Black Desert April 28 New Korean Costumes

Four new costumes are available in the Korean Black Desert Online Pearl Shop for Ranger, Tamer, Witch and Wizard.

These costumes make take a few months to arrive in NA/EU version. Check the individual links better for more pictures.


Names are translated from Korean with Google translate and may not be accurate. If you know a better translation please let me know!

  • Sorelay

    Can see a whole new breed of ‘Ranger-Angels’ when this hits EU/NA servers !

  • Nadiir

    Really like the Tamer’s shoulder pads and top there but too fond of the whole big skirt thing tho.

  • Krazy Karl

    Wizard outfit reminds me of a time mage outfit!

  • jay

    Really hope they make some more westernized costumes, there’s a lot of players that love the game, but hate the girly costumes

  • Amodin

    My God, just when I thought they couldn’t make anything more horrible.

  • Zchu TheKitty

    These are awful. What is worse is each one has potential… but they splashed too much fugly on them. I really wish tops and pants were seperate… would make some of these outfits bearable if i could wear some tight pants underneath.

  • Ludwig von Mises

    Oh please gawd NO! Did they hire the people over at SWTOR to do there design work? Looks like it, just another form of really ugly. I hope these NEVER make it to a NA market.

  • Big Boo

    I’ve got this game, and I’m totally lost in it….

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