only get 1 type every 10min regardless of location? Like i got the location 1 and then I go to location 2 of Star Easter Egg. Location 2 doesnt appear. I have to wait a bit for it to spawn.

mhm. then is there any reason why sometimes they just dont appear at a location even though more than 10min has passed? is it random?

You probably figured this out by now but eggs are shared amongst everyone on the channel. This means it’s first come first served sadly…

ooh. No I havent figured it out yet. I just assume it was random. I see. I’m used to no competition resource node from Guild Wars 2 so I didnt think of that.
So that’s why I have never seen the egg near the fishing hotspot.


Another rainbow is at the top of the wizard’s tower at the base of lynch ranch. You have to use the ladder to get to the very top.

I’ve noticed a pattern. It would seem star are near farms. Raindrop near water. Rainbow on exploration points. And Life within enemies area’s. Keep this in mind

I found another rainbow egg inside the Ancient Stone Chamber (alcove near Edan and Orwen). Hope the screeny is sufficiently clear 🙂 I also posted it on that forum thread from the Acknowledgements link

Me again lol. On a roll tonight it seems. Was heading from the Wolf Hills ones over to the rainbow one in the mountains by Olvia and came across this Star Egg at the foot of the mountains. I zoomed out a bunch for the Egg picture to try and capture some of the countryside, as there’s not much in terms of landmarks there…

i found a few that not here. 2 rainbow eggs where i use my horse to mark one on top while other is marked with path. and Life egg in kings forest i was going back n forth from lynch ranch n hat spot XD As for a raindrop egg Luivano Island not far from node manager. Happy Easter & Happy hunting 😀

the one my horse is by is near bree tree ruins up the mountain. also np & awesome guide for egg hunting 🙂

There’s a Rainbow Easter Egg spawn right next to the Beacon Mounds on Iliya Island, literally two feet away from the mound itself.

But you did only write what a buff you get from the normal eggs. and you get ONE if you give the guys 10 from each sort.

Yes “Casting/Attack/Gathering/Luck/Fishing/Move/Critical +2 for 20 minutes.”
Okay 🙂
That … is not the BIG Deal :/

Seems the Wolf Hills area spawns eggs like mad… found another Star Egg right by the road North of Wolf Hills

Sheila M Nava posted about a Raindrop egg on Luivano Island near the node manager, but didn’t add a picture (and I don’t see it up in the list yet), so here are pictures for that one as confirmation of what she wrote and also a more zoomed out shot to show where the island is in the grand scheme of things.

Would you be able to organize these by proximity to one another? For example, #5 on the rainbow egg list should be after #1 since they are right next to each other.

They are organized more or less by proximity and also by how you progress in the game as you level up. You do have a good point about #5 should be near #1 so I will move that up

Oh okay, I noticed around the Delphe knights, but I wasn’t sure. Thank you.
I’ve decided to make a rough mega-map as I camp #1 so I’ll link that when I’m done.

Here is the map I mentioned. Should help people find which areas they want to farm. It looks like the first three of each type are around the same area.

Thanks, i will get added to the guide. The numberings might be a bit off for some of them as I find them and add them in but this should be only an issue for raindrop eggs.

Dulfy! Loved your guides in SW:TOR and loving them for BDO. I don’t have a screen shot but there is a Rainbow egg spawn at the Node Manager (the Altar) in Kron Castle.

Rainbow egg at Gehaku Plain’s node manager, You might get attacked by giants and it might be a bit hard to jump on.

Star egg – South of the Southern Guard Camp, in the bushes/trees not far from the south exit of the camp, behind the big rock

Raindrop easter egg – southeast of heidel – south of the node castle ruins by the lakes in the woods, on a stone in the water over the first waterfall

Directly east of Southern Guard Camp, about a third of the way to this raindrop egg, there is a small side valley up the mountain that has two star eggs right beside each other.

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