Black Desert Fishing Boat Construction Guide

A guide to building a Fishing Boat and accessories in Black Desert Online. Special thanks to Xyrus Mithra of Orwen for some tips regarding ship building.[toc]

Setting Up a Shipyard

Unlike other crafting systems in Black Desert Online, you do not need to finish gathering all the materials required before you start building a ship. Therefore it is essential that you setup a shipyard first so you can have your workers start building as you gather materials. This can cut down on a ton of time since it can take a while for the shipyard to finish constructing a ship.

Tier 1 Shipyards

You can setup Tier 1 Shipyards in Velia, Heidel and Calpheon. These tier 1 shipyards can only make rafts/ferry and is generally not worth building them since any Tier 2 shipyard can build the same stuff that Tier 1 shipyards can build. If you absolutely have no plans for a fishing boat and just want a ferry to drive around and explore, Tier 1 shipyard will do just fine.

Shipyards are not something you can just setup by themselves. You have to invest your contribution points in the prior buildings to be able to invest in the shipyard. The cheapest contribution wise seems to be Velia as you only need 8 Contribution Points to get a shipyard running while Heidel and Calpheon both requires 11. To find where the shipyards are in each city, use the top right corner to filter for Shipyard when looking over all the houses in a city. What you use the prior houses for doesn’t really matter and if you don’t pick they will all be storage by default.


Building a Tier 1 Shipyard takes 2.5 hrs and 5000 silver.

Tier 2 Shipyards

Tier 2 shipyards can be found in Epheria Port and Iliya Island. Epheria Port is all the way at the very west end of the playable landmass but it is connected by land and can be reached with a horse (with some carrots). Iliya Island is a lone island north of Velia and to get there you need to take a NPC ferry that comes around every 10 minutes by the Velia docks (marked with a ship icon on the map). Tier 2 shipyards are required for the Fishing Boats.


It only costs 7 Contribution Points to get  shipyard set up in in Iliya Island as opposed to 11 Contribution Points in Epheria Port. However, there are some downsides such as limited lodging for your workers and it is generally a pain to having to wait for the NPC ferry to carry you across. Therefore, my preferred location is Epheria Port since is is easier to access and there are tons of houses you can use for lodging to speed up the shipbuilding process. Furthermore, if you are building a fishing boat, you probably have workers on the Birch Timber and Tin Ores nodes nearby and can these workers later on to help with shipbuilding.


In addition to the 2.5 hrs and 5000 silver required for a Tier 1 shipyard, you also need to spend an additional 25k Silver and 7 hr to upgrade a Tier 1 shipyard to a Tier 2.


Additional Housing

Depending on your setup, you may need to invest into some additional buildings alongside your shipyard.

Lodging: Unlike crafting other items in Black Desert Online, you can have multiple workers working on building a ship and speed up its construction greatly. Therefore the more workers you have, the faster your ship gets built. Thus it is great to have some additional lodgings and hire some extra goblin workers to perform the various tasks. None of the required buildings for the shipyard have the lodging option so you will need to use additional contribution points to unlock other houses. Fortunately there is a bunch of lodgings on the 2nd floor of the various buildings you need to unlock for the shipyard.


Refinery: If you are planning to make Black Stone Powders from the Rough Stones you gather from the various ores you will need a refinery. If you don’t already have one setup elsewhere you can use 1st Floor, No 3-2 in Epheria, which is one of the required contributions for the shipyard anyways.


Mineral Workbench: If you don’t want to process the ingots yourself (costs energy but you get extra depending on your processing skill), you can set up a Mineral Workbench at either 1st Floor No. 3-3  or 1st floor No. 3-4. This will allow your workers to process the melted shards into ingots.


Wood Workbench: Same deal as the ingots, if you don’t want to make the plywood yourself then you can have your workers make them at a wood workbench. Both first floor No.3-2 and first floor No. 3-5 works as Woods Workbench.


Building a Fishing Boat

General Info/Appearance

Fishing Boat by default has 12 inventory slots and a weight limit of 540. It has 6100 durability and a lifespan of 174,721. This is the fastest boat ingame by far. You can sell it for a maximum of 1.5 million silver on the marketplace.

  • Repair will only replenish the durability, not the lifespan.
  • Lifespan decrease as you use the boat, once it goes down to 0, you will need to make a new boat.
  • Do not compare the speed/turning % to other kinds of boats. They are not a comparison % and is very misleading. Both Rafts and Fishing Boat will say 100% speed but the fishing boat is substantially faster (i.e. 161 seconds vs 73 seconds to cross the same distance as tested here).

You will need a Fishing Boat if you want to hunt whales later on as other boats does not have enough speed.


It looks quite plain by default but you can enhance it with the Dark Thorn skin from Pearl Shop.


Material Requirement

For ease of reference I will list all the materials you need to construct the fishing boat. Their acquisition will be detailed below. The raw materials listed below (i.e. logs, Birch Timber, ores)  are absolute maximums and you will need a lot less if you are processing them yourself. If you don’t like to spend time gathering everything, you can find most of the items on the Marketplace as well.

  • 25 Usable Scantling (250 Logs)
  • 50 Birch Plywood (2500 Birch Timber)
  • 25 Bronze ingot (625 Tin Ore, 625 Copper Ore)
  • 30 Pine Sap
  • 30 Blackstone Powder
  • 16 Flax Fabric (800 Flax)

Processing Requirement

If you wish to make the Plywood and Ingots you will need Chopping: Beginner and Heating Beginner. Both you require to be at Gathering Apprentice Level 4 or above. First make sure you press O and have all quests or life quests checked under prefer. Once you have that you can talk to Ficy in Heidel to get a quest chain (Learning Higher Processing Skills) that will ask you to help 3 NPCs, each giving you a different knowledge.


There are lots of players who are having trouble getting the quest from Ficy so there is an alternate method some players have found. Go to Jemkas Wyrmsbane in Northern Guard Camp just north of Heidel. He should give you a quest that has you melt some iron ores and set you up with a garden. After that he will send you to Heidel and then you will be directed to Alejandro farm. Follow that quest chain through and you will be sent to Ficy afterwards.


If for whatever reason you cannot get the Chopping/Heating Beginner knowledge, you can just setup a Wood/Mineral Workshop and have your workers do it for you.  You just need more materials since you don’t get bonus materials when the workers process the for you.

Node Setup

To make the fishing boat,you will need 2500 Birch Timbers, 625 Tin ore and 625 Copper ore at a maximum (less if you decide to process the raw materials yourself) to make a total of 50 Birch Plywood and 25 Bronze Ingot.

Birch Timber

Birch Timber can be acquired from the two nodes near Calpheon. Both nodes require 6 contribution points to setup. If you don’t have enough contribution points you should just set up the Quint Hill node NW of Calpheon as part of it can be used to connect to Epheria Port. Otherwise you should have workers gathering from both nodes since you need Birch Timber in such large quantities.


Tin Ore

There are three Tin Ore node locations: Khuruto Cave, Behr Riverhead, and Rhutum Outstation. The one in Khuruto Cave costs the least contribution points wise (7 contribution points) while the one in Rhutum Outstation costs 9 and Behr Riverhead costs 11. Note that the Tin Ore node in Khuruto Cave won’t show up until you connect the Khuruto Cave node and talk to the Node Manager. This will give you the option to discover the Tin node for 35 energy in the conversation.


Copper Ore

Copper Ore nodes are all over the Velia/Heidel area. The cheapest Copper nodes for contribution points is the Coastal Cave location but the Goblin Cave or Northern Heidel Quarry locations are also good as well.



Flax can be obtained from Costa Farm and Moretti Plantation just south of Heidel.


Gathering Setup

Some of the materials required for a fishing boat cannot be gathered from nodes and therefore you need to gather them manually. You will need to gather manually the following at a maximum

  • 250 Logs
  • 30 Pine Sap
  • 30 Black Stone Powder

Logs/Pine Sap

Pine Trees can be found mostly in the valley leading up to Florin. You will need a Fluid Extractor which can be purchased at a Material Vendor (uses the NPC button next to the minimap to locate one in a city). The one you brought from the NPC vendor doesn’t have much uses so it is advisable to bring at least 3 since they have 10 uses each. Equip the Fluid Collector and then walk up next to a pine tree to siphon sap from it. If you are unsure what a Pine Tree looks like, I have marked one below.


For logs you need an Axe which can also be purchased from the same Material vendor. Be sure to purchase a bunch since they have very low durability and you need a lot of logs. To make things easier, it might be good to place the axe and the fluid collector on the hotbar so you can swap between them easily to log non-Pine trees. Alternatively you can just buy logs on the Marketplace since they are fairly cheap.

Birch Timber

If you want to speed up the birch timber gathering time, you can manually gather some Birch Timber from birch trees. Depending on your gathering skill, you may sometimes get Birch Planks as well. Here is a map of the various types of trees so you know where to gather them.


Black Stone Powder

Black Stone Power can be acquired in two ways. You can grind the various magic crystals you get as drops while adventuring. Alternatively, you can produce them in a Refinery via Rough Stones at a 2:1 ratio. You will need a worker to produce this since you cannot produce them yourself. Rough stones are obtained from manually mining the various rocks and mineral resources.



Usable Scantling

By using the Chop option in Simple Processing (L), you can make 1 Usable Scantling from 10 logs. With higher processing levels you often get a bit extra.


Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood requires 10 Birch Planks. You can make Birch Planks via chopping. It takes 5 Birch Timber to make 1 Birch Plank. So technically you will need 50 Birch Timber per Plywood or 2500 for 50 Plywood at a maximum. 

You will need to make the Planks manually and it can be very energy intensive so if you have a Pearl Shop bed in a residence this can help you recover energy faster (regen 3 energy every  minutes instead of 1).

For the Plywood you can make them yourself if you have the Chopping Beginner Knowledge. This is good for leveling up your processing skill and you get a few extra Plywoods along the way.


If for whatever reason you don’t have the Chopping Beginner knowledge or the energy you can build a Wood Workbench and have your workers process the Planks into Plywood. They will not process the timber for you into planks so you will need to make the planks first, put them into storage and have them make the plywood. Workers will not make any extras for you so you will need exactly 500 Birch Planks if you want them make all 50 Plywoods.


Bronze Ingot

Bronze Ingots requires 5 Melted Tin Shards and 5 Melted Copper Shards. You can melt Tin and Copper using the Heating option in simple processing. It takes 5 Ore to make a Melted Shard so for 25 Bronze Ingots you will need 125 Melted Tin and Copper Shards or 625 Ore of each kind at a maximum.

Bronze Ingot can be made via the Heating option if you have the Heating Beginner knowledge. This is the preferred way if you want extras and gains on your processing skill. Otherwise you can build a Minerial Workbench and have your workers make them. Much like everything else, workers will not make extras so you will need exactly 125 Melted Tin/Copper if you want your workers to make all 25 Bronze Ingots.


Flax Fabric

To make Flax Fabric you will need to first grind Flax into Flax Threads at a ratio of 5 Flax per Thread via processing. Then you need to Heat Flax Threads into Flax Fabric at a ratio of 10 Flax Threads per Flax Fabric. This requires at a maximum of 800 raw Flax to make the 16 Flax Fabrics.

Build the Boat

I mentioned this above but I want to stress it if you didn’t see it earlier. You do not need to have all the materials ready to start building the Fishing Boat. You can start as soon as you have some parts. What happens when workers build a ship is that they simply add materials to the ship and this can be done in any amount or order.


As you can see in the picture above, you need to have your workers work on each of the material required for the fishing boat a number of times depending on the amount required. If you just have say 10 Usable Scantlings, you can place them in the storage and have your workers work on those 10 Usable Scantlings while you acquire the other materials. This will greatly speed up the construction process since you can build and gather materials at the same time.

Additionally, you can have multiple workers work on the same material or different materials. This is completely new for ship building as in other crafts you can only have 1 worker working on a task. This means you can have say 3 workers on say Birch Plywood, 3 workers on Usable Scantling etc to greatly speed everything up. The + symbol next to a material tells you how many workers you have working on a material (+2 means I have 2 workers on that material).


Goblin workers are very speedy at building ships but you can hire giant workers if you don’t want to feed them too often and not in a rush. You can either hire workers locally (alts are helpful here to pick workers since workers are account shared and energy are character specific) or use workers from connected Towns. If you use workers from other towns, the materials they need to work on must be in that city’s storage and there will be additional travel time. Workers will not work on the ship if you are offline so you must stayed logged in.

Generally if you want your ship completed in 24 hrs, you should have 5 workers on the construction so you have a worker on each material. Birch Plywood have to be worked 50 times and each work takes about 21 minutes (assuming you are using local goblin workers) so this can take as much as 17-18 hrs with a single worker. Make sure you have lots of Beer as well to replenish their stamina.

Fishing Boat Accessories

You can craft three types of Fishing Boat Accessories using the Ship Parts Workshop. Keep in mind that fishing boat accessories requires much higher processing/gathering skills to craft due to the requirement of Sturdy Birch Plywood and Pure Crystals which require you to have Gathering Skilled 10 and Processing Professional 5. You cannot make them with workers but you can purchase from other players in the Marketplace.

Additionally, to craft these accessories you will need a Level 3 Ship Parts Workshop which can be found in Heidel, Calpheon, asnd Epheria Port.


Fishing Boat accessories increase the movement speed, weight limit and defense power (DP) of your boat so you can move faster, carry more and able to sustain more attacks.

Fishing Boat Prow

This accessory provides 1% movement speed and 10 Defense Power. You can also use Blackstone (Armor) to enhance it. To craft it you need 1x Sturdy Birch Plywood, 1x Sinner’s Blood, and 20x Black Stone Powder.


Sturdy Birch Plywood requires 10x Birch Plywood and 3x Plywood Hardener. This is made only via Heating and you need to have Heating: Skilled which requires you to have Gathering Skilled 10 and Processing Professional 5 and then do a series of quests in Keplan (NPC Vatudun). Alternatively you can purchase it on the Marketplace from other players.

Plywood Hardener is made from Alchemy (Apprentice 1) and requires the following

  • 3x Pure Powder Reagent (Alchemy: 1x Purified Water, 1x Silver Azalea, 1x Sugar, 1x Wild Grass/Weed).
  • 9x Bloody Tree Knot (Workers can gather them from tree nodes or you can find them from logging trees if your gathering skill is Skilled 5 or above).
  • 12x Fir Sap (collected from Fir trees using fluid collector)
  • 9x Trace of the Earth (link node to Ancient Stone Chamber near Velia and then talk to the node manager and spend 35 energy to have the Trace of the Earth node show up).

Sinner’s Blood is also made from Alchemy (Apprentice 1) and requires the following

  • 1x Clear Liquid Reagent (Alchemy: 1x Wild Grass/Weed, 1x Sunrise Herb, 1x Salt, 1x Purified Water)
  • 5x Deer Blood (killing deer and extract their blood via Fluid Collector)
  • 1x Powder of Flame (acquired by workers mining various Copper nodes).
  • 2x Bloody Tree Knot

Fishing Boat Container

This accessory provides +15 DP and +70 weight limit. You can also use Blackstone (Armor) to enhance it. To craft it you need 4x Sturdy Birch Plywood, 2x Bronze Ingot, and 10x Black Stone Powder.


Fishing Boat Decoration

This accessory simply provides +14 DP. To craft it you will need 45x Iron Ingots, 10x Pure Iron Crystal, and 15x Black Stone Powder.


Pure Iron Crystal is made by heating and requires Heating: Skilled. It basically has the same requirements as the Sturdy Plywood and you need Gathering Skilled 10 and Processing Professional 5 to make them. It requires 2x Metal Solvent and 3x Iron Ingot per Crystal.

Metal Solvent is made from Alchemy (Apprentice 1) and requires the following

  • 1x Clear Liquid Reagent (Alchemy: 1x Wild Grass/Weed, 1x Sunrise Herb, 1x Salt, 1x Purified Water)
  • 3x Melted Iron Shard
  • 4x Rough Stone
  • 2x Traces of Savagery (link node to Lyn Farm Ruins near Velia and then talk to the node manager and spend 35 energy to have the Trace of the Savagery node show up).

Set Bonus and Appearence

If you have the Prowl, Container and Decoration equipped, you get a special set bonus which grant you 2% movement speed and +30 DP.

The appearance of each accessory can be viewed here:

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It’s not enough to check all quests to get the crafting discipline quests. I could view and accept the quests only after the Black Spirit told me to go to the NPC. So to be safe, go in to guide on the Black Spirit and click the appropriate quest.

Another great guide. Thanks.

“The one in Khuruto Cave costs the least contribution points wise (7 contribution points) while the one in Rhutum Outstation costs 9 and Behr Riverhead costs 11.”

I just set up a route to Behr Riverhead for the Tin mining and it also only cost 7 CP from Calpheon.

The route is; Calpheon (0) > Gambino Farm (2) > North Kaia Mountaintop (1) > Phoniel’s Cabin (1) > Behr Riverhead (1) > Behr Riverhead – Mining (1).

It runs roughly along the hill ridge due south of Calpheon, though the forest.

Im not sure when this guide was done, however, Bronze is not made from tin and copper in the current NA/EU version. It is made from copper and zinc. The zinc can be farmed from three areas in Mediah.

Yes your right, sorry, a lot of Gunril armor being made right now the ore kinda flows together

Flax is heated not ground. Possible typo..change “grind” to “heat”
“To make Flax Fabric you will need to first grind Flax into Flax Threads
at a ratio of 5 Flax per Thread via processing. Then you need to Heat
Flax Threads into Flax Fabric at a ratio of 10 Flax Threads per Flax

I have a question related to the gearing of the fishing boat.

There are 4 gear slots: the prow, the deco, and the cargo. The 4th one has a toggle and looks like a fish. Were/are we going to be able to attach drag nets for open ocean fishing or is that just an artifact from an old system that was removed?

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