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SWTOR Eternal Championship Guide

SWTOR Eternal Championship guide with strategies for all 10 rounds. This is currently on the PTS and scheduled to arrive with Game Update 4.4 in May.


Entry to Eternal Championship

To get access to Eternal Championship, you have to completed Chapter 9 and then head to Zakuul Platform 6 Cantina. In there you will find a NPC named Dominaire who will talk to you and get you started. Once you talk to him, use the console behind him and get the mission as well as the weeklies.

You get Eternal Championship Trophies from the weeklies (6 per week) and they are legacy bound so you can do this on multiple characters to get gear for one character.


Round 1 – Arlaia Zayzen


  • Arlaia Zayen HP: 129k
  • Combat Unit AZ-02 HP: 29k
  • Medical Unit AZ-01 HP: 33k




Relatively straightforward boss. The two adds, Combat Unit and Medical Unit will not attack you but will increase Arlaia’s damage and heal her. So you want to kill them both first before engaging Arlaia.


Arlaia have 3 attacks: regular ranged attack that deals about 2.5-4k per hit. Fragmentation Grenade that deals 6k-13k damage and Snipe which can deal anywhere from 5k to 18k if buffed by the droids.

Round 2 – Daruula Grah


  • Daruula Grah HP: 210k
  • Trained Iknayid: 37k




Daruula comes with two Iknayid pets and spawns sets of two on a timer. You can ignore them for the most part as Daruula throws a Toxic Grenade that follows you around as a red circle and then turns into a yellow static circle. Once the Toxic Grenade turns yellow, you can kite the Iknayids through them as they are vulnerable to the Noxious DoT applied by the yellow circle.


The Trained Iknayid hits for about 400 with its rapid melee attacks. The Poisonous Iknayid that spawns later have Poison Bites that deals about 2k damage per bite. The Noxious DoT from the Toxic Genade yellow circle hits for 9-12k damage per tick.

Round 3 – Gungus Boga


  • Gungus Boga: 189k
  • Herald of Zildrog: 23k




You can completely ignore the Herald of Zildrog and just burn Gungus. Once Gungus reaches a certain timer he will jump in the middle and grapple you in. He will then chain a massive AoE attack called Zildrog’s Judgement. If you stand in it you will take a massive 30k damage, which isn’t lethal for most players so you can stay in and DPS if you like to finish him off.


Round 4 – Conraad and Chompers


  • Conraad: 210k
  • Chompers: 112k




This is a fight where you don’t want to simply kill off one quickly as doing so will cause the remaining one to enrage and gain massive damage buff. What you want to do is ignore Conraad and  burn Chompers down to 30% first so it enters a regenerative state where it will heal up. When this happens, Conraad will gain a buff that make him gain more damage but he will also take more damage. This will allow you to shave off a huge chunk of Conraad’s HP while Chompers regenerates back to full HP.

Once Chompers regenerate back to full HP, you want to focus back on Chompers and push it to the regenerative state again. If you kill Conraad before Chompers exit the regenerative state, both will die instantly. However, if Chiompers reach 100% HP and then you kill Conraad after, Chomper will enrage and likely kill you. So timing is important here.

Chomper’s main attacks are Acid Puddle (yellow circle that turns red) which inflicts 7k damage per tick and K’lorslug Slam attack which is telegraphed by a red circle that you want to move out of. Conraad has a supressive fire conal attack and basic ranged attacks. In addition Conraad will summon K’lor’slug Larva/Soldier adds that deals a bunch of rapid low damage attacks that can be dangerous.


Round 5 – Lanos


  • Lanos: 210k
  • Reprogrammed Skytrooper Shielders: 17k
  • Reprogrammed Skytroopers: 7k




This fight is all about managing adds as Lanos himself is a pushover. Lanos will immediately spawn Reprogrammed Skytrooper Shielders that will make him immune to all damage. To deal with them, use either knockback, interrupt, or stun and they will stop shielding Lanos. They will not die however and will switch their focus to attacking you.


The other kind of threat is the Unstable Reprogrammed Skytroopers that will jet charge to you and try to blow you up, You just need to avoid their red circles and they will blow themselves up.


Lastly, groups of regular Reprogrammed Skytroopers will spawn that may need to be dealt with. Luckily they have very low HP.

Round 6 – Breaktown Brawler


  • Breaktown Brawler: 240k
  • King Crush: 375k
  • Mister Ripper: 375k




This is one of the more annoying fights that force you to stay at melee range and you will be taking a lot of damage. So if you havn’t used any of the nearby kolto stations it might be good to start using them for this fight. The idea of this fight is that all 3 mobs will reflect any damage dealt by players standing outside their circle. So this force you to stand in melee if you want to do any damage to them or you will die from your own damage.


In addition, King Crush and and Mister must not be near each other or they will both gain enraged buff, dealing 200% more damage. If you have a tank/DPS companion you can send them to deal with one and hold it while you kite the other one around. Otherwise you will need to run around, jump in to damage one and then back out as you see the other approaching to avoid the enrage buff.

The brawler himself is fairly annoying. While his individual punches only about 2.5k damage per hit, he hit fairly fast and place a stacking debuff on you that goes up to 30 stacks called Brawler Combo. So you will want to avoid him as much as possible while killing Crush and Ripper. Brawler will also go invul from time to time while channeling Untouchable. This will knock you back at end of the channel. If you get too far from the Brawler he will also teleport to you using Berserker Slam.

Once you have killed Ripper or Crush and you have a DPS or tank companion, I find it nice to have them stick on the Brawler while you work on the remaining one so you don’t have to wait for brawler’s Untouchable invul. If you happen to kill Brawler first, Ripper or Crush will enrage but they don’t hit too hard in their enrage mode so you can survive for a while.

Round 7 – Nocturno & Drake Raven


  • Nocturno: 210k
  • Drake Raven: 378k




Drake Raven is a ranged class that will jetpack around and do the occasional Saturation Fire. However, he will also throw out stun grenades on you that follow you around as a red circle and then remains on the ground until it is triggered by you or one of the NPCs. The goal here is to kill Drake ASAP while kiting Nocturno into those mines and stun her. Keep in mind that the mines have an arming time so it takes a few seconds for them to activate.


Nocturno has a stance called Perfect Defense where she will take less damage but also walk more slowly. Her other stance is one where she charges around while getting a buffed damage and movement speed. You want to avoid her when she is charging around and stun her as much as possible by kiting her into the stun mines. She will use an ability called Wild Attack when she is charging around that deals 10k or up to 25k when she is enraged.

When Drakes gets low in HP, he will summon a bunch of adds that will kidnap and gang up on your companion. When this happens,. simply interrupt & kill G0-ON Abductor and all the other droids will explode. Much like enemies from round 6, they can be only damaged in melee range and reflect ranged damage outside their circles.


Once you kill Drake, Nocturno will enrage but you can pick up Drake’s utility belt. The only abilities you want to use are #1 and #2. #1 allow you to deploy a stun mine anywhere with a 8s cooldown. You can pretty much keep spamming stun mines with this. The #2 skill will jetpack you to another location. #3 skill applies a hard stun to Nocturno for 3s. Nocturno in enrage mode deals 200% more damage and her Wild Attacks deal upwards of 25k damage so you want to keep her perm stunned if possible. Do not use #4 as it actually summon the abductor droids that will kidnap your companion..


Round 8- Little Gut


  • Little Gut: 414k
  • Apprentice Handler: 46k
  • Bogwing: 12k




Little Gut is a rancor with two attacks that you need to avoid: Overhead Smash and Terrifying Roar. Both will do 20k damage if unavoided and Terrifying Roar has a huge knockback that is pretty annoying. Overhead Smash is a small red circle while Terrifying Roar is a long rectangle AoE that extends across the arena.


Little Guts’s other attack with large damage is Ferocious Slam where a yellow circle will appear under and follow you around. Once this yellow circle disappears, Little Gut will jump on top of you and stun you before dealing the slam that deals ~16k damage. Ths slam is always followed by a throw where Little Gut will throw you over him, which can be annoying if there is a trap behind Little Gut.


Ronum Minkus, the handler doesn’t actually participate in the fight. He just lit up 1/2 of the arena with traps from time to time. One is a flame trap that deals 2k damage per tick while the other is an electricity trap that slow you down significantly. If the fight takes too long, he will lit up more of the room and introduced a poison trap. If your DPS is absolutely terrible, it is possible that the entire room will be trapped and you will hit a soft enrage.


At 70% and 30% Apprentice Handlers will spawn. You need to focus on them as they will try to buff the Rancor (damage buff or heal buff) and also summon Bogwing adds if they are not killed quickly. If you see them giving the rancor a buff (a channel), interrupt them.


Round 9- Doom Droid


  • Doom Droid: 488k
  • Assault Unit AZ-B: 18k




Doom Droid has a giant laser attack called Laser Beam that has a 2.5s cast time and then deals massive damage to anyone caught in the beam, including your companion. It deals about 40k damage so your companion can maybe take 2 hits at most. You may have to use the Kolto stations to them up between Laser Beams or drag Doom Droid away from your companion so it can hit Doom Droid form the back and not take the Laser Beam damage.


The other attack from Doom Droid is Missile Strike, a series of 3 yellow circles that you can avoid most of the time.


From time to time, Assault Unit droids will be spawned. AZ-B will cast a Shock Beam attack which will slow you down, making you a better target for AZ-A that chase you around and explode on you, dealing 50k+ damage. You can interrupt the Shock Beam, CC the droid or just kill it.


The last crucial mechanic is the Pulse Charge. At a certain time interval, Doom Droid will go immune and summon 4 Advanced Combat Units that will charge the node. You have 20s to kill all 4 droids or Doom Droid will finish recharge and instantly kill you. Each droid have 6.6k HP and they are close enough for you to AoE some of them down.


Round 10- Zotar


  • After Shock: 572k
  • Zotar: 252k




Phase 1

Being the last boss of Eternal Championship, the mechanics are slightly more complicated. You fight the walker After Shock first, which has an attack called Fury Mortar that deals 25k damage and spawns 4 Fire Support Droids periodically. These Fire Support Droids will try to target you with their High Powered Laser which deals ~8k damage. Fury Mortar will destroy any droids/kolto stations caught in its circle and the beams from the Fire Support Droids will also kill each other. Using this knowledge you can ignore these Fire Support Droids for the most part.


You bring After Shock to 50% and Zortar will jump out of it while After Shock regens 1% HP per second. Use this time to damage Zortar with your companion. Zortar loves to push you around and has a stacking buff that increases his damage if his target is outside melee range. His Death Field ability will also slow you, something to watch out for later on. Once  After Shock heals to 80% Zortar will jump back in the walker so you have 30s to damage Zortar.

Phase 2

After Zortar gets in the repair walker, the walker will do a 15s channel called Focused Laser. This attack deals ~5k damage per tick and to survive it you either need to pop your defensive CDs (don’t forgot the Unity legacy ability that give you 50% damage reduction) or use the Kolto stations. Another new ability the walker goes is Gravity Mine which will pull you into the middle and slow you.


Bring the walker to 50% again and Zortar will pop out again. This time you want to bring Zortar to 50% to trigger Phase 3.

Phase 3

Once Zortar reaches 50% HP, he will jump in the mdidle and casts Shocking Finale. The entire arena will lit up with electricity except the middle. The electric field deals ~13k damage per tick and is quite deadly. Zortar will continue to knock you around and can push you into the electric field.

Once the walker is repaired to 80%, Zortar will activate its autopilot, which will begin the Fury Mortar bombardment along with Fire Support Droids. You don’t want to stand in the middle when Fury Mortar occurs as that leaves you with no safe room to stand. Instead, pick an edge and try hit some droids with the Mortars.


This last phase can be a bit chaotic but it is short since Zortar doesn’t have much HP.


In the Cantina is a vendor that sells Cosmetic Rewards in exchange for Eternal Championship Trophies.The main thing he sells are the Decorations Holos of the various NPCs you encountered in Eternal Championship, the new Eternal Championship legacy armors, and Cyan/Magenta/Purple color crystals. In addition, the previous Eternal Empire Recon Walker that was a rare drop from Star Fortress is also available for purchase (48 tokens).



In addition to the cosmetic rewards you can purchase, there are also rare drops from Eternal Championship such as the Cybernetic Rancor mount or the Iknayid Pet (pic courtesy of Milo Frank)


Lastly, there are Rating 208 and 216 armor you can purchase for 2 and 6 Eternal Championship Trophies respectively. These are not moddable and are BoP.


Achievements & Legacy Titles

There are achievements for defeating each round and also achievements for defeating all 10 rounds without death, with all classes, or under a time limit. A few of the achievements rewards you with Legacy Titles as well.

The Mysterious Stranger – Defeat 5 rounds of Eternal Championship


Eternal Champion – Defeat 10 rounds of Eternal Championship solo


Eternal Legend – Defeat 10 rounds of Eternal Championship solo and with all 8 classes


Sprint Champion – Defeat 10 rounds of Eternal Championship solo and under 15 mins (intervals between rounds doesn’t count towards the timer)


Deathless Champion – Defeat 10 rounds of Eternal Championship solo and without dying


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This little arena seems big enough we could maybe put an ops in it with ops versions of these already existing fights….

“y no new content I has killedz allz bozzez soloz iz no new ops is cheat bw is liar lying”
I have predicted what will happen if they do turn this into an ops. 😀

Shark repellent ru say. Interesting…. if there’s a drake credit card though ima lose my ****

Zakuul’s Eternal Championship uses Aurebesh numbers to mark its round numbers. It would seem that even the last bit of creative energy that went into the new Zakuul fonts was pulled from future content. You guys really are the trash of the gaming industry.

Yes, you can. It is not currently active in the PTS though. All you do is talk to Bowdarr and do some rounds to gain influence with bowdarr and you get him.

Woooot! wookie powah! just need Jakaaro now.
also *the* dulfy talked to me 😀 Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This actually sounds like it will require thinking and work, and also better gear than what they give you from the story. If your plan is to eat some of those 30k attacks then you would need 208 basic comm gear, unless your a tank I suppose.

Unfortunately having to do all those weeklies for just six tokens, meaning one piece of 216 static gear, I think I’ll do it once per character to get Bowdaar and continue crafting gear for my alts. I’ll probably do it more than once on my main for fun, but doing this fourteen times on every alt assuming they have more than just armor pieces, just doesn’t seem like an efficient way to gear.

none of which are on the vendor, gear is about it. seems dissappointing, decos would make this farmable

Who said they will be in vendor inventory? Im not sure, but they can be mission rewards or drop from mobs.

It’s pretty much in working condition atm. Only one potentially show-stopping bug, I doubt it will change much from the current PTS iteration to live. I usually shit on BW as a matter of course, but they have put in the work for this. Credit where it’s due.

In the 10th boss when the guy is in the middle you can kill the walker fast and there won’t be any circles or adds!!

This looks interesting and possibly fun for a couple play throughs. It looks like it would get boring after much more than that though. For me personally I would only ever do this solo even though you can do it as a group of two I believe, to ensure I get the minipet and mount if they drop.

Speaking of rewards, the announced selection so far seems pretty meager. Most of the armors look like crap there doesn’t seem to be much else, some crystals, mats, and static gear tokens. Kinda meh in my opinion. I’m interested to see what the pet and mount are. If those are really cool I could see myself grinding to get them.

This doesn’t look like a nerfed OP to me, more like an OP tutorial. So realistically, this looks to have limited replayability and the rewards need to match the time and skill investment to be worth doing it at all. I guess only time will tell

That Doom Droid keeps wailing on and on about vengeance… Out of curiosity, does the announcer ever explain any context to that? Is this a droid we killed on Makeb, or something?

Also, +1 to BioWare for calling us “The Mysterious Stranger.” 🙂

Ah there is a guide here. Should have read that before i have beaten the championship xD
Was real easy, on first go i died 4 times and killed boss 10. Second go i got the speed run and no death achievment. Then just do it with all classes and im done with the content we waited for 6 months.

EC isn’t an ops. It is a challenging mission chain to help gear up for ops. Now they can add new bosses anytime they want with greater rewards as they work on new ops… Big picture, yo.

Hey, just giving a shout out to you and show appreciation for the website. Been away from the game for a while and with a lot of the guides you have around helped me out catching up with the time lost. Thanks!

The EC is the only thing where I would say reading a guide is actually kinda ruining it. The EC is not a fight, it’s a puzzle. Doing the mechanics is easy. Figuring out what the fuck the mechanics are was the hard part.

i got excited, then i read it was delayed to may, at this point my excitement lvl has dropped to zero interest.

“scheduled to arrive with Game Update 4.4 in May.”
They bumped it again??!?
So were getting another short update like the Aric one was?


Huh, well, that’s a pretty amazing trick since the livestream on March 9 and the blogpost before it, they were saying “sorry it wont be in 4.2. April 4.3 instead”

Well, call me unadventurous, but I’d prefer to get a working version of this instead of a horrible bugfest…

Considering that 4.2 was released on March 8…. I think you’re a little bit confused with dates there. They specifically said on March 4th (so exactly a month ago, you got me there when I said more than a month… but close) that it would definitely NOT be released with 4.2, and that they would need to test it and rebalance it A LOT before actually releasing it. They even said that they would know a lot more about how it goes in the 4-6 weeks to come. So it goes without saying they wouldn’t release it in March OR April.

Here you can find the complete announcement, and it never mentions anything about the Eternal Championship having a release date in April:

Having a bit of an issue with last phase on Zotar… any tips? Problem seems to be Lana is standing on the outside of Arena and just dying…. playing a Shadow Tank… any advice is welcome.

Thanks. I’ll try that, rest of the fight is cake, honestly, just that was kicking my ass, since no heals = dead lol

I was playing last night and got one of the pets (or the pet not sure) as a blue drop last night. It was a pet sized Iknayid. Kind of like those in the Gravestone when HK-55 goes berserk on them

This seems like a pretty cool pet. Can you post a screen shot?

Hopefully the mount is an Iknayid as well. That would make me grind this till I got them both at least instead of playing it twice and forgetting about it. An Iknayid mount would be like an exotic surrogate Acklay that can be earned. It would also make sense with the new pack having Acklays, the animations are already done.

Thank you for the screenshot.

I like that a lot actually. It looks mean. I really hope the mount is a scaled up version of this. I will grind for them, but then Eternal Championship will be relegated to not worth doing.

Wasn’t Eternal Championship coming out with 4.3 after already two delays? So it’s being delayed again for a third time to May?

I’m having trouble seeing the longevity of EC. Once beaten and given the level of the gear and very limited vendor rewards. Whats to keep one playing it?

So from what I can see, for me just about nothing. Other than the pet and mount which I may grind for. The pet was revealed to be an Iknayid. If the mount is an Iknayid as well, I would grind for both of them.

There are – of course – achievements for each class, for not dying at all and for running the whole thing in (I think) 15minutes…
Each is accompanied by some nice titles (“Eteneral Champion” obviously, but also “Eternal Legend”)

Gungus Boga’s grapple and AoE aren’t based on health (article states it’s 60%), they are a timer. If your DPS is high enough you can kill him without even seeing the mechanic. I’m hoping they increase his health before Live.

Nocturno & Drake Raven
I believe interrupting the G0-ON droids channel frees up your companion to resume it’s role (tank/heal/dps). At least, I think my comp started healing me again, not totally sure.

So I went in on my PT tank, and you’re correct the interrupt actually frees up your comp. I noticed because my hp started to drop, saw that I had missed the droids entrance, cycled target, charge in, interrupt, and bingo Lana is back to work. Nice catch Tragun.

Little Gut
The traps add additional quarters as the fight goes on. I did it in 192 gear as a test, so it took a bit longer, and in addition to the fire and electricity zones, a poison gas zone appeared late in the fight, meaning 3 quarters of the area were dealing damage.
Conjecture: If the fight goes on long enough, all 4 quarters could be trapped.

Doom Droid
To avoid the companion damage, start the fight from one side of the arena, then move to the other so the Doom Droid points away from your companion.

The Mortar attack will also destroy Kolto Stations, so be careful.
When Zotar exits the walker, DoT the walker and/or apply Trauma to it to get more time on Zotar.

The interrupt on autopilot could be a unintended. I am waiting to see them to fix the Shocking Finale bug to see if they fix the autopilot one or not. If not then definitely I will add it in.

Sadly we get 10 new solo bosses that could’ve been scaled and made into harder fights with a little bit of tweaking and a bit more mechanics and we could’ve had a new operation, or even 2 new ones. It’s too bad honestly. This w ill be dead content after 1 cheivo run through for most people. The least it could’ve done was give 1 216 token piece weekly to make it relevant for the effort.Thanks for the dead content though Bioware.

I think you are speaking for all the people who do nothing for fun and everything for achievements or something over other players. And I don’t believe that’s most people who log in and spend money on the game.

If you “believe” that most people who play an MMO for solo content, you are really bad at understanding what a MMO is. The 2nd “M” doesn’t stand for Mooooooom -_-

If you “believe” that most people who play SWTOR by Bioware are expecting to play an MMO, you are really bad at understanding what a SWTOR player is!
Fixed it for you 😛

Well, an awful lot of people play it because its a Star Wars game set after the Kotor I & Kotor II single player games. Just sayin…

Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic: Knights of the Solo MMO

Tentatively coming to an Origin Game loader sometime, soon, within a year.

This looks fantastic, especially the latter bosses. Something fun to run solo, no guild drama, scheduling conflicts, no guild drama, no Star Parse number jerk off, no guild drama, etc.

As long as we see some FPs and WZs alongside the chapters and occasionally things like this, I’m happy with how SWTOR is now without new Operations.

This is coming from someone who completed all of them up to Rav/ToS in HM, and some of them in NiM while they were on level. While I respect some people still like that type of gameplay, it’s a dying model and a lot of people are sick of it.

You must be in a shitty guild full of bitches, since “no guild drama” was mentioned 3 times. You realize there are other guilds right lol? I’m guessing through context clues though that the problem/drama caused is probably from you….

I have 7 Outlanders. I also have some characters who aren’t possessed by an immortal force spirit, bent on galactic domination, who would like to compete in a gladiatorial contest.

Sorry. You will do that story over and over and well past it’s worth and interest so that you get the illusion of more content than there actually is.

🙁 Yet another solo content for an MMO.
This could have been an amazing ops. Could you imagine it? Tied up with everything. You need to do KotFE in order to reach Chapter 9 (or whichever it is). Then you could go into this Arena.
Now lets picture it like this. Before you go in you select the type of instance you want to walk into:
1-) It could be done solo. An instance where you and your companion are all that is needed to clear it and knowing when to step out of stupid.
2-) With a 4 ppl group as a tactical or HM flash point.
3-) WIth 8 or 16 as SM/HM/NIM operation.
Heck, you could even add a section of this arena to host PVP tournaments.
It would take a lot longer to get it done, but can you imagine it? With 1 content released you would make almost all type of players happy.
Those that like Role Playing and doing the Story lines would get a chance to get both gear and story.
Those that are new player would get a chance to learn mechanics.
Those that are hard core raiders would get an ops with 10 bosses to learn mechanics to (by hardcore i mean doing NIM content and TOS?RAV HM content. Not EV or KP)
All of it tied in 1 release. It would be a huge project. But wouldn’t it be worthy Bioware? Wouldn’t it make all of your fans and the fans of SW happy? And sadly what do we get? A solo content only. A content that in the worst case scenario any decent raider will clear without dying once the first time he goes in.

How dare you use creativity and imagination in your argument I am so outraged and shocked that I cant even discuss your ridiculous notion of providing multi-person content within the game.


Invaluable analysis . I loved the facts . Does someone know if my assistant could possibly get ahold of a sample a form document to fill out ?

I like the idea but, it still seems to me that it will be beyond the average player doing it solo.

I hope so! That will finally give those players something they can improve their skills on without the pressure of holding up a group. There was a big need for solo content that was at least vaguely challenging, to point the people struggling with sm ops and fps to.

I love how they bang on about solo stuff then make it beyond normal peoples abilities, they should make it for average players, stuff ops players can do it all in 10mins, leave solo content to the average player.

The difficulty is pretty weak actually. If you know how to augment/gear and have stepped into an ops before, a basic dps+ decent influence heal comp shouldnt have too many problems after they get the hang of the mechanics.
Of course some classes/disciplinces are better than others (smugglers/ops have it worst because of postioning (concealment) and overall lack of any decent aoe. dot/instacast heavy specs will have it easiest. Doing solo content with a healer/tank is like pulling teeth. Its fine if you are doing it to learn your spec, but I would recommend doing this on a dps spec for best experience.

If you are saying the average player has never stepped into an ops or done any endgame content before and cant gear themselves, that is more an indictment of bioware and what theyve done to this game over the past 2 years. Keep plugging away and learn from your wipes, that is the only way to get better.

Some tips:
1. Learn how to toggle passive on/off on your companion to get them to come to you when they are standing in stupid. This is useful a few times like at the burn phase of the last fight.

2. There are times aggro management is important. On the 6th fight, start the fight by having your comp attack one of the critters and he will keep aggro until the other critter is dead. dont hit this critter until the other two are dead. attack the boss and the other critter and lure them away so the critters are separated. kill that critter, then the other, then the boss. If you are dying it is likely some combination of bad positioning, not using defensive cooldowns, slow dps, and ineffective/underleveled comp healer.

4. Positioning is important. standing just outside a mine is useful in trapping nocturnro. dropping mortar strikes on the fire droids is helpful.
Positioning yourself so using an aoe knockback will allow you to aoe both shielder droids and lanos is helpful. Cornering yourself can get you killed as it allows less room to escape mechanics.

Exactly my point, if you are not an ops person this beyond the average no ops geared person.

This is not beyond normal peoples ability, the last five rounds are just hard enough for people not to yolo in with just their basic attack and one-shot it. With the explanations on the terminal added in it’s a very well executed opportunity for beginners to learn some basic game mechanics.

The ops players can still do it in 20 minutes, don’t worry, although doing it in 15 for the achievement is an actual challenge…

I must’ve read updates on this several times. I don’t know why but I kept thinking we were getting Jakarro as a companion, even though I’ve read the name “Bowdaar” each time. What the heart wants, I guess. Anyway, does anyone know if the Smuggler class has to jump through all the hoops to get Bowdaar back as a companion or does he just join up like most the other previous class companions? Thanks in advance.

Can anyone answer Sadriel, please? My scoundrel already ~had~ the required rank 10 influence with Bowdaar. Just that alone wasn’t enough, apparently, so I went and did a few rounds, turned them in- nothing. I can’t progress in the recruitment. How many hoops do smugs have to jump through when they already have rank 10 influence?

Round 6 – for range dps – impossible( companion (50 lvl) dies with any role. Player can`t do any hight dmg skill..

Died a few times on this one, but it’s doable. Just try not to stay in the middle of the 3 of them at the same time, kill one at a time. It’s no big deal.

I died once as a MM sniper and it was mostly because I didn’t follow the mechanics the first time. In a mix of 216/220 gear. Have a level 50 healer companion. So I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. Try again!

Did it on a Vir sniper…use your dots only and run at the outer edge. You may not get speed champion but you can defeat them. Doing it in my pvp gear at that (208)

start the fight by having your comp attack one of the critter and let him tank that critter (even on a healer comp) by luring the boss and the other critter away.

Absolute piece of piss, then again i have full 220 and a level 50 companion….also disapoointed with the boss mechanics, they seem to reuse a lot of ones like from KP and EC final boss

Solo content intended to prepare new folks for ops somehwat is a piece of piss for a guy in ops gear and using ops mechanics you say?

Why I’d never!

It reuses old mechanics, because this is intended as a training ground for newer players. Geeze, people scream for something to teach newbies mechanics, and then complain when we’re given it. Of course it reuses mechanics, it’s a teaching tool.

Mara in mix of 216 and 220 gear with 26-29 comp here. If you understand mechanics (read – follow the guide here) every boss is easy, except Lanus (number 5), because his adds will melt your healer if you let them + need to damage boss before shields appear and run away from suicide bombers. I died on Lanus more times then in the entire EC combined.
Tip for last boss – use melee healer, cause you need to fight the guy who leaves the walker while the rest of zone is in AOE, and my 29 level Pierce got killed by it in last phase.

This is making me nostalgic for the brawler’s guild in WoW, except there are 50 boss fights.

anyone able to beat 15 min to get speed champion title?

with mara 224 and without death (dps 5k+ on each boss) took me 20 min in best run

I did it in a bit over 25 minutes as a Hatred Assassin, and I’m sure I’ll be able to do it in 15 minutes after I get the hang of a few of the boss mechanics.

checked start parse and fights took me 13,5 min walking ,
waiting for start combat 7 and walking (is there any way how to speed up start of combat?)

boss time to kill: 27s 37s 30s 48s 63s
137s 115s 75s 137s 145s

Yeah, the achievement seems almost undoable. I did the fights in just over 12.5 minutes of actual combat-time, but there is about 5m30s overhead from the introduction speeches and travel time, meaning you only have 9m30s to do the fights. Not saying it’s impossible yet, but I don’t really see where I could shave off 3 whole minutes. If you could start the fight immediately, while the introduction was still playing, or skip it somehow, 15 mins would be well doable.

TTK for me (AP PT): 32s 40s 22s 34s 45s
147s 104s 74s 113s 144s

“intervals between rounds doesn’t count towards the timer” quoted from Dulfy’s notes above.

Yeah, at least on the PTS it didn’t, someone just showed me a 27m video getting it. If that’s still how it is intended to work, the achievement is bugged, and actually pretty easy to get.

I’m pretty sure, on the PTS fights wasn’t included in the timer for the achievement.

They changed it for live for one reason (my 2 cents) It’s to prevent players to wait between the 2 rounds for their CDs / Heroic Moment / Medpack to be up again, …

It would have been too easy

Dulfy, can investigate and confirm that dialogs ARE included in the timer ?

Looks like they’ve changed/fixed that in live, I’m seeing the first logs from people who did get the achievement, and they got it with ~9m30s kill time, and about 14m40s between the start of the first and the kill on the 10th round.

The 15 mins speed run is impossible…. Im like taking seconds in some fights, the longest one is the sixth boss which takes around 1:30 mins to kill or so….

I guess you didn’t understand the what I said…. the SIXTH BOSS was my longest fight which took me around 1:30 minutes to kill…. that doesn’t mean that ALL BOSSES took me that time….. Even the first 4 bosses took like 20 seconds.

and you then didn’t understand mine… if the longest took 1.5m, and there are 10 of them… that is 15m with all of them taking that long… so how is it impossible??

well you didn’t get what I tried to say in the first place then…. I said it was impossible because after doing it so many times this fast, and I’m certain it took me less than 15 minutes, I still didn’t get the achievement. So how am I supposed to ever get it?

Wrong its not bugged (not on t3). i saw some players with this achievement today!!

:O WUT. I was told it was bugged and to not worry about it. I’m gonna beat a guildie or two tonight! >:(

There are unskippable announcements between the fights that take just over 5 minutes in total. Add travel time to the terminal to that, and you have about 9 minutes left for the actual combats, which on first sight seems borderline impossible.

Dulfy, when you wrote this, were the kolto stations one use per championship only? I used them during Brawler and now they don’t appear again.

if you avoid area affects and bad stuff, and make proper use of cooldowns, you won’t need to use them all. I had two left when I finished the championship.

I’ve done the whole thing on my sorcerer, but not knowing it was one time only I used all three during Brawler.

I’ve only done the EC on my Jugg, and I used Jaesa for all of it. That fight was one of the easiest for me. I just taunted everything, set Jaesa one one add, let everything follow me, and let her kill it all. When only the guy remained, then I joined her in pwning.

I have no clue how I’m going to do it on my lesser geared toons, most of which are ranged and don’t have any really high lvl companions(Jaesa is lvl 45)

well that was easy. The only place I died was #7…Even bringing the 2 of them to 2-3% didn’t work lol. No way of knowing about that stupid item in advance.

Sprint Champion is certainly going to be a pain and I do hope it is not bugged according to the few posts I can see, the game should have a clear timer so that we know where we stand.
Nevertheless I am probably not on the right character to complete this achievement, my main is a scoundrel healer, I used my lvl 50 Lana as a DPS for all rounds but I had to switch her to heals for the last fight either way it is very hairy… this is probably the fight taking too long for me.

Got it yesterday, the only thing i can say is, that you get Achievment immediately after the last boss is dead.

Fcking sadists,the devs are fcking sadists,6th boss is impossible.Took me like 1 hour there.
6th and 7th are damn tight.

7th is a lot easier if you always make sure there is a mine between you and Nocturno, dropping them on cooldown yourself once you kill Drake. You can have him pretty much permanently stunned that way, and will barely take damage.

What if Nucturno die 1st ? I was there with NIco and my tank.I was right after Drake then Nocturno died ,probably from my reflect saber.THen everyone enrages and we die in 2 min or less.

Played with my sage… Took me 20 minutes didn’t die… I took the time to read the info on the terminal. Don’t get me wrong I had fun it was a bit challenging, but just a bit… I am a bit sad. Next time I’ll try the timer.

I died, then reset the quest. Survived all 10 rounds and no Deathless Champion achi. That’s sad.

They didn’t remove achievement, I have just got it. I play at Red Eclipse if that matters.

I need some advice, during round 9 the 4 droid Pulse Charge phase has a tendency to get me.
Sometimes I get them burned down fast enough and sometimes not, just feels like I don’t have enough DPS to get them all comfortably.

Any advice?

Playing a Guardian Tank with 208,216 and a few 220 pieces of gear.

I really don’t see the point in this. There are a few posts on here where people are claiming this is for non-endgame players to gear up but it would be a lot easier to just queue up for the daily gf op. I honestly don’t see someone with crappy gear and a low level comp clearing this anyway. The rewards other than the gear are holo decos….. I would like to stress the HOLO part… which means they are glowing bright blue… WHY?!?! These decos would have been awesome had they not been holos. The crystals are meh, and the armor is down right fugly. So why keep playing this if you can get gear faster and easier with the daily gf op that you can get carried through by simply using /follow… or even worse, for the completely maxed out endgamer, why even bother with this. Sure it might be slightly fun and challenging but its most defiantly not rewarding. It just seems like months of wasted development time on an hour or two worth of content… maybe I’m missing something but I just don’t get it.

Huge disappointement imo… Who wants a bunch of huge holos all arounder their stronghold…

My thoughts exactly. There is really no reason to play this more than once. The only incentive for me were the decos and they completely ruined them by making them holos. Like you said, who the hell wants a bunch of holo decos. Hell, you can even donate them to your guild like Burritos said. Just a massive disappointment and months of development time completely wasted.

Timer is definitely running between fights. I hauled ass to terminal after every fight. Parses totaled 12:15 worth of combat time (madness sorc mixed 224-220-216). Dps comp on 1,2,3,4,5,8. 9 (doom droid) can be done with dps comp to shave maybe another 30 seconds off. Dont see how 6,7,10 can reliably be done with a dps/dps combo due to all the outgoing damage unless you have some absolutely insane skills.

Achievement Is definitely bugged if it is intended be done in 15 minutes not couting intervals between fights which total at least 5 minutes if not closer to 6. If it is intended to be done in 15 minutes counting time between fights thats simply insane. And a timer would be wonderful.

Horrible rewards for this. Nothing worth buying. I held out a slim hope they would offer 216 ear,implant, relics but alas, nothing but crappy unmoddable shells and a middle finger to crafters by offering rare crystals as a reward.

It’s been confirmed now that you do get the achievement if you do the whole thing in 15 mins including in-between time (less than 10 min total kill time), I’ve seen the screenshot and combat log of people who did it. Using dps/dps on all fights except 6 and 10. It looks very hard to pull of though, that title will remain rare for a long while.

Hmm. I didnt use heroic moment at all, but even with it that still seems pretty difficult. thats less than a minute per fight and some pretty insane dps. You’d have to be almost perfect/lucky with mines on fight 7 to run that one as dps/dps.

Not sure what you mean about fight 7, the mines drop on you so you can place them pretty much as you wish. But I agree you need to execute every fight pretty much perfectly with a top-tier dps to have a shot at it. But a select few are getting it, within 24 hours of release, so it _is_ doable.
Also, there’s no reason achievements have to be easy, getting the HM Revan achievement or Manhunter isn’t easy either, and that’s ok.

So on my first try, my parse log comes with a combat timer of 13:35.

I used my comp on heal on every fights.

I’m a merc, arsenal full 224. Can probably get it down to 11:00 something. But under that, that’s pretty insane.

Gonna try tho.

Well this is complete BS, there’s no reason why some classes/roles should be advantaged this way. I have just tried spending the off time in the intermission terminal and indeed the timer is obviously still running during this time. That’s retarded but well this is BW we are speaking off.

If you’re going for full achievement completion, you’ll need to do it with all 8 anyway, and you might as well bring the most suitable one for this achieve. Doing the championship on any class isn’t a problem, getting the hardest achievement requires a bit more, I don’t see the problem in that. It’s not reasonable to expect to be able to get each and every achievement you want by running just one class or role.

Choices. Choices. You shouldn’t be *forced* to play a few certain classes to compete. No. And this is even not the biggest issue about this joke, I’d like to know which retard thought it was a good idea to have the speeches between fights count against your time… It just doesn’t make any sense at all. But once again this is BW Austin, their decisions never made any sense.

Compete? We’re talking about the 15 min achievement, not the competition. For the competition it’s completely irrelevant whether or not the speeches are counted, as they’re the exact same length for everyone it will make zero difference. Bioware has made some bad decisions, but they also have to deal with groundless complaints a lot, and this seems to be one of the latter.

Oh boy you are really arguing about the word “compete”? I’m done with you. Enjoy your game that rewards DPS, it’s not like there is any shortage of tanks for instance…

Some classes is in such a disadvantage that they can’t even get a shitty title which no one cares about, drama of the ages.
> “I’d like to know which retard thought it was a good idea to have the speeches between fights count against your time… It just doesn’t make any sense at all”
That’s completely irrelevant. It’s not like the intro speeches is your problem, all people have it added to their total time, yet many completed the achievement, unlike yourself. They could’ve made a 10 min timer that doesn’t include the speeches and you would be still uncapable to achieve it.

I have seen a merc do it and get the achievement so it doesn’t seem bugged. Does anyone know what counts as intermission? That might be the issue as the timer might be still running. Do you need to be in the terminal screen to actually stop the timer?

That’s rather interesting to me because being a healer I rely on my heroic moments to boost my DPS, using it on Round 1 and 2 (same heroic moment for both), then on Round 5 with the skytroopers (I keep Lana as DPS on boss while I use the AOE of heroic moment on adds). That’s where I wait for the CD so that I can use it on the pet I am on in Round 6. Same before Round 7 to kill Drake asap (doing this you can even avoid your companion being kidnapped). I don’t use it on the rancor, it’s quite a fast fight for one of the final rounds. By then my heroic moment is up again for Wave 9. And I use it again for the last phase of Round 10. So these 2 pauses to let the CD wears off might be what pushes me over 15 minutes. I’ll see if that helps spending this time in the terminal screen instead.

After i died the first time, the Kolto Stations didn’t work anymore.. :s
So i had to do most of the fights without them.

Not bugged, those koltos r 1 time use during all the 10 rounds if u dont die, if u do die, next round they will respawn.

if your comp is set to healing and at least lvl 35, you shouldn’t have any need for the kolto stations

I died in Round 6 – could’t use any Kolto Stations from there on.. in any round.
Wasnt that hard tho.. as long i kept my companion out of fire i was fine.

I was asking around in the Cantina near the arena area regarding the Sprint Champion Achievement so see if anyone else had gotten it. Another player said that the moment you pick it up, the timer starts, but it doesn’t count the time in between rounds. According the other threads on this site, those seconds do count.

The ambiguity of this entire achievement is pathetic, as I expected from biofail. Why should our time be compromised due to the factors of the game? Why should our time be increased because the announcer wanted to monologue? Why should our time be increased because the server was so full, load times were longer?

I doubt these devs will address this as there are other achievements that have been bugged/reset (for me at least) and they still haven’t done anything. By all means though, reskin the mounts and pets and give us more worthless trash in the cartel market.

I also forgot to mention that some of the fights are a tad buggy. For Doom Droid, I managed to kill her/it before she could spawn the 4 probe droids that charge her massive aoe insta kill, but the spike rod that spawns in the middle was still there, and it appeared as an enemy. Couldn’t kill it though, so I had to wait some 10-15 seconds for it to disappear. At first I didn’t think it would.

These bugs, primarily resulting from bioware’s efforts have lowered the chances of getting the sprint championship achievement. Hopefully these will be rectified.

the achievement is not bugged, just not easy. the time starts running after you enter the arena phase, not when you pick up the quest. the achievement pops when you kill the last boss as well, not when you collect the reward. it also counts the dialogue time as well, not only combat time. it will probably be nerfed, for the likes of you because all you can do is complain. cheers

Which is utter BS. Considering the fact that we, the players have to wait for Bioware’s scripted events to unfold, it prevents many of us from getting the achievement. Why do out timers have to rely on the passage of time on other people’s fault. It’s like they did it to screw with us while they enjoy the rage.

Is there any way to stop my comp from attacking the Walker when they’re supposed to be attacking Zortar? I have yet to find a solution.

Great guide like always, got Deathless Champion with first try.
Guys remember to use your Heroic Moment!

I am a bit confused, are the personal decos actual personal like Mando tracker, or is it more like if you place Jaesa in a stronghold and then switch to a pub and they go that crappy blue holo?.

Ok well good to know not to waste my money, pity that walker was perfect fit for my Yavin Sh.

How the fuck do I get back to the championship after I complete the alert mission? I keep going in circles on Zakuul.

So they aren’t really guides but they do offer a view at getting the Sprint Champion as well as going for speed runs in general for the competition. So they may or may not help you at all (feel free to delete the post though if it’s not appropriate to link this). From my experience, Sprint Champion does unlock as soon as you kill the last boss but I don’t know when the timer starts, I assume it’s either when you enter the instance or when you first pick up the mission (which the latter would be kind of dumb).

15:13ish mission pick up to mission drop off time. Sprint Champion was unlocked at the end:

14:52.3s mission pick up to mission drop off time. This was just purely a speed run for the competition:

From my experience, the sprint timer seems to start when you’re phased in to when the last boss dies, but the conversations seem to be part of the timer, unlike what it says here. Or I’m wrong and suck at adding time.
Also, for the swtor competition, thats when the timer starts at the box, and ends at the box.

seriously zotar is not tuned for solo play. absolutely stupid. especially on a commando which has next to no survivablity

If you have a high influence comp use it as healer, else do what dulfy wrote to avoid damage. Should be fine. It’s really not that bad after you figure it out.

thanks for replay. i have actually done it now. still really hard and alittle bit of luck. the hardest part is surviving the focused laser hits like a truck and you can only use unity once in that fight

Helps if you keep a Kolto Station for that part. I think that’s the only place you could need it in that fight.

For the laser use :
– 50 % dmg legacy buff,rocket boost,the merc shield,and legacy power to heal you up + few meds ….probably even the tank adrenal.

Yes, like what Mar has pointed out, try not to use Kolto Stations for all the previous rounds and also try not to destroy the Kolto Station. Also, remember med packs and stims

The last guy uses Focused Laser twice on me. There’s no chance during the second one because my defensive abilities are still on cooldown and I’ll run out of Kolto stations. I don’t know if it’ll use it more than twice because I’ve never survived the second one. Add some more tactics to explain how to deal with the second one because otherwise it’s literally impossible to deal with.

Obviously I don’t when there’s fifty droid lasers to avoid and a mortar to avoid too. I have to run out of range of attack all the time, I’m melee

It takes more time to dps it down,if u are playing as tank,healer or mm sniper spec.Once u see ZOrtar activate the herioc powers,it gives some more dmg.Also use dps adrenals and stim.

You should be able to hard stun the walker to stop the channel. You just can’t use your interrupt.

Even though they appear solid in the preview pane, the “Holo” decorations are verifiably holograms when placed.

wish they made them solid…always wanted to place an life isotope droid (Doom droid) in my interstellar regulator’s base XD…gues a holo will do…if i ever pass

I am not sure about the rare drops part, but I have done solo mode a number of times (in part of trying to get an achievement) and no tokens have dropped from any of the bosses. Finally, when you turn the quest in after beating the final round, you still do not get any token. Only 42 common and 12? I think, elite crystals as well as a few thousand credits.

Think its bugged.I got like 12 tokens on my 1st toon.Last night i did all rounds for 4th time on another toon,got only 2 tokens.

you can… somtimes it gives them to me sometimes it doesnt and i get just as far each time so not sure what determines getting them.

Easy in terms of mechanics, but it’s a bitch in terms of stuns and big hits. And you sure as crap aren’t expecting to get decimated by a massive mortar volley after your kill Zortar.

Do a dps without self heals with a dps companion, last fight is harder than 9 at least imo. Could do the first 9 with dps comp, had to switch to a healer comp for the last one.

For me the pet always dropped from Nocturno and Drake. Still no sign of the mount though. Anyone managed to get one? Or did they remove it from EC?

I can complete the quest in 16.5 minutes. A good 2 minutes of that is waiting around for the retarded announcer to finish her monologue. I’m pretty much ready to go 5-6 seconds after each fight, yet here I am waiting and wasting time on behalf of the Dev’s scripted bullcrap.

In the Nocturno fight, the utility belt thing, the hard stun item (3) actually causes her to have coughing fits every few seconds, which buys you time to catch up on heals and dps her without getting hit.

hey Dulfy, is there really a rare mount drop? I haven´t seen any pictures of it in TOR fashion or anyone showing it lately. I know the developers said there would be one, but maybe they canned it?

Doing the 6. boss with dps comp is a joke right? The pet alone killed my lvl 50 comp in 5 seconds.

i don’t know if my fights was bugged or what but i used the kolto station for the first time on fight 6 and they never reappeared again for the rest of the fights. had to use med packs and compaion heals.

I think I know why this was delayed twice. The devs just wanted to spite us for our complaints so they made it almost impossible, especially one some classes. I have 208 and 216 pieces of gear on all my toons and my comps are influence rank 16. This is just like how the devs stopped giving out dye modules when we complained about too much pink.

Influence rank 16 is not very high. It is out of 50. If you grind out some rep for them via gifts, you will probably see much better results.

It is very doable all 10 stages with 208 gear and companion rank 10, done it on all classes already. some are definitely harder, but all doable.

Just need to do, like in an operation – Move from shit, follow mechanics and learn the tactics. And in rare occations, you will need to force your companion to move as well, as they are unaware of themselves standing in a bunch of flames, that will kill them if they arent moved.

it is actually good training for the many, many, many “puggers” out there, that are incapable of moving out of stuff on the ground, and following simple, yet important tactics.

I like the level of tune they gave it. It’s still a walkover for HM raiders, but it’s a serious step up in difficulty from the faceroll that is the story. Especially the last 5 fights are hard enough on a low-gear character to make you pay attention to mechanics, rotation, and defensive cooldowns. My full 224 PT just walked through, but on my ~180-190 unaugmented sabo gunslinger it felt like I needed to work for it, and I died several times, even as a very experienced player.

I expect beginning players will definitely die more with similar gear, and may well need several nights of trying to work themselves past certain fights. And they will emerge as better players when they finally push past this. I’d say resist the temptation to just buy gifts and max out your companions, and see if you can beat the challenge of doing it on the character you have.

An observation:

The walker starts regenerating health when zortar jumps down, but when you dps him down to 75% he jumps back up and it stops regenerating. So its in your best interest to kill him as fast as possible so you have less HP to burn off the walker to push the phase. Sometimes if you’re quick it will heal up to less than 60%. I saber reflected the heat beam and it didnt even get halfway through the cast and he was back down again.

All the fights are doable with a dps with decent self heals and a dps companion, but it takes a lot of practice and there isnt much margin for error on 6,7,9,10 for a dps/dps combo. 6 (melee comp) and 9 (ranged comp) will save you about a minute each using dps/dps vs dps/heal and using dps/dps on 7 should allow you to avoid the hostage mechanic if you burn him fast enough. I find better results with a level 22 Lana on fight 6 than with a level 50 ranged, even if I am able to park the ranged on a critter and keep him alive.

I’m trying for speed champ got it down to within 30 seconds. Need to replace my 208 relics and com vendor implants and tighten up some of the fights. Dps/Dps is almost mandatory on some of the fights to burn fast enough to avoid time consuming mechanics. It just takes a lot of practice avoiding/mitigating damage.

I just can’t stop to doing this in Solo Mode, first time I feel like there’s difficult content in a lot of time, so bad that the rewards are crap, at least if the decos weren’t holo would have been nice.

For the last phase on round 10,keep interupting and stunning the boss,it goes easier that way.

Awesome tip. As mainly a PvP player I just assume that the boss can’t be interrupted. I have no idea why I thought that LOL. I’m just making bad assumptions LOL.

This is screwed up. The arena resets after a while – i had only the last round to finish and now as i returned, i am back to round 1!!!!! Rewards are ridiculous as well, not even worth playing solo. Disappointed.

Seconded, I thought that I would be able to come back later and finish it let in stages. This recruitment is broken, it’s like it is punishing us for playing solo.

This Thing is a joke for Raiders. I mean really. In augmented min/maxed 220/224 there is no challenge other than not knowing the fights. I literally stood (on a BH dps) in Walker beam, healed thru it, then back on boss, as soon as beam was off my lvl 50 skadge healed me to full. As he did throughout the fight and every fight. With end game gear and a level 50 companion this is easy. So I guess this was made for new players, free 60’s and soloists?

I was able to complete this with a Sorc in 208 rating gear and an influence lv 16 lana. It is not hard at all. I don’t think it would be really challenging to a skilled player unless they did it without a companion or maybe in like 168 rating gear.

Oh and also…..Save your kolto stations for fights 9 & 10. I never used them (too busy doging stupid) but if your undergeared they are 1 time use for all 10 rounds.

This is a fantastic tip. I NEVER paid attention to this. I will have to do this tonight 😀

So can anyone confirm if the live version really has the rare drops included? Do you need to do solo or solo+ to get them? I have yet to see anyone with them, have not gotten them myself after many attempts, and have been told in game that the cybernetic rancor mount may have been removed due to complaints.

So the Iknayid pet has been confirmed to drop, and with his rough necessary attempts. That’s one of them confirmed. Thank you for that!

Yes I really want to know if the cybernetic rancor is really a drop as well. If not then it really isn’t worth grinding.

So, the timed run is impossible? Just had a flawless run through this on my Guardian tank using a DPS comp for every fight, no deaths or even near misses and yet still no achievement? I -literally- cannot do it any faster than I just did.

Unless that’s a special achievement for Sorcs and Sins to smash as per? :/

My GM got it on his Jugg the first day but he is on one of the guilds NiM raid teams so I imagine his gear is fully optimized 220/224. It’s definitely achievable with your guardian but probably not in tank spec and I believe you need to use a dps companion for most fights.

What companion and role did you use? What was your time?

Yeah DPS comp, Nexu, influence rank 30-something. 216 gear with one piece of 220. No idea what my time is though as I’ve no idea when the clock starts or if it counts those stupidly long intervals in with the overall time.

Pretty shitty if only certain classes/specs can do it, but hardly surprising I guess. As it stands, there’s nothing I can improve on to make it go faster 🙁

I would get your companion to rank 50 influence, get mostly 220/224 rating gear, and spec dps. That will speed things up.

I’m not sure when the timer starts or what is counted in it either. I would just race from the mission terminal and zone in and make sure to start the fights as soon as the mob turns red. Spacebar through the intermission terminal and get to the next fight asap.

And don’t forget to use your heroic moment. I have read that it can be used like 3-4 times and helps speed things up quite a bit.

It can definitely be done on your Guardian though, as I said the GM of my guild did it on his Juggernaut.

Think I’ll just write it off tbh. I was already doing most of that and if I’ve got to start playing specs I don’t ever play and grinding for top-tier gear it’s going from being a fun challenge into NiM ops-style tedium which I don’t really want to get back into, and the title doesn’t warrant that kind of work for me.

Appreciate the advice all the same. Never know, they might tweak it slightly to give tanks a shot in a later update 🙂

Can the Cybernetic Rancor be confirmed to be a rare drop from Eternal Championship or was it removed prior to live release? I know this has been asked multiple times in this thread, but never seems to get answered.

If it isn’t included, it would be nice to know so people don’t waste time endlessly grinding for something that isn’t even there. That’s just going to leave a sour taste in peoples mouths.

I don’t intend to speak for everyone, but I know myself and at least some others would like this answered.

I don’t know for sure if it’s still a loot drop, but I saw in the dev tracker that a known bug is that the 10th boss doesn’t drop loot.

My first run through none of them have dropped loot. If it wasn’t for the decos for clearing them I’d be much more annoyed.

Hmm, odd, I’ve run it several times and have gotten loot drops from all but the last boss everytime.

Must just be bad luck on my side then. On my second run through still waiting for something besides a repair bill. 😀

It drops. Sadly it’s BoP instead of BoL so if you don’t get it on the character you want it on it’s pretty useless.

Are you sure the time between rounds doesn’t count? I had starparse going and my first 5 fights were all under 30 secs. Last 5 fights were all under 2 mins. Rounding up to and even 30 secs and an even 2 mins, 5 rounds x 2 min per round is 10 mins. 5 rounds x 30 sec per round is 2.5 mins. 10 + 2.5 = 12.5 mins. No achievement. However the total time from the start of the 1st fight to the death of Zotar was just over 16 mins or so.

I’d like to know this as well. People say that the timer starts when picking up the quest and end when turning it in.
If only boss fights counts as time then it’s bugged or I need better then 224 gear :p

I just got the title. Timer starts when you enter the arena (phase) and ends when you kill Zotar.
Time in between fights does count so rocket boost/intercede/mad dash/whatever to the console after each fight and whack that spacebar like a good flashpoint runner.

For anyone still struggling on the Sprint Champion achievement, I’ve uploaded a new video from my original with some better strategies you can use to help cut down those time to kills. The most important thing comes down to using your Heroic Moment and Legacy Abilities to vastly increase your DPS.

I get Zortar all the way down to Phase 3. I stand in the middle when the “Shocking Finale” happens, etc. But then right after that my comp immediately dies (Scorpio, Influence Rank 50). I try to hide in the corner all by myself like a little baby after a second or two. I am on a Jugg. Immortal discipline. Fully augmented gear, etc. etc. What am I missing? I am so close but I’ve died in the last 10 seconds every time.

You have to stay in the mid when killing Zotar, the entire outer ares stays electrified. You can only stay in the middle, you can’t even go to heal tanks or you will be taking damage. Maybe scorpio stays in the electric field, try putting her on passive so she runs next to you in the middle, then turn off passive. Ranged comps are really bad for just staying in the same spot

As a side note, I would recommend only using melee comps in the Eternal Championship. Makes life easier on a few of the bosses

Thank you. I will keybind something for passive/attack to try and make Scorpio follow me. I’ll try it again tonight. 😀

Tried this last night. Worked like a charm. I ended up using Ahsara as my comp. I think I had her up to like level 25. Much better with her following me around LOL. Also, I *saved* the kolto stations to the very last round. I have a mix of 208/216 on that character and I have to say that a few rounds were a bit challenging. Great stuff.

Nope, there is no need to use melee comp at final boss. All you have to do is to move to the middle before you engage Zotar. Your ranged comp will never move from there, so when electricity comes, you dont even have to put him on passive.
Killed Zotar with Pierce (32 influence) multiple times while hunting for mount.

I think the “Chapter 9” requirement will be the biggest obstacle for me getting the “Eternal Legend” title LOL. I don’t think I could suffer though 9 chapters on eight different characters :/

I’m curious what level a lot of people’s companions are when they’re doing the Championship. Also, what stance do most of you have your comps in when fighting “Round 6 – Breaktown Brawler?” That’s the one that always seems to give me the most trouble. The ones later, that you’d think would be harder, just seem to have more involved mechanics but are not as difficult for me as Round 6. Thanks in advance.

The first time i’ve done it was with Lana Beniko as Healing/DPS Companion at Influence Rank 16, and mixed 192-216 Gear. I died twice there, probably both times at the 7th Fight. After completing it the first time, I did it one more time to get the Deathless Champion Title, this time with full 216 Gear (Min-maxed), and (again) Lana Beniko but at Influence Rank 50. From what I can tell, it’s alot easier with a high lvled Companion (obv.) while your own Gear doesn’t really matter. I went as DPS the first time, using Melee Lana as a Heal and Heal the second time, again using Lana but as Melee DPS. So where i’m going at is, if you’re a non DPS but Healer/Tank, you should go for a Melee DPS Companion, simply because most bosses are good against ranged and more vulnerable against Melee. However, if you’re the DPS yourself, it doesn’t matter what kind of Companion you use, as long as he doesn’t die so quickly, which was the main catalyst for my 2 Deaths in the first Run. One could speculate that former Healing Companions are better at healing than former Tank Characters and vice versa, but tbh. I don’t really care about that aslong as they do their Job.

I’m heal spec (corruption sorc) and use Lana (influence 50) in tank mode.

In the Breaktown brawler fight you mention, I usually start out telling Lana to focus on Ripper. Then I throw my two dots on King Crush to get his attention and kite him around the outer edges of the room so he doesnt get too close to Lana and Ripper. When Ripper dies, I tell Lana to switch to Crush and keep some distance so as to distract the Brawler as much as possible until Crush is dead.
The reflect seems to be where the biggest damage comes from that I’ve noticed. So I imagine a ranged companion would have a harder time in this fight and step too far away from circles so their own damage is reflected…

My problem was they switched torian to ranged, he was almost at 40influence then :/ so i skipped doing EC with my Merc because i had big problem with him ob that boss earlier when my comp was about 30 influence. BUT I did it with engi sniper + 21 influence heal companion, it was kinda pain, but my worst fight was actually Zotar, where i died maybe 6-7 times (3 of those when he was at 1% HP), would probaby be easier if my sniper had bonus gear, she’s dvl toon do not much good geared

Datamined info from 4.5:

New Legacy Title “Master of Mayhem” for completing all 10 fights of Eternal Championship (solo or group).

Source: SWTOR Hamster (TORCommunity)

Is anyone else having a hell of a hard time with the Brawler with a sniper? I was okay on my sorc but this time its not even close.

Yeah. Just tried running it with a Sniper w/ Lana as heals, and the A.I. is the problem. They keep healing which draws aggro, then all three converge on her, and completely destroy her. Then you get destroyed.

I did brawler with my DvL engi sniper and 21 influence vector, did it from 3rd try, but on last boss i died like 6-7 times (3x him being on 1% :/ ).

Fighting the last boss is fucking impossible almost as a shield specialist vanguard, especially after the stupid ass nerf we got.

This was both fun and hard! The last boss was really frustrating, and as a Jedi Defense Guardian (Tank) it wasn’t as easy as you might think! It was helpful with all the extra defense you have but I lacked enough DPS so its a long fight! =P When I did beat him I was extremely happy! ^_^

It is so hard to beat that last boss with nothing but the best gear. I got him down to almost nothing, but then I got stun locked outside the safe zone and pounded into oblivion by every attack at once. It’s also really difficult to get through with a Gunnery Commando. This focuses a lot on melee, and we’re built specifically to avoid that.

a couple things I noticed while going thru it first time is that in fight 7 (raven and noc) ABSOLUTELY DO NOT KILL NOC FIRST, if you do, raven will basically full heal and enrage and murder you. and the second thing is that the adds in the Little Gut fight seem to be more on a timer than percent based, got 4 handlers to spawn b4 finally downing him (can’t confirm bc only first time thru). and it REALLY helps for time in round 9 if you have a ranged comp (say niko) and have them target the pulse droids, just be careful of kiting the boss towards your comp bc of laser beam (which he tends to do after a death pulse fail). Overall, a rather simple but frustrating challenge for someone in mostly 208 gear and rank 20 lana and 14-ish niko

Just did all 10 rounds easily. Died once due to walking through poison. I think I had such an easy time of it because my main is a MDPS. A lot of the mechanics seem to really punish RDPS and other classes.

I had a horrible time doing this as a Pyrotech PT. I got through it, but even with a Rank 50 companion healing, I was taking a savage beating in every fight. I guess I’m too used to the versatile, effective defenses on DPS Guardian and Warrior, Pyrotech doesn’t seem to have much in the way of reliable defenses at all, and even with comparable gear the damage output seemed a lot lower. Going to switch to AP and see if I have better luck next time around.

It’s almost impossible because it cheats!! TWICE I’ve ‘won’ Ie, I’ve killed the boss, had the message that I’ve beaten whoever and then I’ve died! And then been told I’ve lost! Got to be the worst bit of programming ever! There’s enough pointless grind in the game without this rubbish to contend with.

Did the championship with carnage marauder, focus guardian and gunnery commando, all with 208 / 212 fully augmented gear. Marauder and guardian had no issues with the fights. For my commando it was a nightmare. The majority of the mechanics are tuned for melee classes and thus are extremely annoying for ranged dps. I won’t bother doing it with my sniper.

Yeah, this fight is not fair for ranged classes. I tried it as my Sage, and I almost won several times against stage four but I kept dying near the end. Granted, my gear wasn’t the best (old hand-me-down Overwatch gear with 190 augments) but still I get what you’re saying about the mechanics favoring one over spec over the other.

Unfortunately, same is happening to my sage healer…..dps or tank comp…kills drake then nocturno comes after me like a demon, several times jumped to me OVER the mines and killed me in two hits and I got mostly 216 gear fully augmented. Companion…pfff…might as well have brought my cleaning droid for the usefulness he does.

The most weak boss i killed – the last one, Zortar. The most annoying bosses, i still can’t handle without dying once are those Nocturno and Drake. Playing on sith sin deception with half gear 216/220 and 50 inf companions. Dunno what is my problem, but after i kill Drake, i just don’t get enough time to escape Nocturno. Every time before i able to stun her with grenades she is chasing and killing me.

I got up to round 9 with my guardian but in tank spec with 208-220 gear I can’t kill the 4 bots fast enough on the last phase. Very annoying.

Not sure if you’ve already done it, but I have my tell my compantion to attack the one I’m not… Seems to burn down faster that way. I’m still trying with my assassin tank speck 234-236 gear.

This guide, while helpful, the videos are abit of a false advertisement, i am trying to do round 5 for the DvL event and i am using a level 65 Balance Sage with 190 gear and i find it utterly impossible to do, the damage you was doing was intense, vastly higher than my sage, so i am guessing you was in high grade gear.

Oh well…nicely done guide otherwise.

190 gear is super low, Think I did most of my alts through with 208, some fights needed a high level healing companion. My more geared toons laugh at Eternal Championship. You can take a partner in there and it counts for DvL.

So far of the healer classes, I found this EC is hardest on sith Inquisitor healer or sage healer. got through all bosses like on a breeze with both my scoundrel and operative healers as well as Mercenary and Commando healer…..struggling already at 5th boss, lanos with both my sage and Inquisitor,

I didnt manage to get the 10 rounds without dying achievement yet. My first char is a madness sorcerer, my next attempt was my warrior but cant get past the brawler. Just tried it with my healer and didnt get past lanos. The damage is just to much to keep both me and my companion alive.
Im about to give up on getting the deathless title because it seems thats only for NiM players.

I dont know how people do it. Lvl70 guardian jedi with 230 gear and the 9th fight is insane. 10th isnt much different. 1% death sucks. Its like the last two fights are multiple times harder than all the others. 8 fights just take long but the last are really something else with so many things that kill your companion too early.

Just doing my marauder this time and again……companions are so dense and clumsy that they need to fix taunts and better command controls…half the time my companion litterera suicides on me leaving me without a tank/healer. And since the controls for them is either A-Follow and do NOTHING or B:Do something and stand absolutely still….they are practically useless on some of the bosses.

I am in Iokath gear atm and I simply cannot beat the last boss. It isn’t like I am not skilled or not. I have played my Juggy since like day 1 of the game and even had one in all the rounds of beta. The fire droids just imply wouldn’t go down in time and just before the guy jumps out of the walker the walker decides to spawn another set of droids thus I cannot dps the guy down fast enough as I have the droids to contend with. I have played since beta and I am leaving. Yes I will make sure the door hits me on the way out. After spending 36mil credits and wasted 2 days of my life I simply find the game unfun anymore. I do hope that people have better luck that I do.

I beat him on the first try and i play the game for a month. The guide implicitly said to ignore the droids, so do that. Especially as a sentinel you have tons of utility to survive.

This guide could use some updates. Things like HP are waaaay off.

Struggling to get past even boss 2 reliably! Can just about get to 5 more often than not, but 5 is absolutely impossible.

lvl 70, Sith Sorc. 230 gear.

Ugh…Trying to do this solo as a smuggler for the achievement. First bosses are easy, but the 2 rancor things are such a pain, and my companion is useless. =(

Ugh. Finally did it solo with all 8 classes. Now I can be happy grinding it for decos with my Marauder Lv. 50 Healer and not have to worry about mechanics that punish ranged…

They aren’t that bad at all lol. It’s not even as bad as other game’s arena-like solo content. Breaktown Brawler and kiting Nocturno are the only things that should be able to kill you.

Why, why are companions AI so fucking bad.. better stand in this instakill attack what could go wrong? Theres adds that need to be killed? well I’m gonna keep attacking the boss cuz I’m doing 1 damage a hit.

I managed to beat to the eight boss solo, i feel really proud lol.

The 9th’s add droids always kill me, though, maybe i should try it with something other than a Sniper.

Quick Question: Am I overlooking something, or is it possible in round 7 to kill the knight first (to avoid her Enrage, also it’s rather useful that the Squire keeps her stunned because I somehow can’t seem to do that well) before going up against the Squire?

Okay I ever asked, that was worse than just killing the knight first XD Going back to the recommended stategy now

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