SWTOR Chapter 12 Story and Alliance Recruitment Guide

SWTOR Chapter 12 Visions in the Dark and Reclaimed Treasure Alliance Recruitment Guide.

Story Guide


Empire, Force User

Republic, Non-Force User


  • Chapter Start
Trigger: Theron talking about finding a hidden relay station  
  1. We found Arcann’s weak spot
  2. Not the throne itself?
  3. Yawn – Theron disapproves
Trigger: Lana talking about the relay station  
  1. How do we reach that station?
  2. We can take over the Fleet – Kaliyo approves
  3. Or destroy all communications – Aric Jorgan approves
Trigger: Aric Jorgan says it is a mistake if you pick Kaliyo  
  1. A decoy mission is vital – Aric Jorgan appreciates that
  2. On second thought, I agree- Aric Jorgan approves, Kaliyo disapproves
  3. My decision is final, Jorgan – Kaliyo approves, Aric Jorgan disapproves
Trigger: Kaliyo says it is a mistake if you pick Aric Jorgan  
  1. I need you as a distraction – Kaliyo approves
  2. You won me over. You’re in – Kaliyo approves, Aric Jorgan disapproves
  3. Do as you’re told – Kaliyo disapproves
  • Travel to a Secluded Area to speak to Valkorion.
  • Procure Wilderness Survival Gear for Safety
  • Talk to Valkorion at the Secluded Area
  • Search for a Path Back to Odessen Base
    • Bonus: Clear Shade Stalkers out of the Forest: 0/15
  • Check the Southwest Passage
  • Confront Valkorian
  • Discover Clues about Your Location in the Area
    • Bonus: Locate the Lost Holocrons of Odessen
    • Codex entry: Beyond Light and Dark. Gained from a book near the fire.


  • Light Beacons along the path: 0/7
    • Killing the random neutral creatures along the way will earn you the codex entry: Odessen Wildlife: Evolution. Additionally you can earn this codex entry by going into the area behind Satele’s ship.
  • You can tame Young Stalkers you see along the way


  • Talk to Satele Shan in the Wilderness
  • Locate Secret Items in the Odessen Wilderness
  • Travel to the Dark Cave
  • Defeat Vaylin in the Dark Cave
  • Use the Weapon Forge in the Dark Cave (depending choices you pick there Marr/Satele/Both and Resilience/Transcendence/Sacrifice, you will get different buffs based on your choice when wielding this new weapon).
    • Both Satele/Marr – Absorbs and reflect 10% of the damage from Arcann’s attacks
    • Marr – Reflects 20% of the damage caused by Arcann’s Attacks
    • Satele – Absorbs 20% of the damage caused by Arcann’s attacks
    • Resilience – Regen health when in combat with Arcann
    • Transcendence – Increased movement speed when in combat with Arcann
    • Sacrifice – taking damage from Arcann increases your dmg up to 25%
  • Enter the Oasis Cave
  • Defeat the Young Cave Jurgorans
  • Defeat the Cave Jurgoran
  • Talk to Satele in the Oasis Cave
  • Use the Climbing Ledge
  • Use the elevator at the Alliance Base Entrance
  • Use the War Room Console to check in with Lana
Trigger: Lana asks where you have been  
  1. It’s a long story. Listen…
  2. Focus on the mission at hand
  3. The truth won’t make sense – Lana is not amused
Trigger: if you pick Kaliyo to go and she disappears  
  1. Stop and wait for my orders – Aric Jorgan disapproves
  2. Go. You have my authorization – Aric Jorgan approves

Total Codex Entries

  • Beast: Shade Stalker
  • Beast: Cave Jurgoran
  • Lore: Odessen Wildlife: Evolution, kill neutral creatures like Odessen Makrin or go into the area behind Satele’s ship.
  • Lore: The Force: Beyond Light and Dark, is a book in the capment
  • Lore: Satele Shan: Disappearance
  • Lore: Force Ghost

Reclaimed Treasure Alliance Recruitment

  • Perquisite: Complete Chapter 12 and finished Oggurobb’s prior recruitment missions
  • Use the Alliance alert to travel to Yavin 4, read the notes and then travel to Architect’s Hollow when directed.
  • Unlock the Ancient Sith Artifact’s secrets.

Step 1: Acquire Sith Medallion.

Do not interact with the Sith box yet. Instead, click on the body in the ground (Harris) and get the Medallion from him.


Step 2: Go to back of Architect’s Hollow cave and your Sith Medallion will automatically appear. Use the ability to summon a Corrupted Cave Stoneray. You are going to loot a Sith Medallion Crystal off the body.


Once you done that, open your inventory and pick the Mission Items Tab and click on the crystal to place it inside the Medallion.


Step 3: Now exit the cave and go left, you will find a clickable Relic Keeper’s Altar. Click it to summon a Massassi Relic Keeper and kill it to get the Tablet of Victory.


Step 4: Go back to Architect’s Hollow cave and approach the box. Remember your sith code. Pick the Try placing relic tablets in the slots.


Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

Pick the placing relics tablets in the slots option. Note that if you escape the cutscene after placing the tablets, you need to do it again.

  • Slot 1: Passion
  • Slot 2: Strength
  • Slot 3: Power
  • Slot 4: Victory
  • Slot 5: Broken Chains

After you done that, pick the Try things involving the Sith Medallion and pick the try touching the Sith Medallion to the suface.


You will get teleported to a new cave with a Khem Val copy. You will need to beat him up like you did years ago with Khem Val and he will give you to the option to either accept or reject him after some conversation. If the instance bug out somehow, click on the Ancient Sith Artifact to exit the cave and then click on the Sith box back in Architect’s Hollow to get back in. Otherwise you can try exit and reset the mission if nothing else works.

  • There is a Depleted Holocron inside the cave that when interacted with will give Talos Drellik 1000 influence.


After using the Alliance Alert system to travel back to Oggurobb, you will get your own Khem Val copycat named Ak’ghal Usar.


Ak’ghal Usar

  • Like: Technology, Trophy
  • Favourite: Weapon
  • Love: Cultural Artifact
  • Vendrine

    Just a heads up, the last phase of the alliance recruit has a chance to bug out and require a reset. Sometimes using the altar to go into the hidden hollow won’t progress the mission, and going to the stasis chamber won’t make Akghal appear and talk to you.

  • Aslawk

    You will also get the codex “Odessen Wildlife: Evolution” from killing an Odessen Makrin.

    • KMG

      I got it just by walking past creatures near the 1st bonus holocron.

  • Zasz

    “Use the Weapon Forge in the Dark Cave (depending choices you pick
    there Marr/Satele/Both and Resilience/Transcendence/Sacrifice, you will
    get different buffs based on your choice when wielding this new weapon).”

    It would help if the game would explain what bonuses we actually get instead of guessing.

    • Emprah


    • Terrorus

      Any idea how the choices affect the bonuses??

    • Joris Windels

      Atm it’s just words: transcendence Lets you surpass your Old limits, resilience?, sacrifice?

      If you pick both, you get unity buff, saying you learned their combined path. Assume you can also do light and dark by picking either to empower

  • David A Hole Fellows

    “finished Oggurobb’s prior recruitment missions”
    does this mean that I should have the Rakgoul DR as well

    • dinodoc

      I don’t think that one is from Oggurobb

      • MacroLass

        No, that one’s from Bey’wan Aygo.

      • David A Hole Fellows

        Yeah brain fart on my end lol you must have Talos

    • Andhros

      While I haven’t checked for complete recruitments. You actually receive this assignment from Talos Drellik so you would definitively need him recruited.

    • teajae

      I didn’t do “Little Boss” on one of my ‘sins and yet was able to complete “Reclaimed Treasure”. Now, I don’t know if that’s because he’s a ‘sin/SI or if it’s because he’s at 20 with all the specialists or some other odd reason…just putting it out there 🙂

      • teajae

        Addendum: I think Andhros is right. Just finished XII on one of my ‘slingers who has 20 with specialists but who hasn’t done “Fighting Power With Knowledge” yet (yeah I know but so many alts so little time etc etc). Have all the other Oggie-given alerts done there so that seems to be the the trigger mission for “Reclaimed Treasure”.

  • Divona

    Wow im surprised and shocked we did get something unique and great after this chapter. Still dont understand fully what other choices we had could have changed. Hoping Dulfy will focus more about part when you construct new lightsaber. Choices seem to be really affect outcome.

  • Rint

    There is a depleted holocron inside the cave that the Deshade is in as well, it gives 1k influence to Talos Drellik

    • Thanks added in 🙂

  • Andeeroo

    no victory tablet on my smuggler for step 4 all i have left is betrayal, sacrifice , secrets , broken chains(which is 5)

    • Devincor

      Did you exit the cave and kill the Relic Keeper? He is to the left along the wall (glowing box). He drops the Victory tablet.

      • Andeeroo

        yeah it bugged on me had to reset quest all g now

    • Aiko

      Leave the Cave, go left, find a Box, use it and defeat the Mob, Mob drops Victory tablet.

      Next time read the guide. (Step 3)

  • Daniel Maia

    i did all as you said and still not working. Any idea why?

    • Andeeroo

      have u socketed the medalion in mission items?

  • Andeeroo

    holocron for talos rep in dashade cave

    • Darth Twinge

      Thanks. I missed it during recruitment but I found out you can go back and click on the relic to return to the cave after the quest is already completed if anyone missed it the first time 😀

      • Naq

        Amazing! Unbelievable! Splendid!

  • Christoph Hoelzinger

    Someone got the german translation because there are some problems with the Tablets…we have Treachery and Victim…so no Victory and this means no Sith Code…i dont know who the translator is but hew needs to be shoot……German Tablets are: Macht, Verrat, Opfer, Stärke, Leidenschaft, zerborstene Ketten…could someone help ?

    • Vanitra

      die Tafel Sieg gibt es außerhalb der Höhle zu looten und dann ist der Sith Code komplett, steht aber so in der Beschreibung

  • Brian Schmitt

    As a Synthweaver, you will acquire a schematic for a Battleworn Jedi Chestpiece while discovering clues about your location. You will receive after clicking on the Jedi armor piece within the ship.

    • prdc

      It appears you get the schematic no matter what profession you have. I got it on my Artifice.

      • LogicLoup

        Likewise on my Armstech.

      • Brian Schmitt

        Good to know thanks.

    • Zasz

      Sadly this doesnt look like it would suit a jedi. Dunno what the people are thinking that make such optical desasters.

  • Sarah

    Does this mean inq characters will not get Khem Val back? Or will that be later?

    • Lamayas

      You can take back any of your old companions through the companion finder on Odessen. It just means they haven’t officially been reintroduced through the storyline or alliance missions.

      • Sarah

        Yeah, was trying not to use that terminal on my main character. Was just curious if introducing this companion meant they weren’t bringing back Khem or not.

        • Lamayas

          Since Khem’s conversation arc leads to a choice where it can be him or Zash in that body, it’s very unlikely he’ll be reintroduced.

          • Sarah

            Thank you 🙂

          • Amodin

            “We have not revealed the fate of Khem Val. Ak’ghal Usar is not meant to replace Khem Val.”
            April Producer Livestream Notes

            • Shaun Salisbury

              Empty words really from people who often the deceive players.

              • Amodin

                I didn’t preach that it was truth, just quoting the source. You can take it how you wish.

  • Dread Master Ozariah

    So they removed an option to attack Satele?

    • sdohda

      Nope, I had the option.

      • adwd

        Are you former Imperial?

        • sdohda

          Yes. I used to play Marauder, but I did this on the Knight. Not sure if that information is helpful, but I hope it is.

    • I had the option on my trooper but not inquisitor.

      • Darth Twinge

        It must be based on a previous choice then. My inquisitor DID have the option to kill her.
        Sadly, taking the option accomplishes nothing. She escapes.

        • Naq

          I had the option to flirt instead. She was like “Gross…anyway I’m glad you are up.”

          • Syced

            well thats what she said

          • Darth Twinge

            Oh, I had that one earlier too…
            And she gives that blank stare lol

  • Zasz

    I managed to get past the chest but then I was stuck there because in that moment I should have gotten ported I entered combat.Interact with the chest, touch it and then you get ported.

  • prdc

    Transcendence gives you the Transcendence buff: You have moved beyond the limits of your past.
    Sacrifice gives you the Sacrifice buff: You are prepared to lose everything to achieve ultimate victory.
    [Will edit when I learn Resilience]

    Each of them seem to have the Unity buff with it (although, this may be depending on if you accept both Shan and Marr’s help).

    Unity: You have harnessed the unified beliefs of Satele Shan and Darth Marr.

    • Disqus this

      Resilience: No matter the challenge, you will endure.

      Sadly it doesn’t really mean anything at the moment.

      • prdc

        Oh, I like that one.

    • Unoshi

      this is what ive been looking for. cheers. now waiting to see the different between both or marr or satele

    • is Unity still there if you refuse help from either Satele or Marr?

      • Danny Seth

        No, taking help from only one of them, gives you a certain buff.
        Serenity: Satele Shan’s lingering influence fills you with a serene sense of calm.
        Vengeance: Darth Marr’s lingering influence makes you hunger for vengeance.

    • Jimbo
  • Zijyfe Duufop

    so is there any actual advantage to using these weapons?

    • Suriaka the Keyboard Warrior

      Why would there be?

  • emperorbear

    i have all the tablets in the right spot and touched the medallion to the thing but nothing is happening.

    • emperorbear

      Still isnt working I have tried bother resetting the mission and re logging. anyone else having this problem??

      • mohiq

        have you combined the crystal and the medallion?

  • pokedigijedi

    I’m annoyed that the only way to unlock this companion is by getting darkside points, I had to reject him because I didn’t want any darkside points on my Jedi Knight

    • Danny Seth

      Um, the dark side points can be cleansed by doing a light side action.

      • Saratje

        Some people have a dedication for not getting any I guess.

        • Emprah

          Than they should not be annoyed by the consequences of their actions.

          • Naq

            Dashade devour force users, it is their nature, its like saying wolves are dark side for eating sheep (and I am sure a Dashade would love the comparison). And this new Dashade seems kind of noble. His people were wiped out, and he is there to avenge them, he has endured so much to do so as well, if he was wearing shiny armor and didnt eat people, recruiting him would be light side. I am not “mad” i ended up getting darkside points, but I found it strange that you get them just for recruiting him. I didnt get darkside points for recruiting Kaliyo, and she signed up because she wants to hurt people, I love her but she is nutz. Just seems out of place that its darkside just letting him out, but lightside for straight up murdering a guy who just woke up. (I can only assume you finish him off in the lightside option, I didnt take it)

            • Elwe

              Light Side option he gets imprisoned again by the machine.

    • Phase

      It was 50 darkside points. Big deal. Doing a basic story or flashpoint will relieve you of the dark you gained. I guess everyone has to complain about something though.

      • anonymouse

        We live in a free world. Anybody can be a lil bitch if they wish to.

    • Holyfrog

      So reject him on your Knight, get him on an alt. why would a light side Knight want him anyway?

    • MeisterYoda896

      that’s just stupid since the dark or light side points are total bullshit anyway. thats why bioware removed almost all light or dark side requirements in items. so just real the options you have and ignore light or dark. Or maybe you can explain the light side reason on the following (random pick out of many). “kaon flashpoint” the point when you reach the commander at the fenced area when you realise he was bitten on his leg and is about to turn: light side option on republic side sais: let him first SUFFER through his turn and THEN kill him.

  • Bianca Marino

    Playing this chapter made me think of this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yLr15xVuBw

  • Havik79

    So we only get 1 new companion again?, man they are so lazy, at this rate we won’t get back half the comps before season 2.

    • Holyfrog

      You can’t figure that out? “Let’s hold some comps back till season 2 so that they will have a reason to sub.”

  • Phillip Chappell

    Not if it been mention but on the Recruitment mission there is a hidden Achievement there a Sith spirit wandering the cave click on him for it. I did after killing the Corrupt Stoneray not sure if that a requirement

  • Dristan Young

    What are the different buffs we get from making our new rust forged weapon? (seriously, it all looks rusty :c )

  • Chris Riches

    I could have done with the Deshade notes last night, they really don’t give you much information on what you are actually supposed to do, I mean I knew the tablets would be the sith code but had no idea what I was supposed to do to get the missing parts.

    • Rex

      Yes. There was absolutely no indication that you have to go outside and use another tablet and fight the Massassi to get the Victory tablet. A marker there would’ve helped.

  • Ares

    Where is the Depleted Holocron? I can’t find it.

  • Errtai

    I played the chapter with 4 toons last night, all force users. It felt like Luke’s training on Degobah. Which was nice. I definitely enjoyed it more than the last 2 chapters to be honest. But can’t say how I’ll feel when I play the chapter with my Smugglers. I mean, what does a simple freighter captain know about the force and its mysteries? Does he even care? 🙂 Will find out tonight I guess.

    • SirRobinII

      wow are people really into this?

      • J Mark McBride


    • Sarigar

      Yeah, unfortunately, the “real” KOTFE story is definitely geared towards Force users. It greatly strains belief that Valkorion would even notice a smuggler, soldier, or bounty hunter, no matter how remarkable their achievements.

    • BC7T

      This chapter started really well and up until the meeting in the woods with my “mind tenant” I was really happy. At this point it all changed for me, storywise and also my perception of how the story was progressing.

      I have mained my Slinger since early launch and never been a glow stick lover. Up until this chapter I had enjoyed every one so far, but I couldn’t really find a way that this worked for me. I’ve never wanted my smugg to have any force abilities, so to be forced down this path really disappointed me. While sub-letting my consciousness (sp?) I could understand the instances of force power as the Emperor doing it, but couldn’t find a way to like the justification that he has helped me “take my first steps into a larger world”.

      Even with the construction of the weapon being different I am still left disappointed.

  • Walker

    I found a total of 6 new codex entries:
    Beast: Shade Stalker
    Beast: Cave Jurgoran
    Lore: Odessen Wildlife: Evolution, you must kill a Odessen Makrin
    Lore: The Force: Beyond Light and Dark, is a book in the capment
    Lore: Satele Shan: Disappearance
    Lore: Force Ghost

    • Thanks I will get them added in

    • Kobie

      You don’t have to kill anything to get the Evolution entry.

  • William Bolitho

    As an aside, did they put an achievement in if you reject the Deshade?

    • Thorwyn

      Yeah, the only secret one – gives 50 points

  • Whitedragon

    simple equation

  • Whitedragon


    • Blackdragon

      Congrats. Welcome to six months ago?

      • Whitedragon


  • Zijyfe Duufop

    if you pick Aric to go, dos he dissapear?

    • Andhros

      yes. If you send Aric he runs into trouble and you can choose to send Kaliyo to aid him.

    • Rex

      Both options work. You can send Kaliyo and Aric will cover her when she fucks up.

  • Adam Wright

    Does Valkorion’s approval factor into any of this? Doesn’t make sense for him to attack someone that he’s approved of at every turn so far.

    • William Bolitho

      Unless it is because he wishes you to be fully ready.
      Also, I have the distinct feeling you may be “Plan B”.

    • Old Newbie

      This would have made more sense to be in a bigger Patch and only if you’ve been fighting him. My girl has been giving in to all his “suggestions” don’t understand why this attitude now? Or….if was after “the meeting in the woods” to keep you on his side.

    • Viilax

      I didn’t either but as you go along he mentions that he’s angry about your lack of progress/slow progress. So I kind’ve understand where he’s coming from? Even though you’d think an Immortal would be more patient.

  • MacroLass

    About the Lore: Odessen Wildlife: Evolution codex entry….you do NOT need to kill anything to get it contrary to the guide’s info.

    Simply going behind the ship you wake up in (the opposite direction of the camp and the trail leading into the valley) gives it to you. You also seem to automatically get it if you go far enough into the valley past Satele though I can’t specify exactly where.

  • Jonathan Doe

    LOL, not even Dulfy can disguise the saltyness when talking about Khem’s stand in.

    • Viilax

      I wish they had atleast given him a new skin type like…for real?

  • Ahzhihod

    >.> Finally Bioware makes mention of Valkorion being a “black-eyed Sith” in his what is supposed to be true form lol.

    • Unoshi

      i know right!!!! the first mentioned of black eyed sith i was like VITIATE/VALKORIAN and it was sweet to get an Exar Kun mention again

      • Demios

        Where is this mentioned in the chapter?

        • Enemyoffun15

          not in ch, it the alliance alert mission.

        • Unoshi

          Not the chapter it self but but when you do the alliance alert mission recruiting a new potential companion

    • Old Newbie

      When and where was this?

      • Ahzhihod

        You ask him about who the black-eyed Sith was.

    • Sean Bigley

      You know Im a little hesitant to peg the “black Eyed sith” as valkorion. Probably is due to time period differences and the fact I’m not too say on the lore but I was thinking of another certain sith with soulless black pits for eyes. .. well on his mask anyway

      • Unoshi

        No the companion means Sith as in Sith species not the force sensitive of the Dark side/Empire and Black eyed sith well there is only one which is Vitiate who is Valkorian and was 1093 years when Exar was born and still living so i dont see how it would be a time period different unless you still assumed Vitiate and Valkorian are two different beings

        just out of curiosity what other black eye sith were you thinking of with the mask at least

        • MetSnau

          That sounds like Nihilus from KotOR II, another sith infamous for eating worlds.

          • Unoshi

            Ah yes Sean might mean nihilus. But that’s not the black eyed Sith in the case of which the companion is talking about.

        • Rex

          I think Valkorian’s “body” confuses people. In the Sacrifice trailer it clearly ages, so it seems that is just a more recent body that has been taken. This is probably already known to some extent on Zakuul since he is called the Immortal Emperor and has been credited with ruling Zakuul for hundreds of years, yet the amount of aging Valkorians body goers through in the 18ish from when the twins were born to the death of that body is pretty substantial, making it very unlikely that it has been that body that has ruled for 100’s of years.

          • Unoshi

            yeah but it seems he only started aging when the kids were already around 18 ish years which could result around the same time the jedi struck him down in the temple greatly weakening him. thats one theory we could throw at it.

      • Ahzhihod

        It directly states that it was Valkorion/Sith Emperor.

  • And Yavin-4 has become a gankers dream once again, if even for a little while….(Huge smile)!

  • Vel’rathis

    The Jaw a Junk vendor now has grey Nexu and Revenite Probe DROID customisations for 10 purple junk each.

    • Sadriel_Fett

      Thanks for the heads up.

  • Urza

    For the Talos influence, it was called Dormant Holocron, not Depleted.

    • Thanks, fixed

      • Whitedragon


  • gringo

    Under the Reclaimed Treasure header, don’t you mean “prerequisite” and not “perquisite” (“perk”)?

  • Thom DeSimone

    What does it mean if im missing the victory tablet

  • Zenros

    It is also possible to tame young makrins and young sleens.

    • Razzy

      I was able to tame the Sleens. Tried the Markins but ended up fighting one instead, lol, so yes it is possible

  • Orange Man

    the former grand master of the jedi order finds common ground with a sith… that’s something new , even though someone with her family history should know better. Its weird. She failed so its ok to explore some dark side? guess yoda must have been pretty dumb staying on the lightside all those years waiting for luke to grow up.

    • Danny Seth

      Someone with her family history should know better? Dude, she’s the descendant of Revan and Bastila, both of them knew light side and dark side can coexist in balance. There is even that book, written by her mother, Tasiele Shan – “Aspects of the Force, The Light and the Dark”.
      Have you forgotten she, her mother and her ancestor broke the Jedi Rule of commitment and had babies? She is the most entitled in the game to understand both aspects. Especially when she understood you need to know both sides to battle these neutral force users, whose neutrality made them more powerful than the narrow minded jedi and sith.

      • Biower pls

        If anything, Revan is proof that light and dark cannot “coexist in balance” at all. He goes full-on DS when shit doesn’t go his way, back in the Foundry with his “power of the darkside” buff he gets when he’s getting pounded, and, well, the whole story arc of SoR is about the player fighting Revan’s literal “dark” side. The whole “gray” Jedi thing is a product of ludonarrative dissonance which also goes against Lucas’ own vision of the Force and the morality it forces on his world.

        Satele is just the last example in a long line of hypocrites. Marr, Satele and especially Valkorion are full of shit, the whole premise behind KotFE is shit, and the knights of Zakuul are nothing special. Arcann and especially Vaylin are terrible characters born of the necessity to create a single enemy for both light and dark-aligned factions, because a single one-size-fits-all “story” is cheaper to make than two proper faction story arcs.

        • Whitedragon

          who is Theron shan’s father?

          • Darth Ji’inx

            Jace Malcolm

            • Whitedragon


              • Darth Ji’inx

                That’s actually been known since before Theron was even in the game. However, it was not revealed ingame. It was revealed in the novel Star Wars The Old Republic: Annihilation, which came out in 2012. There was also a blog post on the SWTOR website awhile back (after SoR) where Theron and Jace spent some awkward bonding time over a meal.

              • Whitedragon


              • Rex

                Also, you get to meet Jace Malcom on Belsavis, he’s a bonus series quest giver at the Republic outpost near Kovsky river.

              • MacroLass

                You also “meet” a holo of him on the Makeb Republic station where he gives you the bonus quest on that planet.

              • Paulo Gomes

                If memory serves me well, he’s the guy in the Alderaan Bonus Series, Rep side of course.

          • Machado

            Jace Malcom is Theron’s father. Satele Shan, hide and out right lied to him about theron, becuase she sinced a growing darkness in him(you know normal jedi BS).

            • Whitedragon

              Jace Malcom!

        • Viilax

          Liked the first paragraph, but KOTFE has a good story even if Vaylin is the most annoying character in existence.

          The “Gray Jedi” concept has always been stupid in my opinion, they’re basically the same as Jedi. I know I’ve never seen them use “dark” powers…

          • Biower pls

            It’s a matter of taste I guess. I just find it implausible as fuck that they made up a whole new human-centric empire nobody had ever heard about before that just so happens to *outnumber* both Republic and Empire, simultaneously. Oh, and to top it off they have the most powerful force users evar, bitchslapping Sith and Jedi effortlessly, because now turns out that Vader, Palpatine, Yoda, etc were in fact a bunch of chumps because they conformed to the light/dark divide.

            Unless all of that turns out to be a really convoluted deception on Valkorion’s part, to me that just reeks of lazy writing, and will lead to the mythos becoming fucking DBZ. Having the same story for both Republic and Empire, and making it Force-centric even for previously non-Force sensitive classes is just cheap, but that’s EA for you.

            If you enjoy it despite all that, more power to you.

      • Whitedragon

        who is Theron Shan’s father?

    • Whitedragon

      who is Theron shan’s father?

      • Greydi_of_Pax

        Jace Malcom, the soldier in the SWTOR “Hope” trailer.

        • Whitedragon


          • MacroLass

            Well since Theron was born, I’d say it very definitely WAS “conceivable”. {smirk}

            • Whitedragon


          • Loved this dude in that movie lol

      • snicker every time they change writers post nimohy’s death the father or theorn changes… to what ever the new writer’s character was in game… lol. that is half the reason swtor is expanded instead of canon… snicker if this one pisses off who ever fires them we likely likely see another recon of the past. Then again in game you are told something very different on makebe and if you were playing back 1.0 stelea was a very different person grin.

        • Whitedragon


  • Whitedragon

    The real question is ..who would you rather bang? Vaylin or Lana

    • Rex


      • Whitedragon


    • Darth Lecheris

      I’d be afraid Vaylin would cut off my balls afterwards…

      • Whitedragon

        She might do it before. lol

    • Viilax

      Vaylin’s voice makes me cringe…Lana any time.

    • Paulo Gomes

      I wouldn’t bang either, probably Shae Vizla, now that’s a foxy lady…

      I would like to see Bowdaar bang Treek… That would be interesting…

      • Whitedragon

        Shae Vizla! ..agreed… i’d bang that 2 🙂

        • lord potato

          How about Shae Vizla and Satele shan while Lana films it?

          …You can even send a copy to Theron

          • Whitedragon

            oh ya…

            • Kool-Aid Man

              Ohhh Yeeeaaahhhh!!!!

              • Whitedragon


      • Vizla is hot she a straight up cougar too…

    • Vaylin would probably kill you after sex just for fun….Lana by default.

      • Whitedragon


      • Starscreamer66

        Vaylin is basically Drusilla. I’m kinda upset they didn’t get Juliette Landau to voice her since she does other voices. She’d leave you alive…but torment you mentally 😛

    • snakedoctor

      Vette. The only companion I specifically modeled an alt after.

      • Whitedragon

        Vette over Jaesa! I’ll give you a beat down. 🙂

    • Crimsoncheeto

      I would actually pick Vaylin. Sure shes crazy and theres next to no chance of it ending well but im a little crazy too and it would be a hell of a ride!

      • Whitedragon


  • rob martin

    AW it isn’t Khem? I WANT HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Good news: He doesn’t replace Khem

    • What Ji’inx said. Not a replacement, but it would have been nice to get at least one different Dashade customization. The quest was cool but the customization was kinda of a letdown. At least give him a unique outfit damn.

    • Whitedragon


  • skylordric

    x50 Legacy for rejecting

  • Demios

    This chapter was okay and I had such high hopes for it, however the whole ascend higher and Gray Jedi thing being shoved down my throat is really annoying. I don’t know much about neutrality in the force beyond Revan, but I’m pretty sure that compared to someone who chooses a light or dark path they aren’t supremely powerful. If I am wrong then I apologize for assuming. Darth Marr and Satele Shan telling you to change your path is fine and all but our characters not being able to object and just having to accept what they are being told is a pain.

    I was worried as someone who plays either full darkside or just barely darkside depending on the toon, that darkside users would be punished for being as such but this is worse. Bioware needs to play through Kotor 1 again if they believe that they are telling a great story like they used too. I really was impressed with how KotFE started but it has been a slowy decline with each little chapter. Provide more rewards and consequences for light and dark actions. Allow us to actually kill story potential companions in the chapters like Jorgan and Kaliyo. Hell give us more scenes with our romanced partner.

    • Ben Gimson

      “Allow us to actually kill story potential companions in the chapters like Jorgan and Kaliyo”

      Patience 😉

  • I just noticed on my imp toon that my unused khem val customization… is a deshade customization now, not just a khem val customization likely why they made them bind on pick so you have to be imp to get them? I had to laugh the character it is on is from the first week of early access I never quite find time to level up… so he is still in the old story… the security vendor has three versions as well. at least in the chpt one and two stories…

    • Darth Twinge

      Yeah, there are a ton of Dashade customizations avilable. Probably the most of any character.
      Most of them can be gotten on Belsavis – 3 red skin tones, 3 red and blue skin tones, and 3 white skin tones.
      The 3 customizations on the Security Key Vendor have a unique skin tone of charcoal.
      The three on the Collector’s Edition vendor have a unique green skin tone.
      There is also a Cartel Market one that has a golden skin tone that turns up on the GTN once in a while…
      I hope that in the future they make all the customizations for all characters available to both factions since we seem to be on a path to recruiting literally everyone…

      • Steve Ausdahl

        I use a few CM customizations, as those are not faction specific. Both my Guardian and Sorc have Scorpio looking cool with Black/Gold parts.

  • Johnny Wright

    Could you do a list of what crafting schematics you can get from this quest, since I’m assuming it varies by skill/faction/class? I got a schematic for a Battleworn Jedi Chestplate that shares the model from the first PVP set on my Synthweaving Guardian, so I’m curious what else one can get.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Same for every class.

  • Stephan

    “Hidden”-Achievements, 50 Points, regret him.

  • snakedoctor

    Am I the only one having trouble finding the depleted Holocron mentioned?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It’s behind the wall piece on the bottom right side of the map for the instanced area. It’s right next to a skeleton by the wall.

  • Hakkyou no Tenshi

    question: how is the 10% absorb and reflect option (Satele and Marr) viable compared to the 20% absorb OR Reflect? Does that mean that it Absorbs 10& AND reflects 10% letting only 80% through?

  • whoami

    Anyone have an idea how to use the option: “recruited_after_imprisoned” on Ak’ghal Usar.
    I’ve read about this option here: http://swtor.jedipedia.net/en/nco/akghal-usar-2

    It says that there is is possibility to recruit him after we imprison him.

    I imprisoned him, but after returning to the place where he is (Hidden Hollow), there is no option to recruit him.

    • Geminion

      Curious about this as well. Anyone know how to recruit him after you take the light side option to imprison him?

    • What’s up with that?

      Is this an achievement? Also along that line has anyone figured out the one about the Rak on the stump outside of Lokins house?

  • 7777×765+1

    Just one contact.
    Very disappointing.
    How small can a chapter become?
    I’m subscribed anyway. But if I wouldn’t BioWare gives nothing to make you do so.

  • Steve Ausdahl

    I just found this after realizing that I got special powers depending on choices when making my weapon (after all, normally choices don’t really seem to matter that much lol) and I am somewhat upset I went with Transcendance on my Sorc… I don’t really need to move faster. I would have rather done Sacrifice, but I am playing Light Side and and that seemed to be too dark…

  • Simon

    my god is there any way to remove the wilderness survival gear? its hideous i hates it

    • OMG this parachute is a napsak

      You mean that big backpack you wear for all of like 30 min? There is a way play for 30 min and it disappears.

      • Simon

        pretty much ruined 30 minutes of the game

        • Starscreamer66

          Oh you poor baby.

  • Mitch

    Where the hell is this “Depleted Holocron” I searched every square inch of that hidden hollow and found nothing of the sort.

    • Mitch

      Nevermind, I found it!


    • Aaron Hughes

      It’s in the spot depicted in Mitch’s image but before confronting the Dashade I got a prompt saying ‘You can’t use that yet’ and then afterwards, the holocron is gone.
      I’m going to chalk it up to more hasty programming on Bioware’s part.

  • Gguy

    i liked this mission,aswell as how they moved on from their easy as pie puzzles. I admit,i spent 20 minutes trying to figure out the puzzle (i tried the sith code first,but couldn’t do it cause i was missing a tablet) …only to find out it was taken by masassi. There was no clue to this whatsoever …only thing being a clue : “the guy got attacked by a massasi relic keeper while trying to wave the amulet”

    also,no clue why call it a khem val copy…if you played khem’s companion quest..you would know he ain’t the only deshade in existance =P…

    • Shaowdragon

      They call him that cause Khem, cause now you can get a Deshade without being an inquisitor.

  • JRP

    Anyone else have trouble with Vaylin?

    • Anonymoose

      Nop, faily easy, just avoid aoe’s and use your given extra skills

    • snakedoctor

      Like Anon said, stay out of the AOE’s and use those healing skills. Don’t use it right off CD, wait til you’ve lost some health, that way it’s available during higher damage phases.

  • yamil

    my epic “new” rifle………

    • n00b

      What is it and where from?

      • yamil

        this is the epic new weapon you get at the end of the chapter if you’re a Vanguard apperantly to fight arcann……. they couldn’t even be bothered to make a new model instead they just used a shitty old rifle design

        • Yogi

          Well, you did build it yourself. Are you an Armstech? 😛

          • yamil

            shit….. no wonder lol

    • Zefram Mann

      Dear god that’s hideous. I think I’ll take my chances.

  • Theresa Williams

    Has anyone else had a problem returning to Dr. Slug?

    • Dosed


  • JRP

    Has anyone recently had trouble with a missing floor inside the ship at the Wilderness Camp in Chapter 12?

  • srs?

    Ak’ghal Usar is not Khem Val…

    • frag971

      Keyword “copycat”

  • Roan De Kegel

    Got some issue with the companion. Did everything like it stated here, but I won’t teleport to Ak’ghal Usar. anyone some advise.

  • Ken Hamlin

    Even though this is over a yr old, no one still has stated you need to touch the crystal in your inventory BEFORE using the artifact.

    • asumiko

      you are a god amongst men!
      thank you 😀

    • isaac mitchell

      You are my hero

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