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GW2 Spring Update Arrives on April 19th

GW2 will be receiving the spring quarter update on April 19th which will bring in the new legendary short bow, fractal reworks and some more. A video teaser was also released.


The teaser is only 11 seconds long and doesnโ€™t have much but here are the notable footage.

First is the confirmed release date.


Footage of Archdiviner and Cliffside, guess they are getting reworked.


New Legendary Short Bow


Fractal legendary backpiece


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

112 replies on “GW2 Spring Update Arrives on April 19th”

If that’s really the new Legendary shortbow, I’m a bit disappointed. It looks like a reskin of the Ascended bows. :/ I was hoping for something truly unique looking.

On the bright side though, at least we’ll FINALLY be able to finish making Ad Infinitum.

I agree the Short Bow looks…well like a re-skin of a few other weapons. I hope it’s got at least some nice effects.

If that were the next legendary rifle, I would totes make it. I’d hope that it made splushy noodle sounds and had a steamy garlicy aura.

oh they actually deliver the legendary fractal back finally? maybe i’ll come back for a while to finish it. but somehow I get the feeling it’ll take more time than I currently have for games ๐Ÿ™

pffft… that legendary shortbow looks like another gemstore skin, not worth the effort on crafting, already got some better skins ingame

i dont see an aura on the arm, so i kinda doubt it is the legendary to begin with. if it is afterall, its yet another point where they didnt deliver, as they clearly hyped the new aura thing when they were first shown. gg anet.

oh right. we totally dont have enough fire-based skins in the game as is. compared to the other three, if that is the aura, its quite underwhelming to be honest.

I dont know how i feel about this… it looks like they didnt even put any effort in this video and showed us a clip of like 3 things… Meh Guild wars 2 is dead now.

Funny. If they put effort into making a trailer, people whine that they’re investing effort where they don’t need to. If they don’t put any effort into it, people whine that enough effort hasn’t been put into making it.

It’s a teaser. Who gives a flying fuck.

No need to throw shade nigga. Just tag my name next time. And i give a fuck because i paid for the game and i play it.

I but hope the percentage of the update which is playable content outweighs the percentage of the teaser which depicted comment – which added up to just under a second. -.-

Whoopedy Freakin Doooo!
I remember last years April Uodate was immense.
This year- Here’s a short bow and a back pack. Enjoy!
Tired and Lame, ANet.

Well, it’s quite obvious. Otherwise all people that did that backpack would be butthurt cos of the PvP backpack has it already.

lol if that is the new legendary shortbow….. RIP GW1 and RIP GW2 ๐Ÿ™ Was fun while it lasted

I guess Americans obsess over stupid shit like what a shortbow looks like. Who doesn’t make sense again?

im pretty sure its more about the principal of certain classes skins weapons and armor getting seemingly low quality design when ANet is clearly capable of great designs in other class weapons/armor. It has always been a common thought that more design has went into specific class or types (Heavy Armos, Greatswords/Longbow etc.) and common others getting overlooked Endless Medium Class Treachcoat Armor anyone. shortbows,swords, torches,focuses, etc. etc. No matter what you say people want visual appeasing things in there game and if their favorite class or type always seems to get an after thought in this category some will stop playing.

I feel that those that stop playing over one stupid skin are pretty vain. One skin doesn’t devalue the whole game.

like i said It’s not just “one stupid skin” it’s been a trend of multiple weapons/armor choices for certain classes that seem to get a whole lot less thought than others. It’s always been the same ones with GW2 greatswords, longbows, heavy armor, staffs get such intricate designs then you look at many others and you wonder where all that design skill went. When people feel like they are getting shafted they have a right to be upset.

So one skin made by 6 devs came out short. Big whoop. Overreacting by not playing the game anymore is very selfish.

With that music I’m expecting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Transformers to make an appearance.


Well technically I think I could get Core fractual hero done in time (20-50) since I only need to do 38, 39 and 41-50 HOWEVER my pirority is getting the last 2 Super weapons before next Tuesday (70 Bauble Bubble in 4 days) and I ain’t the type who spend a whole day on GW2 only!

No Pain, No Gain is a geniune pain the bum, so 41-50 is anything but a walk-over.
Only need 44, 45, 46, 49 myself, but PUG’s are not too keen on 41-50.

Do what I did and mention that the achievement is going away in the LFG message – that encouraged people to join quite quickly.

Yeah scratch that. I forgot about the new and different instability you get per level! I did level 43 underground and we fail miserable at the boss since it can can regen its health!

I stand by my laziness and lack of will and paitence to tackle the rest of the missing levels since it would had take alot of time to do so which I no longer have now!

I’m the opposite… I made the precursor days after you possibly could and then sat around twiddling my thumbs waiting for the patch…. ended up taking months off from the game and since I came back I’ve been regretting making it so fast when ascended mats were sky high.

That shortbow looks like a regular skin o_0 , hopefully theres something more to it, glad the fractal backpeice is going to become a gilder, guess i am going to complete it then ๐Ÿ™‚

We got Sab for 19 days that’s all I care about, compared to that this update has nothing.

So you are absolutely right ^ ^

I’m afraid I have to point out, that the cat you using as your avatar, despite the intent of your post, looks very much ready to give a shit ^^

Apparently a huge WvW rework beta is included with the update but I cannot find any info on it; does anybody know anything?

Seems a little lackluster overall. Unless there are a bunch of things they aren’t telling us are included.

A mashup of stuff we already have in fractals, a very black-lionish “legendary” bow that reminds me of the st. valentine’s bow and with no armo effect like the axe for example, very overdue fractal wings of which the skin was implemented in the game ages ago.

Lackluster…a classic Arenaโ„ข

Check the new legedaries. Instead of footsteps, the aura is in the hands. Besides that effect, you also have the for example shooting effect.

Best example is the legendary pistol which has projectile effects + arms effects. You can youtube it.

Don’t worry guys. There is probably an awesome outfit and/or glider coming to the gemstore with the update as well. /s

Soooo many mexicans and brazilians play GW2 now that it is free to play. Probably one of the main reasons I just uninstalled.

I dunno, I guess I just follow Dulfy. First I played SWTOR, then I uninstalled and started playing GW2, now I uninstalled and play BDO. Whenever Dulfy starts covering another mmo i’ll probably uninstall BDO and play that.

That’s the entire point, and you trying to make sarcasm out of it is just sad and blind.

If the update would ANYTHING to be excited about, it would be in the trailer. That’s marketing 101. I myself don’t play GW2 for a long time now, stopped somewhere in last november, tried to come back later on this year, first it lasted 2 days in PvE, than 2 weeks in PvP 2 months later, and I have no intention of coming back. A lot people burnt out when they were done with the 4 new maps and the story, and the new subprofession builds were played and enjoyed for a while, repeating the old content, because sure as hell tedious chore eventtrain grind isn’t fun.

An update such as this, even by ANet itself called a querterly update meaning it should cover content and features worth of a quarter year, is supposed to get people excited. It is supposed to bring them back. You know when the update was announced, people who actually care just a tiny about GW2 before leaving it completely behind (which where I was, on the tiny side, and now moving to “I don’t give a shit anymore” phase), WAS excited. A trailer for an update is supposed to get people excited. Trailers don’t just appear for no reason. They are being made, with money, for the reason to make money. It’s purpose it exists for is making money, and that is achieved by the trailer guys doing their absolute best to get people excited. I assume you are with me still up to this point, right? It’s just how things work, it’s not a question of opinion.

And we have this trailer. This… shit. And it’s not bad because the guys working on it don’t know how to go a good job, they do and they prooved it several times in past GW2 trailers. So that leaves the one and only possible explanation, that ANet, this developer that by the way stated not so long ago they need years (a YEAR includes 12 months, yearS mean at least two) to make a legendary weapon, simply didn’t make enough and good enough stuff for the trailer guys to work with.

Could it be, that this developer that relased a MASSIVELY underwhelming and in contrast just as massively overpriced expansion with so little content a regular f2p MMO would be ashamed of it, while making several statements defending their point about how incredibly difficult their work is, for example, making armor skins (yeah right, if I do a job for money, and I do a shit job, it’s okay because it’s hard and I can openly complain to my customers so “”””””they’ll understand””””””), could it be, just a for a moment let’s bring up this possibility, could it be, that this team that is known to work for eternity on so little content, actually worked for 4-6 months on such meaningless little update, that this is the best they could give the trailer guys to work with? Is is possible?

For what history of ArenaNet prooved so far, it’s not only possible. It’s expected of them. But hey, at the end of this year, you guys will have at least all the hype about the expansion for 60 euros, of which’s content they’ll again safely guard like their lives depend on it, so word doesn’t get out there too soon it’s only 3 maps now, that doesn’t last 2 weeks. Because their last one, lasted 2 weeks.

So save your sarcasm, for your own good. Or just hate me for not agreeing with you, and open your wallet every week for a new 600 gem skin, that somehow isn’t that hard to make afterall when they charge you for it.

As they are not selling anything in particular in that quaterly update, I don’t expect them to waste time and money on trailers. A bulleted list would have been fine and probably more informative. I’m just waiting for the actual content to be released before having an opinion instead of being excited (or depressed) by some flashy images or some deceptive blogposts.

For your information, I never bought anything from the gemstore with real money. So I am not sure who are these “people like me”, but you may be entirely wrong about them. I’m just enjoying the game with realistic expectations for its future.

I don’t know, without patch notes this looks like a patient going to the doctors, the doc tells him: “Here are the results”, the patient then assumes bad news and jumps of a window before learning everything was fine…

Then again you said you haven’t played in 6 months, so it’s not like your opinion counts seeing how you had already given up on the game, because let’s be realistic here if you haven’t played in half a year there was NOTHING this patch could offer that would bring you back.

I haven’t played in 5 days I think, maybe 4. Its not an old screenshot. I just got bored of GW2 since there is nothing to do in that game now and started playing BDO instead.

They should have released the spring update on April 1st with the SAB: same amount of work, less complaints.

Is it the megadestroyer at 00:14? Could be another enhanced boss fight.

Why do i get the feeling they’ve already been working on the next xpac for a new months now? There is no other reasnoble explanations for the low quality/quantity content the’yre putting out.

lolwhat Thief shortbow is pretty good and rangers do not have it’s uses with shortbow lol. It’s been super nerf’d.

if you don’t know how to maximize the use of your 2 skill with shortbow that’s a user error. Shortbow has always been pretty good on thief could be better but there is nothing wrong with it PERIOD

If it could be better, than something clearly is wrong with it. You’re saying it’s perfect but not perfect.

I love how they dont even talk about whats in the patch until the day of the patch. Sooooo shady.

Pretty much this. If you’ve played GW2 since it came out, you would come to this inevitable conclusion.

How is this shady in any way shape or form. It’s literally exactly what they told everyone they would be doing from now on.

“I wanted to give this early heads-up about these areas. You already know quite a bit more
about the things weโ€™re working on for the April Quarterly Update, but
Iโ€™ll stop here for now. I think our jobs are to delight you with what we
ship, not with big talk or big promises. So hang tight. Release day
will be here soon enough.” -Mike O’Brien GW2 lead game developer.

He then went on to explain how it’s going to be less talk, more results. This is on the official GW2 forums. How is something they straight forwardly told everyone was going to be happening “shady”? Or are you just one of those people who likes to be offended and complain about everything? In which case, nevermind I don’t even need to know your insights.

More UNTESTED results that are not SHAPED BY PLAYER FEEDBACK, like every other fucking MMO or MOBA.

You know, because releasing crap without player input has always worked so well.

Well seeing as you clearly have all the knowledge of how an mmo should be made and run, I look forward to playing your mmo. Since “every other mmo and moba” is doing it wrong, when is this game you’ve designed coming out?

Every other MMO and MOBA has a public test real where they actually test and shape builds built on feedback.

But you clearly seem fond of keeping your tongue deep in Anet’s ass with your pitiful appeal to authority, as if developers knew any better how to run MMO’s, as was evidence by such triumphant releases like Warhammer Online, Wildstar, Elder Scrolls Online, and SWTOR, all of which have dumped about half their developer team as a result of their “success”.

Keep on with your fetish for adulation, though.

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