GW2 Gemstore Update–Gwen’s Attire & Super Adventure Glider

GW2 Gemstore updated today with Gwen’s Attire for 700 gems, Super Adventure Glider for 400 gems, and Basic Leather Rack for 800 gems.[toc]

Gwen’s Attire – 700 gems

Dye Patterns












Female and Male Charr use the same Male model.



Female and Male Asura use the same Male model.


Super Adventure Glider – 400 gems



Basic Leather Rack – 800 gems

Places it in your home instance that can be gathered daily. Received 4x Coarse Leather Section first gather but it is random what you get.


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65 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Gwen’s Attire & Super Adventure Glider”

at last a great update – i mean most of the gem store stuff is good, but this is great and something I’ll probs actually buy. old gw1 outfit, and home instance items are things we need more of lol

That’s not a lady skirt, it’s a belt cape. There’s a very clear difference. In particular, the fact that it does not have a full hem. It’s completely acceptable on men.

Not a fan of the glider, but I love the way it makes faster/slower noises based on whether you speed up or slow down.

No thanks, Deldrimor version would have been better. But I’m sure they will make some $$$ off nostalgia, I never liked default Gwen.

Its that time of the month again, when someone needs to explain to me why this couldn’t have been separated out into extremely generic (and non-clipping) armor pieces -.-

Because it would take them more time to test it for clipping with other existing pieces. They prefer to sell a new outfit every week instead of an armor set every month. I think I don’t need to explain why.

It would be more than a month (unless its 1 weight per month), you just opened it up to tons of people agreeing they’d prefer 1 armor a month than 1 outfit every two weeks.

Well, I was speaking figuratively. I have no clue how long it takes to make an outfit or an armor set. Just assumed 4 times as long for an armor set is enough to prove my point which is Anet will always choose the faster thing.

Try looking at this specific outfit. The leggings are skin tight, the shirt is skin tight, the gloves and shoes are small and non-protrusive. There are no shoulders to cause clipping. The mask stretches no further then the forehead or the nose. The only part that holds the potential for clipping is the skirt piece – but then I’ve seen that exact shape of skirt on multiple armor pieces in the light and heavy category and they clip nothing.

The point you raise in this instance is both moot and meaningless and yet it is the only one Anet provides – and yet somehow an entire flerd of you keep repeating it regardless of the pieces before you?

Seriously. They made a medium chest piece, gloves and shoes, light pants and helmet and called it quits before crafting the other 13 pieces in the set.

Are you blind or do you have some kind of brain damage? I’m not trying to be offensive, but give you the benefit of the doubt. I can CLEARLY see CLIPPING in the male norn images. Also, the monk outfit had a lot of clipping issues. . . and others I can’t think of off the top of my head because I haven’t even played this game in months (only came back for sab). If outfits were the answer to clipping issues then why do we still have them? And no, I don’t want to hear the BS “You can’t completely get rid of them” Because I have plenty of mixed matched characters that do not ever clip. Like ever.

That has zero to do with what I said. Perhaps you should be the one to check yourself for brain damage. I never said outfits don’t clip. I hate outfits, I never buy them. I said it takes longer to make armor sets because it takes more time to test all pieces (gloves, shoulders, etc) for clipping with every other already existing piece. Keyword here is time. It takes more time.

It’s like what someone says “I’m not trying to be racist, but…” At this point, all I hear is, “I’m a racist butt.”

Am I the only one that doesn’t care about clipping or hardly notices it? I’d rather have mix and match pieces and put up with a bit of clipping tbh

I kind of agree with you, weapon clipping is 100x worse but you never heard comments about that. A couple examples: almost every sword going through ground on asura or greatsword/bow/staff clipping into butt on everyone.

other than the wooden sword, i dont recall any sword skin that doesnt hover 5mm above the ground… some one handed swords being the size of what a 2hander should be…

Their more or less official plan (possibly subject to change) is that outfits will be exclusively obtained from the gemstore, and armor sets will be never obtained from gemstore. For better or worse, we won’t get any more armor sets until they add actual content. But from the way things are going in general, it is possibly best if you improvise with existing armor sets, as any additions wil likely be vary minimal.

also Armor Sets won’t be obtainable anywhere else either, because they can’t be assed to make them. pretty sure the heart of thorns page mentioned more than just 2 armor sets for each weight class before… and even if it didnt, a 60 bucks expansion with just 6 new armor sets in total (7 if you count the revenant armor) is pretty weak as is. needless to say the only other armor the game has seen in the past 1 and a half years was the silverwastes one… HoT becomes more and more of a bullshit money grab the more you think about it.

Of all the gw1 armor sets they could outfitize, they choose default gwen? This… I have no words for this.

I’m just waiting for all the OMG please don’t give us anymore disgusting “boob armor” on female characters comments. I could use a good laugh xD

Ha me too, I’m not gay but I appreciate a nice set of tits. The body is a beautiful thing that should not be covered up from head to toe (unless its freezing cold ). Before the last conversation I had with some very angry people on here I had no idea there was so many people on this game that hated breasts so much and seems they hate them with a passion. But it makes me laugh to watch them complain about “boob armor”

Its just the people that are vocal about it. You can easily see that most people do pick the more “appealing” armors if they aren’t badass warriors (why not both), dashing rogues, sinister assassins, or clever casters. I always say that, compared to many (if not most) mmo’s out there, GW2 is very tame/moderate about “skimpy” armors.

Yea I agree, They don’t have sexy armor in this game imo everything seems pg 13 or maybe pg 7…I do like the wedding outfit, natures oath outfit and crystal savant outfit. I wouldn’t call them sexy though just cute. I sooo need a sexy uncivilized wilderness woman outfit something like a amazon warrior woman would wear and the tribal dances to go with it.
And could go on for far and wide…
“The body is a beautiful thing that should not be covered up from head to toe (unless its freezing cold ).”
Because a Sword – magic battle is better if you binged an armor with cleavage. Gives you bonus physical defense and magic defense, right? Or …maybe some bonus damage! Nope.
It’s just a bit … role-playing the thing.
I don’t care if they keep publishing content like those i poste above, but do not say it’s convenient to bring em to fight gorseval the multifarious, or the such.
Just wanted to make you realice what the main point of the haters of “boobplates” and the kind.

Um if your’e trying to tell me those outfits are sexy I totally disagree, I don’t like pants and do not find them sexy at least not for me maybe to some one else it would be, plus your characters have no tits at least not very visible ones xD. And I don’t know who or what a gorseval or multifarious is but I fight like Xena so I catch arrows before they hit me and dodge/block/counter sword ax hammer and dagger attacks Oh and what little clothing i DO wear has magic in it that helps negate damage so nice try 🙂

I just tried to point out what’s the point of those who you aught at, as you stated previously. Not my very own opinion.
Neither looking for someone to argue with.
(Btw, those screens aren’t mine, gosh. How ugly design and color palette…)

Oh ok well I guess I didn’t really understand what you were trying to say but I was also trying to prove a point. Just look at our army they don’t wear armor they just wear a cloth shirt, pants and boots. If a bullet hits them it penetrates them and they will likely die depending on where it hits but they are not gonna wear armor they just have to fight smarter to avoid getting hit by bullets and stuff. Plus the heavier and more restricting your cloths or armor is just makes it more difficult to move around and avoid things that wanna destroy you.

Yes, bulletproof vests like that one only have a chance to stop bullets, and aren’t guaranteed to. The point is, the reason why armour is less useful now is because it doesn’t work well against modern weapons, but it would still be useful in a fantasy world like GW2, where swords and bows are used. It’s not as if you can dodge a well-aimed bullet if you don’t wear armour.

Well with my super sonic hearing, lightning reflexes, and no heavy bulky armor slowing me down I dodge bullets all the time. Also magic infused into my cloths negates whatever damage I might take then I also have healing potions to cure myself pretty quickly. So I’m happy with my gear not being to covering, it never gets me killed because of it 🙂

As proven by Mythbusters, it’s physically impossible to dodge a well-aimed bullet, or to deflect it with a blade. However, this does not matter for armour, as it doesn’t stop bullets anyway. Armour is meant to stop other weapons, like swords and arrows. With less restrictive armour it would indeed be easier to move, which does come with benefits. After all, not every medieval fighter was a heavily armoured knight. An army also needed scouts, bowmen and footsoldiers. However, those would usually not wear something revealing. Magic infusion can indeed be an explanation for keeping revealing armour protective, but revealing armour doesn’t make as much sense from a strictly practical point of view. Even so, if such magic-infused armour were available, I imagine there could be people who’d use a revealing version of it out of personal preference.

Me neither I’d rather not wear heavy looking armor, I like something that’s pretty, and it still works as good as the more concealing stuff since everyone’s armor stats & protection depend on the the level, grade such as rare, exotic, or ascended being the best and what runes you put on it. So you might as well wear whatever you think is the best looking weather it be heavy and concealing or barely there and non concealing/covering or shiny and glowy.

ha! this is not what most people consider boob armour. This just has cleavage. It’s not the same thing lol. the issue from what i read and say myself, is that as a heavy armour chest plate, it wasn’t the best for everyones tastes.

Boob armor cleavage armor tiddy armor same things. Oh the first person I commented on was the 1 who said that metal suit was too sexy. I just said no it’s not, it’s fully covered only thing I could think of he might be calling sexy was the shape of the breasts under the armor then I went on to say you can’t hide the shape of breasts they are gonna show through pretty much everything if you’ve got em. Then a bunch more people started commenting saying armor should not have cleavage or the shape of a breast and some of them seemed pretty angry about showing evidence of having breasts which I found hysterical. Sooo I was just waiting for the hate comments about the cleavage on this 1 to start so I could laugh. Wasn’t trying to be mean or anything I just like to laugh every once in a while it’s good for your health >.< Have a nice night! or day whatever it is have a good one 🙂

why I think Gwen’s outfit is pretty and I appreciate a nice corset as much as the next gal, I just wish that it wasn’t just Asura and Char that got unisex options, you know. after a while, armor changing that drastically depending on a gender of the character you put it on – kinda gets old. I want skimpy guys and I want covered up girls and everything in between. you know?

Yea I agree I hate wearing anything but a dress on my asura they look cute in dresses, the day dreamer outfit looks really nice on em.

I think all the feminazi crybullies went over to BDO to whine. Those Korean programmers love scantily clad women. And a lot of their lighter “armor” and more like glorified bondage, lingerie, cosplay outfits.

I don’t know it seems like a real feminist would be all for women wearing whatever they feel like wearing and not giving them limitations rules and restrictions. Oh and that bdo game looks beautiful, their cloths actually are sexy I’d love them and the fishing and sailing…if I ever get a good enough computer to play that it’ll be my new favorite game I’m sure.

They complain about anything and everything. Its not actually what is happening in the world, its what is happening in their heads. And that’s called being unhappy.

Meh we all have our fair share of unhappiness you just have to learn how to deal with it and except that while you are still alive nothing is ever gonna be perfect or even fair and just take slow deep breaths

Don’t get me wrong. There’s more than just one set of feminism. There’s the more classic versions of feminism that probably wouldn’t have issues with female choices in what they choose to wear. Christina Hoff Summers comes to mind. But the type I’m referring to is the 3rd wave crybully kind. Who bitch and moan about games they’d never even play. The Anita Sarkessian branch of feminism. The thought police version. those are the ones that mainly bitch about “breast plate” armors and shit.

Oh yea those are definitely the more silly kind, I didn’t even know they existed until they started biting my head off for saying its ok to show cleavage or the shape of a breast on a video game >.< I agree with the ones who say women should wear whatever the heck they feel like wearing weather it be real life or a video game character.YEA and I strongly disagree with bullying we need more stricter laws against it imo.

Did you just compare real women choosing to wear what they want to fictional characters made to wear boob armour ? Because video game characters don’t actually choose. They’re not real.

Could have made it Gwen and Keiran’s Attire, and made male version Keiran’s armor… But I guess charr and asura always need more coats.

I’ve put myself on outfit-buying restrictions because I ultimately don’t use them that much (minus the monk one, which never leaves my guardian)…. but man, have I always wanted to steal Gwen’s clothes.

Now if only they would make a super adventure box outfit to go with all our weapons and this glider skin

So lv10 armor for 10$.


Oh wait, am I supposed to excited and glad to pay?

Ohh…. joke’s on you.

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