GW2 Super Adventure Box

GW2 Color Guard SAB Daily Achievement Guide

A guide to reach the 4 flags required for the Color Guard Super Adventure Box achievement.

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To get high up the clouds where the flags are you have to go through an underground cavern located on the NW corner of the lobby.


Once you are inside jump across the water sprouts which are now static and doesn’t move. Once you reach the waterfall take a left and hop down on the jump pad.


This will take you up in the clouds, you will then need to jump to the cloud with 4 cannons. Each cannon will take you to a different flag so make sure you know which ones you used. You can probably start with one and then move clockwise or something to make it easy to remember. To get launched across, simply jump in the barrel of the cannons. Some of the flag locations allow you to get back to the cannons quickly but others require you redo everything from the start.


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9 replies on “GW2 Color Guard SAB Daily Achievement Guide”

So what does getting to all 4 flags get us? I finished getting to all 4 flags, but I don’t know how to track it (other than doing them clock wise) and I returned to the center my using a WP and not dying.

It’s guarded by a giant raccoon. Turn right after going through the waterfall in World 2 Zone 1. The easiest stump to reach is probably going underneath the ice platforms in World 3 Zone 3, but on slippery ice.

I will have to see if those count towards the daily as the daily specifically states World 2 Zone 2. But thank you for the reply. At least I know where some stumps you can smash are. Much appreciated!

For those doing this achi in 2018, there is a fastest way than to go through all 4 cannons: it’s to get turned into a bee (it’s part of the race into the clouds), and fly from one flag to another.

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