GW2 Spirit of the Tiger Explorer Achievement Guide

GW2 Spriit of the Tiger Explorer Achievement Guide. This is a new achievement added with April 19 patch.[toc]

General Info

This is a new achievement added with April 19 Patch that can be found under Explorer. You should do this with Vol 1 of Chuka and Champawat since they lead you to some of the same locations.


Completing this achievement will give you 11 AP and a Mini Tiger Spirit.


Tiger Den Locations

Tangled Depths: SCAR Lane

From SCAR Camp Waypoint, run all the way NE until you see a bunch of mushrom pads you can jump on.


Once you reach the top, keep running along the ledge and then glide down to a lower ledge. You will find another set of mushroom pads to climb. Go up that and then glide/jump across to the top of the waterfall with the diving goggles.


The tiger den is right near the wall hidden near a tree root.


Caledon Forest: Dreamdark Enclave

Basically at end of the two jumping puzzles that start at Morgan’s Spiral. The Tiger’s Den is after the second jumping puzzle (Dark Reverie). At end of the jumping puzzle you just jump down and you will find the Tiger’s Den.


Southsun Cove: Southsun Strait

For this you have to do the Skipping Stones jumping puzzle which can be a PITA or get a mesmer to port you. The den is at end of the jumping puzzle island inside a semi hidden alcove.


Sparkfly Fen: Orvanic Shore

Enter the cave with the skill point challenge and then follow the path. Once you exit the cave follow the stone steps near the waterfall and enter a second cave.


Once you exit the second cave drop down and you will find the den.


Lornar’s Pass: Demon’s Maw

Go through the passage filed with Ettins and on the rocks to your left after you exit the passage will be the Den.


Diessa Plateau: The Breached Wall

This is at the end of the Crimson Plateau jumping puzzle that starts at the Redreave Mill Waypoint in Diessa Plateau. The chest is at the end of the jumping puzzle on a rock near the chest.




Fields of Ruin: Tanglerot Hills

Start from the little camp near Halkor Meadows. Climb up the tower and then go through of a series of tall stone pillars you have to jump across.


Past the stone pillars you will find a wooden stairs that lead you higher past. Follow the path past the the hermit house and glide down to the ledge below.


Plains of Ashford: Loreclaw Expanse

Only need to do the first little bit of the jumping puzzle.


After the traps take a left instead of continuing with the jumping puzzle.


Verdant Brink: Skyclaw Peaks

Start from Mellaggan’s Valor waypoint. There is an updraft near and below waypoint that isn’t really visible. To get around this, you want to glide down to the marked location and then turn around toward the waypoint. This will make the updraft appear. You can want ride the updraft all the way to the top.


Once you reach the top of the updraft, you want to just keep gliding towards Skyclaw Peaks where you can see some big vines. Run past the vines and take a right. You will find the Den hidden behind a broken airship wing.


Tangled Depths: Rata Novus Lane

From Teku Nuhoch, head towards the Beetle Race adventure and complete it all the way to the end. At the end is a skill point guarded by a Mushroom King/Queen. You can ignore them and run into a corner at the gate behind them and this will transform you out of beetle form and allow you to jump past the gate. Once you get past the gate, there is a path that will take you directly to the den.


Dragon’s Stand: Broken Altar

Super easy, run west along the way from the entry Waypoint.



Special thanks to Lycian, Lydia, and Trad of [zQ] for their help in locating the Tiger Dens.

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wp links, tell me if something wrong:)

Caladen Forest:
[&BDUBAAA=]Spiral Waypoint

Southsun Cove:
[&BNAGAAA=]Lion Point Waypoint

Sparkle Fen:
[&BMkBAAA=]Ocean’s Gullet Waypoint

Lornar’s Pass:
Vanjir’s Stead Waypoint[&BOUAAAA=]

Diessa Plateau:
[&BMYDAAA=]Redreave Mill Waypoint

Plains of Ashford:
[&BMcDAAA=]Loreclaw Waypoint

Fields of Ruin:
[&BEwBAAA=]Fangfury Watch Waypoint

[&BNUHAAA=]Mellaggan’s Valor Waypoint

[&BAwIAAA=]Teku Nuhoch Waypoint
[&BAAIAAA=]SCAR Camp Waypoint

[&BBAIAAA=]Pact Base Camp Waypoint

Do you need advanced gliding to get to the one in Verdant Brink? I’m having quite a bit of trouble getting to the vine. if possible could you make a video please?

I don’t have advanced gliding and found it easier to wait until the choppers come during nightfall and take the chopper for the rally point near the raid entrance, and drift down from there to the location on the map (I used the first image and made it a personal waypoint so I knew where to head) and look for the shattered wings of the airship to figure out where the den should be.

Agree, it’s almost right below the Vampire Guano HP. Was lucky enough to enter an evening VB map, got it first try!

so Pact WP, Legendary Matriarch Wyvern Platform, cross to Vampire Guano HP, use photo as reference, it would be at the tip of the ship (if using the Map as reference), then just drop down

I saw you workin on this one early patch day. My friend told me I should stalk you but I decided not to bug you.

For Tanglerot Hills, you can alternatively jump up to the Tiger Den from the roots of the Griffon/Harpy nest below. Or glide from afar. Good if you miss one of the ledges so you don’t have to go back to the wooden tower again.

Caledon Forest location does not require Dark Reverie if you have gliding. Just go around the back, head west a bit, and climb up some roots.

Anyone else having trouble with the tiger den in Tangled Depths? For some reason, I can’t interact with it. It’s the only thing I need left for the Spirit of the Tiger achievements..

The ‘model’ wasn’t there for me either, just spammed ‘F’ where it (the Tiger Den) should be. It game be the reward for finding it.

Just like jumping puzzles it’s stupidly sloppy AF. The den is basically invisible or buried in the friggan wall. You’d never find it unless you knew exactly where it was and even then you might not find it right away. I thought it might be int he bushes somewhere since the flippin guide says “just jump down and then den is right there” cept’s it’s f*in not. If you go too far into the bushes, you get the treat of falling all the way back down to the ground floor. I had to find a video of someone else finding it then going directly to where they were and suddenly the pop up to investigate comes. If I had known trying to find these had been tied into crap jumping puzzles everyone only ever does once or more just for gold, I would have never started it. I guess they had to find some way to make content rarely used, not a waste.

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