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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales April 12 – 19

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales April 12 – 19


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I wonder if Black and Black will ever come down to 900 coins like the others. I haven’t bothered using one since there are so many alternate ways to get black and black look in game now.

Not a fan of the black/black dye, or any of the dyes for that matter. They either make you look like a power ranger or you just look goth

They make some ugly armor nice.

Don’t bitch agains black/black/white/white dyes. They can be very useful.

Its nowhere near the worth of what they cost. Not going to pay almost 20 bucks to make something that looks meh slightly less meh. You can polish a turd but in the end its still a piece of shit.

I found white/light grey to work just as well for nearly any piece, and that’s only a few k on the gtn
Black/blue or red is also very cheap, and often looks nice as well, though I didn’t find something closer to black/black

Can these dye modules be RE’d? Either bought with CC or bought via GTN? If yes I take it the success chance stands at 60%?

Hm, just wondering: I have a couple of crystals with the CM logo attached to them in my collection which I can add to my inventory for free any time I wish so…

Yes. That’s the point of the “collections” feature.
Note that you can even send those crystals around using legacy-bound mainhands/offhands.

I know what collections are for but the point is when it’s unlocked account-wide there’s no need to RE or mail it around anyway… And on top of it it’s good for multiple legacies across several servers 😉

Gee, wouldn’t it be swell if we had a similar system for dyes? Oh, wait, we could, but no. We fucking don’t. So, instead, we have to sit here pretending that 1800CC is a good deal for a one-use item in an item that we may not even keep. FFS, so infuriating.

Most people RE to sell crafted stuff..
And most cm are (or used to be anyway) REable, you get like 2 grade 1 mats, with a 0% chance to learn
None of the cm items are craftable (only exception being warzone adrenals, but that’s a different story)

No dyes are RE-able, not crafted ones, not CM ones. They are true one use items, and you cannot even pull them out of the armor you applied them to.

And they are not in Collections, either – which is probably pretty obvious, but just to make it completely clear how limited they are.

just remembered why i reroll new alts until i get a Black/Black dye in my mail…1800cc? you crazy asf B-Ware.

Last year’s cantina packs have a chance to drop a B/B dye. If you unlocked all of them each new char will get 4 cantina packs in the mail.

After opening several hundreds of them until I finally got my Grand Statue of Mandalore, I now have 3 throwaway chars with b/b modules (one of them got 2) They are bound but you can still put them in legacy gear.

Dude that sucks to have to go through that many. I got my statue on one of my 18 alts on like the second cantina pack, so that’s under 40 for me. I’ve only ever got one b/b dye to drop, it was in the last of the cantina crates, on an alt I hate. I put it in a Hollowed Gothic chest piece from Oricon and sent it to a different alt before I transferd servers and left that loser sent behind.

Lol, b/b comes back, and it’s on “sale” for more than it was sold for the last time. Seriously?

Yes I know that. I was looking forward to cashing in around 20m on 3 or 4 of those. But now I’ll keep those cc and buy something else instead.

How to make choices that backfires 101.

lol sounds like something a major store did here. Put up stuff at a discount but the discount price is the same price they sold it at last year without a discount. smh

putting up BB dye for 1800 and smack a discount on it as if its suppose to sound cheap. lol

Who in their right mind pay that much for a dye that’s not even reusable, it’s the same with the 20m credits for one in the GTN, no way ill spend that on something i can only use once.

It would be nice if dyes were added to collections. I don’t see that happening, but it would be nice.

IMO, dyes in collections would actually make more money for BW. I won’t pay 2000cc or 20m credits for a non-reusable dye but I would pay 4000cc if that meant I had unlimited b/b modules and could use (and discard) them on a whim.

Even if I get a dye for a reasonable price on the GTN, this char sticks to the dyed outfit and won’t have any use for nifty new cartel market gear.

Anyway, I have several throwaway chars with B/B dyes from the hundreds of cantina packs I opened to get my Mandalore statue. With the old class sets soon returning as legacy bound versions, there will be some nice uses for those.

I may wait a while in hope for a discount, but eventually I would pay $40 for the convenience to dye anything black on a whim, on every char on every server.

Of course If there were a $100 premium dyeworks package that gave me full unlimited access to all current and future cartel market dyes, I would take this one instead.

Not much different to unlocking strongholds with CC to save the credits on other servers, and a better use for my CC than buying a hypercrate in hopes of getting that one item I want and/or enough credits so I can skip dailies for a week or two.

A 1 time $40 for unlimited b/b dye for all of my sith characters future outfits compared to $15-$20 per dye? Abso-fuckin-lutely!!!

i can name 5 fanbois off the top of my head would pay that and prob even more lol. Like i said EA relies on stupid people the dyes is a good example lol

Because black dye is where it absorbs all the colours but reflects none. A white dye is where it reflects all the colours of the colour spectrum. Asian is neither a colour nor black or white these are what the dyes are based off. As Asian is not a colour the chance of implenenting this into the game is 0%, sorry.

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Exactly how is it racist. If you are going to just throw that out there you should at least explain it. At least he didn’t say the Asian dye was yellow.

I am waiting for old packs …i need cartel certificates badly AS Bioware still didn’t fixed the Legacy unlock for the Basic underwear armoret -_- ….y u do dis to me

They said the old shipments would never be available again. That was why they were all 50% off before they took them away and proceeded to give us these new chance cube crap filled shipments.

they’ve never said never iirc; they did say it probably wouldn’t return, but they said so from the start (and they did come back multiple times)

No, they said you would never be able to buy those packs again. The 50% off all old packs sale was marketed as your last chance to get them.

key word there is “marketed” 😛
but I agree it’s unlikely, especially since they made those chance cubes (which are supposed to contain an item from any pack, making it less important to disembargo the packs)
thought I personally would like to see them back, or a change being made to the rep vendors, as they’re pretty meh atm

Maybe scour the GTN on all the servers in your part of world and buy heavily over-priced packs/hypercrates?

Checked it also on Red Reclipse , old Hypercrates are on sale for 30-90M .
No way i am spending that amont of creds huhuhuhu

tbh when i did it which was pre kofte i did get 5 cartel certificate out of it in 30 min and bought 200k on tokens that time. i’ve been meaning to give it another try to check

I did last Saturday … bought 100 chips , spent … time on it = boring = 1 green scrap and some rp tokens -_- … lost more time than anything else … if i have to lose time , i still prefer to lose it while giving 280 delicacies to my korlug hahahaha

heheh true that but as been mentioned before, they most likely wont come back so thats your only option if you want certificate

If you put Primary or Secondary Black dye packs on certain armor sets it looks very close to Black/Black. You could also try Black/Gray in a similar manner.

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I have mostly settled for using the black and gray dyes, and there are some armor sets that don’t really have a secondary color or the secondary color is minimum, so using a black/gray dye gives the black look.

Alternatively I often use armor sets that have primary black color and secondary something else, and just use the Secondary Black dye (can get from vendor using 1 Cartel Certificate), that gives it the black/black color.

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