GW2 Halloween and other weapons available via Mystic Forge

The rare Halloween weapons and some other unobtainable weapons are now available via the Mystic Forge according to a developer on Reddit.

The old Halloween weapons such as Greatsaw Greatsword, Ghastly Grinning Shield etc are now obtainable as a random drop when you combine weapons in the Mystic Forge.

This is part of some updates that I’ve been working on with the mystic forge, though we had not intended it to go out with last weeks build, as some parts of the change still need some work.

I didn’t put this in the update notes since it wasn’t meant to go live yet, but since it apparently went through, we added the Bloodbound weapons, Shadow of the Mad King weapons, and some weapons with no way to get them anymore like Scarlet’s Kiss to the mystic forge as possible rewards for combining rare weapons.


A few players have noticed that new items can be obtained in the Mystic Forge since last week’s update. We added a number of new items to the possible rewards for combining rare weapons in the mystic forge, including Bloodbound weapons, Aetherized weapons, Shadow of the Mad King weapons, and some orphaned skins from Living World season 1.

This was a part of a bigger update to the mystic forge which wasn’t quite ready for this patch, so we pulled most of the changes as well as the release notes. However, since this change did go into the build, I wanted to let everyone know about it.


  • RKC

    Heh, those sellers are going have to adjust their soon to be no longer ultra rare weapons!

    I did thought Scarlet Kiss was stupid to obtain since that past event (Battle of LA) was a clusterfest!

    Lastly, Bloodhound weapons? Great as if trying to farm the keys was bad enough already since they timegated the level 10 reward key.

  • Lionblaze

    “some other weapons” really wtf you need to tell us this isnt something we csn just find lut, not without tons of gold. anyway, if someone DOES knoe what else pls tell me

    • Gareth Martin

      They don’t need to tell you anything.

      • Jason Adams

        Maybe not, but they should.

    • Justin Madigan

      you can combine greens to get rares so if you wanted to…you could get something without having to spend any gold…just open bags and what not and toss everything in.

  • Ares Zax

    Oooh, skin investors are not gonna be happy about this. But, skin collectors like me are!

    • Eruanga Franza Kusumasubrata

      I second that..!

    • nadrian3k

      Well..they are year 1 skins….i think ppl got their braging worth from them. If i were one of those investors i wouldn’t mind it honestly.

    • Bob Dobalina

      The skin investors had some inside information because the price of those skins have been dropping for a couple of months at least. People have been dumping their stock before the change.

      • Vyze

        The SEC is going to come down hard on their asses!

  • Alot

    Bit too Asian in design for my liking. The sweetest of loots, the most ridiculous of gambles.

    • Saihah

      It’s better than FUCKING NOTHING

      • Alot

        It is a literal gold trap -.-

        • Saihah

          No a literal gold trap would be like a bear trap made of gold

          • concot

            What does a bear have to do with anything? It can’t be golden fly paper, or a golden mouse trap?

          • Alot

            I would purchase your gold trap – if it was available in a direct manner.

            • Justin Madigan

              As gold is a lot easier to obtain now with dailies adding and Teq alone adding 4g for as little as 1 hour of effort…its not really all that bad…and you can combine greens to get rares so if you wanted to…you could get something without having to spend any gold…just open bags and what not and toss everything in.

          • Dylan Field

            Alternately, a Sluice Box is also a literal gold trap.

    • Phobia256

      RNGWars 2…

    • Zarremgregarrok

      If they are tradeable then it is mainly a way to knock the insane price down.

  • Colosso

    Nice …. I bought Ghastly Shield Skin for 1k gold 1 month ago …

    • DERP

      A Halloween skin that can now be forged in the mystic toilet.

  • Beef

    random rare weapons ?

    • Doodles

      yeah i wonder about that too.. ifs it just rare than i got a whole bunch!

  • Mikau

    Are they tradable? Or can only obtned by flush (are accont bound)?

  • Seasade

    Does anyone know if the scythe staff skin is now available?

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