GW2 Super Adventure Box

GW2 Super Adventure Box 2016 Guide

A guide to the new and returning Super Adventure Box content. This is a work in progress.


New Content Guides

For new achievements added with Super Adventure Box 2016. More coming soon.

Old Content Guides

For players who missed out on the initial Super Adventure box or need a reminder.

World 1 Normal

World 1 Tribulation Mode

World 2 Normal

World 2 Tribulation mode

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To be fair, SAB was completely broken from the updates that came after it was around. They had to fix that first.

Shopception, go into the secret shop in W1-z3 after the 3rd checkpoint. Burn the rug, bomb the floor, then bomb the waterfall in the next room.

“Just when you thought it was over!” is in the end of W1-Z2, throw a bomb at the tree stump with the cage on. (see image)

Anyone knows what’s up with “Betty Bauble” who seems to be in the end of every zone? Does she award something upon collection of all baubles in the zone?

She lets you know if you’ve collected them all. The only way to get the achievement is to finish the zone. If you finish it but were missing one baubel you have no way of knowing (before now) and would have to start over.

Hmmm, I see. They’re also obtained for completing an entire set of sab weapons from 1 colour. Too bad the collections are bugged a bit, because already applied sab skins don’t get recognized by the collection :<

“Hot Hot Hot!” Is in W1-Z1 Tribulation Mode. It’s hiding in the back left corner of the final area in the lava under the map.

“Under the pyramid of pain.” W2Z3 beneath the yeti boss. You can get back up to the boss afterwards by jumping on the platforms around the outside of the pillar (far left side of second screenshot).

There’s a fancy coin shop thingy at the (I think) second last checkpoint of W2 Z2 (non-infantile mode), it requires one to utilize the jump gained from grabbing the checkpoint to jump through the floor in at the second floor of the building.
Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot, as I messed up the first time (I hadn’t realized the boost was needed, or rather, I didn’t see the shop until afterwards), then I tried again, but followed the path of the infantile clouds and ended up at the wrong place, unable to make it back there.
I assume this is the one called “All together now!”, as it is near the end of W2 Z2, and “A fluffy trapdoor” should probably be earlier on in the level.

There are buried treasure chests to be found. I would love a guide on those. I’ve found two so far. Also found a cave to access a small pile of baubles (12 I think?) with the bomb tool. All of my findings are in the first world, within the first two areas.

Isn’t a bit ironic that some people seem to care more for a game inside a game rather than the actual game itself? O.o

That doesn’t change the fact that it is only a minor part of the game that has little to do with the main game.

Im trying to do the achievements in World 2, Zone 2…but the clouds in infantile mode seem to be different from the video…has there been changes since it was made?

Yes they moved around the infantile clouds in W2Z2 for the 2016 release. Made things more harder than before as there are basically no infantile cloud anymore past the new cloud shortcut.

So Ill have to find a guide going around the regular way, any plans on making one yourself? If so ill wait…rather have quality. Thanks so much for the quick reply and for all of your guides.

Moreover there are additional assassins and baubles in this world, which makes the guide uncomplete for now πŸ™

I cant even get into world 2. Try try try again…. no prompt appears. World 1 cleared (supposed to be able to play in any order so that shouldnt matter). World 1 cleared a second time just in case… /cry

are you sure when you finished World 1 you stayed in the map till the bonus appeared (the cart hitting thing), then went back to the hub?

Since the worlds achievement are the same as the old one, I be sticking to daily achievement in world 1 only (world 2 is just so annoying and long!!!).

W2Z1 has a lot of dig bubbles and WzZ2 has the short cut which make it the shortest zone. So only 1 zone you really want to skip.

2 shortcut are added to W2Z3 also, so W2 is even shorter then W1 now if you just want to kill the bosses.
Before the shortcut in W2Z2 has +50+20dig and +20 chest.
Before the shortcut in W2Z3 has +50+50dig and + 20 chest.

So how do you get to World 3? I’ve finished World 2 on Normal and the third house has no promp. It clearly exists since you write about it in Overall Acheivement Guide, as well as having seen a video, so what gives? How do I get to that Genie?

A one-room are that was “part” of an unfinished World 3 Zone 1 could be accessed during the second release of SAB, and ONLY that release. You would take with a Genie who would send you to defeat the “true enemy”. It was all a setup for a Konami code joke. It’s not accessible this release.

Sure would be nice if this site or the wiki mentioned they were timed, or in the case of this guide, just deleted.

But I maintain that there IS a World 3, even if it’s not accessable now and was just a preview. There are textures, a known theme (cave), a name (Sparkling Pools), and we even know what the boss is now (Kaiser Snake).

There is no World 3, only World 1 Zone 3 and World 2 Zone 3. The Houses go to the different worlds not the zones.

W1Z3 will be in the first house, after completing the first two zones, and W2Z3 will be in the second house.

Did anyone else loose progress from the last time? I had everything unlocked, but now i was lacking the bomb, slingshot, and some other stuff. And I wasn’t the only one, my friend also lost some items (but not the same ones, i had still had the shovel for example, she didnt. She had the bombs, I didnt.

I’ve googled it a bit, but couldn’t find any other references. Anyone else experienced this or knows why?

Timely blog post – my assistant last month found
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