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GW2 Reddit Developers AMA After Spring Quarterly Update

GW2 Developers will be hosting an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit after the Spring Quarterly Update.


ArenaNet President and Game Director Mike O’Brien, along with members of the Guild Wars 2development team, will be chatting with fans about the Spring Quarterly Update on theGuild Wars 2 subreddit on April 19. Come hang out with them after the release is live!

Where: The Guild Wars 2 subreddit

When: April 19, 2:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-7)

By Dulfy

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12 replies on “GW2 Reddit Developers AMA After Spring Quarterly Update”

Could we have perhaps, 24 hours before posing questions? I don’t mean to impose on whatever it is Anet employees actually do in the fortress of solitude but it would be helpful to play the content before being given the opportunity to comment on it :/

In before: “What content?”

But I’m sure we already know what they are going to talk about: the amazing journey to craft your very own Chumba something something whatever…

there IS a One handed Katana and a Tanto Dagger skin in game… not released though but it was datamined a long while ago. I sort of half suspected it to be part of the legendaries but now i hope it isnt cause else we wont see it released

“We’ve made the difficult decision to indefinitely suspend development of legendary armor so we can focus on [core mechanics systems features vague buzzword of choice here].” – Mike O

…or at least that’s what I’m expecting them to say.

It’s useless if they choose only the questions they feel comfortable with. They should be answering the tough questions not the retarded questions like “Do quagans love pie?” and half the developers sharing their idiotic stories about how they designed quaggans with the image of a pie in their minds.

….because that’s how 90% of their so called interviews have been so far.

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