SWTOR Eternal Championship Vendor Items

The vendors by Eternal Championship arena sells a new bound to legacy armor set and some 208/216 gear for tokens.

Eternal Championship Trophies can be earned by completing the weeklies (6 per week but they are also BoL).

Eternal Champion Armor Set – 3 tokens per piece, belt/bracers 1 token each (BoL)


208/216 Armor sold by vendor for 2/6 tokens each.


  • Whitedragon


  • Hoefrik

    who designed these armors ??? ffs from 10 new armors 9 are horrible.

  • SickOfSoloWarsTheOldRepublic

    Well, the chest piece would be pretty cool if it didn’t have those extra long fins coming off the shoulders. The loincloth look is better than the butt cover that goes to the back of your knees on some armors, I really hate that. Makes it look like you have a sweatshirt tied around your waist.

    The head piece is interesting even if I would never wear it.

  • David Davidson

    They’re not even trying anymore.
    Nothing new about it. Grab a few pieces of other armors, put them together and voilà. One shambolic design after the other.

  • Jesus fucking Christ that armor looks worse than Adolf Hitler post-suicide.

  • Mordicai

    What the actual fuck is wrong with the damn armour designers? Seriously fire that bastard! We do not need random shit sticking off of the un-needed shoulder pads on some god damned fine looking armours in the game.

    And do not get me started on fucking knee pads and boot “shields”!

  • Syne

    One armor, ugly as hell, not much motivation for me to do Eternal Championship.
    And yeah. some static gear, I don’t care static gear.

    Well, I’m used to shit like this by bioWares horrible art team.

    I think they just wait till this game collapses. They really hate us players and their job.
    There is no other explanaition for what is happening to this game.

    Just imagine: You got a job that makes you part of a Star Wars game, and all you do is producing ugly shit like this! What’s wrong with you?

    • Emon McCullen

      I must say I kinda agree with you… My first reaction was like WTF did they do here…

  • j’oe

    this is only good for gearing alts so they can start going stuff..

  • Sean Bigley

    I actually like the armor. Will look good with a bh or knight

  • Ceniza

    208 and 216 non-moddable armor. Huzzah.

    • lol

      Yeah, finally.

      You’d have to spend up to 2 hours doing dailies to be able afford a
      modable 208 rated piece, and if you wanted to get a 216 rated piece within a
      week, you had to actually spend several hours playing together with other people in flashpoints or warzones.

      Who wants to spend that much time playing a game, let alone nteracting with people?

      • Sapp

        You people scream that the game is turning away from group focused content in favor of solo content are some of the nastiest, unfriendly people to ever group with. You all want to trash talk the people who don’t know the fights by heart instead of helping the beginners. People get tired of having to even deal with you loud mouths when all they’re trying to do is get a little gear and enjoy the game.

        I’m glad they put in more solo options in this game and hoe they continue. You shouldn’t have to deal with creeps just to get a good item..Solo should be the norm and group play should be the option..We don’t like interacting with unfriendly humans.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Sixth Line Jedi helm O.O

  • jo

    Hmm, incomplete I guess? There must be more from the vendor than this right?

  • Naa’m

    I actually really dig that armor set

  • Darth-Robin

    ugh that helmet just ruins it completely

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It’s the Sixth Line Jedi’s helmet from Ziost 😉

      • Darth-Robin

        i know that, far to late to introduce it, now besides its ugly like really ugly.:P

  • Ben Gimson

    I’d complain that this set is shit, but it’s just not surprising anymore.

  • Rearnold87

    this looks like the Jedi Knight Oricon Set basically…ffs
    Doesn’t look Zakuul inspired whatsoever.

    And the 208/216 Armors…are horrible!!!
    Yay level 16-20 styled armor sets again….

    • Batorr

      Did you not know? Gold = Zakuul

  • John Kosto

    The Eternal Champion set is kinda nice, excluding the horrific helmet. From the class specific sets… I only like the Inquisitor set, and some parts of the other ones… not a very good job

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Horrific helmet…But now you can be a Sixth Line Jedi 😉

    • Rondowar

      Nearly every single helmet looks horrific 😛

  • Caelán

    What would be cool is if the mask was open outside of combat and closes during…

  • gua543

    This gear is so… random. Like someone took a look at the level 30-40 armor sets and took a piece from here and a piece from there and stuck it all together.

    • Meelis S

      It is how Bioware operates past year and longer.
      They take already ingame armor styles and fine tune a bit or swap colors. Their group design team is very small so is CM team.

  • Antonio

    Wtf is that coming out of the shoulder??

  • Darth Ji’inx

    It looks like the appearances of the Knight/Warrior sets got swapped with the Trooper/Hunter sets. Hopefully, they fix this by the time it goes onto the live servers.

  • Chumchums

    Im done. what is the point of subscribing anymore? raiding gear system is so dumb have an almost full 224 sorc and by primarily doing hm ev/kp. my raiding group rarely does anything else because there is 0 point you can get the best gear in game min/max from some of the easiest ops. It takes them months to fix bugs with new content that is just again a mash up of old gear and shitty gear rating but yet they have all the time in the world to be pumping fuchsia colored CM crystals. We still dont even have a black color crystal which actually existed in the star wars universe. going to try ff14 and guildwars out hopefully one of those mmo will be better than this. been playing since 1.2 use to love this game and have stay this long because i love starwars but this game has turned into 1 giant gimmick.

    • Rondowar

      If you’re doing ops just to get gear.. I feel sorry for you
      There is no point in getting 224 if you don’t do revan hm, m&b and cora hm, or nims

      Just remember that this ECA isn’t meant for geared people, it’s meant to gear those who just finished kotfe (and got 190/200 stuff, 208 is better than nothing)

      Last thing, did you try it on pts? I did (with nim capable, minmaxed 224 sage dps), I was really surprised, I died more than I care to admit, a lot more challenging and fun than I expected, more fun than ev/kp anyway 😛

      • Chumchums

        I have full cleared Rav HM at 60 and cleared ToS up to reven at 60 HM. I full cleared DP DF SNV HM at 55. I had full cleared KP EV EC at 50 and cleared TFB up to last boss all on HM at 50. During the lvl 55 Era my team was starting to get into NiM mode but RL happen to some of the members and lvl 60 came out so most of them just quit. Honestly the raiding in this game extremely easy casual and un-rewarding.
        You might think i cant say that because i havent cleared many bosses on Nim but the thing is the only time i was ever on a raiding team was probably 3months-4 during the mid to lat part of 2.0. During 3.0 and 4.0 I was never on a raid team just in a guild who raid for fun w/e we could most of us were casual with couple of hardcore raids who would go with us at times but had their own HM team. So I have played since 1.2 and most the time i would be consider a casual when it comes to raiding and have cleared about 2/3 of the fights in this game.
        Before Swtor I played a mmo called FF11 for 10 years I was a hardcore player in a guild that depending on patch we were either 1st or 2nd strongest guild. I cleared every single raid when it was relevant. the raiding in that game was extremely more challenging, way more raids with a lot more diversity in types of raids and gear to min/ max took waaaaaaaaaay longer than in this game so you if i spent the amount of time i do on swtor on that game i probably would of cleared about 10% of the raid. The sense of accomplishment that game offer by getting top tier gear and clearing top tier raids is way more than swtor could ever offer. The hardest boss during that game’s prime for about the first 2-3 years of it being out was only kill by 2-3 guilds on my server one of which is mine.

        Its also super sad this game is 5 years old and has 1 style of raid/endgame the generic 2-3 rooms of trash boss fight repeat 5 times raid is done. most other mmo come up with mutliple style of raids. I mean swtor did have World bosses but they gave up on supporting that pretty much after lvl 50. some mmo have a “tower climb” where it has like 100 floors and you can only clear a certain amount of floors in a week some once you clear lost floor you restart some you don’t. other have defend style raids or seige style raids. I have seen raids where you are dropped in a giant open map fill with bosses and mobs which you are basiclly given 2hrs to clear as much of the zone as you can then are locked out until next week. most of the fights in this game have 1-2 mechanic that only that fight has and everything else is stay out of stupid have good gear do your rotation correctly and win.

        • Rondowar

          I just mentioned it because you said you do pretty much only ev/kp atm, because there’s no point in doing anything else
          I’ve seen a few others say the same on my server, but for me personally, I don’t care about getting loot, I enjoy the fights, I play to kill, not to get my new BiS implant 😛

          but I agree that swtor doesn’t have too much interesting mechanics, or changes in style..
          I blame the engine for most of it, because this game can’t handle movement/position detection well (which blocks a LOT of really cool mechanics)

          but yeah, that still doesn’t stop them to think a bit out of the box

          • Chumchums

            My guild just went through a split so we lost a lot of members working to build it back up so we do only do ev/kp atm. I did forgot to mention i play a long time so yes i do only do ev/kp atm but in the past i have cleared pretty much everything. Honestly swtor isn’t bad if you just started playing with kotfe. there is 9 OP’s tons of flashpoints mutliple stories heroics etc. However the problem is that all this is recycled content. So for some one like me who has played since version 1.2 ofthe and done literally all this content before once the nostalgia feeling of doing again a few times wears of it gets really repeatitive. Most mmo i have played when they recycle content they usually and new mechanics or something to the content so you get the nostalgia feeling but also something new at same time BW didnt do this but in the sm of a lot of OP’s they took mechanics out.

            I also dont think you can really blame the engine when i left FF11 in 2011 there was over 12 different styles of raids i can remember of the top of my head (yes some were pretty similar to others only have minor difference) and each of those styles had anywhere from 3-9 seperate raids based on that style. this is a game that was released in 2001 and was supporting shared servers with a ps2 pc and later a xbox 360 release. So im pretty sure their engine was a lot more dated that swtor engine and they still were very creative. one type of raid you had to defend outpost with npc from waves of mobs the more waves you survived the better stuff you got. another type of raid was all the boss in the raid had weakness to certain element randomly choosen when the boss spawn and once you attacked it with with that element you get a raid wide buff and the weakness would change. there was also ways to figure out the current weakness so instead of just being a dps check fight you had to work together to figure out the weakness of the monster currently. A different style of raid was you spawn in this huge open area with multiple paths and literally hundreds of mobs and dozen of bosses in the raid you were given 2 hours to clear as many paths as you could and designed so it was pretty much impossible to clear the entire area so you had to choose which bosses you wanted to down that week. If this could of all been designed on a engine that was created in 2001 swtor could come up with stuff with an engine designed in 2011.

            BW just doesnt seem to care about people who have played for 4 and half years. there is no new adventure in this game for old players. I will probabyl come back once kotfe is finish to play through to get the story but until then im trying out trials for other mmo see if they offer better adventure and exploring than this. Only have kept playing so long because I love starwars

            • Rondowar

              I’m not saying you can blame the engine for the ops being all in the same style, just that the engine used is very bad if you want to implement certain mechanics (ALL movement related mechanics actually..)
              example, underlurker, the cross is a nice mechanic, but even after a few improvements, it can still be very hard to do (I don’t mean people messing up, but the graphic plain stupid being displayed in the wrong position)

              most other game engines seem to do position checking client side, which makes you be able to use a LOT of really cool mechanics, which also test reflexes more

              it’s true that BW should be (and is) able to add more creative opses, like you said, anything new pretty much

              I always love colocoid wargame flashpoint, as that was just a completely different style of fp, that kind of creativity would be great for ops (as long as it scales nicely between 8m, 16m, and undermanned)

              • Chumchums

                Yep colocoid was awesome but honestly I doubt anything will be added that apeals to me like for atleast 6months. non story/non solo related content is being released at a sluggish pace and i cant justify paying 15$ a month for a 1hr story chapter. If i wanted to do that i would just start buying rpgs that offer typically around 15-25 hours of story/gameplay for 60$.

  • guest

    Dem sum ugly assed reskins.

    Please tell me you can at least buy ear, implants,, and seren assault/focused retribution relics with those tokens ( I am guessing not), because the rest of that stuff is utterly and completely worthless being “static” gear you can’t even pull the mods from. I have a full set of 220 non set bonus legacy gear availabe to ALL MY TOONS made from ONE DAY of running alts through EV HM and winning some mk-2 drops. If gear is that easy to get why are they SO AGAINST at least giving us unoptimized MODDABLE gear. This is just going to mark the poor fools wearing this static crap as complete idiots. They should put a scarlet “N” for NOOB on their eternal loser sets.

    Thanks to all you crybaby whiners about this not dropping precious ops gear, This is completely worthless to run more than once. I mean if they are so concerned about non-subs getting ops gear, running one toon through KOTFE and doing the comp quests just through chapter 9 nets 200+ blue coms and with legacy gear you have a full set of 216 (unoptimized) from like 3-4 toons without even running ops anyway..

    The only real question now is how much will this shit vendor for?

  • michael fearless

    So put this ugly stuff on, and then use your alt outfit slot for appearance. Check.

    Except oh wait I’ve already got modded 208 gear. Uh, thanks, I guess?

  • Marc Hill

    wow, its shit

  • Arthur

    If that’s all we can get from this eternal championship, I’ll pass.

    • darkfather

      my thoughts exactly….talk about lackluster.

  • darkfather

    And they aren’t even legacy bound…PASS!

  • Critika

    lmao what kind of trash is this……PASS.

  • Delectus

    They asked us what we wanted for rewards and THIS is what they gave us? This shit is ugly. Most of the new armors look like you covered someone in superglue and threw them in a recycling bin.

    Outside of the Malgus armor, which is an old skin, they have only produced only three quality armors since 4.0. Thexan, Zakuul Knight and Exarch.

    Is it so hard to understand we like things that look either functional or have a sleekness in design?

    This is an epic fail. Outside of the throphies or the inherent challenge, why would be do the Championship. Concept is strong, the rewards are pathetic.

  • Divona

    Lol. Sorry when i saw pictures i just couldnt hold it. As for gear rating we knew it is for soloers and not really good or worth to augment.

  • Syne

    That’s the high quality (that we expect from BioWare) and the reason why it was delayed.
    In other words, the ususal shit we expect from this dev crew. Stuff they put absolutely no effort in.

  • Rikor

    I’m not one to complain and bitch, but come on… This stuff is mostly reskins, or just a few things removed off of pieces already ingame! What happened to the expansive and amazing Bioware that implemented awesome features on their big updates? I miss them. :'(

    • Kubrickian

      Pretty sure the creative think tank at Bioware (not Austin branch) is working on getting the next Mass Effect out. SWTOR is basically just managed by a few millenial aged kids who don’t have a handle what the developers at launch did. Doubt me? Just go do Heroics and see how elaborate the leveling worlds are in comparison to the new content.

  • Hunterr

    Wow what awesome stuff…oh wait no it isn’t

    • john smith

      Wow your awesome….. oh wait you are not

  • So once again, I’m not playing for the gear, just the achievements and the credits/materials/currency.

    • Meelis S

      I will also do them once for achievements and thats it.

      • Pretty much. The in game items haven’t been good since Revan came out.

  • Rompe Himself

    Let’s be honest with ourselves here people.

    Why should Bioware give a shit or make any meaningful effort anymore with this dying MMO, Oops sorry, sub based single player game?

    They know that after the last year or two of total shit and putting in the least bit of effort to release good content, fix bugs and address the numerous issues raised by subs and consequently ignored, that those who have remained are sticking around no matter what. And obviously the amount of money they make off said subs/F2P players is enough for them to be happy, keep the lights on and occasionally shit out the latest “new content” which is laughable by any standard outside of SWTOR where even the Cartel Market now is becoming a farce with the packs and content within. Hell look at the latest shipment of Packs. Chance Cubes?? GTFO Bioware.

    Nope, the truth of the matter is we have reached the bottom of the barrel. We all know it deep down. Now you either hold your nose and swallow the shit Bioware are feeding you or you unsub, walk away and move onto another game/hobby. Trust me, the latter is a lot easier then you think once you just do it. Thanks to the wife, I am discovering PS4 games to bash with her. I was always a PC guy.

    I thank Dulfy for keeping us all up to date on any info (What little there is) regarding SWTOR but unless I see a change bordering on a miracle (E.G. Actual content that amounts to more then a few trash mobs of 3 in a passage until the next cut scene amounting to 30 mins of play a month or recycling heroics), then my money stays in my wallet and away from SWTOR. Plenty of games out there to enjoy. Just drop SWTOR, sigh, remember the good times and walk away and enjoy the plethora of games out there waiting for you to fall in love with.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Nope, still happy.
      I don’t much like the KOTFE stuff, so I don’t play it.
      I still enjoy this way more than ESO, WOW, GW2 and Wildstar.
      Another may come along that is better but for just now SWTOR wins (for me).
      ….and thats a long post for someone who hates a ‘dead’ game.

      • Rompe Himself

        Lol but Warmaster Abaddon’s mummy, where ever did I say I hated SWTOR? I’ll save you the time looking or remembering – I didn’t.

        But good for you on still loving SWTOR. Been here since the start and perhaps it is the change of direction in the game from MMO to single player that has burned me out or perhaps it’s the way SWTOR treats bugs by ignoring them in favor of releasing cartel market items or previously released content only to forget them 3 months later like Seeker droid, macrobinoculars, GSF etc (Despie how the devs banged on about all 3 and said they would get much love but I am guessing the dev/s responsible are long gone) but do not assume because I unsubbed that I hate the game. I just cannot support it’s current direction hence my last paragraph.

        I see you also admit you do not like KOTFE and you are not alone. The problem on my end is that having done everything inside and out of KOTFE, it doesn’t leave you with much to do now the future of SWTOR is KOTFE, especially more so now that the focus for SWTOR is single player based moving forward. Look to Eternal Championship as evidence of this.

        No, I do love SWTOR, hence I have great memories of it, the people I met and know and my time in it pre 4.0. But those same people have left. SWTOR the MMO is dead, Single player MMO is now king and the game is dying for it and these token efforts by Bioware sadly prove it. They do not care for us long time subs. They are now hungry for casuals and obviously can live off the money they are making from them despite the exodus of subs since 4.0. :'(

    • Theres plenty of stuff to do in SWTOR,
      One thing I don’t want any time soon is a new tier of gear.

    • Jen’Ari-Asha

      Speak for yourself. “Oh, I don’t like it. So now I’ll be condescending and say I am objectively correct, and that no one should ever like this game”

      I am constantly surprised with how rare having a theory of mind is online.

  • jo

    This is the sort of new content that needs some rewards worth grinding for from the vendor. Add in some really cool looking gear, personnel or rug decorations, some companion gifts, just something. Maybe the achievements will give something awesome, more than just a wookie…

    • abaddonsmummy

      If they want you to grind put in different tier rewards and reputation i.e Gree or Bounty Week.
      It made the grind exciting and worthwhile to get that next piece of gear or weapon.
      Giving us armour that is entry level 60 when most people can grind/drop to 220 gear fairly easily is poor.

      • rakka

        I want a wookie skin rug….

  • Useless.

  • Darth Decimus

    I just can’t stop to doing this in Solo Mode, first time I feel like there’s difficult content in a lot of time, so bad that the rewards are crap, at least if the decos weren’t holo would have been really nice.

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