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GW2 WvW World Linking Beta

Arenanet is pushing out the world vs world world linking beta today and here are the details on how it works.

A message from the World vs. World Team:

Hello Everyone!

The WvW World Linking Beta will be starting today at 11 AM PDT Friday (18:00 UTC Friday) for EU and 7 PM PDT Friday (2:00 UTC Saturday) for NA. When it begins several worlds will be linked to help even out WvW populations. We used factors like the world’s current rank and population numbers to define pairings. For NA we will be able to divide the total number of worlds in half, and give every world a partner. However, pairings for EU are a lot trickier, both because there is an odd number of total worlds, and because there is an odd number of specific language worlds. EU also has a greater number of well populated worlds, so it makes sense to link fewer worlds. The result is that a number of worlds in EU will not be linked.

We will be resetting glicko volatility and deviation for all worlds to the same value, but leaving their rating unchanged. What this means is:

  • The first matchup will use current placements (T1 worlds vs T1 worlds, T2 worlds vs T2 worlds, etc.)
  • The reset volatility and deviation values will come into effect at the end of that match.
  • Worlds that win, especially by a large margin, will have their rating increased by a larger amount than normal.
  • Likewise, worlds that lose, especially by a large margin, will have their rating decreased by a larger amount than normal.
  • The result is that when a world no longer is meant to be in a specific tier, they’ll move out of it more quickly.

Resetting glicko volatility and deviation also has the advantages of requiring no downtime! We considered resetting rating, but decided not to for this first beta of World Linking. For T1 worlds the rating itself will still be fairly accurate for the majority of players in those worlds. For new lowest tier, previously middle tier worlds, keeping their lower rating will still help prevent them from getting wiped by the T1 worlds. Keep in mind this is a beta, and in the future we may reconsider other options like a clean wipe or a weighted average, but for now we encourage you go check out World Linking!

As for the future, we may redistribute worlds as populations drift over time and because the system is flexible, we can potentially link 3 or more smaller worlds as appropriate.


The World Linking Beta has now begun!

Here are the worlds for EU:

Now: 18 Worlds – 6 Tiers
Previously: 27 Worlds – 9 Tiers

  • Baruch Bay (SP)
  • Kodash (DE)
  • Riverside (DE)
  • Elona Reach (DE)
  • Dzagonur (DE)
  • Abbadon’s Mouth (DE)
  • Drakkar Lake & Miller’s Sound (DE)
  • Jade Sea (FR)
  • Augury Rock & Fort Ranik (FR)
  • Vizunah Square & Arborstone (FR)
  • Piken Square (EN)
  • Seafarer’s Rest (EN)
  • Gandara & Ruins of Surmia (EN)
  • Desolation & Vabbi (EN)
  • Aurora Glade & Blacktide (EN)
  • Far Shiverpeaks & Underworld (EN)
  • Gunnar’s Hold & Fissure of Woe (EN)
  • Ring of Fire & Whiteside Ridge (EN)

Here are the worlds for NA:

Now: 12 Worlds – 4 Tiers
Previously: 24 Worlds – 8 Tiers

  • Yak’s Bend & Anvil Rock
  • Blackgate & Eredon Terrace
  • Jade Quarry & Isle of Janthir
  • Tarnished Coast & Kaineng
  • Dragonbrand & Sanctum of Rall
  • Fort Aspenwood & Borlis Pass
  • Sea of Sorrows & Gate of Madness
  • Maguuma & Devona’s Rest
  • Stormluff Isle & Crystal Desert
  • Darkhaven & Ferguson’s Crossing
  • Henge of Denravi & Ehmry Bay
  • Northern Shiverpeaks & Sorrow’s Furnace

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13 replies on “GW2 WvW World Linking Beta”

…and suddenly we’re facing with 20-45 minutes queues. So rather than making WvW better, it’s becoming less accessible. Looks like there needs to be a tweak on the player cap per maps, if these sorts of waits to play become the normal (yes, I know you can continue to play in EotM/PvE etc, but not the same as doing something for your server), see another nail being hammered into the coffin. 🙁

It’s a beta, so hoping ArenaNet are watching the numbers and find another way.

I’m sure the queues will reduce soon, it was the first day of the beta after all, everyone wanted to see what was up. If not they can pair your world with a different one. At least now they have tools.

I popped up to do some dailies and ended up playing for an hour and a half because there actually were people playing! It was great to see some life there.

Yeah, player cap limit need to be raised if the plan on doing this. they’re basically adding 3 extra servers to each WvW match. Double the servers, double the limit. Otherwise, you’ll have super long wait times. =

Hmmm.. well if there were some peoples suffering from lower wvw turn out, adjusting server swaps for them would probably be a better idea. Also sometimes medium to low pop wvw servers are advantageous to highly focused wvw groups – less queuing to moan through, plus the server makes general wvw gains from that, win-win. Forcing it like “this” (wvw server pairing) though isnt the way, and while it looks good on paper in Anets officers and stats and crap, the real wvw communities will ultimately have to deal with what ever mess this makes, if they dont quit wvw that is. In the long run I feel the same here as I did with megaservers. Sure its an MMO and more people yayayyyyy, but I dislike them finding more ways to just shove many random peoples grannies and weird uncles with restraining orders in our faces.

Lol, I’m on Abaddon’s Maul and we are already losing to most of the servers we are facing now, even without the additional one. Now it’s even worse of course. Whatever they thought of when they paired the servers, it’s stupid.

After few days of playing this paired wvw i must say.. Its a damn joke.
U know what u have done Anet?? U mix middle populated servers with some totally empty ones where no one is playing wvw so we face very populated servers again.. This just add Queues everywhere, and when u finally get in to a map u just getting gangbanged by a BLOB so huge you only see red color everywhere and u can do shit about it.
Why oh why u dont make map cap twice big when you reduce number of servers and send those people from canceled ones to others for free makin game finally playable

A beta is the exact time to condem something, so it’s faults are exposed and rectified before final release.

The only way the Links wouldn’t be completely damaging to players is to let them choose freely which server they want to remain in when the links change.

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