livestream Producer's Livestream SWTOR

SWTOR April Producer’s Livestream Notes

SWTOR April’s Producer livestream notes. This is a livestream to discuss upcoming Chapter 13 as well as new content.

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  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter 12
  • Subscriber Rewards
  • Eternal Championship
  • Chapter 13
  • Wrap Up

State of the Galaxy

  • Eternal Championship now live on PTS.
  • Ingame Chat/Mail- We have automated system to combat spam but if you see it still report it to help us.
  • Chapter 12 so far has been great, small patch on Thursday to fix some minor bugs. Force focused user focused chapter but non-force users will find it enjoyable as well.
  • We have not revealed the fate of Khem Val. Ak’ghal Usar is not meant to replace Khem Val.
  • Chapter 12 brings Odessen Proving Grounds (8v8). This will be the only warzone that pops until Thursday morning.
  • Rishi Cove Arena (4v4)
  • Quality of Life Improvements for guilds/strongholds/names/instances.
  • Season 7 PvP begins.
  • RPing is super important to us  but having a server set there doesn’t reinforce you to RP there. We felt it was more important to build tools for RPers to roleplay.

Visionary Pack

  • Jedi Strategist armor is a heavy armor modeled on someone in Chapter 12
  • Debate on Savage Nexu Mount/Marsh Hunter Acklay mount – who is cooler? (

Subscriber Rewards for May

  • HK-55 Inspired Ship Droid Customization
  • Early access to Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder.


May 4th celebration

  • M4-16 Astromech Droid Mini Pet
  • Double XP (a week duration, dates not finalized but will short before May 4th).
  • Giveaways and prizes
  • Musco Marathon Livestream


Eternal Championship

  • Launching with Chapter 13.
  • Setup is meant to pay homage to Taris Arena in KOTOR.
  • People want to see more from rewards for Eternal Championship. We are thinking of adding more stuff to the vendors. The goal is to add some decorations of the various bosses at a minimum.
  • Update to Eternal Championship this week based on feedback. It will stay on PTS about 1-2 more weeks.

Chapter 13 – Profit and Plunder

  • Coming May 3
  • Join Gault and Vette in a high risk clandestine heist.
  • Liberate a fortune plundered by the Eternal Empire
  • Discover the fates of your Alliance Members and get to make some fatal decisions.
  • The choices you have made in prior chapters will come together starting at end of Chapter 13.

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MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

428 replies on “SWTOR April Producer’s Livestream Notes”

Shameless plugs for the Cartel Market through out of course. As someone on the feed said, garbage is still garbage no matter how you dress it up.

Right, go on, pull the other one. Not going to hold my breath for something to get fixed via the forums. Merely voicing my opinion as many others have.

“Ingame Chat/Mail- We have automated system to combat spam but if you see it still report it to help us”

I do email anti-spam professionally, and I can’t emphasize how important this is, nor how MUCH spam gets blocked for every message that gets through. Is you see spam, report spam. It feeds the message filters, which is what stopping spam is about. The sources change. The message contents have to have intelligible payloads. Banning the source accounts won’t help much, it’s getting good patterns of what spam looks like to feed the machines.

they said “some slip through”…..bullshit. i get 2 at least in mail already when i og unto a toon, plus by the time im done loggin off, one or 2 more will pop up. MORE than some are slipping through

What you don’t see are the messages that are stopped. 1 or 2 a day is nothing compared to how many are sent

Sad truth – humans are smarter than algorithms, and antispam is reactive, not proactive. You can stop most of it, but not all of it.

I’ll trade you that for our 6+ million we see every day. Most of them get caught or rejected but a few get by…

I run a webhosting company. After a few years with our in house system (Excuse me for not giving specifics as to what it is) we still sit on ours for about an hour a day dealing with false positives and ones that got by. Lots of fun.

Im happy Gault is back i always liked his character, sadly i started kotfe before finishing his conversation missions.

“We felt it was more important to build tools for RPers to roleplay.” so when are the devs gonna start?

“We felt it was more important to actually build tools behind paywalls for RPers to roleplay” fixed it for you.

We have a few sets of robes, and it’s a different era. I doubt we’d ever see the same robes from the movies 4000 years ahead of SWTOR’s :p

Why Not Buddhist Monks in Tibet have been wearing the exact same robes and “traditional religious attire” for over 2 thousand years. Is it really that far fetched to think that Jedi in a galaxy far far away wouldn’t possibly wear the same traditional styled robes for 4000 years?

Is it? I accept it as a brief nod to players, something that if I want to use I can, something that won’t dramatically change the game. I think it’s much more sad to moan and wine about things freely given

Accepting anything they spend 30 seconds throwing together (oh, and not free, by the way- we pay for these sub ‘rewards’) when it’s obviously half-arsed shit is damaging for the long-term health of the game. If everyone had your mentality, they’d never know when things aren’t good enough and the game would die, because people would just leave.

But good for you, being the loyal BW puppy.

Bw puppy? Oh my poor fragile ego.

I admit to being wrong on the free thing but your extremely mistaken in assuming I don’t care for quality. My hearts just not broken over simple rewards. Also, damaging the long term health of the game? I hardly think this will make, probably the best mmo in the gaming world today keel over and die.

Best mmo in the gaming world? I know it’s subjective but scheiße, that’s a gross overstatement. Keep on suckling on BW’s teat I guess.

Considering it has a more worthwhile story, nicer player base, characters you can be invested in, and a lot more features that nto only improve the QoL but the reason for playing a game in general (that’s to have fun) I don’t feel much shame calling it the best MMo in the gaming front right now. Keep in mind though tis only my opinion and your free to toss it away if you want to, just like I’m free to roll my eyes at your comment about sucking BW’s teat. I enjoy the game, sue me if you cant let that be then Póg mo thóin

Hummm… No, you’re not wrong on the free thing. They could give you subbed guys NOTHING… NOWHERE does it say that BW is obligated to reward subscriptions in any way.

At this point I only wonder how lon until they decide they can’t please anyone with the rewards because players keep complaining but them. Also thanks for not calling me names or throwing insults ^^

Why would I insult you? I agree with you. Hey, I also think these rewards are rubbish, but as you said, don’t like it, don’t eat it. And rubbish rewards are better than NO rewards… For all that I think is wrong with the game, this is a non-issue.

People think they are ENTITLED to this and that… You are entitled to NOTHING, except to play a game in the company’s terms. If you don’t like it, unsub or cancel your account. I did. I’m a proud Pref right now lol. But unlike many people, I’m not on a personal crusade to see this game buried. I love it and hope it does well. And if things go my way I’ll sub again. Hell, I was subbed since launch…

I just know conversations on the internet can turn venomous, so I wanted to thank you for staying friendly. I’m subbed, but that’s cause I truly enjoy this game more then other mmos at the moment. We’ll see if it stands. I hope this game flourishes and takes steps to grow further then it has. I see a lot of potential to go far.

Double XP?!
you can already level a character by doing nothing but the class quests – easily
Get a Level 60 by tattooine i guess lol

have you even tried that? I trying it right know for the last 2 weeks and its impossible to level your toon only via class quests.. maybe its possible with xp boost, rested XP and 5*classxp boost but by only class with no buff its clearly impossible.. right now i have belsavis before me and im 4 leves below the rank-range for that planet..

yes, I have a PT that I’ve been leveling that way. Just finishing Voss up at level 46. I do use legacy bonus and xp buffs they give out though to be fair.

I have info from my friend who told me that Class quests, [Daily]Pvp mission and those minor XP buffs dropped by class missions + rested xp its possible to stay on lvl but for a newcomer the story arc missions area MUST-DO in-order to stay in touch and even maybe a tactical fp once per day…

on the other hand double XP’s are usually NOT for newcomers bcs a toon level on 50 in around 6hrs and then ops-grind in less than 3 hrs wont give you enough experience to even play that toon.. i had shadow done that way and tbh i knew sh*t about the gamestyle or that.. that’s why im doing it again.. 😀

Oh, yeah i would recommend newcomers should do the planet quests at least on their first character anyways because they are cool – the first time. But once you’ve done it on one or two characters, its not so fun on later characters as it gets repetitive.

My brother and I use the Encrypted datacubes that came out a while back. Once unlocked via collection they grant 1 major XP boost per cube. There are 8 total and still appear on gtn occasionally. With these plus story my brother is right on level(preferred account) only doing class quests with any bonus that pops up. He also does the companion quests, stronghold and trainer quest. I am subbed and have been above level the entire time using just those XP boosts to do the same missions.

Class and planet mission are the only two you need to level up. but man, 4 levels below? what have you been doing? Best advice is, before starting any class missions on the planet, down the h2 and then focus on class missions

oh boy you didnt read what you are replying to, did you? im trying to level it strictly via class quests.. i wasnt even PVPing since i done the introduction quests.. 🙂

she knows he’s alive. they had a reuinon of sorts in BH story – that is if you did all his conversation. but now that 5 years have passed, but Hylo still seems to be… miffed at him, I want to watch the fireworks.

I did the BH convos with Gaunt and her. I mean that he survived the 5 years period. Yes, the fireworks

So you’re excited to play a tutorial for 15 min? Because that is basiclly all it will be. Or it will just be temp abilities like breaking out of jail on the star fortress.

So if they want to make the rpers happy then why don’t they make hk themed CYBORG armor not that cheap knockoff of a helmet that the released in a cartel pack almost directly afterwards but for real I know several rpers that would do a funny dance for biowares for dat crap myself included and I hate dancing!

His reappearance was fairly shocking for me. I figured that we would get the 1st LI from the 1st chapter of KotFE for fiscal purposes. Of course I also figured that we would only receive the non-basic speaking companions back since all the others would appear announce how sorry they were but they couldn’t stay for plot reasons. i.e. have a kid and family, responsibilities away…

We are seriously only getting Torian. I figured with Mandalorians being the theme we were gonna see Shae Vizla, Akaavi and Torian. Seems like missed opportunity to do the mix and match thing for companions. Especially with Gault and Vette coming together for the next chapter.

Is there any datamined info on a Darth Marr armor in any packs?
(please dont say reaver’s armor is marr’s)

Ah, well any chance they might bring back that armor as they seem to be bringing back some of the old armor’s?

Doubt it. Seems like there’s only one skin brought back from each group. Reaver is the skin chosen from the old Warrior PvP armors.
I feel your pain :/

I Like reaver, if only they would add the extra red lights to it and remove that permanent white on the crouch flap, well hopefully they might bring a Marr armour in the “battler” pack, but we can only hope……..

Most of the armors of that style don’t dye on the right parts to match Marr’s :/

Yeah and there isnt even a marr colour scheme, his dye would be something like bright red/medium grey

Gault comes back next chapter along side Vette. So BH get Blizz, Gault, and Torian and Torian gives a hint where Mako went.

June’s chapter will have a certain young, blonde Mandalorian making a reappearance along with a Mandalorian theme 😉

What about Akaavi. She’s a Mandalorian isn’t she? I can’t really remember, I spaced through most of her story trying to get her affection up before the release of 4.0. Seems like a perfect match one imp comp in the story and then one pub for an alert.

“RPing is super important to us but having a server set there doesn’t
reinforce you to RP there. We felt it was more important to build tools
for RPers to roleplay.”

For fuck’s sake, the server select screen doesn’t even tell you whether it’s a server aimed at RP, PvP or PvE anymore. Each server attracted specific crowds and it was pretty cool. What are they trying to achieve here? What good does this possibly do? If you’re going to try to make every server identical (and I’m a fan of the separate PvP instances, mind) then why not just make megaservers for each language/timezone? ToFN, TRE, Prog could all come together as one happy laggy & shouty family. We’d have less shitty PvP, PvE would be healthy and the economy wouldn’t be as barren as ToFN’s. In fact, economy would be more healthy than it’s been in the history of the game, pops everywhere and practically no real downsides.

..And what are these roleplaying tools? I haven’t seen anything. I don’t think I’ve seen anything specifically aimed at roleplayers since.. ever? Come on.

I’m guessing role playing tools are strongholds. and various emotes. but given how much they are trying to court new players, not telling them where RP communities are more likely to be found is an incredibly weird decision

Is an instanced only Odessen that is gorgeous and begging to be roleplayed in, only we cant, something we would consider an rp tool?

To be honest, I would welcome the opportunity to enter any warzone for exploration with a group or without. Or even the ability to set up “test” matches with no comms, credits or XP rewarded, just for competitive 8v8. It’d also open up the opportunity to explore 4v4s, set up strategies and get to know the terrain. I’d love to have had the chance to test the Rishi arena before I got thrown into it by the ranked queue.

And of course, this opens the instances for RP too.

“May 4th celebration
Musco Marathon Livestream”

… I fail to see how that is a celebration… who honestly wants to listen to this blithering idiot. More like a month late on the April Fool’s joke.

Sorry, I can’t shove my head so far up my arse to get your perspective of how the job he is doing is anything other than a terrible job. Just because I posted my opinion, that is apparently different than yours, doesn’t mean I don’t have a job… it’s called free time, and yes, I do enjoy taking a few minutes to bash companies that claim to listen to their customers while completely ignoring them. It’s sad really, people like you are what is killing this game, I bet you even like those hk sub rewards don’t you? #Biodrone

You think you’re talking about other people but you’re really making statements about yourself: that you are sad, depressed and need to project negativity and judgments onto others to feel better. Apparently you CAN shove your head up your own arse… you could have just kept your mouth shut in the first place, taken a look inward, gotten in touch with those scary feelings and learned this about yourself, but that surely would have proven even more painful. Instead, that computer keyboard made it mighty compelling to spew your personal pain all over the screen compulsively, without thinking, in the guise of “bitching about XYZ”. Computer keyboards are magical like that…

“You think you’re talking about other people but you’re really making statements about yourself”

oh the irony

Yeah, that is irony… Dalien was pointing it out to you, so… see, you can learn! Another example of irony is where you said “people like you [me] are what is killing the game”… you are this toxic and yet it’s me that’s killing the game? Gotcha.
Like I say, probably time for a timeout from this game if you can’t see that… it is only a game, an entertainment, if it makes you this enraged, time to move on.

I love that response. It’s a clear indication that you have nothing clever to say to refute what he said to you, and that he hit a nerve.

Not MY perspective.. SOME perspective… on your life dude. Your opinion is irrelevant, this is his livelihood… your username is calling for him to be sacked. The only people that know how good a job he is doing for the company he is employed by are in that company. Throw insults all you like, you are a ranting child, clearly. Timeout.

I am mostly upset at the loss of BoL for the HK helmet. Was this announced officially anywhere and I just missed it. I only have about half of the total amount I need to have all customizable npcs in my alliance wearing one.

My Mara/Sent love the HK sword too. Since it only seems to work two handed they seem to shove the offhand into it. actually gives it a sweet effect from the right angles.

Phew. Thanks for the info. Prolly would have thrown a tantrum and not bothered looking in collections.

The companion customisations for Khem Val have been renamed to “Dashade”, and while I haven’t tried them yet, I expect them to be usable on Akgal and Khem… I’m running my sorc through the chapters now to try. So, it doesn’t look good… my GUESS is that Khem will go a similar route to that Trooper comp … he’ll show up, but we won’t recruit him. I can’t imagine they would intentionally have two companions that are identical.

Khem’s customizations have listed the class requirement as “Dashade” for a while now. Even his class was changed to “Dasade” a while back. This was before the current name change of the customizations.

Just played the mission. Ak’ghal does not replace Khem. I have both as companions right now. However, they both share the “Khem Val” deco and Khem’s voice (different dialogue). This could be a good sign?

Get back through the holoterminal yes. If Khem was gonna be Sorc story exclusive I figured that they would have made our new Deshade either Akghal or Khem to give a “unified story with individual class elements” since individual stories are out. Lee might be right of course and he might only appear as a temp character. Of course Tanno and Khem have the advantage of not being LI so they could get dropped into later alliance missions as a choices do matter thing for later recruitment.

There’s a holoterminal on Odesenn where you can reclaim all your old companions. They will not be a part of the story unless they’re planned to be.

You know where you get bonuses for achieving influence with alliance specialists? It’s a small room, right next to entrance to Hylo Visz’s big room. The holoterminal is in that small room.

head to the smugglers area where Hylo Visz is stationed. There is a small room with a bed. It may be guarded by HK if you received him. On the left as you enter should be a couch and a datapad that grants rewards as you level up the 4 leaders of each area (Hylo, Oggurobb, Aygo, Sana-Rae) on the right should be a piece of furniture. That is the holoterminal.

sure but that doesn’t mean he won’t be back, I could see them bringing him back later on, and then hearing the screaming of players who killed him as they realize their choice actually mattered

Oh-no! theres explosives hardwired into the Gravestone! If only Tanno Vik were here to diffuse them! AHHHHHHH! BOOOOOOOOM!

The End

Idk where, but im pretty sure BW said that Tanno isnt coming back. This is because his original VA died shortly after the game’s initial release. His appearance in KOTFE was somewhat of a farewell to the character.

These May the 4th rewards make me regret being born on the 4th. It’s like I have a family that I pay every month to give me the same shitty gift every year.

Why not spice it up? How about an ingame M4 carbine? Lore breaking you say? Fuck it, I present to you the new HK-55 craze theme design inspired Meatbag4 Eternal Carbine of the Infinite Empire. Legacy unlock 1,400cc because you know that’d be in there.

I’d prefer an actual minigun, as opposed to the shit that they’ve given Commandos since the first Cartel pack. Vacuum cleaners, giant bricks with barrels, and one that has another minigun strapped to the bottom of the first one, and it doesn’t do anything.

There are several miniguns. RH-35, Primordial Assault Cannon (Besh/Grek)
I use the Grek version and I’m perfectly happy with it.

I hate that one. Giant panels opening up in a triangle around the barrel, whose idea was that?!

It’s like they’re just sucking the life out of HK-55. He’s dead, Bioware! HE’S DEAD! Get over it! You couldn’t even figure out a way to get him back in the story, because it makes no sense. You only brought him back as a cheap way of getting more subs, so just stop! Give us some rewards that we actually want.

I think they brought him back and gave subs all that crap because of the whiney bitches that couldn’t accept that he died. Maybe if we all whine enough to Lucasfilm they will bring Han back from the dead.

Lol – or make weapons from his body parts…
OK Who wants a hat made out of Han Solo’s head?

Rey: “Don’t worry guys, I got my Han Solo hat and a lightsaber made out of Han Solo’s dong. Kylo Ren won’t know what hit him.”

Can anyone give me any valid information what happened with the Bowdaar and Zenith recruitment missions? Both have achievements ingame but the quests and alerts are missing. Did bw screwed up hard or just another bug?

Bowdaar comes with Eternal Championship. Since it was planned to be released earlier, the Achievements is already there. Zenith i’m not sure, maybe he was planned with Bowdaar, but they brought Blizz instead.

I am thinking that Zenith is waiting for an imperial counterpart. Probably Malavai quinn to go because both are strictly anti imp anti rep.

Bowdaar is coming May 3rd with the Eternal Champion mission. He was suppose to have come out back in Chapter 10 but got pushed to Chapter 13, cause the Eternal Champion Arena wasnt ready. Havnt heard anything about Zenith yet.

“Ak’ghal Usar is not meant to replace Khem Val”

I had placed Khem in my DK stronghold before KOTFE came out. Ever since, his projection has stood where he once did. But now that I just recruited Ak’ghal, he has replaced Khem in the stronghold without any effort from me.
Odd contradiction.
And made me feel sad as well.

*Updated Observation*
If I summon Ak’ghal, it then shows the Stronghold character as Khem again. Maybe it’s just a weird bug caused by BW renaming his class to Dashade? Hmm

If you’re a non-Inq class and preview a Khem Val customization, the preview window states “Ak’ghal Usar”. I do actually like his voice “acting” tbh. Rest is meh, as I am not a Dashade fan.

Oh, well, I am an inquisitor though, so I dunno why.
Yeah, when he starting talking during initial conversations I was glad that he had a different voice than Khem. But when I had him out as a companion later he seemed to be using Khems voice. -_-

If there was ever any doubt that BW was trolling us with KotFE and actively TRYING to get us to leave so they could shut down the game, it’s gone with May’s “rewards.”

Hey folks Eric here,

Just wanted to let you all know that the subscriber rewards for May were actually part of a delayed April Fools joke, seeing as no AFJ was posted on our website this past April Fools. We actually intend to mail subscribers in-game a Jar Jar Binks themed armor set as the May the Fourth be with you celebration.

The intern responsible for the mock up job of the Ship Droids Customization has actually been promoted to the PVP Combat Design team, whom will be transferred to the Solo Operations Design team this June.

Hope you all enjoy your early beta test!

– Eric Mucuso
Community Relations
Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Solo MMO

I have no idea what kind of HK themed drugs they are smoking, but I would rather have that then what they have planned from the subscriber rewards and May the 4th.

I have the same exact droid pet for heaven’s sake, just a different color O.o

Yeah I was going to say…

“M4-16 Astromech Droid Mini Pet”

CAN WE PLEASE STOP WITH THE GODDAMN ASTROMECH DROIDS. Oh my god what a terrible, TERRIBLE reward to get each year.

I like the astromechs. Someone needs to keep the starfighters in the hangar of my fortress in good condition, after all…

But all they have to do is put fancy new colors on it. Our loyalty at little to no cost.

Feel appreciated yet?……

This one looks like it is HK-55 colors. I realize that his name represents the year, but still a little surprised he isn’t named “M-55” just because lol

It is an alliance though. They already wrote in “practice” scenarios with the PvP maps. The Outlander works with other npcs so this time we just substitute PCs for them.

I honestly wish they would have some group content where we rescue other heroes from the great wars that were also captured and frozen by Zakkuul. It would at least explain how my base is crawling with all those people.

Lol group content is not their focus anymore. Apparently MMO’s need single player content first and foremost…… O_o

Well until yesterday warzones were group content, and there are two brand new ones.

If and when they release new ops so that people can exploit the hell out of them like they did with the last ones, people will complain that there are no new warzones since x and the game is dying.

Hell, with the changes to the server login, i’m not so sure the game isn’t really struggling, but those who still enjoy it, or at least hate it less than any other mmo out there, are not gonna stop playing just because angryinternetdudex said the game is dying.

How long in between new warzones? The fact that they released new stuff for PvP is great but too little too late. The rate at which they develop group content is pathetically slow for a multiplayer game.

This game is in a transition period, that should be recognizable by now. They are moving away from group content, mostly because of massive public outcry from people who didn’t want to feel “forced to group with others.” They appear to be moving toward a F2P, Subscription rewards, story based, Online Co-op game. They have even started to change the semantics they use for end game, Ops and Group content to Co-Op play. SWTOR may get some co-op content and they encourage cooperative play, but your aren’t encouraged to group up for anything other than the Ops and flashpoints that were released Prior to the shift that they begun in KotFE.

Let me be clear, I HOPE THAT I AM WRONG. I want to be wrong and I want to see season 1 of KotFE capped off with a new 8/16 man Story and Hard mode Operation. I’m just not holding my breath in anticipation.

As a matter of fact I’ve let my subscription lapse and have gotten serious about another game… (shhh it’s ESO). Musco and the SWTOR Dev’s have made it quite clear, “no new operations during the run of KotFE.” As far as we know there will be an season 2 coming. So one could speculate that with season 2 also comes the affirmation, “no new operations during the run of KotFE.” It could be a very long time before we see a new operation, then again they could spring one on us in August or September.
You never know, the thing is, I and many like me aren’t gonna keep paying while we wait to find out.

That’s the real issue right there, isn’t it? I too have let my sub slip by, in December no less, when it was A YEAR without a new Op. I keep asking myself: why should I pay to play a Single-Player game? There are better and more viable options out there for Single-Player games, and I don’t even need an internet connection to play them! WoW went this route, and it’s not turning out very well for them…

I really feel confused by this turn of events. The thrill I got from clearing Ops with other people cannot be compared to the single player stuff we do nowadays… I would compare it to someone shooting some baskets alone with a basket ball or actually playing a basketball game, with other people.

I REALLY hope that this games holds on and thrives… But sincerely I don’t see that. All my old friends have left… ALL OF THEM! I recently convinced two of them to give this another go… Yeah, right, for a week. Gone again. And one of these days I’ll join them I’m afraid…

branbakemuffin or whatever his name is is a total wuss! He can’t handle it when someone calls him out, he hides behind the report button cause he’s a weak ass pussy! Muffin boy, you’re a 350lb piece of garbage and I be you haven’t showered in over a week!

BranMcMuffin is a total tool bag, He’s the kind of troll that instead of trying to be funny, he wants to piss everyone off beyond the limits of reason.

lol i like how they announced the sub rewards.

now guys i know what you are thinking that these customizations are just recolors…this is true however….wait till you see them with these badass background wallpapers!!! lmao

“We have not revealed the fate of Khem Val. Ak’ghal Usar is not meant to replace Khem Val.”

only good news from this post

well, that and Vette

Looks like the underlings left to run the game have a main concern of policing existing members, light story, and getting us to buy hyper-crates. Only mentioning forum questions that are giving them over the top accolades like ‘Best Chapter Ever’ isn’t really informing us of anything but these millennials need for high praise and ignoring ‘real’ questions on the forums with 40+ replies. No mention of them removing the population status on the newly designed server login. Now all the servers look identical despite some like Jung Ma have almost no viable population.

Send this game to Korea to be run by those folks who have a passion for implementing new content and would make better use of the Star Wars sandbox. Anyone notice how much new content that Black Desert MMO is churning out monthly?

Yeah I want a boiler plate KOTFE template that forces my bounty hunter/sniper/commando to learn the force in order to fight the bad guy. That’s what we all want.

Yeah, because your Bounty Hunter / Agent / Trooper / Smuggler are going to stand against the might of the Arcann / Valyn by themselves. They’re good, they can fight Jedi / Sith, but they’re not THAT good.

Um, Black Desert Online isn’t churning out new content. They’re localizing existing content that’s already been written, developed, tested, patched, etc. Kinda a critical difference.

i’m still missing my Feb Sub reward for the promotional code for the 1050 cartel coins, but Eaware has basically told all of us who did not receive them to go fuck ourselves its our fault somehow we never received the email. ahh well dying game anyways only thing id buy with the CC are ops passes and artifact equip authorization for my account, because it’s not right to give this company money for an MMO that only churns out Solo content.. solo content for over 16 months now, no bueno. Rip Swtor end game 2011-2014

Why are you playing a dying game? I hear this from people all the time and ask this but no one ever answers the question. They just dodge it and call me a carebear, fanboi, biodrone, etc.

The game is “dying.” As far as it being an MMO, in the traditional sense and the overall population. You just don’t see very many people around anymore. People who criticize this game and state that it is dying, yet still play it because, although they see the writing on the wall they still enjoy it. Many times that is why they criticize it so harshly, because they love this game and have high hopes for it, but the direction that it is going in is extremely disappointing.

You are in love with SWTOR and you think that it is perfect just the way it is. Well that is your opinion and I for one will not say you are stupid for having it, however I and many like me have a different opinion, yet you and those like you would prefer to silence us and call us stupid. Opinions are opinions you can’t tell someone their opinion is wrong, that isn’t the right thing to do. You can disagree with it and state why you disagree. To tell someone their opinion is wrong just makes you an ass-hat.

I chose not to pay for a game I am no longer enjoying, it no longer has a focus on the content that I am seeking and the content it has I have played through almost 22 times at this point. There is nothing left for me to do. I raid with my team because I enjoy their company, not the game I am playing. and when raid is over I switch to a game I do enjoy. SWTOR isn’t fun for me anymore, who are you to tell me I’m wrong?

I agree but you have be a plumber to get anything you have a lot of turd monsters who defend this game to the bitter end while there covered in bantha poo and dont realize it. Like i told you before you have to ignore he cant handle criticism very well as youve seen its just why are you here gtfo or ill do my best to force you out agree with me or leave! lol

you have the right to an opinion as does holyfrog but in order for tor really get any REAL help and feedback to make any change you have to be real telling these guys there gods and this is the best game and all this results in what we see subpar developing 2-3 months late and solo focused but hey they want this to be kotor 3 now and get 15 bucks a month out of it some of us arent stupid enough to fall for that where others are

its not entirely black or entirely white though is it… anyone who defends BW/EA is a white knight, and same way, anyone who dumps on it, does so with such vigour that it just brings rank toxicity.

I used to be an avid supporter of this game. The devs shit all over the game that i enjoyed until everyone i formed friendships with left the game. I am pissed off and have nothing positive to say. The people have a right to know how the devs are nothing but garbage. New or not. The fact that people support this game anymore sickens me.

2 devs 1 cup

You know that saying about there being more than one way to skin a cat? IMHO, most of the inflammatory BS in this and other forums is due to that. I find the best way to try to get a point across is to engage, encourage where appropriate, give positive criticism as well as feedback. I appreciate this conflicts with most of the interwebs, but it is what it is.
Don’t complain about your food in a restaurant BEFORE they serve it to you… complain after and do it knowing that those people you are complaining to are the ones you are asking to resolve the issue.
Nuance, subtlety and all manner of other options go out of the window when you rush to your enraged state. It is a game.
“The people have a right to know how the devs are nothing but garbage”… simply not true. It’s not black and white, not even close. If you are truly this appalled by it, you DO need to move on, for your sake and for other peoples sake… it’s just trolling otherwise.

Lets look at it this way.

If you bought a product and realized that it wasnt any good because its creators did not properly build it, would you simply just drop it and move on or would you let others know it is garbage?

Im just more direct and harsh.

in which case you need to frame that in your original, realistic expectations rather than just “is bad, mk”… cos, like, you know, people are different and have different expectations, yeah?

I thought i covered that in my “used to be a supporter in the game” opening comment

You putting words in my mouth is wrong. I’ve never said it was a perfect game. When there is something I don’t like about it I criticize it. I’ve stated in the past that I’ve quit paying to play this game. When something comes along that makes me want to pay for it again, I will. If the time comes that I quit playing this game I will quit talking about it and move on, I won’t linger on a fan site telling everyone how bad it is. You no longer enjoy this game, so why do you bother? I don’t get why you waste your time even replying to a comment that wasn’t aimed at you. Kirk, who I was addressing, sounds like he hates the game and is going around crying that the sky is falling. That’s fine if he has that opinion, I just asked him a simple question. Now go ahead and tell me that this is the Internet and you have the right to respond to whatever you want.

I explained why I stick around or did you skim over that part? I Raid with my team because I enjoy their company, not the game I am playing. Yes I have checked out all the chapters up until now and yes I plan to resub once all the chapters are complete so I can play through the rest.
Again I explained why I and those like me complain, but linger. Because we love this game or we used to love this game. Although we still have high hopes for the game and have a hard time letting go of it we also see the writing on the wall.

You defend this game like a person who thinks it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, I recognize that thought process because that was my attitude this time last year. Then I experienced a well designed and smooth running game. A game that SWTOR could have been and it makes me angry to think that EA rushed SWTOR to market and we could have had something AMAZING, the true WoW killer, if they had only given the dev team a little more time.
I think about all the time and money I put into this game and now they are steering it the opposite direction of where I want it to go and I chose to speak out.

Sure I could mention the obvious, that this is the internet and I can reply to whatever posts I want to, but how about I point out that you were trying to bully someone about their opinion because you didn’t like it. I was defending that person’s right to speak their mind. How about I point out that you should stop trying to silence those you disagree with and instead either move on or find a way to have a discussion without telling them their opinion doesn’t count and they should just leave. The moment you try to take away a person’s right to voice their opinion is the moment you become the bad guy.

If you like the game, play. If you don’t stop. Pretty simple. If you like to use the as a chat tool, sure, whatever floats yer boat.

he does the same thing with me doesnt handle criticism very well just stand your ground like your doing hell just have to get over that not everyone has to agree all the time

This is always a good laugh: “I love the game, which is why I constantly complain about how shitty it is.” Hey, I bet that works with people, too.

Some folks can’t handle the truth or are too simple minded to to understand mildly complex thought processes. Example, a person liking something so much that they gripe about the state of the things because their passion for what they are doing drives them to want it to be better. Some aren’t smart enough to grasp this concept, I would count you among their numbers.
The great thing about Disqus vs SWTOR forums is that I can call you out as an Ass hat and a d-bag without getting banned because they don’t care.

I ask people all the time why they are being payed to be shit on but i get no answer they just use there dodge like an agent hitting evade then tell me to get off of here and they go as far to create fake names to rage at me even lol

i only log to play twice a week with friends in NiM raids. other then that working on my Steam library currently

I keep playing a dying game because ive already invested far too much time an money to cut my losses now. Plus the devs are so bad at what they do they must be fired sooner or later. Bioware has the exclusive rights till about 2020 or so i read somewhere. So if we keep our fingers crossed an stop buying cartel packs…

And why buy ops passes if you are subbing??? Sounds like you making it up and not thinking about what you say.

so why is he getting more CC? and why is he considering what else he might spend his incoming CC on? :/

i dont sub anymore, i had the longer sub setup of billed once every 6 months, im just waiting for my sub to run out. i unsubbed last dec last year

Didn’t get mine either. Was given the option to call customer service on my own dime and plead my case. Not worth it. Eric did a similar thing with selective coin giveaways when 4.0 was delayed going live. Didn’t get those either. They don’t seem to have the staff resources for follow-up. Seems pretty simple though. They would only need to check the codes sent that were not redeemed.

The Codes comes with a email in a standart newsletter Email. I’m sure you missed it because you didn’t scroll down…

I just love how musco still trys to make a point about choice matters bs every video he says that LOL oh everyone is saying show me where choice matters then musco says oh its in the future you just havent seen it yet ROFL….aaaaaawhahaha at least hes honest about its not there lmao ill give him that aaaawhahaha.

Hey Shawn,

Eric here. I heard you were talking about me on Dulfy so I thought I’d come to the source and try and set things straight. You see here at Biowurrr we take customer feedback very seriously.

Why just yesterday, I took an feedback/complaint/idea from a user on this very website and walked it down to this floors incinerator, where all good TORtanic ideas go to burn.

The team would like to let you know that your choice does indeed matter. The choice that you made to fork over your cold, hard earned cash means alot to us. And we’d like to thank you by mailing you an HK themed backpack thru UPS. The backpack will come in the likeness of HK’s face, but instead of being empty, will be filled with bantha pood……wait, no the team has just informed me that the backpack is intended to be filled with cartel coin cards. Gosh, wow, that was a really bad mix up.

But please Shawn, open your wallet, give us another chance. We here at Biowurrr would like the oppurtunity to milk yo….I mean make it right for you.

Eric Mucuso
Community Kleenex
Star Wars: The Indefintely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Red Blue Green Meaningful Choices Solo Content MMO

Hey Fan,

Eric here, I’m sorry but Biowurr doesn’t let me out of the office kennel long enough to do any autographs unless I’m obligated to show up under contract for a Cantina Event.

Gosh, speaking of which, when was the last time we actually had a Cantina event? Before 4.0?

Eric Mucuso
Cantina Community Manager
Star Wars: The Indefintely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Maybe We’ll Have Another Cantina Event Soon Empire.

Biowurr promises your choices will start mattering in the chapter after this chapters following chapter, two chapters from now.

Hey Shawn,

Eric here, glad to help you laugh. Gosh you should have seen what I had going yesterday. Some user reading Dulfy actually believed the patch and servers had been delayed indefintely and were tweeting Biowurr about it. Good times, good times.

Eric Mucuso
Community Kleenex
Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic
Knights of the HK Themed and Painted Empire

one thing I want to know, how Will they explain the other characters in your KOTFE. By the time it looks like they all just vanished. Like where the agent gone if SCORPIO and Kaliyo worked together? They worked only in agent team. And I’m sure that other companions will remember each other, but where their group leaders gone? They Need to do something like “Join the main alliance” so you Just don’t need to do all the KOTFE missions over and over again and have an alternative in joining alliance of your legacy outlanders, so your companions will recognise you and you don’t need to do the exact same story (atleast first 9 chapter+ Star fortresses + all alerts) for every charachter you got there on your legacy (21 for me) and do just one dark one light and 2-3 neutrals.

I do believe Aric somewhat explains this when you meet him as someone other than the trooper, in that his former Major “went missing”.

All 8 class quests occurred. Most of them will mention if they recognize you or will briefly discuss their old leader. The first Alliance recruit you get is Yuun who says either he knew he would find the Major on Zaakul, or that he hasn’t seen his friend since the battle with Darth Marr. Talos and Xalek have similar responses.

Frankly I would like a mission where we retrieve other heroes from the great wars. Too injured to be playable, hence why Valkorion picked you, but it would give a small bonus to original teammates from different characters. Would also explain all the other PCs running around our Odessan base.

BioWare: Your choices matter :D…next that is…or maybe the next after that ? Meh they’ll matter at some point don’t worry about it…maybe…I promise…we lied…but they’ll matter the next time after the next…yeah…

Yeah so far I have only noticed one choice that matters tland that in anarchy in paradise where your choice determines whether koth stays or leaves your alliance

“HK-55 Inspired Ship Droid Customization” Guys, you’re six days late for April fools, come on now.

Some people complain about hypercrates, others ignore them completely, but there a a select few (like myself) that know what hypercrates that know how hypercrates should really be used…

They are used to get reskinned stuff or new versions of the old stuff they have made mixed in with some actually new stuff.

New stuff is super rare so people have to buy more to get old new stuff to get new new stuff.

Get it?

“Best chapter so far.” How can you tell? The bar is so low. I will say this. It did take me longer then 20 minutes unlike most chapters.

I just want to make one suggestion for the new guild window. I like the larger windows for the motd and guild description. That would have been a great idea if you could put text in the entire right side of it. Why make a window twice as large if you plan on filling it with dead space? I was like “Oh yes! People no longer have to scroll down to read the description tab…um ya they still do. Friggin bioware!”

: Man… I don’t know what the F*** you just said, Little Kid, but you’re special man, you reached out, and you touch a brother’s heart.

StarWars? The Wizard of oz? Gone With the Wind? E.T.? Jurrasic Park? Avatar? Back to the Future? Field of Dreams?

Nope can’t picture it…

actually guild calendar is not bad idea – for pve guilds it sounds like a good idea. But ……. Because we know so BW is not competent to make something with that engine crap (omg gold FPS what i had before 3.0 >.<) and like is typical as we can see after main update – tons of hotfixes, not sure if that could be realizable

I’ve actually looked for that forum post, it must have gotten buried already because it isn’t on the first couple pages.

I just found it, on page 6, there are 16 comments. Mostly people complaining and 3 people White Knighting it… I think it was a plant by the dev’s.

It must. I mean he’s been telling us our choice matters since before kofte launched. So it must! Ill prolly take the blue pill. Musco highly recommend the blue pill

Sub Reward…. What a fuckin carbage. Ok, propably it wouldn’t be a fair, but why the fuck we can’t get something like was pvp reward for season 2, season 3? I play pvp a lot, but hate rankeds and because this i will never get a chance to get weapons like was there. Instead of this, we get again some HK fuckin crap.

I am not saying exactly the same, but something like that! Some proper adequate reward! FUCK this HK shits

Fuckin right on you fucking awesome person! These fuck heads dont give a fuck about their fucking players. They only see $$$ when the ignorant fucks buy the shitty ass gamble boxes. Then they say thanks for the money here is something that took 5min to reskin or adjust.

Meanwhile they laugh their asses off wondering why people pay for this fucking garbage.

You sir have made my day for no good reason.

Sub reward for May is pathetic. Only reason to be subbed is for Double XP to get toons you dont have up.

Unfair that Double XP has to be Sub only,imo, just give Subs another pack of weapons and something else is what they could do.

How about some Customizations for alliance companions…the slots are there…..No one really uses the ship droid and HK customization is poppy-kock. I really am getting tired of all the HK junk. It was a cool idea at first but getting old. I think they should have just given the whole HK set to us as a reward these past 2 months, let HK buzz die down and came up with “other” more popular rewards people have been asking for.

Remember at the start of the year that they said we’d be getting these HK sub rewards up until July? So it’s not stopping any time soon.

this game will soon fall into the scarlet pit where it will be digested for a 1000 years. I think we all see it coming.

I remember when someone said something similar to this in 2013, I think that person from 2013 was wrong 🙂

Hey dumb asses! This game died in 2012 and all of this success is your imagination!!! Short bus if full today kids!

If this game passed on in 2012, then why is it’s heart still pumping vigorously in 2016?
Your logic astounds!

Well, hope you realize they aren’t stopping at any point soon. It’s kind of been established already that the next few month’s subscriber rewards will be HK themed. Like, this was made clear at the start of the year.

Hey Folks,

Eric here, the team wanted me to inform you all that due to the recent success of the HK themed items they are intending to add a new feature to the game.

The feature will be located under the Graphics Option(s) and will allow a player to see what HK-55 sees. The feature will apply a red, black, and yellow visual filter over the entire game. Enhancing a players ability to immerse themselves in the amazing galaxy of Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic as HK-55 when they wear the HK-55 helmet we provide them.

This feature is expected to go live on May the 4th. This features bug patch will be implemented on May the 5th during prime time for the American and European players.

I’ve also been informed that this feature will be added in place of Double Exp, seeing as we made leveling obscenely easy in 4.0. The team tells me that they’ve equated the new leveling system to “My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic” and “Care Bears” level of difficulty. The team is STILL working on integrating that level of difficulty to replace our remaining group content.

Anyways, May the April the 7th be with you.

– Eric Mucuso
Community Party Pooper
Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Red Black Yellow Filter Carebear Empire

Mr. Mucuso, surely applying a red, black and yellow visual filter over the game will increase our fps due to less colours needing to be rendered? Will the HK-55 Inspired Graphical settings do this?

Hey Batorr,

Eric here. Yes, applying a red, black and yellow visual filter over the game has shown a 100% to 125% FPS increase on most of our systems here at Biowurr.

– Eric Mucuso
Community Color FPSer
Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Red Black Yellow Filter Carebear Empire

Hey Hermione,

Eric here. Why do bad things happen to good people? Let me consult the Biowurr Office Manual… drat, nothing there. I guess I’ll have to make something up… okay, well… here goes Hermione;

Well, why do subscribers and freemium players keep fueling our bad habits here at the office by buying cartel hyper-crates every month and then go to our forums and complain about not receiving anything from a pack that is gambling pack through and through?

Every user/subscriber/forum user action has a consequence, even funding us here at Biowurr via hyper-crate sales.

You know, I’m going to have to autohotkey Eric Mucuso’s signature one of these days just to make it more quicker and realistic to Biowurr’s forum posts.

– Eric Mucuso
Community AutoHotKeyer
Star Wars: The Indefintely Delayed Republic
Knights of the I’ll get around to it sometime Republic

Hey Eric,
I found some old pictures of you at the last cantina event.
They sure bring back some memories don’t they?
Good times.

Hey Parker,

Eric here, wow that is definitely a walk down memory lane. Its a shame I don’t get let out of the office kennel long enough to do walks much anymore. And yes, I am constantly regretting that Jar Jar Binks head gear, funny thing about it is… the Cartel Market team asked to borrow it so they could use it to “model” new in-game cartel sets!

That second photo (on the bottom and in the bottom) is actually the mandatory company head shot. Unlike my colleagues here at the office, I decided to do something completely unique with my head shot. The result is the black and grey picture you now see gracing your screen.

Thanks for the memories (great song by the way, I sing along to it every time I incinerate the office mail, mail that includes community ideas and subscriber suggestions) Parker!

– Eric Mucuso
Community Cantina Seer
Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic
Knights of the undoubtedly Intoxicated Republic

hey eric when do choices actually starting to matter? so far you guys have been overusing that phrase a bit to much without actually having some choices that matter. dear regard a player that has been playing for 4 years now:P

Hey Darth-Robin,

Eric here, and to answer your question in the most polite way possible, please refer to my obscure answer several posts down on this very page.

However, should you be unable to locate such post, allow me to inform you that your choices shall begin to matter after this coming chapters chapter, two chapters from now. I have been informed by the team that they intend to implement a tooltip in the dialogue box that informs players when they are making a choice that matters.

Also I’m under contract and contractually obligated to mention as many times as possible that your choices matter. Your choices matter. Your choices matter. Your choices mat— *ERROR ERROR ERROR* ERIC MUCUSOBOT 2016 R2V2M416 IN NEED OF LOGIC REPAIRS *ERROR ERROR ERROR*–ter.

Please look forward to our upcoming buggy and incomplete chapters that have you asking more questions than are answered!

– Eric Mucuso
Community Choicemaker
Star Wars: The Indefintely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Your Choices Matter Your Choices Matter Your Choices Matter Your Choices Matter

C´mon, I know what you are up to Mucuso… I know Valkorion is actually JJ Binks in disguise!!! ADMIT IT!!! CONFESS!!!

So with all this jerking off to HK-55 stuff, when do I get my HK-55 fleshlight as a subscriber reward? I feel like it’d just be easier that way!

LOL! Totally need one.

They have been useful for me to rip bound armor, augs and enhancements and send them to other members of the legacy.

Beyond that, they are ugly and worthless.

HK-55 is not HK-47. He was dead about 10 hours after you met him. Hardly legendary

Problem is, they’re not even bound to legacy anymore. So RIP transfer. Total shit rewards. I wish HK-55 didn’t fucking exist and we’d be getting some actual content instead of them focusing on this shit.

Either HK-55 dick as a subscriber reward or riot!

Yah, I ended up selling them because each slot in my cargo hold is precious.

He is a complete distraction and frankly, HK-47 was enjoyable because he was unique. He has been far too overused. Revan escapes the Maelstrom and somehow finds HK-47. He is destroyed. Darth Malgus recovers the chasis and reprograms him to fight on the Emperor’s flying space station. He is destroyed. SOMEHOW Revan finds him and repairs him for a third go. Destroyed again.

HK-51 is forgotten. Lets make a new one! Too much.

Hey Theory,

Eric here. The team wanted me to inform you that yes, we ARE working on an HK-55 themed fleshlight, however several issues have cropped up during development.

First and foremost, the team can’t agree if they want a real fleshlight, or a cartel market fleshlight to sell to players in-game. Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, the team can’t agree on what orifice to use. Some propose we use HK’s voice synthesizer, others say we should use his internal USB port (a USB 3.0 port by the way) and while some select few say we should use his rear exhaust port.

Rest assured Theory, we are intending to complete the circlejerk nature of the HK themed items, and we do agree with you that it’d be easier if we gave subscribers an HK themed fleshlight.

Thanks for your thoughts!

– Eric Mucuso
Community Prop Tester
Star Wars: The Indefintely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Rubbery Flesh Like Orifice Empire

Ok, totally random question here and I think I know the answer but am hoping im wrong: does the KOTFE Doctor Lokin companion not change into a Rakghoul like he normally does for the Agent?

Help us BW, you are our only hope!
As someone who has been playing on TOFN for the past 4 years, I would appreciate some feedback as to what will happen to this server.
Our republic fleet is pretty much dead. We have 24-50 peak population with the huge increase to 71 last Monday. That was a reminder of how good this server used to be.
TOFN is in big trouble and everyone is jumping ship. A huge number of guilds have moved to the red eclipse leaving behind their guild ships and other things.
The remaining players have nothing to do and recruitment is dead in the water.

JKS has about a third of TOFN’s population. Yesterday I waited for a Warzone at 21°° for about 2 hours, with no result. Not even an Arena.

But I expect they’ll keep the dead server for one more year. Because BioWare doesn’t get it and keeps acting stupid.

It seems you guys are in a worse place than we are. We do not need to wait 2 hours for a pop, 30 minutes sometimes but most warzones are ending due to lack of people on the republic side.
With the bug in the map rotation where one warzone was popping all the time, we had an increase in ranked arenas on TOFN. We had pops every 2 minutes as 4 v 4 is easier to match. Sadly, it was the Rishi arena where JK would insta die.
If JKS is any indication of what TOFN will become, then I guess we should prepare for more people to leave and for the server to die off completely in one year like you say.
The sad part that my stats and yours are not including the summer period where most will be gone, play other games, and log less in SWTOR. We are royally f-ed and BW is not giving any signs that they will budge.

Hey Jar Jar,

Eric here. I’d like to let you know that the “better than cross server” was a comment made under contractual obligation to appease the mass of subscribers we had currently. In no way shape or form do we actually have the team, the manpower, the technical know how, or the drive to actually pull together something that is better than cross server.

However, all hope is not lost. Prior to 4.0 coming out we at the Biowurrr offices sat down and held a frank discussion about what to do about the complete and utter lack of “better than cross server” features.

Lo! From the depths of the fresh intern pool, a new idea was shouted: “Let them dress up like HK! They’ll forget everything then!” and thus, our current theme was born. That intern has since been promoted to my boss, whom is glaring at me through the office kennel bars while I write this under contractual obligation.

Rest assured Jar Jar, should you have ANY ideas whatsoever for better than cross server features, have no fear: I, Eric Mucuso, will personally escort your ideas to the finest incinerators after reading them and folding the papers into paper airplanes.

– Eric Mucuso

Community Office Aviator
Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic
Knights of the So Much Better Than Cross Server Republic

i actually like the 2v customization not so much the c2 one. also i hope i can shoot gault in his stupid face >->

the chapter 12 , is the weakest ever, endless easter egg hunt with annoying weak creatures impeding you … this is a joke considering the chapter started with a mission to destroy arcaan communication tower.. suddenly the player is shoved into pointless easter egg hunt while the REAL mission is done by your companion OfF screen…

Honestly, the chapter would have more of a complete feel if they gave you closure. Either what happened with the mission, or make both Kaliyo and Jorgan both unavailable as companions until the next month when you found out what happened.

dont worry the carebears will soon come out of the wood works with fake excitement and hope!

Subscribers increased by 33% randomly around the time of episode 7. How many times the devs will mention subscriber rates between episode 7-8. 100%

They need to fire whoever they have writing these quests. And whoever they have spearheading KotFE in general. The quality of content takes a visible drop with every update.

Ohh I hate hate him the most “I’m an archeologist, not a fighter!” I want to shock the shit out of him when he says that. You are, what I say you are, bitch!

Ohhhhhhkay. Uhmmm…. just…. hold still a moment chap. The lads at the happy hotel would like to have a nice long chat

I mean… your entitled to your opinion. But I find her pretty funny and witty. So ummm… yeah I’m not for killing vette at all

So, she’s annoying, and because of that, you want her dead.
God, what is it with MMOs spawning these freaks of nature?

It’s a game. Don’t know why everyone is taking my comment so seriously haha…Calm down people, get off your high horses, jesus…

Sounds Interesting, I joined right after beta (well not technically but I think you know what I mean). I heard they were much more open about what you could do to your comps back then.

I don’t want to kill Vette either, she’s marvelous, but i like the option of variance more than anything else, so yes, i hope we can kill as many we would like, including Vette.

Eric, When will it be possible for the Bioware staff to stop being lazy and make crap happen,
Also i got footage of you and Jar Jar Binks btw

you realize this games on its way out right? after KoFE its likely you’ll only see Cartel market stuff being released. Austin BW has very few developers left actually working on this game (like they barely had any in the past 3 years anyways) EA does have another SW game in the works though, no one’s sure what kind of game that is just yet

It’s cute that people think they know the future of the game. EA is a huge company it’s no longer little Bioware. It’s EA-Bioware. That being said they could just as easily put some devs on the project to make new content just because their current status isn’t great that’s because they don’t need a huge team to implement these stupid stories. Never count your chickens before they hatch.

They could but they won’t. I don’t blame BioWare. They do what they can with what they have. Mostly I blame EA because they’d rather throw a little money at the Cartel Market for a solid definite gain than take a chance and invest in real content because it might fail.

well kofte has still 2 seasons after this and they said each year a season so assuming 2 more years.

The new sw game would be around the time period of the new movies but would not be related of some sort. but not much info other than that was found.

Stronghold, pets, outfit designer, blahblah, things that make it look cooler but don’t really effect gameplay,

Yet we had all those things before. I would like to know what they supposedly added, not a peep on that thus far.

Very subtle and limited things, like increasing deco limits, adding more creature and personnel type npc decos, allowing extra SH, but honestly, if they really wanted to facilitate some RP, how about a “non combat” mode for flashpoints/ops where there is nothing but the players and the setting, or the ability to go back to instances we had access too in missions but are now just useless green forcefields we remember fondly.

They made a whole jedi training ground on Odessen, complete with non-hostile wildlife and neat jump points…..and we only had access to it one time on our own.

Please tell me that the ship droid customization shuts him up! At least reduce his commentary to very short answers. The sound of his voice grates on my nerves and he seems to talk forever. He just doesn’t seem to have C-3PO’s dry whit.

I was engaged once, and yes…the almost-mother-in-law was definitely a talker…an over-medicated one, at that…

Dear Eric Musco: Do you enjoy your work? I’m feeling quite inquisitive.
If you could change one thing about it, what would it be?

Also, may I suggest adding a cross-faction fleet? I feel with the past two expansions it has brought both factions together, not only chronologically, but also socially as an MMO as well.
My idea of a cross-faction fleet is where both factions may share the same general chat, as well as group for warzones, flashpoints, and operations. This would be an excellent compromise for this not so hypothetical situation:
Carl: “Hey, would you like to do X flashpoint?”
Muscos missing soul patch(M.M.S.P): “Sorry, I only chill on pub side!”

…. And thus the beautiful lovestory between M.M.S.P and Carl came to a halt.

dont think they will ever do that even though it be great because most the pvper’s feel if you did that their be no point to fighting against each other in pvp and no point to empire or republic as a whole

whats the difference from how it is now? 9 out 10 warzones are reps/sith fighting on same teams in “training” scenarios as they call it. This is how rift went and look where it is now?

I wonder if there’ll be an achievement if you get yer lost companions back via the story (if they come back at all that is lol)

Really, the ship droid customization is worse then that stupid HK head that your chin clips through? Look at me! I’m wearing my bodyguards head! The HK head was the worst reward.

Why did you post a pic of him? Why doid you post a pic of him? Half the time your pics have nothing to do with what you are saying. Now post a pic that has nothing to do with this.

Hey Eric Mucuso,

You been quiet both here and of course in your actual job on the SWTOR forums but I am curious, Given the shit state of SWTOR and the half ass efforts being put in by your fellow employees (May 4th yet another reskinned astrodroid – better make sure the intern who came up with that gets a month holiday – what an effort!!!), what have you been doing in preparation for your Musco Marathon (Endless bullshitting) Livestream? Have you been seeing a voice coach so you can say “Choices Matter”™ endlessly without spitting out blood or crashing the Mucusobot program?


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