Black Desert Musa Awakening Trailer

With Maehwa and Musa releasing soon in NA/EU, Korean version of Black Desert Online has released a trailer for Musa (Blader) Awakening that NA/EU players can look forward in the future.

NA/EU version of Black Desert will get first their first Awakening Class in June of this year so we will need to wait a little longer for the Musa Awakening to arrive.



Maehwa (Plum) awakening will arrive May 12 in Korea.


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5 replies on “Black Desert Musa Awakening Trailer”

Yep, was really hoping the awakening video would help me decide that… I guess that plan is out the window..

First thing I thought when I watched this video is, damn… they made Guan Yu from the Dynasty Warriors series in Black Desert.

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