Black Desert Korea New Upcoming Content

A summary of the new content updates Korean Black Desert Online is having this year from their conference call. This includes new lands, awakenings, class, and naval combat.

New Lands

This summer in Korea, new area will be added SW of the current landmass, it will be elf land. It will be region of Silvia Camara, which has a lot of greenery and harmony with nature. Near it is also the Dark elf land, which is much darker.


Later this year the area just east of Silvia Camara will be opened up, this is home of the Dwarfs occupied by the Gaint race. You will see some interactions between the Elves, Dwarfs and Giants there. Snowy area



  • Huge ocean area added NW of the current landmass.
  • Naval combat will be added with Naval warships crafted by guild house.
  • Trade merchant ships will be added.
  • New Sailing life skill increased by sailing around and doing naval combat.
  • New underwater content will also be added with underwater exploration and treasures
  • Fishing hot spots will be marked by flying seagulls.


New Awakening/Classes

Ninja’s awakened weapons will be 5 swords that he can wield at the same time.


Kunoichi awakening will use Chakram in an aerobatic movement style.


Wizard awakening will use elemental orbs of fire and water.


Witch awakening will be focused on orbs of  earth and lightning.


New Dark Elf playable class


New Tier 9 Mounts

Won’t be faster but will have certain skills. Three types of mounts for tier 9. Hell fiery horse that has strong attack and leaves behind a fire trail that can explode nearby enemies. Pegasus that allow you to land safely/glide from high places. Unicorn that buff allies with a charge attack that penetrate enemy armor/defense. These tier 9 mounts can be acquired via breeding.



  • Ingame voice chat to be added
  • Skill system will be restructured.
  • New player bounty system
  • Baby elephant mounts specialized for trading.
  • Hunting system to be expanded.



  • Amodin

    This is a really nice update coming for them, can’t wait to see it. The big thing on the forums now is PvE, and this looks like places that PvP asshat guilds will just take over and pee on to mark like they are going off and doing now in game. When I bought the game, I thought open world PvP would have been an optional move you could do, but geebus, that was totally wrong.

    • DraynaRue

      I’ve not been playing for a while…are the PvP trolls that bad?

  • Kodiak

    Their rapid update schedule and constant release schedule in KR is really what convinced me to play this game and this update does not disappoint. I haven’t seen this kinda rapid pace development since the early days of GW2 where the game was expanded upon over and over. Great to see they have no plans of slowing down.

    • Can’t agree with that

      Yep, because having giant enemy crabs force mass disconnects in the main hub and fixing signposts classed as content was definitely meaningful expansion. They had so much lore to work with and so many areas to expand into; instead they expanded in the wrong direction.

  • Gaga

    omg yassss!!! this is what people want, more of the sandbox, and additions to trading and the addition of naval content.

  • Justin

    “Near it is also the Dark elf land, which is much darker.” makes sense

    • ⓢ⓿⓿ⓟⓔⓡⓒ⓿⓿ⓛ❷ⓞⓞ❸

      Some might find that hard to figure out

  • jay

    naval combat & underwater combat will really … really… suck with the current swim physics. This is literally the one part of the game where I preferred Archeage to BDO. AA’s water/swimming was so much better.

    • Yes, I am hoping they will revamp it as the swimming system is just horrible atm.

  • jay

    how the hell.. do you wield 5 swords at once? juggle?

    • frag971

      Watch “Killer Bee vs Sasuke” on youtube XD

      • Me

        I knew someone would say this

  • Raidou

    5 swords at once?! Zoro better train harder

    • chow

      Still under Killer Bee

  • squidgod

    “New underwater content will also be added with underwater exploration and treasures”

    Man, I hope they re-work the swimming controls when they add this…

  • Zero

    Silvia Camara should be Kamasilve, the elven region.

  • AHAW

    and south america fuck?

    • mruggeri182

      The game is not even in Open Beta over here yet dude,chill out.

  • striderbob

    Ingame voice chat to be added


    • DraynaRue

      For the RolePlayers, Raiders and Party Players this will be very useful.


    Ingame voice chat will be guild/party restricted I’m guessing? Cant imagine it being global in mmo.

  • Arngrim

    For reals? And here i thought Blader was the real samurai, but now they give the awesome look and weapons to the Ninja?! I need to rethink this… My friend is gonna go insane over this, he wants to play Ninja, and this is gonna make his day.. i might have to make both now.

    • ChrisTofu

      Blader isn’t a samurai, he’s a Musa warrior…Korean, not Japanese.

  • Samir

    When it will ne released?

    • Samir


      • Samir


  • niga

    no one is there -_- oh com’on some one tell us when this stuff will be released plzzzz

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