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GW2 Master of Decor World 1 Achievement Guide

A guide to finding all the furniture shops in World 1. Special thanks to Lycian and Trad for the help.


General Info & Video

Note that all the shops can be done in infantile mode (select the cloud on the left) with the exception of Hot Hot Hot. However, doing it in infantile mode will give you less furniture coins than normal or tribulation mode (no difference between normal/trib). This a new achievement added with 2016 edition of Super Adventure Box. Completing this achievement and the one for world 1 will unlock a new tab on Moto in Rata Sum where you can exchange Baubles for furniture coins (25 baubles per coin).



  • A-Maze-ing hiding spot: 0:00
  • Hot Hot hot: 1:22
  • Drain the improper water: 2:18
  • Just when you thought it was over: 2:48
  • Shopception: 3:20
  • Too big to flail: 3:57


World 1 Zone 1

A-MAZE-ing hiding Spot

This furniture shop is inside the Maze right after checkpoint 3. Follow the maze all the way to the left or reach the end of the maze and bomb the marked spot.


Jump down the hole and you will have to run past like 7 sets of spike traps in a dark maze before you can finally reach the innkeeper which will give you Fancy Furniture Coins (see video for route). Beware of the spike trap immediately as you jump down the hole as well.


Hot hot hot

This shop can be only done in Tribulation Mode. If you are unsure how to do it I suggest read/watch the one for zone 1. You will need to reach the second last checkpoint for zone in in Tribulation mode and keep going as if you were reaching the boss. Before you do the climb up, jump to a wall instead on your left and then drop down on the lava below. 


Once you are down below, jump to the hole and it will drop you into the furniture shop.


World 1 Zone 2

Drain the improper water

Right past the third checkpoint is a body of poisonous water. Thow a bomb at the marked location to drain the water and reveal a hole you can jump in with the shop right below for Fancy Furniture Coins.


Just when you thought it was over

Past the last checkpoint at the boss fight, bomb the big tree trunk beneath the cage/boss for Fancy Furniture Coins.


World 1 Zone 3


Past the 2nd checkpoint is a waterfall in which is there is a hidden shop behind it. If you burn the carpet, you can bomb the floor to access a second shop.


Now in the second shop you bomb the waterfall in the back left to enter a third shop which is the furniture shop where you can snatch Fancy Furniture Coins.


Too Big to Flail

Past the third checkpoint you will find a huge horizontal tree and a big tree stump nearby. If you recall there is a shop at bottom of the stump. Go into the shop, do your usual terror tactics of burning down the carpet with the candle and bomb the shop to reveal a hole beneath.


Jump into the alligator’s mouth and it will port you into its stomach where you will find the furniture shop with coins.



Special thanks to Trad, Lycian from zQ, Divio42 from reddit and reader Nicoper and GentleOsprey for finding these furniture shops and sharing their locations.

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18 replies on “GW2 Master of Decor World 1 Achievement Guide”

Too big to flail. Zone 3. Wake two gaters and go to the shop that’s hiding in a tree. Burn the carpet. Throw a bomb and a hole appears. Land on the gater which you can’t wack. Go into his mouth to get to the shop

You need to jump over the spikes, it’s a bit tricky, but possible to do.
Dodge jumping *might* help you, although it could also screw it up for you.

“Just when you thought it was over” granted me 3 coins, not 1. Infantile mode grants fewer coins.

Has tribulation mode changed? I try to get to Hot Hot Hot, but I keep falling in lava. After the first checkpoint, when you jump down from that last tree, in the video you can just walk to the dispenser but I keep falling down the ground into lava and i’m not sure if i’m just messing up somewhere.

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