GW2 Chuka and Champawat I The Hunt Collection Guide

A guide to Chuka and Champawat Vol I Collection for the newly introduced Legendary Short Bow.

Getting Started

To get started on the collection, you will need to have the Scholar of Secrets mastery from Central Tyria Legendary Crafting. This will allow you to purchase Chuka and Champawat Vol I from Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs in Lion’s Arch for 5 gold and 10k karma.


Purchasing this will allow you to start on Chuka and Champawat I collection that will reward you with The Hunt, an exotic short bow you can salvage to start Vol II of the legendary journey.


Chuka and Champawat I: The Hunt


Hunter’s Journal/Hunter’s Kit

Talk to Bagred the Hunter in Snowden Drifts to get recipe for both (Huntsman 400). Pick both conversation options.


Hunter’s Kit

Processed Material

    • 15 Cured Thick Leather Squares
    • 15 Thick Strings (45 Cured Thick Leather Squares)
    • 15 Elder Wood Dowels (15 Elder Wood Plank)
    • 15 Elder Harpoons (30 Elder Wood Plank, 30 Mithril Ingot)

Raw Material
  • 240 Thick Leather Sections
  • 135 Elder Wood Logs
  • 60 Mithril Ore

Crude Leather Book

Processed Material
  • 12 Cured Thick Leather Squares
  • 6 Thick Strings (18 Cured Thick Leather Squares)
  • 40 Elder Wood Planks
  • 120 Thick Leather Sections
  • 120 Elder Wood Logs

Once you made Crude Leather Book, go back to Bagred the Hunter and he will give you a Journal and unlock another collection.


Completed Hunter’s Journal

Complete Chuka and Champawat I: Hunter’s Journal collection (below) to receive Completed Hunter’s Journal.

Tiger Musk

Kill Tigers in Dragon Stand or Verdant Brink to get this to drop. Respawn on them is quick enough that you can just camp the spot and wait for respawns.

Verdant Brink Southeast of Wyvern Cliffs are 3 tigers on a cliff. You can reach it by going on the spider infested Itzel structure on the other side of the bridge via bouncing mushroms and then glide across.


Alternatively in Dragon Stand there are some north of Broken Altar.


Warm-Up Hunt

Kill the Giant Boar in Queensdale. This event can be triggered by talking to Lodgemaster Carthage inside the Hunting Lodge. He will walk out for a bit and start the event.


Seraph Medal of Stealth

Buy it from Seraph Watchman Morina the heart vendor near Gnashar’s Hills in Brisbane Wildlands for 420 karma.


Hunter’s Bane

Probably the most bug filled part of the collection. You have to do the event Defeat the Largos before it kills Silent Snowfall/Ice Raking which is part of the meta event The Kodan Claw in Snowden Drifts. The Largo assassin have very low HP so you need to tag it quick to get credit. Additionally, the previous event in the meta chain (Escort the quaggan emissary to the kodan camp) often get stuck due to Bleepdoop pathing issues and the meta event chain basically halts.

Assuming the meta event is not bugged, do all the pre-events and then you should stand and wait at the marked spot so you can quickly tag the Largos assassin when the event pops up.


Chuka and Champawat I: Hunter’s Journal

Entry 1: Researcher Hrappa in Metrica Province

Click the journal and it will show you the location. Complete the heart by Research Hrappa first and then talk to her. She will direct you to interact with the various Monitors. One monitor will show you the tiger and complete this entry.


Entry 2

From the waypoint the journal tell you to travel to, keep going east following the tiger tracks. You will see Tiger of Habitation near Akk Wilds and then finally the Tiger Tracks leading to Caledon Forest


Entry 3

Talk to Atzintli, the heart vendor (need to complete heart first) in Zopatl Grounds of Caldeon Forest. Then he will give you entry 3.


Entry 4

Go to the location marked on the journal and interact with Signs of Tiger Habitation. This will spawn a Legendary Tiger you need to fight and then chase. After you complete the chase you will get the item.


Entry 5

Talk to Lionguard Liella near Lion Point Waypoint and she will give you Entry 5.


Entry 6

If you follow the Tiger Tracks west, it will lead you to a Tiger Attack Victim on a little island NW and then have you loop back 180 to interact with the Tiger Tracks leading to Sparkfly Fen which will give you entry 6.


Entry 7

To get this entry you need to take the route from Ocean’s Gullet Waypoint in Sparkfly Fen and go through two caves that will lead you to the rocks above the marked location. There you will find signs of Tiger Habituation and need to fight off the two tigers again. You get the entry after the two tigers run away.


Entry 8

For the next entry, you should be able to skip most of the running and head straight to Demon’s Maw in Lornar’s Pass where you will see Tracks into Ettin territory that will grant you entry 8.


If you choose to follow the blood trail and not skip the running, it will lead you all the way to Floodwater Causeway in Sparkfly Fen and tracks there tell you to go into Bloodtide Coast.


In Bloodtide Coast you will follow the trail to Mentecki Pass where you will find signs on a boat that tell you to head to Lornar’s Pass.


Entry 9

For the next bit you have to go to Ettinworks Lab and complete the event chain where you help Venpa and Orson go into the ettin area and escape the ettins. The event in the chain that will trigger the collection entry is Free Venpa and help her reach safety.

Event Chain: Give Orson components for his ettin-proof suit –> Free Venpa and help her reach safety –> Help Venpa finish the Ettin Proof Suit Mark II –> Destroy Venpa’s malfunctioning Ettin Crusher


Entry 10

This one is a bit hard to get. You have to complete two jumping puzzles – Tribulation Rift Scaffolding and Tribulation Caverns in Dredgehaunt. They are one after the one and the entry you need is at the end of Tribulation Caverns jumping puzzle. You will see a Tiger Sign which you can activate and fight the two tigers once more.


After defeating them follow them (have to drop down an ice hole) and you will get Entry 10 in your collection when you reach the wooden stairs.


Entry 11

This is another long trek that will end south of Frusenfell Creek in Wayfarer Foothills. You can probably just skip all the Frozen Tiger Tracks and just waypoint directly to here.Interact with Tiger Tracks  leading to Diessa Plateau to get the collection entry.


Entry 12

Talk to Primus Kurr in Town of Nolan in Diessa Plateau and he will tell you to head to the ruins west of Nolan.


You need to talk to Anya in the secret strawberry garden west of Nolan. Near the vista there is an opening behind the big rusty cog that you can jump up.


Once you get up, go through the pipe and you will find Anya’s secret garden. Talk to her to get the item for the collection.


Entry 13

This entry is at end of Crimson Plateau jumping puzzle in Diessa Plateau. There is a Signs of Tiger Habitation at end of the jumping puzzle which you interact to spawn the tiger you fight off and get credit for the collection.


Entry 14

Talk to Latres Bladebane next to the Spirit Hunter waypoint to get this entry.


Entry 15

Near Loreclaw Expanse in the water.


Entry 16

Talk to a Traveling Priestess in Secluded Glen of Fields of Ruin to get this entry.


Entry 17

Following the tiger tracks, you will find an Obscured Tiger tracks near Halkor Meadows in Fields of Ruin. It will direct you to talk to Captain Carbins inside the village that will give you the collection entry.


Entry 18

Go on the hills behind the village via the wooden tower and then jump across some stone pillars to reach a ledge you can run up.


Up the ledge near a little house is Signs of Tiger Habitation that you can interact and fight the tiger again.


Entry 19

Return to Bagred the Hunter in Snowden Drifts to finish the collection.


Making The Hunt

Completing Part I of the Chuka and Champawat collection should have given you Essence of the Hunt and the recipe for The Hunt, which requires Huntsman 450 and the following materials.

  • Essence of the Hunt
  • Hunter’s Short-Bow Stave
  • Hunter’s Short- Bow String
  • Legendary Inscription

Total Materials

  • 4 Spiritwood Planks
  • 13 Elonian Leather Square
  • 200 Memories of Battle
  • 200 Shards of Glory
  • 10 Glob of Ectoplasm
  • 5 Piles of Crystalline Dust
  • 1 Orichalcum Plated Dowel

Hunter’s Short-Bow Stave

  • 4 Spiritwood Planks
  • 100 Memories of Battle
  • 100 Shards of Glory

Hunter’s Short-Bow String

  • 3 Elonian Leather Square
  • 100 Memories of Battle
  • 100 Shards of Glory

Legendary Inscription

  • 10 Glob of Ectoplasm
  • 5 Piles of Crystalline Dust
  • 1 Orichalcum Plated Dowel
  • 10 Elonian Leather Squares
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