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GW2 Spring Quarterly Update Teasers

Arenanet has yet to reveal any details on tomorrow’s Spring Quarterly Update but has released a number of teasers on Twitter hinting at the various changes.

Ranger Sword Auto Fixes

Lion’s Arch Aerodome (raid portal maybe)

Legacy of Foefire Lords requiring Stomp

Skyhammer Revamp

Without much details like those blog posts for previous updates, we can only speculate on these changes.

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22 replies on “GW2 Spring Quarterly Update Teasers”

So they go about saying that they won’t be revealing any info about the update….

Then dropping a “teaser” trailer, which I am not sute what to make of it, considering a teaser trailer usually indicates content and story type stuff, cuz that’s usually how it’s done….

And now screenshot “teasers”?

Bah! Anet, make up your mind! I would love for you to be just consistent for once!

We’re in uncharted waters since Colin’s departure. This update will be a big insight into where Mike intends to take the game’s direction in.

Mike was Colin’s boss….everything that occurred in the past few years still falls squarely on Mike. The execution fail and missteps are on Colin, but it is Mikes job to have ensured that his vision for GW2 remains close to what he wanted and that vision clearly steered off in the wrong path.

I am optimistic, but overly cautious. The weird approach at these teasers and the reallocating of resources ONCE AGAIN just makes me pull my hair out at the potential that GW2 can truly be, considering that so many of us have put so much time into this game.

Lol so i don’t have a ranger,i don’t support raids and i pvped somewhere in 2014 i believe 🙁 ,Guess i have to just come online for the login rewards and log off

Are you always gonna be whining about weapons on these comments? Don’t you have better things to do?

OMG I can’t believe the new legendary hammer is called “sky hammer”, and the only way to get it is by playing PVP and being awesome! Lol

I swear, if they f**king ‘buff’ shatterstone again for Ele’s scepter and call it a day I’m gonna strangle a kitten.

Am i the only one who like the ranger sword as it is? I wouldn’t like all the sword hitting the same way

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