Black Desert Cherry Blossom Event Guide

A guide to the Black Desert Cherry Blossom event running from March 30, 2016 to May 4, 2016.

Getting Started

This is an event that will run from March 30, 2016 to May 4th 2016. Anyone can participate regardless of level. It rewards a cosmetic earring and a decoration for your residence.

You will need a farm to participate. This need to have at least 4 slots and you may need bigger ones depending on how many seeds you wish to plant. If you are unsure of how to setup a farm and take care of your seeds then consult this guide here.

Cherry Blossom Seed

You will need to acquire Cherry Blossom Seeds. These can be found from Wild Herbs, Desert Herbs, and Dry Thicket only with either barehand gathering or gathering with a hoe (try +gathering outfits/buffs as they seem to give better chance of seeds for me).


There are a bunch of locations with Wild Herbs but my favourite locations is an area just west of Abandoned Iron Mine in Mediah or in the Kamasilve Temple area just east of Heidel.


If you are unable to get to Mediah for some reason, the mountain just south of Velia is also good but there is a lots of climbing and Wild Herbs are sparsely populated.


Farming Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry Blossom Seeds take 2 slots on a farm and an average of 8 hrs to finish growing (or 6.5 hrs if you use fertilizers). You cannot breed these seeds so you must get more from gathering Wild Herbs/Desert Herbs/Dry Thickets.


Assuming you gather the trees before they reach 120%, they should give around 10 or more Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals. These can be traded for rewards, sold to vendors, or consumed to grant yourself buffs that does not stack with food buffs.



You can trade in the Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals to the Seed Vendor in Heidel (Hunt) or Calpheon (Ahr) for two kinds of reward (repeatable).


Cherry Blossom Pot

This is an decoration for your residence that give you +20 interior points and costs 10 Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals.


Cherry Blossom Earring

This is a cosmetic earring you can equip on your character and costs 30 Unwithering Cherry Blossom Petals. .


  • Kitty Cat

    Thank you Dulfy , can you get more then one tree/earrings?

  • Space Captain

    So you can get these by gathering with a hoe? I did a run around Mediah last night bare handed and got 3 seeds. All from dry thickets. I didn`t get anything at all from wild herbs and I never saw a desert herb node. Two of them had finished growing by the time I went to work this morning and I netted 26 petals which was nice.

    • Dan Gudy

      I can confirm they drop from Wild Herbs with barehanded gathering at least. I haven’t tried with a hoe, yet.

      • Senorita Boom

        Confirmed with hoe. I used the Apprentice Gatherer’s Uniform (quest reward), a steel hoe and ate a grain soup. I collected 7 seeds in the Northern Heidel Highlands, (East of Heidel) during the 30 minutes the first food buff was active with Apprentice 1 gathering skill and spent about 60 energy.

    • Yup, you can get them via hoe or barehands.

      • Space Captain

        Excellent. That means less weeds 🙂

        • Bill Jutz

          You do know weeds have a big value?

  • Luna

    Best place I’ve found to gather the seeds are the highlands to the east of Hidel, got about 4 in around half an hour, switched to an alt and got another 6 in around the same amount of time.

    • Luna

      Extra note: I gathered these barehanded, main is Apprentice 9 gathering and alt was a complete beginner gatherer

  • Grimmsix

    This is what the earring looks like for those interested.

    • lostforever

      Does the earring has any stats like the one from pearl shop? I think pearl shop gives you more chance to unlock advance knowledge on mobs or something.

      • Grimmsix

        No added bonus like the Pearl Shop ones, does have 2 dye slots though.

  • Fozze

    How often do you need to look after these as they grow? do you need to waer them or do they just grow by themselves? Im nervous incase i plant like 5 of the things and they die.

  • RockstarRepublic

    That earring is so manly! No seriously, I really dont know what to do with these petals now. Perhaps the housing decor instead.

    • Miroslav Štěpánek

      Or sell to NPC for 10k each…

    • Sirabell

      Fill your house with trees. ????? Profit.

  • Lee Tran

    Does anyone know if the earrings are character or family bound? I would like to pick up a pair for my future plum

    • Family bound

      • Lee Tran


  • Esmeralda Dekker

    if they are family bound how can i wear them on my other char. because i cant see it in inventorie if i change chars

    • They are in pearl inventory I believe

      • Esmeralda Dekker

        i found them but i can not use them on my different char

        • Sinsko

          Did you try putting them storage to take out on another character?

          • Esmeralda Dekker

            thanks that worked did not now that was posible ^^

  • Soundwayve

    I’ve had my Cherry trees planted for 2 days… full fertilizer and 100% and they are only at 17% growth. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

    • Might have planted in a bad area, where did you plant? If you can send me a screenshot of crop info window I can tell you more.

      • Soundwayve

        Sure. As I’m re-reading guides, it may have to do with the limited playtime I’ve had the last few days. Time to AFK-fish and find out.

    • Sirabell

      Have you been online that whole time?

  • Gen

    Doesnt mention in guide, are the cherry trees one time use or when you plant them and they mature, do they continue to give petals or you have to keep planting new trees after you get the petals?

  • Lileja

    “These can be found from Wild Herbs, Desert Herbs, and Dry Thicket only”

    I got from sunrise herb just now

  • Sin

    How rare those seeds are? i just started gathering so im low level and spent my whole energy with no luck with this seed.

    • Sinsko

      Totally RNG, but over around 100 gathering attempts I ended up with about 7 of them.

      • Space Captain

        Really really rng. I did a couple of 100 energy gathers in mediah and got 2 each time. I was doing gathering dailies in Olvia this morning and got two in five minutes. A nice easy event though. It doesn’t take much to get the rewards.

  • Now my warrior can be a true pimp with them earrings.

  • Keiko Mushi

    A good yield on my first harvest. Got two potted plants, but waited until the second harvest to get my first lot of earrings. This is made slower by the basic hoe being only 10 durability, so I decided to use a workshop to make at least the 30 durability version. After making a few I checked my Velia storage to find that some of them came out as “Lucky”. The luck bonus was quite noticeable given a test with both the Lucky version and the standard. Came out with a haul of 4 cherry blossom seeds, fruit and a bunch of other stuff (such as Seed Potato seeds) during the Lucky test, but it was predominantly herbs with the standard. In any case, I highly recommend folks consider using any lucky tools that they make for finding shinies.

  • Minaide

    Luck scrolls/boosters seem to help!
    I did one trip of gathering wild herbs and got one seed whilst using 85 energy. The next trips I used an luck boost scroll and I got three seeds in ten minutes. I didn’t count my used energy, but I used significantly less energy to get more seeds.

  • narg

    guys, do you any1 knows, if i can continue plant new tree when i have seed, even after event ends ??

    Dulfy ??

    • Orion41

      I harvested 30 seeds with 5 minutes before the server went down, but was distracted and couldn’t make it to the seed vendor to turn it in. I’m really hoping I can at least sell the seeds to a vendor and not have them disappear completely when I log in tomorrow. 🙁

      • narg

        yup, i do the same with easter eggs, i have like 30 egs from 40 for each type, and delete them all after event ended (bcz i cant finish quests), just in 5 min later I read here, that event was prolonged for more next 14 days…

        btw u can consume cherry PETAL (not seeds) for small buff

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