Black Desert March 31 New Korean Costumes

Korean version of Black Desert Online received 5 new costumes in its Pearl Store today for Warrior, Sorceress, Blader, Ninja and Kunoichi.

Note: Names are all Google-Translated, if you can read Korean and know the proper names please let me know!


Original Korean Link:

  • Gaga

    i love rio & garvey!

  • Yeah

    So we’re dressing up the Ninja in a Samarai outfit? Yeah, that works.

  • It says embargo from what I can tell in the image most of it is really boring like when it goes live and so forth… The other part says cyrillic like the eastern european’s use… which makes sense since the other names for the warriors are cultures from history. spacing matters if you post which sets of characters you think is garvey or the other names I can look at it but no promises, I’m going from korean to Japanese to salvic to english.

    Warrior heirloom weapons, Premium Costumes set
    워리어 가 보 무기, 의상 프리 미엄 세트
    The blue is when it goes live.

  • Junsa

    For Sorceress set, it’s Papilio, not Rio Papil. The word 파필리오 is a foreign word, so you can read it as itself.
    Also, Garvey set’s full name is Garvey Regan. The word 가비 래건 is a foreign word, so you can read it as itself.
    I’m Korean and SWTOR player on Harbinger server, also big fan of Dulfy! If you need more help in the future, I’ll translate them as far as i can.

    • Thank you for the translations!

  • Tethysa
    Heya Dulfy you might want to look at this article and cover it 🙂 Soooo hyped!!!

  • Vincent van der Laan

    ninja costume should be for blader since bladers are samurais basicly 😛

    • Breadback

      Ninja are Japanese whereas Bladers are actually Korean swordsmen (check out their Awakening weapons and armor). Makes plenty sense.

  • Big Boo

    This is on the current US servers now? Yes?

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