Black Desert Free Character Slot for Musa/Maehwa Release

Black Desert Online is giving out a free character slot with the April 20 update that will bring in the new Musa and Maehwa classes.

Greetings adventurers,

The new classes Musa and Maehwa are almost here, and to be sure you will be in the best conditions to discover and enjoy their new gameplay, every player will get granted a free character slot. (Going from 4 to 5, CashShop bonus excepted)

On top of that the overall character limitation per server will go from 9 to 10. No more excuses for not trying out the 2 new classes!


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

6 replies on “Black Desert Free Character Slot for Musa/Maehwa Release”

Dunno if you’re being ironic cause the standard version of HoT, which btw is 1½ the price of awesome BDO, does not give an extra slot.

thats true! i gave up GW2 because their attitude. they don’t treat veteran well. gw2 used to a really good game when it release, but after their developer keep making stupid decision. made them fall. and now they still living in their own dream!

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