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GW2 The Spring Quarterly Update

Arenenet has released a new blog post on the Spring Quarterly Update.


Hi, community,

Today we’re happy to launch Guild Wars 2‘s Spring Quarterly Update. This update is about reducing grind, increasing rewards, and getting to the fun faster. It’s a rework of many parts ofGuild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™—sort of a second take on the expansion. It’s the result of an effort we undertook across all parts of the Guild Wars 2 team to pause new development for a while and instead focus on improving the existing game.

The open-world content of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is largely built around event chains. They give players a shared purpose, but they’ve been a problem for rewards. When the best way to earn experience and map currency is to play a long event chain, you have to play the game on the game’s schedule, not your own schedule. That’s not Guild Wars®. With this update, we split a lot of the rewards out of the event chains. You can drop in and drop out and still get rewarded. Then we beefed up the nonevent rewards to ensure that there are a lot of other effective ways to play the game, too.

In updating the jungle content, we focused not just on the rewards but also on the experience of playing, especially when exploring off the beaten path. We adjusted waypoints to make them uncontested and reduce downtime, tweaked balance, and improved difficulty scaling on a host of events and encounters. We made the adventures that are scattered around the jungle more accessible, removing a bunch of locks so they stay open more often and making their completion thresholds more forgiving.

Then we really beefed up the way players earn experience. We increased the experience gains from all max-level creatures by 50%, including their exploration bonus experience. We doubled the experience earned by completing silver- and gold-tier adventures. And we removed an old antibotting system that diminished rewards from all jungle maps, so now you can play the same events as much as you want and still get full rewards. This change will increase the amount of average event experience by another 30%.

We’re fixing some other issues from the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns launch. We’re bringing more rewards back to dungeons, doubling the dungeon tokens from daily bonus chests, and introducing a new repeatable achievement that awards 5 gold and 150 dungeon tokens for every eight unique dungeon paths you complete. We’re also substantially reducing scribing costs—both by reducing the material requirements on recipes and by increasing the supply of key materials—so that scribing can be for everyone, not only for players with a guild supporting them.

With the Guild Wars® franchise, we’ve always tried to get players to the fun quickly. And not just to the fun, but quickly to the new content too, so you can play with your friends. Yet the max-level content in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns and the Living World releases is gated behind all of the base game’s leveling and equipment acquisition. That base game leveling experience is still a lot of fun, but sometimes as a player, you want to see the new stuff now while still playing through the older stuff at your own pace. With this quarterly update, we’re giving all existing and new Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns purchasers a max-level character boost, so you can immediately get one of your characters to the new jungle and Living World content.

This new max-level boost item will be delivered to you in a new, free shared inventory slot, which is yours to keep even after you use the character boost. Another thing I love about this boost item is that you can test it on as many different characters as you want before consuming it. So, if you haven’t already done so, now you can check out how every profession in the game plays at max level!

This quarterly update also has a lot of WvW changes, and it marks the start of live beta testing of WvW development. In March, we asked the community to choose WvW development priorities; this update includes improvements for each of the community’s top four stated priorities.

We’re launching a live beta test of World Linking—a new system for grouping worlds together for the purpose of WvW matches—to create combined worlds with larger and more balanced populations. That will start this Friday at reset time.

We’re launching a live beta test of WvW reward tracks. They’re similar to PvP reward tracks but with WvW-focused rewards, including a new WvW-specific armor set. And to make earning rewards more fair, we’re launching a new system that allows squad leaders to direct participation credit to squad members on special assignments who otherwise wouldn’t get credited.

We made some targeted skill-balance changes for WvW, including making it harder to strip stacks of stability. We’re also launching a series of improvements on the Desert borderlands. You already know that we’re working to restore the Alpine borderlands next. We’ll ship Alpine as soon as it’s ready, not in a quarterly update. What we work on after that is up to the WvW community. We’ll poll you.

In addition to all the things I’ve talked about here, this update includes a large series of improvements to Fractals and PvP, plus a full balance update for skills, a new legendary short bow, the long-awaited final tier of the legendary backpack, new daily achievements, LFG improvements, a new raid lobby, and more. It’s more than I could hope to cover in a blog post. We have thirty pages of release notes for you to read today, but better yet, come join us in the game and check out all these changes for yourself.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

37 replies on “GW2 The Spring Quarterly Update”

Make gaining mastery points a touch easier would have been nice. Scraping to find places they’ve put them, whether it be the game environment, achievements, etc… Tons of XP just waiting for points to spend.

Yeah, the exp. requirements weren’t really that bad if you didn’t mind sinking some time into the HoT events, but getting mastery points is still something of a scavenger hunt.

I couldn’t agree more. I’m also having trouble with the Central Tyria masteries. I mean…I barely (meaning never XD) do fractals yet nearly all mastery points I still need to grind seem to be located there… D:

Well its given me the reason to finish doing the personal stories, as well as the other niche achievements that give MPs

I don’t need to be spoon-fed. I’m just fine with getting the XP and finding the mastery points, but I don’t think it needs to be such a mystery on where those mastery points are and when/if they drop from some random event. I know some of the points come from story achievements, some from chests, etc. but it’s not nearly enough to max out every mastery (which is required for crafting legendaries.) Maybe that info is out there, and if it is, please let me know where so I can educate myself.

Yeah.. Dulfy has guides, my number one source for almost everything.. Except that Donald Trump wanna be economist.

they’re all from achievements and are indicated as such with the mastery point icon. and everything is on dulfy/the wiki.

In short, old players who wish to create new characters won’t have a character boost. </3 Although the dungeon fix is pretty worth it

Basically HoT now comes with a shared inventory slot and a 80 booster. Players who have already bought HoT will get refunded the slot and booster. Only free to play/core non HoT accounts won’t have these items.

Well, that depends on what you mean by “old players”, I’ve been playing
since pre-launch beta and I will have a boost, because I bought HoT. If
by “old players” you mean players without the addon then you’re right, but you will probably be able to get one through the gem shop.

Another incentive to buy the addon is certainly needed. No money no shinies. And it’s nothing big honestly, leveling up is not hard.

so they give players who purchase heart of thorns after launch the max boost and free shared invintory slot and not people who already have purchased it? wow that is bullshit….. another anet fail

“With this quarterly update, we’re giving all existing and new Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns purchasers a max-level character boost, so you can immediately get one of your characters to the new jungle and Living World content.”


good job not using a real account, or else we would all know who you are and how you are incapable of reading 🙂

Good thing you were a coward and use a alt account, hate to have your main linked to being unable to read.

WvW rewards tracks sound really interesting, and quite needed too since I don’t do fractals or pvp. I really do hope they’re doing tthe increase on dungeon tokens because I really need that gift of Zhaitan for the freaking Bifrost. XD

Wow nerfs…. But srsly WoW (world of warcraft) style of nerfs… Why
not make already casual game even more casual, so that economy gets more
inflated right? Lets increase rapidly all rewards, make tough parts of
making legendary easy again and make adventures casual content (cause
they were “too hard”). I am thinking maybe the rainbowy and unicorny
pink legendaries fits for this game just right. Cause fuck levels in our
rpg!! Now you can insta get to maximum level. Well… seems like
“Barbie and Unicorn with Rainbow vomit the game” is harder to finish
these days than GW2… Raid nerfs inc. Meh….

“We’re launching a live beta test of World Linking—a new system for grouping worlds together for the purpose of WvW matches—to create combined worlds with larger and more balanced populations. That will start this Friday at reset time.”

As good as this might sound…in “real life scenarios” this will make coordination and dedication to something extremely problematic. Each server will think is more important then the other…cmders will battle eachother and so on. Dunno how i feel about this..depends on how it’s implemented i guess.

So far so good… I’m pleased by a lot of these changes. Unsure of how some of the major changes like WvW world linking will go, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

While not much actual NEW content, the quality of life improvements and buffing of dungeon rewards were much needed, I approve ^ ^

I really like the new sentinel outfit – I’d rank it one of my two faves – and most of the changes sound positive but I don’t think enough for me to play again. I got to this in the release notes and remembered why I don’t.

“We overhauled daily achievements, adding new, specific Heart of Thorns dailies for those who own the expansion, plus new jumping puzzle, minidungeon, and dungeon path dailies to the regular rotation. These changes—plus the addition of a new flat gold reward for completing the Daily Completionist achievement—should encourage players to explore a wider variety of content.”

While they may have reduced the amount of time it takes to get rewards, the game is still leading players around by the nose with 101 different varieties of carrot. That’s the killer for me. I can tolerate it while playing regularly but if I take even a day off the thought of going back to the game is just too awful.

Because you don’t play the parts of the game you enjoy. To get the things you want, you often have to play the parts you don’t. There’s enough of that elsewhere in most of our lives. I’m not wasting any my leisure time on it. Take note ArenaNet – if players aren’t playing parts of your game, consider the possibility that they don’t find it fun. They don’t need to be “encouraged to explore it”.

What would get my attention is ArenaNet doing away with dailies entirely. School is several decades behind me and I am not nostalgic for homework in the slightest.

soo did they do anything with “Proof of Heroics?” I thought they were supposed to make them account bound

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