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GW2 Master of Decor World 2 Achievement Guide

A guide to finding all the furniture shops in World 2. Special thanks to Lycian and Trad for the help.


General Info & Video

Note that all the shops can be done in infantile mode (select the cloud on the left). Keep in mind though infantile mode will give you less furniture coins that normal/tribulation mode. This a new achievement added with 2016 edition of Super Adventure Box. Completing this achievement and the one for world 1 will unlock a new tab on Moto in Rata Sum where you can exchange Baubles for furniture coins (25 baubles per coin).



  • Where the river splits: 0:00
  • Between two ferns: 1:30
  • A fluffy trapdoor: 2:17
  • All together now: 3:11
  • #?@!: 3:31
  • Under the pyramid of pain: 4:21


World 2 Zone 1

Where the river splits

Past the first checkpoint, you want to cross the river and then jump over to the smaller river nearby. From there climb up and jump over the small river to the other side. The wall in the ledge can be bombed to reveal the furniture shop with 3 coins.


Between two ferns

Past the 7th checkpoint, take a left and jump on the walls. Follow the ledge and jump past the waterfall to the secret hidden area with a single bauble.


Take a right turn and you will find two ferns. Bomb the wall and you will find entrance to the furniture shop.


World 2 Zone 2

A fluffy trap door

This furniture shop is after checkpoint 5. Instead of doing the cancerous pergola with all the arrow traps and blocks you have to push, you are going to take a right and take the new shortcut that will lead you directly to the end of the zone.



All together now!

This shop is right above the 2nd last checkpoint of the zone. However, to get there you have to do it normally and not use the shortcut as you cannot backtrack once you are at the boss area. This means you have to do the pergola with the arrow traps/blocks and the perogla with the gong.

When you stand on this checkpoint, it will boost you to the second floor if you are standing in the middle of the checkpoint. Everyone else on the edges will stuck on the roof. What they have to do is jump forward a couple steps past the checkpoint and use the black jump pad to boost themselves to two clouds that will take them back to the second floor. The jump is a bit tricky so those not good at jumping should just stand in the middle of the checkpoint and get boosted up top.


World 2 Zone 3


This shop is to the right side of the pyramid with the jumping rams. To reach this pyramid, you cannot take the shortcut that take you directly to Yeti and it is after Checkpoint 6.


Under the pyramid of pain

This shop is right under the yeti hill to the right of the checkpoint. Depending on if you took the shortcut teleporter to the Yeti this is either checkpoint 5 or checkpoint 9. Just drop down to the ledge to the right of the checkpoint and bomb the wall.



Special thanks to Trad and Lycian from zQ, Diviner, reader Beatrice Vanderwahl, Daniel Bishop, and Nicoper for their assistance.

By Dulfy

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right after the 7. checkpoint turn left and climb up the wall where u find a secret room/platform with 1 bubble, after collecting the bubble turn right to the leafs and throw a bomb

right after the 7. checkpoint turn left and climb up the wall where u find a secret room/platform with 1 bubble, after collecting the bubble turn right to the leafs and throw a bomb

This room is reached from the side of the yeti pyramid that has the checkpoint after the wooden walkway, not the side with the checkpoint that comes from the teleporter location.

Can anyone give me some advice o between two ferns, i cant figure out where to go between the second and third pictures in the guide.

It’s possible to skip the pergola and gong room in W2Z2 and do both stops in one run. If you take the shortcut eagle and jump off the ledge without taking any checkpoints, it will port you back to the checkpoint before the teleport platforms. From there you can either backtrack to the cloud shop or continue to the shop above the next checkpoint.

I was dreading having to do the whole pergola/gong thing again. This method saves so much time. Thank you!

Anyone know how to get into this cave? It’s right above the hilly billy camp before a set of raccoons go running to the raccoon boss. I’ve been running everywhere and bombing every wall around it without success.

come on dulfy you couldve mentioned that you need to take a left for the WHERE THE RIVER SPLITS furniture shop cuz if you go to the right you go past it. THE FIRST CHECKPOINT IF U GO TO THE RIGHT IS NOT THE SAME AS THE ONE ON THE LEFT!!!!

If you failed the “All together now!” checkpoint-jump you can still reach the shop from the cloud.

Even if you failed the “All together now!” checkpoint-jump you can still reach the shop from the cloud.

this is the worst fucking guide for “All together now” i have ever set my eyes on in all of gaming

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