Black Desert NA/EU Release Schedule for April-June

Black Desert is planning to have major content updates in April, May and June to add in new classes, Valencia and Awakening.

According to a recent Korean press conference, Daum has released their update schedule for NA/EU version of Black Desert Online.

  • Blader/Plum arriving in April
  • Two more classes to be released in May
  • Valencia and Awakening update to be released in June.

Information taken from this thread on the official forums. It is translated from korean.

So Daum EU recently held press conference regarding Black Desert EU/NA launch and they laid out future plan for NA/EU.


Key points:

-“업데이트 일정의 경우, 국내 서비스에서 이미 상당 부분 진행했기 때문에, 안정적인 컨텐츠 업데이트가 가능하다는 장점이 있다. 메디아 업데이트도 3월 말에 진행하게 됐는데, 원래는 4월 중순에 추가될 예정이었다.”

Regarding update schedule, we can release stable updates quickly. For example, Mediah was initially planned for middle of April but we were able to release it at the end of March.

-‘바이 투 플레이’라는 진입 장벽이 있음에도 불구하고 여전히 많은 유저들이 게임패스를 구매하고 있다. 또한, 캐시샵 아이템 가격이 비교적 높은 편인데, 이런 캐시 아이템에서도 많은 매출이 나오고 있다. 이런 것을 보고 지금의 트렌드가 적어도 올해에는 계속 유지될 것이라고 확신하고 있다.

While the game is “buy to play,” many users are still purchasing game pass. Furthermore, even though cash items are relatively expensive, we are maintaining large revenue and we predict that current trend will last until end of this year.

-“컨텐츠 업데이트는 유럽의 ‘온라인 게임 비수기’인 4월, 5월, 6월을 극복하기 위해 준비됐다. 4월과 5월에는 나머지 4개의 클래스를 오픈할 예정이고, 기타 발렌시아 같은 신규지역, 각성 같은 것은 6월부터 순차적으로 진행할 예정이다.”

Key contents update period will be april, may, and june considering that these are online games’ dry season. 4 classes is planned to launch is april and may. Other contents such as Valencia and awakening update will take place beginning in June.

-“소소한 부분들은 확인할 수 있다. 예를 들어 ‘펫’ 같은 경우에도 ‘세퍼드’나 고양이 같은, 북미 유럽 유저들에게 특화된 펫을 더 추가할 예정이다. 이외에도 날씨 같은, 크게 대수롭지 않게 생각하는 소소한 부분들에서 디테일을 채우고 유저 감성을 자극할 수 있도록 하고 있다. 다만, 북미 유럽을 위한 별도의 빌드를 만들거나 하는 큰 틀의 업데이트는 어려울 것이다.”

While various minor content difference may exist based on region such as Shepard and exculsive cats being released primarily for EU/NA. Additionally, weather system and other smaller details may vary from region. However, it will be difficult to make any drastic build changes or ones that change framework of the game.

  • Lars

    “Furthermore, even though cash items are relatively expensive, we are maintaining large revenue and we predict that current trend will last until end of this year.”

    Oh dear

    • Syced

      i guess if people are buying why adjust the price. usually how it goes.

    • darminiam

      So… prices are most likely not going to change. Too many people are still buying it at the high cash shop prices, so they see no need to change pricing. Too bad. I was hoping we would affect some change there and they would lower their prices. Looks like that won’t happen.

      • elchefo

        I’m getting a game that’s leaps and bounds beyond anything else currently available, and there is no monthly fee. I don’t mind supporting them, even though the prices are on the high end.

        • BM

          Same, I don’t mind spending what it would cost for a sub, about $12-15 a month. I just wish the prices were a lil lower so I could buy stuff for my alts as well as my main.

          • Levi Schuncken

            Uhm, If you have all characters (Thats what I do, try out all classes) and you want them to look badass, it will cost you 9x 30 euros, so u spend 270 euros on a game just to look a little better. Not counting the dyes, and the character slots. gg

            • Ian Kazy

              And if you play all characters enough to where you want to buy a costume from them all, then you need a life 🙂
              All these crybabies need jobs

        • John Kiser

          Realistically speaking they aren’t even that high. I mean they are what? Like 4 – 5 bucks more than blalde & souls costume + weapon skins? You can get a helmet in WoW (just a helmet) for 10 dollars. People complain, but I mean the prices aren’t really all that bad

    • Realist

      I never bother with responses, but I have to say this for the cheap mofos, dumbass idiots who can’t afford anything other than to rent an apartment and drive a $20,000 car. The simple truth is, you get what you pay for. Quality has a price. If Apple wants to sell their shit for 20x or even 200x the profit it takes to MAKE ONE, then so be it. Same with luxury cars, nice homes in nice neighborhoods. You have to work to earn it. A company that makes a good product, I’m going to buy it. Shit is not too expensive guys and girls. You’re just too fucking poor. Get a better job or just make more money. Also, most people who complains about price are fucking broke ass kids who don’t even know the value of money, while the ones willing to pay and support the game, feels that they make enough money to buy a higher ticket quality item. Why don’t you go bitch about why your rent cost so much or that the fucking price of an iphone has to be expensive. Better yet, complain about why the fuck we pay such high taxes. If I ever come up with a quality product that people want, I’m going to fucking charge the shit out of people just because of supply and demand. People who can’t afford shit, should just stay the fuck away. People who can and willing to pay for it, those are the customers that any business is looking for. This shit ain’t Walmart bargaining for prices. Simple truth is, shit ain’t too hard or too expensive. You just suck and not willing to put in time or too fucking poor and not willing to put in money.

      • Adam McCloskey

        And how!

  • JTO

    Yussss Blader. So excite!

  • Taj

    I hope they never lower the cash prices.

  • Martin Floden

    hehe yeah im not buying costumes/outfits until they lower prices. way too much. especially when its character bound.

    • Kage

      I dont think they will and the longer prices stay as they are, the smaller the possibility gets.
      Too many ppl buying stuff, myself included. But i just had to buy yukata. Love it 😀

      • El Poderoso Kukchi

        Not really, you must be new to consumer power. Many companies that dont change their business models end up losing. The problem is if you buy now you are agreeing to their crazy prices. Guildwars 2 had the same stupid model in the beginning and guess what? They had to change it because SALES weren’t there. They are going to go with what gets them the most money.

        • Ian Kazy

          Yeah, except sales are here in this case. And they will most likely continue this way. People that are purchasing are using the logic that, “I would be paying about this for a subscription normally so no real loss.” And I’m sure that mindset will continue to stay strong so long as new costumes are showing up in the shop.

          • El Poderoso Kukchi

            Yeah guess, its time i quit mmos. The golden age of mmos died with greed. The fact that you need to pay money for skills resets for a buy to play game is absurd. The lack of skill and the heavy dependence on gear makes pvp a joke. It was fun for 1 month. It is rather silly to just support bad business models.

            • Ian Kazy

              So whiny.
              If your gear was at their level then it would come down to skill. That’s your problem for not playing right, not a heavy reliance on gear. You can get skill resets through loyalty… Maybe you should just quit life

              They make a game for whiny baby foofoos, it’s called FFXIV

              • El Poderoso Kukchi

                It must suck to be you. Not being able to understand an opinion. Thats alright do what you need to do. It has nothing to do with skill, sorry to burst that bubble of lies. There is a heavy reliance on gear and if you are going to be in denial of that fact then you will be in for a rude awakening ;). Enjoy being a sheep.

              • Ian Kazy

                I understand your opinion. Your opinion just sucks donkey testicles and is inherently wrong. If I’m a sheep for liking something that’s fun and that tons of other people think is fun (the game is projected to outsell it’s Korean counterpart here), then you are the grass that we sheep eat and shit. Rude awakening? I’ve got 14 days of play time. Cheerio, friend!

                It’s not a heavy reliance on gear, you n00b. Korean games have been using gear models like this forever and it makes the PvP infinitely more enjoyable than some lame cookie cutter bullshit. Lineage 2 had a gear system soooooo similar to this and it is still the best mmo I’ve ever played. Just because you’re some fresh 50 that didn’t work on their gear at all and you can’t play with the big boys doesn’t mean the game relies on gear.

                So you can go play your Call of Duty or whatever 13 year olds are on these days.

              • Confucius

                Sorry. Didnt read that wall of text. Enjoy being a tool. Good’day fool.

              • Confucius

                Sorry, didn’t bother reading that wall of text. Enjoy being a tool lol.
                Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

              • Ian Kazy

                Needlessly aggressive? Unable to support your argument? Cheesy Buddha (Confucius, sorry) quote?

                Yep, that’s defeat. Thank you.

              • yepyep


              • Confucius

                You need to go back or stay in school. The level of your understanding is low. Why argue with a complete idiot? lol I have made my point and any person with a sensible mind will see that you and your butt buddy are retarded.

              • Ian Kazy


              • Conor Mcdougall

                And none of us are ignorant to the fact that you are a complete bellend. Your being tore apart mate. just walk away.

              • Confucius

                Enjoy being a tool. Id rather be a complete bellend than a complete twat like you.

    • Ian Kazy

      They don’t plan on lowering them. They just said that they’re people are buying the costumes and it allows them to keep a buy to play model with no subscription and continue to turn a good profit.

      • james

        You do know it does not work like that right? games go F2P not subscription. Thats actually even illegal in some countries that require any future product costs to be stated in an items release.

        UK just passed a law in the last year or so that requires products to state there full value and meet that mark. If they fail to do so they must provide compensation or they can be subject to lawsuits.

        30$ for a costume in a 30$ game is batshit insane.
        FUCK Fallout 4 for thinking Id spend 5$ on real content when I can by non transferable character bound skins for x6 the price per unit.

    • james

      Yeah the whole character bound thing is really just the guy pissing on you after shower room rape.

      I could even understand costume type A being locked to character type A. Like no Tamer gear on warriors and so on.

  • HadesClutch

    Not going to boot up BDO again until I get my Ninja class, this is BS

    • Cody Pearson

      Are you a fucking child?

      • james

        Are you a fucking moron?

        “If its ready, release it.”
        They actually gave ‘Its to asian for NA release” as there official reason for not launching with base game classes. That is BS. Not to mention that unlike its home country we NA have to pay for the base game. Talk about a premium fucking.

        • Cody Pearson

          The only fucking piece of literal human garbage is you Fuck face. You obviously know nothing about game development shit lips. There are balancing and changes that must take place first and that all takes time. Go die in a ditch lonely you pile of fucking wasted cells.

          • james

            Thats a lot of talk mouthbreather. Considering nothing in reality backs up a word of it. Nice overcompensation moron.

            • Cody Pearson

              Yup, as I thought. You don’t know a single thing about game development. Can only assume you are some young dicklette cry baby who does nothing on the forums but attempt to flame other people. Didn’t take very much to make you super salty. Next time do some real research before opening your autistic mouth and go pound sand you shitter.

              • james

                Hypocrite much?

                I mean you literally just described everything about yourself from this conversation… or ‘head meets wall thing’ may be a better name for it.
                You know when you are trolling you are supposed to hide it a bit.

              • Higira

                I agree with Cody, just not liking how he words it. In releasing content it goes by steps because they need time to translate patch per patch. Not to mention bug tests for each patch (even though there will still be bugs). So new content such as ninja will take time. The base classes are everything BESIDES the 2 new ones (musa and maewha). The rest are just expansions (add ons)

              • james

                No they are not. Those classes landed in Korea before the Valk and…. I dont remember the other one. Or was it… no maybe it was Wizard/Witch. Either way, they specifically stated those class were with held because they were “Too asian” for release.

                “If its ready, release it.”
                Is what I said. Not ‘Release before ready’.

                Thats besides the fact that people dont seem to get what optimization actually does. Or how long it really takes.
                Even without insider info you could just think about it logically.
                A 100 man development team can produce a triple A within a year. But a 3-10 man team cant port 1-2 characters in less than a month? … really… fuck off.

                The point is… if this is how they treat the paying members of whats ultimately a F2P game… then they should be publicly executed to preserve the future of our world.

                -“Appeal to motive”: where a premise is dismissed by calling into question the motives of its proposer-
                The base logic does not justify the results.

              • Higira

                well if your reaction is “public execution” thank god you’re not in charge of anything that matters. Regardless of how they are doing it, its their way of doing it.. if you can’t handle it then buy the rights or open a pserver..

              • james

                So when confronted by reality you target the emotional points and blow the rest off.
                …and some say that humans are unpredictable.

                Good talk then.

              • Higira

                1. did not blow past your opinion – reread what i said
                2. No normal person goes and says to another person “lets have a public execution cuz shit aint going my way”

                good talk.

              • james

                1: Nice lie. My former comment stands.
                2: Nice strawman… my former comment stands.

                Good talk then. Well… thats bs. Good talk involves a lot less fallacy bs so… no. You need to step up your game.

              • Higira

                This is you.

                1. Ur retarded
                2 ur still retarded

                Good talk is a phrase people made up though the Internet. There are many “definitions” of it but this is the one I’m going for.

                A phrase one says in response to an utterly moronic comment. Alternatively, can be used after lecturing a friend, in order to cut off any potential response.

                Bye keyboard warrior.

              • james

                While you are looking up definitions you should try this one:

                “a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.”
                …hypocrite. Fits you like a glove.

                I mean ffs… you have devolved to calling me a retard but Im the one reacting poorly to people who dont agree with me?

              • Higira

                1. When did i ever pretend to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles etc…?

                All i said was this is how daum wants to run it. Take it or leave it. Like i said earlier, please reread what i said, because obviously you cannot fathom my answer at all.

                2. did i call you a retard? reread what i wrote.
                I said “THIS IS YOU”
                1. ur retarded
                2. ur retarded

                I am saying YOU ARE CALLING ME A RETARD. So who’s the retard now? Can’t even read properly before you jump the gun.

                While I am at it, here is a quote from just like yours.

                “Also called douche. Slang: Vulgar. a contemptible or despicable person.”
                …Douche bag. Fits you like a glove.

                @EDIT: LOL, just noticed you used the same bloody word for the other guy as well. Holy crap, get some new material man.

              • MongolianGrill

                Stop making people with the name James look like a fucking moron.

              • james

                Says the person whos single line makes all of humanity that much dumber.
                So repeat… another hypocrite.

              • Higira

                look another hypocrite that pretends hes smart but is dumb as a door knob

              • james

                Look another pointless drive by poster with nothing meaningful to say.

              • Higira

                Look another pointless drive with nothing meaningful to say. What a hypocrite

              • james

                Yeah you are. Glad you finally figured that out.

              • Fred Garvin

                It’s past your nappy time.

              • Higira

                Wow, stupid and hypocritical. Higira -> James. Are you blind or just stupid?

              • james

                Seems like you dont know the meaning of the word hypocritical since you set a new record every time you post. I hope you have brain damage or something otherwise… wow.

              • Higira

                WOW everytime you post you prove exactly what you are saying is true ABOUT yourself. Man, calm down stop putting yourself down like that its pretty hypocritical.

              • Higira

                ta dah

              • Grant Snyder

                fuck off nigger

    • Ian Kazy

      lmao, cry baby bitch

      • emmanul pina

        thats fine i will cry like a bitch as long as i get ninja. thats the sole reason i bought this game

        • NoGround

          Then you’re gonna get bored… really quick. The class is only ONE of the several major pieces of content you can play. Most don’t even involve combat.

    • Fred Garvin


  • Ray Conroy

    Sounds real cool, what are those two other classes they are talking about. They just added meawa and musa, that’s only two, they said 4.

    • Ninja and kunoichi got delayed

      • Gilgamesh

        awakening coming in june? this month?

        • Nope, got delayed as well

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