Patch 4.4 patch notes SWTOR

SWTOR Game Update 4.4 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 4.4 releasing May 3, 2016.

Game Update 4.4: Profit and Plunder


  • New Feature: The Eternal Championship! Step into The Arena Grand and prove your worth against some of the galaxy’s most notorious fighters! Gain rewards every round while striving to become the Eternal Champion!
  • Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder! Aid Vette and Gault in a daring clandestine strike to plunder the Emperor’s secret treasury. Players who were subscribed on May 1st have immediate access to this new Chapter, and it will be available for all other Subscribers on Thursday, May 5th.
  • New Alliance Alert: Freedom Fight! Recruit Bowdaar to your Alliance by showing your prowess in the Eternal Championship.
  • Relics of the Gree is back! The Gray Secant has been spotted on Ilum, which means only one thing: the Relics of the Gree Event is back! From May 3rd at 4:00PST/12:00 GMT to May 10th at 4:00PST/12:00GMT, Black Bisectors are called upon to lend a hand.
  • Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins May 17th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT and ends May 24th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT.


  • Players who earned Legendary status but lost it with the release of 4.3 have had it restored. Players who lost the status will need to log into the Character associated with the Class they are missing to regain credit for completion.
  • Fixed a display issue that caused the “Throw Thranta Snack” ability to not show up in the UI.
  • It is no longer possible to remain stuck in the Magnetic Stabilizer when attempting to obtain the Strength Datacron on Alderaan.

Cartel Market

  • The SI-03 Scout Paint Job is selectable again for players who have unlocked the Paint Job.
  • Updated the stated acquisition method on the Collections window for the following items:
    • Dire Taskmaster’s Robe
    • Honored Master’s Vestments
    • Dire Overlord’s Vestments
    • Honored Champion’s Robe
    • Dire Warmaster’s Body Armor
    • Honored Saberist’s Harness
    • Dire Eliminator’s Chestguard
    • Honored Adept’s Shroud
    • MA-52 Med-Tech Chestplate
    • CZ-27K Stealth Ops Suit
    • Emergency Responder’s Overcoat
    • MA-53 Overwatch Chestplate

Flashpoints + Operations

Karagga’s Palace

  • Bonethrasher’s “Well Fed” buff gained by eating Gamorreans now properly increases his damage output by 20%.

Temple of Sacrifice

  • Fixed an issue with the Malphar the Savage encounter where players who had been previously Emboldened would not receive stacks of Exhaustion after Emboldened expired.

The Ravagers

  • The B0-55 Master Droid’s “Overpowered Ion Cutter” Ability now properly displays its beam visual effect.

Assault on Tython

  • The Achievements “Elite: Hardened Invader” and Elite: Hardened Defender” no longer have the same reward as the “Defeat Master Oric Traless (Hard Mode)” and “Defeat Lord Goh (Hard Mode)” Achievements.

Blood Hunt
Hard Mode

  • Reduced the health of the Mandalorian Hunters in the Kyramla Gemas’rugam encounter by 17%
  • Kyramla Gemas’rugams’ “Ground Smash” Ability no longer causes players hit by them to be held in place for an extra 1-2 seconds before the impact is properly registered. Additionally, the impact radii of the rocks have been reduced by 10% to match the ground indicator, and the rocks travel time has been increased to 3 seconds (up from 2.5).

Czerka Core Meltdown

  • The Enhanced Vrblther now once again throws rocks when using the “Rock Throw” ability, as opposed to just sort of firing them from his palm as if his arm were some sort of pressure cannon.

Korriban Incursion
Tactical Mode

  • The mind-controlled Tuk’ata’s Accuracy reduction debuff now properly reduces Accuracy by 50%.

Lost Island

  • The LR-5 Sentinel Droid’s Experimental Cannon Attack once again uses the proper effect.

Maelstrom Prison

  • The easternmost Emergency Kolto Station during the Colonel Daksh encounter is no longer floating in the air.

Star Fortress
Heroic Mode

  • Killing an Exarch while they are leaping upward for a Shield Slam attack no longer results in the Exarch never coming back down.

Taral V

  • The “Enraged” effect gained by either Captain Shivanek or Ripper when their partner is defeated now properly increases the damage of the remaining enemy. Tactical/Solo Mode damage increase is +150%, and Hard Mode damage increase is +250%.

World Bosses

  • Trapjaw no longer gives himself the Shredded Armor debuff when using the Claw Attack ability to give his target(s) the Shredded Armor debuff.

Items + Economy

  • The old Level 9 Vendor on both fleets has been updated with new adaptive moddable gear sets.
  • The “Use:” Ability description on Companion Gifts no longer mentions Affection.
  • The Eternal Empire Walker vehicle is now Bind on Legacy.

Missions + NPCs

  • Sith Inquisitors stuck on the “Defiance” Companion Mission can now complete the Mission by abandoning it and speaking with Ashara again.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players who reset Chapter 9 to lose access to Alliance Alerts.
  • It is now possible to complete the “Arma Rasa” Alliance Alert.


    • Players can no longer get stuck and die while in Rishi Cove Arena and Odessen Proving Grounds.
    • Reduced the frequency at which the Odessen Proving Grounds occurs in the Unranked Warzone queue.
    • Odessen Proving Grounds Achievements no longer reference Alliance Proving Ground.
    • The Achievement “Odessen Proving Grounds Mauler” no longer rewards the Trophy Art for The Voidstar.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

157 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 4.4 Patch Notes”

but a good list of bugfixes FINALLY!

this one though
The Enhanced Vrblther now once again throws rocks when using the “Rock
Throw” ability, as opposed to just sort of firing them from his palm as
if his arm were some sort of pressure cannon

not gonna lie totally want to see that actually happen.

overall a good list of bugfixing GJ bioware keep that up!

Working as intended. And bioware wants it that way. Notice Rise of the Hutt cartel the best healing class was operative/scoundrel….Shadow of Revan was commando…..and now KOTFE is Sorc/Sage.

Speak for yourself, my Inquisitors have been stuck for almost 4 months on Defiance. This is a good day.

have to disagree. they finally fix some things which have been on bug lists forever. lets just hope this time the fixes actually work.

Can’t wait to get my hands on BoL TT-17A Hydra, Jedi Battlemaster, Grand Inquisitor and Sith Champion…

The sweat taste of hope. Maybe this will be the last time they are “fixing” the Defiance quest.

It really sucks that Events (like Gree and Rakghoul) start the same week as the new chapter.

If I put my time in the new chapter I miss the event. If I do the event my early access is wasted.

They didn’t change Blood Hunt TActical? LOL!

You are both wrong. Just checked my EA/BW dictionary, “early access” actually means “get those schmucks that subbed to test the stuff”.

A whole week of Revan being bugged, just the most important thing about the expansion… Yep crapfest it was…

Why would they change Blood Hunt Tactical? Easy mode. Hard mode on the other hand… tougher than most ops bosses.

What!? I did blood hunt pre original nerf and it made you pay attention and put in effort but was still pretty easy compared to hm ops…..

I know not what you smoke.

Right, like the other guy who said he was carrying a tank and a healer through the first boss :’)

No. But if I do Gree, I do it on as many chars I can. This means, I do noting else in the game, just trying to get as many Gray Helix as possible. So I don’t have time for the new Chapter.

‘Early access’ is best avoided, imho. Don’t want the quest to break and leave you stuck/unable to finish it.

you dont lose much time doing the 1 chapter and only the herioc gives the helix. if you are a raider well there is the ops boss still it wont take a whole week to do the chapters on the characters you took into kofte.

besides gree will come back anway.

SI-03 but no BR-06 paint job fix? It has been since December when it was reported. I know they don’t really support GSF anymore. But if they are going to sell the paint jobs in packs and they accidentally break them they should probably fix them quicker.

I know unimportant in the current game state but still. Really hard to sell broken items from a pack they sold on the cartel market.

I love Gree! It’s my favorite event. Love getting gangbanged by stealth or globaled by 4 imps/pubs. (I also like to do the same to them ;))

Love to get a flagged team going and troll whoever is flagged on the opposite faction while they’re attempting to kill a world boss.

Love the rewards from the gree vendor! Love the missions! Love the PVP aspect on northern/southern terminals

Love Xeno!!!!

Seriously this is the best event in SWTOR.

lol with the new pve/pve instances focus crap you no longer can get flagged on pve focus if you venture to close to a enemy base or outlaws den.
i tried, i didnt get flagged when doing so

I agree completely. The problem is it is stale for those of us who have been around the block with it.

I hope the new pve/pop focus takes the pvp aspect out of it, because it is stale and the only reason to do it is for the helix components, and trying to get a pug group to do it several times a day sucks.

You don’t get Gray Helix for the PvP missions. If that’s your goal, just skip them.
Of course the H4 is easier in the PvP area, but there was never a real problem doing it on the PvP server I played. Sometimes you get ganked. Who cares. With a equiped character it can even been done in the PvE area solo.

Yes it is easier in the pvp area where I prefer to do it with pug groups. It’s too hard to do it when the people you get don’t use interrupt, or there are no healers. I’m not saying it can’t be dine in the pvp area, it’s just easier to get in and out and be done with it.

“It’s too hard to do”

Imma stop you right there. It can be done solo (though people seem to find soloing it a crime for some reason). Therefore, it cannot be ‘too hard’.

I wasn’t clear. When I said it was too hard I was talking about in the northern area not the PVP area. Getting a pug group to do it there is a pain in the ass. And by the way “Imma”? Makes you sound like total trash. Move along.

No no, I got that. My point stands; it can be soloed, therefore cannot be too hard.

And by the way, saying something that can be soloed with minimal difficult is too hard makes you sound like an incompetent F2P scrub. Move along 😉

I wonder if BW thought that far ahead about the Gree PVP missions and will realize this tomorrow once the event starts.


Hey FlavahFlav,

Eric here. Yes, there will be no double EXP event this year. Instead we will be having a double Gungan event, in which PVPers (if there are any left) will receive two Gungan pets in the mail for every one PVP player they manage to kill in an Arena or Huttball match.

– Eric Mucuso
Communtiy Lord of the Jar Jars
Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Does Anyone Still PvP Empire

Hey Eric,
If ROTHC made the best healing class Smuggler…
and in SOR best heals was Commando…..
and now KOTFE best heals is Sage….
When can we expect the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior healers to be on top?

content…content…let me see….hmm content….ah ok weak story + useless gear from an arena…hmmm ok no resub

Exactly what I’m thinking. No class changes – not even bug fixes?! what is the combat team doing? – no sub for me, either.

Fixing things that aren’t even broken like Ion Cutter on RaV, I’ve cleared M&B HM multiple times in the past few weeks and nothing was wrong with Ion Cutter, post patch in before it is broken, also nerfing Blood Hunt HM some more when it’s easy as it is, You don’t need to tier 224 Augmented DPS to clear the content, ugh.

Blood Hunt HM first boss is easy? That’s why 100% of pug groups can’t even get it to 70% and many guild runs need to practice before they finish it? Right….

100% of pug groups can’t what? I got 100% blood hunt HM achievements from 100% pug runs.

Admittedly I had to exclusively play as dps while trying to get that, can’t carry a group through that first fight on a tank or healer, that was the painful bit, waiting for pops only to see people chicken out half the time.

There’s a lot going on that fight, but it’s a dps check, nothing more. I can’t even almost get the kinds of parses that I see HM ops raiders get, I largely play in ‘comm/crystal’ gear or the new crafting vendor stuff because my guild is too small for ops and I don’t like hanging around on fleet and I can still carry other dps through that fight as long as they have at least something that resembles a rotation. All I need to do is apply the rotations that I pick up from this site and pay attention to where I stand.

If 100% of your pugs are failing it, then 100% of your pugs have had someone who could not pull their own weight in it.

The problem with these games is the mindset of its players. No one wants to be challenged. If its the slightest bit difficult then it needs to be nerfed and the people who actually use their brains and put in effort are elitist…..


Wait what? Blood Hunt was difficult when was lunch in 3.0+ then it go nerfs which make it to easy and gives no fun at all… And it stays this way till now… And now they do another nerfs just because players don’ wanna give any effort to complete stupid flashpoint… Oh c’mon man this is ridiculous…

Blood Hunt after the nerfs in during 3.0 still wasn’t easy. The first boss was never the problem, the adds were because people are fucking stupid and love to just stand in the glowing shit on the ground or not kill them. You are right about one thing though, it wasn’t fun. None of the 3.0 Flashpoints were fun. A flashpoint should not require a progression group like Blood Hunt did at one time for dogshit blue gear. Even the guide on this site that Dulfy did when 3.0 launched and Blood Hunt was new content said, if you read between the lines, that all you got was shitty blue 184 gear for putting yourself through a headache.

Honestly flashpoints should be a moderate difficulty. They should have mechanics and you should still have the threat of death, but moderate competence should get you through it. Operations, in particular hardmode and nightmare, should be where the difficulty spike and personal responsibility is and the gear tiering they have kind of confirms that. 2.xx was pretty good with the way flashpoints were balanced, at least until they became totally obsolete with the Dread Master/Oricon update. 3.0 went apeshit with the difficulty for zero reason in the two new Rishi flashpoints and they’re finally toning it down. As I said, they should not require something that amounts to a progression group. They should be something that anybody could play at 2 AM and be able to enjoy, not rage at causing a spike in blood pressure. Irregardless of it being difficulty or dumb teammates.

I think John is referring to the “completely hopeless at everything and deluded about it because the benchmark is so low” factor which affects the majority of players on RP servers. I have a fondness for those servers, but I don’t raid on them … cause the sheer lack of ability makes me want to shoot myself – and I am just an average raider. Yes – Blood Hunt HM can easily be cleared by players in basic augmented gear who don’t stand in shit.

Im sorry but this is ridiculous. My guild just went in and cleared it at 3.0 and wiped maybe once or twice. We are not the best raiders by far but we actually know how to play the game.

The reason pugs fail is because people dont even try to learn. They just go in like a child and start mashing buttons on abilities because they look cool.

The entire flashpoint is easy and is not even with lost island when that released.

I miss vanilla LI…..

Considering you replied to the same comment I made three times, it wasn’t that hard to count them. If you have the ability to count up to 3 of course. “lolololol rolfmao”

Anyone else get the email advertising this with the GIF of Vette doing the ‘sup’ nod? Fucking hilarious XD

But at least they won’t say “affection” anymore, right? I’ve all but given up on the Courting Gifts. I usually just give them to Talos Drellik, after I get him from the Alliance Recruiting Mission. Should’ve figured he’d swing that way, since he looks alot like Ray Gillete from the Archer tv series cartoon.


Actually looking forward to cross-factioning some of the armors from the Adaptive Gear Vendor on the Fleets. Been wanting to put some TT-17A Hydra armor on some of my comps for a while, but it was “Bounty Hunter” class specific gear only.

That’s one of ’em. Right now she’s wearing that armor you get from the Bounty Hunter Rep vendor (Contract Hunter w/ Master Hunter helmet), but I don’t think it looks as good on her.


It would be really, really nice if they stopped auto-playing the next chapter if you visit Odessen between chapters.

Or complete alerts for new companions. I have a shitload of alts, and I like to run a chapter, then complete the alerts before starting the next one on each toon. It’s a pain in the ass to have to run through the intro before turning in those missions and then not using that character for a week.

Never tried that. I always run my 8 mains (1 per class) through the newest chapter and its recruitment mission before the next chapter. However, only 4 out of my 8 have done all 6 Star Fortresses, so I’m working on getting the remaining 4 up to Rank 10 Alliance Rep for the Supply Caches in the Fortresses (plus Remnant gear) in between chapters.

100% agreed…I was wondering why they didn’t turn that off because of supply crates turning and I like to transport to Odessen without the need to pay to travel to that planet, just “teleport” to specialist (on alts that didn’t have Pierce) but on release of new chapters new mission auto starts…it’s stupid.

I have a character who hasn’t started Ch.X yet, and I can traipse in and out of the base without issue. I’ll observe what happens when I advance through Ch.X

Doubtful but I wonder if they finally fixed the gree pvp achievements. Since they still require bolster and level sync took that away I have been 13 imps away from my 100% completion. It would be nice to finish then never bother with the event again in its current state.

Hey Burritos,

Eric here. I want to thank you for spreading the Glory of Mucuso, my second coming to the unwashed masses of MMO players shall be a glorious thing indeed. Women shall weep in joy, and men shall lament at losing their women to my stunningly chiseled chin, my Jar Jar hat, and my saucy HK themed Manthong this summer.

However, coming in patch 4.5, I will begin posting office patch notes to Dulfy underneath her patch note postings.

– Eric Mucuso
Community Patch Leader
Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Proper Patch Notes Empire

They may as well let everyone be able to beat it with auto attack.

Then give out participation awards like they do in kindergarten.

Considering that Blood Hunt HM has been around for about a year… more than that… better late than never

if you’re not a subscriber, none of this should concern you. (to you Bioware) remove some of those f2p restrictions!

Why would they do that? Do you even understand the purpose of the f2p model? Let people try it for free, but put up restrictions so that if they like the game they have to pay to get around them to experience the entire game. They give you just enough.

Star Trek online has very few f2p restrictions and is the #1 f2p MMO. if Swtor followed their model this game would sky rocket to #1. (no doubt in my mind). EA is taking us for granted. they need to open this game up. stop treating us like sheeple. if EA did this we would feel respected, most would still sub anyway to get everything and since f2p wont have to pay for every little thing, they would make a fortune selling cartel coins.

i doubt most people would sub, or re-sub.. i know I for one have no intention on RE-subbing unless they make more End game operations.. thats all i play the game for and there has been no new operation for over 18 months now.. and they have gone on record saying they have no intentions of releasing an op any time soon if ever again.. so i dont mind the f2p restrictions because there is literally 0 to do is this game for me anymore that is enjoyable…. Now if they actually made Effort to Continue this game as an MMO and cater to every aspect an MMO should… then i may rethink it, especially if they added new ops because i do enjoy raiding with friends. but i have little to 0 hope for the skeleton crew left on this game to ever figure out how to make ops… hell look how many late patches it took them just to get the SP Arena in there.. Games basically a joke at this point with every patch.

It has to be said though that a large part of STO’s f2p model is pay to win consoles available only on 50 dollar Real money only purchaseable ships and/or locked behind tokens gained only from purchased chance cube style crates.

It also has far less in the way of outfits selection (particularly non- federation) and no player market option whereby people can gain said outfits/customisation via in game currency.

You can grind dilithium and change it ..but then were getting into the EVE style second job area…

Graphically/audiably/UI the game is less complex and thus easier to generate content for and yet in my opinion its longevity can largely be traced more to player created content than to the officially provided expansions who’s general implementation and quality are often of inferior quality in storytelling chops and/or bugged mechanics etc…

So all in all, I’m not sure i’d call it the perfect example to emulate….

Pro’s and cons, but for me I’m preferring EA’s model even with the problems we see manifest in TOR.

yeah it may be pay to win but you can earn dilithium and turn it into those coins. and buy the keys required for the packs you earn ingame.
swtor f2p model needs to be looked at since inflation has hit hard, the credit cap specially needs to be enhanced for prefered status players anyway

Tell, you what Whitedragon, since you have so much time on your hands and so little interest in reasonable conversation, perhaps you could provide me with a suitable eyerolling rebuttal gif and we’ll call it quits, eh?


While I agree that some f2p restrictions should be eased I don’t agree with STO being any good mmo. Ok it’s totally free if you wanna play casually but if you want to pvp you gotta pay much of rl cash or grind like Chinese gold farmers…pve there is also asian grind if you want to do it with any seriousness like doing some dps etc. Else just free for weak storyline.
Ok three good things about it to be fair…@ handle system for accounts and chat better than swtor’s, lastly there are many customizations both for characters and starships.

I would rather pay for game with good quality, good story, voice overs etc than play something for free but with quality of a east grinder game.
Also while STO is free ppl often pay to speed long grinds…grind for zen (analog to cartel coins here), grind for plethora of marks; fleet marks, effton of rep marks etc doing boring repeatable content which focuses only on extreme dps, there was no tanking or healing that was viable as roles in pve…only mindless dpsing.
Also there is many lockbox spam, ofc opening them is for real cash or hey go grind credits to buy keys from their gtn.
Don’t ever start with their pvp…unbalanced and p2w, feds were devs’ favorite faction, they didn’t give a eff about Klingons/KDF (which I played mainly).
Romulans were created like hippies nothing like they were in TNG.
Mandatory fleets bc there were fleet stuff which was good for example fleet shields…

Overall game was quite okay till they did rep grinding….e.g. borg set was obtainable via rng but this felt more rewarding to get it…then ppl whined so they made it 100% certain to get but set grinds were boring.
Game was like sliders online instead of star trek online.

Wasted 2 years of my life playing that grindfest…after ragequit and account cancellation at season 9.5 went to swtor permamently.

that’s all great, but tell me about the f2p model not the game play. I think you’re missing the point.

I did tell, it’s free but you have to pay to open lottobox spam and grind zen points to buy stuff that is not cosmetic buy you buy power/advantage aka pay to win.

better example would be guild wars 2 though STO while f2p does have a nasty pay to win system that will have you grind till the end of time

it has but it doesnt have the same kind of grinding STO has. but by better example i do meant that the f2p model GW2 is using, is just better then swtors.

If you feel like a “sheeple” it’s your own fault, the door is right over there, you can leave whenever you want.

Easing (not completely lifting) some limits (Credits, Ops, WZs) may indirectly benefit BW:

With the credits inflation due to the heroics, 1:1000 is no longer an acceptable CC:Credits exchange rate for those who ARE willing to spend money on the game, their expected profit from cartel packs can no longer be gained by selling to F2P, simply because F2P can’t pay more than 350k (without a lot of effort and most likely spending CC for the escrow transfers)

If they can’t sell the stuff at an acceptable marging, they’ll buy less cartel packs, thus buy less CC with RL money.

Same for WZs, 5 per week is to few. It won’t get F2P interested in PVP, and it won’t help the subscribers to get better queue times.

Same again for the ops, allow a couple of ops per week or limit loot rolls without a pass, like in FPs but completely locking ops behind a paywall helps nobody.

You actually make a very solid point: with the credit inflation the f2p (or pref) credit limit should be revised. What you could get for 200K or 350K pre-4.0 no longer applies. And yes it might be hurting BW more than helping.

Yes! Finally, I can equip the Vendetta gear on my bounty hunter! And you finally fixed the Red Mastery Datacron on Alderaan. Well done, Bioware! Now if you could please balance the Sages/Sorcerers…

On one hand, Vendetta no longer has this stupid class restriction (I hate the idea in general).

On the other hand, Vendatta was always are rare thing. I can’t remember how much time I spend to get it. Not everybody had it. I still keept one complete unbound Vendatta armor for future characters.
Now it’s a give away for everone.

Something inbetween would have been nice.

“Reduced the frequency at which the Odessen Proving Grounds occurs in the Unranked Warzone queue.”

Best update

trouble is putin it midly
cant patch at all just gives me 308 error…… bioware again

well its patching for me at the moment so fingers crossed if it fucking works if not well fuck me i guess 😛

Yes, first 3 times I tried, download didn’t even begin. 4th time, stopped at 99% installing, with 2 megabytes remaining (….) Now it won’t resume or do anything.

Yup and after finally getting the patch to work starting the new chapter sends me to fleet. I also got this new error popping up in the background.

Yeah, me too. I thought it was some kind of malware, since (for once) I had no problems downloading the patch. Thx for sharing, I was going nuts trying to figure out what that message was…

oh 1 more thing people, dont bother with the tuning effect of this new pack, its omega super ultra rare so expect to pay 100+million for it on the gtn
oh well another feature not used by the masses.
guess this should be expected from now on.

A shame really, I really would like that lightning effect on my Deception Assassin’s lightsaber…

yeah im gonna wait till bioware (if they are honest) adds some tuning effects on vendors or something

Oh, like when 3.0 hit??? And for the whole “early access” week we couldn’t do Revan? That was really a great experience… NOT!!!

Anyone else leave the new Chapter early and not be able to get back in? Left to get Vette some new clothes and clothes dye now it just re-sends me to Fleet for some reason…..

1st time: Patch didn’t even start downloading
5th time: Started downloading, downloaded everything, went to 99% installing, froze
12th time: Downloaded launcher, went to 100%, froze

Every other effort between and since, does not even start. In the meantime I am opening Task Manager every time to close the launcher application process, I have restarted router/pc a few times, and it appears to be random, unless I have to wait for the NULL POINT error message before it starts to download again. According to the above, I should have all the files installed, just waiting to finish installation. Once again a great job Bioware. Bugs are very common in all games, but since about a year ago, they appear to be the norm in this game, and when everything works as intended it’s just the exception.

I found a launcher patch in the support section of official website. Used it and starting to download patch now anyway. Keeping my fingers crossed and will see if it works.

Isn’t it great how on their twitter site they tell us “we are working on it!” and then a few minutes ago they post a friendly “watch someone on twitch play the game”. Not giving minute to minute updates and trying to deflect attention makes it obvious that they have no idea what they are doing or what is wrong. The people on this site and others seem more knowledgeable than they are. Bioware seriously needs to get some better people working on this game. Every time they have a patch they break their own game. They have to be the worst company in MMO history when it comes to continuous screw ups, especially for a game this old. I hope they lose enough subscribers from this debacle that they realize that some people need to get fired.

Woot! I’m finally in! 16GB of data and a couple hours of downloading but…I’m in! Have to log off and get some sleep now because I work at midnight but…I’m in!

Hey Folks,

Eric here. Just wanted to thank you all again for all the wonderful wonderful cartel cash you’ve floated our way. We promise to include as many weapon tunings as possible once per new cartel pack. We appreciate your cash so much.

– Eric Mucuso
Community Cartel Whale Whisperer
Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Wallet Fishing Empire

I have it patched and good to go, but once I start it, the game gets stuck on the very first loading screen

Anyone know how big in size is the patch? I started patching and went from like 60% to 80% then down to 10%… currently 18% *sad face

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