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GW2 Super Adventure Festival Daily Achievements Guide

A guide to the daily achievements in Super Adventure Festival 2017.


General Info

Complete 3/5 of the Super Adventure Festival Dallies to get Course Work: Super Adventure Festival achievement. Complete 8 Course work achievements to obtain Course Load achievement, which grant you new Crimson Assassin weapon skins.


Daily List (Updated Daily)

Adventuring must be done in normal or tribulation mode. Everything else can be done on infantile mode unless otherwise noted.

Day Date Achieve 1 Achieve 2 Achieve 3 Achieve 4 Achieve 5
Day 1 March 30 Adventuring 102 Environmental Science 203 Interior Design 202 Locksmithing 103 Mineral Resource Extraction 201

Daily Guides – Misc

Color Guard

Please see this guide for the full details on completing this achievement.

Academic Probation

Complete the Shortcut Wurm and Shortcut Eagle. This can be done in infantile mode for ease of access.

Shortcut Wurm is in W1Z2. Past the second checkpoint, head to the canopy and start go backwards towards the water. The wurm is in a corner.


Shortcut Eagle is in W2Z2. Past the third checkpoint, take a right at the flowers. Make a jump to a semi difficult cloud and then climb the tree to access the Shortcut Eagle. Ride it all the way while staying behind the head to complete the achievement.


Daily Guides – Environmental Science

Environmental Science 101

Smash the honeycomb in World 1 Zone 1. This is right after the third checkpoint. In the corner on your way to the next checkpoint is a maze. You go through the maze and in the next open area is a honeycomb guarded by the Queen Bee Dog in a corner.


Environmental Science 102

Smash the honeycomb in World 1 Zone 2. The ground after the second checkpoint contains the entrance to the Queen Bee Dog a corner.If you are unsure where to go, just follow the Bee dogs. Honeycomb is guarded by the Queen Bee Dog which you have to kill.


Environmental Science 103

Smash the honeycomb in World 1 Zone 3. This is the honeycomb right before checkpoint 1. If you are not sure of how to navigate the maze, just follow the bee dogs.


Environmental Science 201

Smash the tree stump in World 2 Zone 1. If you are doing this on infantile mode this is checkpoint 5. Otherwise it is like checkpoint 7. When you see these hillbillies, beat them up so a racoon spawns and lead you to the maze nearby (it is an easy maze anyways). Kill the stump protected by the Raccoon Kingpin.


Environmental Science 202

Smash the tree stump in World 2 Zone 2. If you are doing this daily, make sure you after using the shortcut eagle after checkpoint 3 as it skip all the tedious sections like the arrow traps and gongs. If done right, the shortcut eagle will take you all the way past the building with the big gong which will save you significant time.


You will need to run back a bit from the checkpoint saved by shortcut eagle and climb on this tree that will take you all the way to the roof of the gong building.


Once you are at the roof, make a big jump to the rock across from it and use the flower to shoot you to a hidden area with a maze. At end of the maze is a tree stump with a racoon kingpin. Watch you don’t die as the checkpoint is quite far away.


Environmental Science 203

Smash the tree stump in World 2 Zone 3. Infantile/normal mode is relatively the same since this location is right before checkpoint 1. Go into the maze near the hillbillies and navigate through to the tree stump guarded by a Racoon kingpin.


Daily Guides – Interior Design

Interior Design 101

Smash 10 pieces of furniture in World 1, Zone 1. The idea here is to go into shops and smash their furniture. There is a shop after checkpoint easily accessible with 11 furniture inside you can smash.


Interior Design 102

Smash 10 pieces of furniture in World 1, Zone 2. The idea here is to go into shops and smash their furniture. There is a shop right before checkpoint 2 and there is exactly 10 furnitures inside for you to smash.


Interior Design 103

Smash 10 pieces of furniture in World 1, Zone 3. The idea here is to go into shops and smash their furniture. There is a shop behind the waterfall past checkpoint 2. There is exactly 10 furnitures inside the shop so smash everything for a quick and easy daily.


Interior Design 201

Smash 10 pieces of furniture in World 2, Zone 1. The idea here is to go into shops and smash their furniture. You can find a shop just past checkpoint 5 (after the raft section with assassins) and checkpoint 7 (after the rapids with logs). Each shop has 5-6 furniture pieces you can pick up and smash. Do it in infantile mode to complete it fast.


Interior Design 202

Smash 10 pieces of furniture in World 2, Zone 2. The idea here is to go into shops and smash their furniture. Easiest shop to reach is to save at checkpoint 4 and then use the flowers to the left and bottom of the checkpoint to shoot yourself into the shop. There is enough furniture for the achievement and use infantile mode if you need to reach it easier.


Interior Design 203

Smash 10 pieces of furniture in World 2, Zone 3. The idea here is to go into shops and smash their furniture. Easiest shop to reach is to the one right before checkpoint 2. There is exactly 10 furnitures inside the shop for you to smash.


Daily Guides – Locksmithing

Locksmithing 101

You need to open two chests in World 1 Zone 1. The first chest is a freebie and is just to the right of entrance along with the key next to it. The second chest is right past checkpoint 1 on a hill. Kill all the monkeys you see for a chance at key drop. Otherwise you need to buy one from the shop.


Locksmithing 102

The two chests you need to open in World 1 Zone 2 can be found in this guide here. Specifically they are step 8 and 21 in the guide found between checkpoint 1-2 and checkpoint 2-3.

First chest is right past checkpoint 1. Buy a key first from the shop near checkpoint 2 and then go back and climb up this slanted tree trunk. Use it to jump on the leaves behind it and work your way to a cut open trunk with a chest inside.


Second chest is past checkpoint 2. Buy a key from the shop again and use the tree trunk near water to climb up to the canopy. Once you are in the canopy, look for a grassy area near the water and you will find a hidden chest there.


Locksmithing 103

You need to open three chests in World 1 Zone 3. You may consider doing this in normal mode so monkeys nearby the chests drop the keys and it makes less tedious than having to visit out of the way shops.

1. First chest is right before checkpoint 2. Go past checkpoint and visit the shop behind the green waterfall to buy a key and then make your way back to checkpoint 2.


Once you make back to checkpoint 2, jump to the wall to the left of the checkpoint and across the flower pads with your key to the chest. If you get gobbled up by the flower pads, you may lose your key so beware.


2. Second chest is after checkpoint 2 with an easier shop to reach to purchase your key. Get up to the canopy using the slanted log and then jump on the ledge in the wall to access this shop a bit higher up above the chest. Once you have the key, jump down to the chest and beware of the “fake” leaf that falls down as you jump across.


3. For the third chest, it is after the third checkpoint but you have to unlock the top checkpoint and jump through the canopy so you can access the giant horizontal log above. If you do this in normal mode you can kill monkeys around the horizontal log/chest to get  a key. Otherwise you may have to purchase a key from the same shop you used for chest 2 and carry it over as there doesn’t seem to be a way to get to the chest if you buy keys from shops past the third checkpoint.


Locksmithing 201

You need to open twochests in World 2 Zone 1. Do this in infantile mode and just buy keys from shops. Make sure you have 50 baubles on you for keys.

1. First chest is after checkpoint 5. Buy a key from the shop and then jump down on the floor to get shoot across the waterfall to the hidden cave. Run through the cave and you will find a chest on the other side.


2. The second chest is right before the last checkpoint. Buy a key from the shop right before the second last checkpoint and then ride the log next to the last checkpoint all the way to the bottom. At the bottom you will find a tunnel with mushroom pads you can climb up to unlock a chest.


Locksmithing 202

You need to open three chests in World 2 Zone 2. With the changes to World 2 Zone 2 which removed pretty much all the infantile cloud after the new cloud shortcut you may as well just do this in normal mode so you can get keys from assassins instead of having to visit shops and backtrek to the chests.

1. First chest is after checkpoint 1. It is on a tall pagoda you have to get past on your way to checkpoint 2. Kill the assassins nearby on normal mode for the key to drop and then open the chest on the top floor after using your glove to push it open.


2. The second chest is on top of  the pagoda with all the piranha pools after checkpoint 7. Kill all the assassins in the pagoda and one of them should drop the key to open the key to open the chest.


3. This third chest is a pain to reach. It is right past the gong pagoda, which now you can skip thanks to a shortcut where you can simply jump over the arrow trap to the left of the checkpoint. Once you do that, you want to jump down and bomb one of the walls to reveal a hidden shop where you can buy a key.


Armed with the key, you want to walk on the edges carefully and make your way back to the gong pagoda (have to pass through the toad pagoda first) with the key. Then you want to jump on the tree to the side of the gong pagoda and then use the clouds to get to the roof. From the roof make a huge leap from the little tower to the rock nearby and bomb it to reveal the next hidden room.


Inside the hidden room, bomb one of the walls (you have to be next to it to bomb it now) and jump down through the opening with your key to open the chest below. If you fall to your death during any of the steps, you have to repurchase your key and start over.


Daily Guides – Mineral Resource Extraction

Mineral Resource Extraction 101

Dig up two bauble chests in World 1, Zone 1. Only normal/tribulation mode works for this achievement.

Between checkpoint 1 and 2 is the hill with the chest on top. From that hill, you can do two separate jumps, If you take the left path (yellow), it will take you to a spot. . If you take the right path (white), it will take you to another spot. Each chest gave 20 baubles.



Mineral Resource Extraction 102

Dig up three bauble chests in World 1, Zone 2. Only normal/tribulation mode works for this achievement.

1. Right before the first checkpoint, there is a rock near the waterfall on the left you can dig for a bubble chest (10 baubles)


2.There is stump after the first checkpoint right next to the horizontal trunk on the ground that you can pass through. You can dig up a chest with 5 baubles.


3. Near the stump, a bit to the right, is a ledge you can dig up a chest (+10 baubles).


Mineral Resource Extraction 103

Dig up three bauble chests in World 1, Zone 3. Only normal/tribulation mode works for this achievement.

1. Use your shovel to dig an area near the entrance for a bauble chest.


2. If you follow the branch to the right before the first checkpoint and across some flytraps, you will find another area to dig.


3. Also right before the first checkpoint, take a left into the maze. You will find a dig spot to the left end of the maze.


Mineral Resource Extraction 201

Dig up three bauble chests in World 2, Zone 1. Only normal/tribulation mode works for this achievement.

1. Before the first checkpoint in the hidden room behind the waterfall with all the water sprouts.Dig there for a +20 bauble chest.


2. This is after the 1st checkpoint. There is a ledge behind the waterfall you can use to help you get across to the other side. Dig for 20 baubles.


3. From the 2nd digging location, follow the bend of the river and then make it to this smaller stream at end of the river. Jump across it and then go up so you can jump across it one time time to access the top area with the waterfall where you can dig up another chest containing 20 baubles.


4. Right after checkpoint 3 is a ledge you can drop on the right (if you run past the checkpoint and turn around to face it). You can dig there for a 50 bauble chest.


Mineral Resource Extraction 202

Dig up three bauble chests in World 2, Zone 2.  Only normal/tribulation mode works for this achievement.

1. To the right of Checkpoint 1. Dig for +50 bauble chest.


2. Past checkpoint 1 but before checkpoint 2, there is a lone tall rock under an assassin that can be dug for a +20 bauble chest.


3. Take a left from checkpoint 4 and dig under for a +50 bauble chest.


Mineral Resource Extraction 203

Dig up three bauble chests in World 2, Zone 3. Only normal/tribulation mode works for this achievement.

1. This first one requires you to have learned the secret song 332331 from hidden room #8 in W2Z2. If you don’t have this song that is okay as I will cover 4 digging locations and you can just pick. You want to enter the Raccoon maze near the hillbillies before checkpoint 1. Hug the left side until you reach a “mouth” like wall you can open using 332331 on your flute.


Once you are inside the mouth. You can to jump to the very top and then drop down on the other side. At the bottom, you want to take a left instead of right that will take you to the polar bears.


The digging location is inside a corner where you can dig up a chest containing 50 baubles.


2. Past the second checkpoint you will find the place with all the “mouths” trying to blow you as you cross. You want to jump down to the side near the 1st “mouth” and pick the hole on the right side to drop down.


This is a door where you can push to access the Raccoon Kingpin but you just want to dig here for a +50 bauble chest.


3. After you get past checkpoint 4 (it is the checkpoint next to a block where you can push with your gloves). You drop down a tunnel like structure and push the door open to proceed to the next area. To the left of that door are some ledges you can jump on and then dig for a chest containing 10 baubles.


4. After digging spot #3, you will need to hop down and set up the teleporter that will take you to the location with the jumping goats. Take the teleporter to the jumping goats and jump off it to dig for a 10 bauble chest.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

72 replies on “GW2 Super Adventure Festival Daily Achievements Guide”

For Interior Design 201, the jugs next to the hillbillies past checkpoint 7 count as shop furniture.

Can I give you a hug? E-Science 202 I had no idea where the stump could be. Dulfy I love you so much!

I’d like to collect a large amount of those compressed baubles and fancy coins (to purchase skins and furniture and stuff) and one know which guide I should be looking at to figure out the best (or most complete routes) for getting them?

Adventuring 101 to me, dunno if just bugged this time, but leaving this here…, had to be done on the “normal mode”, since infantile mode gave me not the achievement.

You don’t get the end chest from the boss, nor do the dig sites give any baubles on infantile. I assume this is intended. It’s best to do it on normal because the rewards are better, and it’s not difficult to finish either.

Not sure if you wan to list all the digging spots. So I’ll just write one I found.

Mineral 102 – Sharp left after checkpoint 3 – climb up.

Locksmithing 203 – the checkpoint after the shop where you need the torch to reach has a chest on the ledge just opposite there. Not sure where the other 3 are.

I’ll be exploring it a bit and will let you know if I find the others – still trying to find where you start the guide for finding Moto’s Finger.

Mineral Resources didn’t work for me in Infantile Mode. The chests don’t pop up. It worked after I did it in the Normal Mode.

The same case applies for the Adventuring Achievement.

Alternative way for Mineral Resource Extraction 203 (I took back one of your picture because I missed to screen it) :
You need to unlock the shortcut, then jump off when you have the 3 chests, go back on shortcut, use the left one on top roof and do the Yeti.

Lockmithing 201 – there’s a chest behind the final waterfall before the boss, and there’s one after a checkpoint where you get launched through a waterfall with a flower instead of going straight across (there’s a bunch of bears and burnable trees there).

Also might want to update the digging guide with any that people submit for the dailies – one from 202 is missing on the digging guide.

i was confused at first because suddenly day 7 is listed even though that won’t start until the next server reset. I see now that all the classes follow a simple pattern so you just planned ahead. You’re so smart, Dulfy! 🙂

Not quite:P

If you look at the actual date that the dailies are on, the date corrispond to that day (April 5, 6 etc).

Remember that day 1 was on at the end of March.

Don’t worry, I too got confuse at how Dulfy knew the dailies a day ahead until I notice the future dailies was the same one as I was doing that day and I look at the actual date.

Is Color Guard still available as a daily in Season 3? It seems to be a Season 2-only achievement.

For Locksmithing 103, for the last chest, you can go up through the jumping puzzle-esque area that leads to Moto’s Breath, and instead of turning and falling to the right at the top, you can go to the left, and follow a log leading down.

-Dean of students just needs you to beat boss toad (W1Z3) and the mountain wizard (W2Z3) in infantile or normal doesn’t matter
-Study group requires you to complete two zones in a party
– Study aids requires you to use each of the power-ups in Super Adventure Box once.

Speed Boost


Damage Boost

Dean of students just needs you to beat boss toad (W1Z3) and the mountain wizard (W2Z3) in infantile or normal doesn’t matter

So a bit lat but just realized SAB was back. Just enough time to finally see this so reinstalling again.

Hm yeah redid it again in Normal and got it this time. Didn’t open all the chests, just went straight for the boss. Weird.

Since you have to recover all chests (3 or 4?) in that zone, look like not the case for most people anyway(they will use the short cut to save 50+% time).

I don’t think you get both of those dailies at the same time, so what your suggesting must be for the people grinding the respawns every day. This guide should be for casual players who need help, not those who know exactly what they’re doing.

Once again, completing a zone for the Adventuring achievement didn’t give me the achievement. Last time this happened I had to redo the zone. Annoying.

I didn’t have that problem, but if it does. just skip to the next zone to complete another daily. you only have to do 3 out of 5 to get the complete daily. not worth repeating same zone if you already get the 2 bb boss chest from that zone.

Yup, got transported to the zone with the cart and got the chest for completing the zone, and then completed the cart zone as well.

First time I played through zones 1 through 3 of World 1 in addition to the bonus cart zone. Second time I played only Zone 3 and the bonus cart zone. Still no achievement :/

got a new and easier digging location w1z3 (10 bubbles) to right between the roots at the wall before first checkpoint

Mineral Extraction is not doable on Infantile mode anymore… Who knows how many more things have changed?

Color Guard and Study Group are not new. Furthermore, there’s a guide for it at the top of the post. Study group does not require a guide.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong for Environmental 202, but the flower keeps launching me into a small ledge that leads to some hillbillies but no maze entrance =[

FOR LOCKSMITHING 203 – Go through the 🙁 Smiley portal instead of the : ) portal. You will have to follow that way all the way, once you get through the big part with lots of switches turn left there you will see the chest.

If you check Dulfy’s guide to the Master of baubles for W2, you will learn the locations of all the chests in W2Z3 and most likely will see that it really does not worth time and effort to do it.

Actually, since ANet changed it so you can suicide and keep the key with you, it’s a lot easier. Open the route to the “stowage” check point, then just buy all three keys at once, since you can fall down to the shop, buy the key, then suicide back to that point. After that, the rainbows do most of the work. just keep moving the keys up with you

For Environmental Science 202, when you are taking the shortcut eagle, wait for the 9th wave of bees attacking from the front of the eagle and then jump off. I jumped off the left wing tip. I’m not sure if that made a difference or not.

Locksmithing 201: “At the bottom you will find a tunnel with mushroom pads you can climb up to unlock a chest.” What this fails to menion is that there are THREE F****NG BEARS clumped together at that point, making this some of the most difficult content outside of trib mode. UPDATE THE GUIDE so we are forewarned.

Mineral Resource Extraction 201

why does dulfy’s 1st checkpoint look so different from mine.
I’m already at the second checkpoint and didn’t see anything that looks like her picture

she skipped the first checkpoint and kept running up the bridge to an alternate path

Study Aids can be done the easiest on w1,m1. The power-ups are found in barrels.

Damage Boost: After first checkpoint, Jump on top of the trees to the left and follow them.
There is another one by the honeycomb

Invincibility: On the high platform just before the third and final checkpoint.

Speed Boost: Just after the third checkpoint.

Invisibility: After the third checkpoint, jump across the platform and run straight forward. The barrel is located behind the mountain.

Thanks a lot of this 🙂 You only have a small mistake, the last checkpoint is ‘4th’ not third. 2nd and third are VERY close to each other. Also the first one (double damage) after the trees, you can skip, as at the boss (right corner from where you approach boss hill), is also an invulnerability. Still saved me lot of time today, so thanks.

tried to use seems outdated, the jumps after checkpoint don’t match your pictures. I use your guides and like them but Mineral 201 has me stumped.

Interior Design 201 you can smash up the hillbilly still then the shop before the end to get enough.

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