GW2 Bubble Glider now available in Gemstore

GW2 Bubble Glider is now available in the gemstore for 500 gems. This is an April Fools themed glider.

This glider is not dyeable but has a pretty neat sound effect.



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46 replies on “GW2 Bubble Glider now available in Gemstore”

I liked your joke the first time, but the second time was a little too much salt for me. The more one speaks, the less weight one’s words hold. Until they become as light and fluffy as the air itself.

Sometimes it’s best to not say anything and have people think you’re a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Armor sets are acquired from in game content, opposed to outfits which are gemstore content. So don’t expect any more armor sets for a long time. Hell, don’t be surprised if we see 3 or less new sets before the next xpac.

I like it but damn Anet you guys are lazy, the cash grabbing is real… where is the creativity … This is just the overload Water reskinned as a Glider…

Then there was a very brief period before hot where you could get some gemstone items by grinding an in game event. Very short lived, major cooperation flaws, hectic grinding, but a damn cool few weeks.

Back when it was Guild Wars 1?

No wardrobe functionality or trading post made getting the skins you want much more of a chore, but other than a few holiday costumes and promotional items, nothing cost a dime.

Here’s a wild idea, instead of stopping production of products that were advertised and were a major sale-point of your expansion (legendaries) how about stopping the cash shop shit until you redeem yourself with the shit game this turns out to be with each passing day?

You want to act like you recognize a problem and in an effort to fix that problem take away a major salepoint of your product, instead of the nonstop cash shop items. That’s pathetic.

Not sure why you write this comment here though. It’s Dulfy’s blog, not GW2 forums. This “you, you, you” bothers me.

its better to write it here anyways he wont get banned like there thats what makes dulfy so appealing here you can freely speak

Sadly there are higher chances of devs reading this blog then their own forums. By “you” i clearly meant ANet. Anyone who didn’t get that….well…tough luck.

I want them to keep generating profit to keep the game in the black. If they can’t manage legendaries, oh well

Part of that profit was made by ppl who bought the expansion because one of it’s key features were legendaries. Now they got scrapped away after they made the profit. That is scamming.

What’s April fools themed about this, the fact that it doesn’t clip or the fact it wasn’t canceled half way through production? -.-

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