Patch 4.4 SWTOR

SWTOR Weapon Tunings Guide

A guide to Weapon Tunings with a list of weapons that have the Tuning Slot.


What are Weapon Tunings

Weapon Tunings are a new moddable slot found on certain weapons. Unlike other type of mods, Weapon Tunings offer no stats and is purely cosmetic.Weapon Tuning can be only found on certain mainhands and offhands with visible appearance (i.e. no vibroknifes, shield generators etc).

  • Weapon Tunings cannot be unlocked in collections. If you dual wield and want it on both weapons you will need to acquire two of them.
  • Much like everything else, they bound once they are used but you can transfer to alts using Legacy weapons (Bounty Broker, Outbreak, Nico’s Blasters, Odessen weapons).


What Weapons have Tuning Slots?

  • All cartel market weapons (from packs or direct purchase) with some rare exceptions (Like Carthar Warstaff)
  • All cartel market reputation weapons
  • Attuned weapons from Chapter 12 rewards
  • Outbreak weapons from THORN event
  • Bounty Broker weapons from the event
  • Gree weapons from the event
  • Cynosure/Exemplar weapons from PvP Vendor (Rating 204/208)
  • Level 50 PvP/Operation weapons
  • Defiant/Exarch/Ultimate Exarch weapons purchased with tokens.
  • Odessen weapons from Item Modification quest in Chapter 9/Odessen.
  • HK-55 Sniper Rifle/Blaster Pistol (Vibrosword doesn’t have it)
  • Nico’s Blaster

Sadly it seems the Chevin weapons do not have them and ranked PvP rewards from previous seasons does not have them.

Lightning Weapon Tuning

Introduced in Patch 4.4 as a rare drop from the Plunder Packs. This Weapon Tuning adds a Lightning effect to your weapons.




Damaged Weapon Tuning

Introduced in Patch 4.5 as a rare drop from Revenge packs. This Weapon Tuning adds a damaged effect to your weapons.



GEMINI Weapon Tuning

Introduced in Patch 4.6 as a rare drop from GEMINI packs. This Weapon Tuning adds a Gree effect with some eerie some effect


Dark-Attuned Weapon Tuning

Introduced in Patch 4.6 as a rare drop from Dark vs Light packs. Adds a reddish flame effect.


Light-Attuned Weapon Tuning

Introduced in Patch 4.6 as a rare drop from Dark vs Light packs. Adds a blueish flame effect.


Overcharged Weapon Tuning

Introduced in Patch 4.7 as a rare drop from Battler packs.


By Dulfy

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148 replies on “SWTOR Weapon Tunings Guide”

What happens if i use a tuning on a weapon that already has an effect (like Tythonian Force-Master’s Lightsaber)?

sadly it might look cool but the tuning effect in this new pack is super ultra rare so basicly not worth it at all
ty dulfy for showing off:P

no suprise there BW’s realized people will by hypercrates by the truck load for a chance at these ultra rare ite,s

I suppose if they made it easy, then everyone would have one and then there wouldnt be any normal ‘elegant’ lightsabers around…

yeah biofail and stEAl are just fucking greedy to do something for the playerbase once.
oh well another feature not being used by the masses cuz you gonna need 100+mil to buy 1

Yay, spent money on hypercrate. I had hoped they’d finally do away with chance cubes, but I guess not.

Not a single weapon tuning item that I bought the hypercrate in hopes of

Its a shame about collections, will not be against it if people had more chances to get tunings. I got only one. Actually, got pretty lucky with just 1 hypercrate, got nearly everything I needed from new pack, even spare unstable lightsaber to sell

So I can’t use it on the Gree weapons, meaning that my 224 DPS Saber, Tank Saber, Saberstaff, and Blaster Pistol are completely useless for this? Oh well. Novel idea that I honestly could not care less about after hearing that. I guess I could transfer everything to the Outbreak stuff or Bounty stuff but that just seems pointless, especially given the rarity and the fact they aren’t in collections.

Figured this would happen. They have a good idea and fuck it up completely.

Looks cool, but I’m GLAD there is a video of them. After watching and HEARING it, i wont ever use a tuning. At least the lightning one. Looks better on certain weapons, but the sound is annoying.

They should of had:

Tuning:Lightning matches your color crystal
Tuning:Red Lightning, a blue one, a green one, and a red one. They don’t match your color crystal.

They are more noticeable on guns than they are on sabers.

“HK-55 Sniper Rifle/Blaster Pistol (Vibrosword doesn’t have it)”

Son of a BITH! I wanted it for the vibrosword.

This is a good idea completely hamstrung by greed and arbitrary implementation. I typically agree with and support Bioware and the SWTOR team’s choices, but introducing something this broadly appealing and making it vanishingly rare is just bald-faced avarice.

That is disappointing. Vibro-weapons probably would have benefited the most from tuning.

P.S. Im totally gonna use “Son of a Bith” now lol

Open your wallets 🙂
This is going to be so rare that people will soon start to wonder why most weapons have this slot while not able to get tuning mods. I’m sure next packs will also have 1 different effect but it will still be rare.
Dulfy is doing great job updating new stuff but this one is pretty pointless since im confident over 90% playerbase will never get one.

Can’t be unlocked in collections. My fucking gawd how dumb are they. Even if they add one a million times cooler than the lightening effect, I won’t buy more than one of them. No no no no no way.

yeah, i bought 5500 cartel coins from em for 40 bucks… spent all of it on a single hypercrate of the new packs… not a single weapon tuning across 30 packs and like a thousand grand chance cubes across it all… (exaggerating, but not really by much tbh…) figures theyd get us all excited about being able to be a non-sith inq class with lightning effects, but then deliver that exciting shit to like 1% of the whole player base, and then have the nerve to not allow unlockable in collections? I have subbed to this game actively since December 17, 2011… yes, every second of time since 3 days of early access prior to original Sub-only launch of the game, i have been active sub through every bit of it… but this bs is just about enough to make me cut that shit off… 4 years and almost 5 months actively spending 15 bucks a month to their asses, and this is how they choose to repay us? not to mention my countless paychecks deposited into cartel coins over those years… yeahhh, im officially cutting my 4+ years sub short pretty damn soon unless they start giving me a reason to not want to blow my brains out upon every log in for new exciting shit… Get your crap together BW/EA, or all of us will decide to get our crap together elsewhere…

That’s all well and good but EAware couldn’t be happier that you are leaving, They don’t need people like us who expect reasonable drop rates. What they need is a guy I recruited on harbinger who purchased $650 (not an exaggeration, he bought about 15 hypercrates) worth of hypercrates at level 13 and then left, never to return 2 weeks later.

PS. If you’ve been subbing for 4+ years then why aren’t you just buying it off the cartel market?? Surely you remember every pack since the shipment 2 dropped and they f***** around with drop rates? Also the Nightlife packs and every other pack they took “feedback on”. Surely you realise the intended money sink before it even came around?

Learn your lesson. Don’t buy hypercrates ever again, ESPECIALLY any crates with chance cubes, you fell for the trap. So many of us have, have a chuckle about it and move along. If you really want hypercrate buy them on the GTN

Hey Whitedragon,

Eric here. We care that you don’t care. Could you please elaborate as to why you don’t care? It would help us further not care about why you don’t care so we can satisfy stockholders. Thanks.

– Eric Mucuso
Community Cartel Whale Whisperer
Star Wars: The Indefinitely Delayed Republic
Knights of the Cantina Whales Empire

What EA does with the Cartel Market is fine with me. let them sell stuff. I don’t care about it.

It won’t be.
It’s rare, and not in collections (so you need between 1 and 4 of them, per character)

I want to know who’s bright idea at Bioware it was to put tuning slots on various cartel market and other weapons BUT NOT ON THE WEAPON YOU GOT IN CHAPTER 12.


Please because don’t have now acces to swtor is that mean so my Cathar Vibrosword is not supporting this?

The list doesn’t specify which “rare exceptions” to the Cartel Market weapons exist beyond just the Cathar Warstaff. Otherwise it says “All Cartel Market weapons.”

how rare are we talking? are we talking ridiculous low like the arbiters sabers? I can see people ask lots for this on GTN and I can see BW did this all purposely to get people to spend tons of real cash on the packs, like they did with the arbiter sabers

Not that mater the patch server is messed up alot people cant even patch the game

I opened a hypercrate and got 0. Someone on the SWTOR forums apparently opened two hypercrates before they got one.

2 hypercrates, 0 tunings

I suspect that they’re going to cost even more than arbiter sabers when they hit the GTN tomorrow! At least with the arbiters you only needed one and you could unlock more (for your alts or your maras or sents) in Collections

“We will be introducing weapon tuning to a lot of the weapons out there!”

Only very few selected weapons.

First they back out on their promise or sales pitch then the majority of the people can’t even download the damn patch for 4.4

So.. did a quick count, I’d need 30 tunings to tune all the weapons I use (220/208pvp rated)
My guess is that they’ll cost between 15-30M each, so because it has no collections, I’d lose between 450-900M..
Seems like a great idea BW.. well done
And only one or two legacy bound weapons even have a slot? There aren’t that many ingame, how hard is it to make them all have a slot?

While I agree wholeheartedly that Bioware’s logic about their customers and how they will manage to get the maximum amount of subscribers and cartel coins buyers, is basically “profit and plunder”, I don’t see why anyone on Earth would add a tuning to ALL of their 30 weapons.

I have cm weapons and crystals on nearly all of them.. this was just me being annoyed about the lack of collections
If I bought it just for my main/main alts it’d cost between 105-210M, still insane, and never gonna happen

I think about 2k cc direct purchase would’ve been cool for most people. If it’s in collections

I am completely disgusted that the Cathar weapons (Or any physical-looking swords) do not have a tuning slot.

What, I’m being punished for using non-sci-fi weapons because I like swords? That’s like having a chest that doesn’t have a dye slot and prevents you from color matching!

lol that is the worst analogy i have ever heard, and you will be fine, you act like they are punishing you with making you serve as a slave for 15 years

But they areeeeee!!!!!!

I know it’s an overreaction. However, the point remains. Every cartel item should have the effect.

This entire Weapon Tuning “feature” is sort of like saying “Hey, you get a free meal….but the meal can only be obtained after spending 50 bucks.” Put some new feature in the game, then make it rare to even get at all. What a god damned waste of time. No wonder I never log in this game anymore. I played it 4 years and just got sick of this kind of crap. All it is anymore “free rewards” reskinned pets & armor in the mail over and over and over again with 90% ugly item cartel packs…that now dont even give you the fucking pack, they give you other boxes that give you various other crap you dont want.

I’ve not been on the Game much lately for a long while, pretty much just log-in to complete the new chapters and thats it. I’ve already finished and run all Ops/Heroics/FP on all settings multiple times, got most of the achievements and still asking myself why i’m subbed for the little content we get every month.

I’m a sub and still on going since December of 2011 and if it wasn’t for the love i had for the old republic era i would of unsubbed a long time ago, they really need to start adding more content for subscribers and i hear people trying to justify saying well you get 500-525 cartel coins every month isn’t good enough, thats 2 packs at most.

So the Gree Lightsaber, the only lightsaber I use for End-Game for legacy purposes, does not have a tuning slot? Well that makes it easier to not bother with it.

Man, people forget too easily…

>Are they exclusive to the Cartel Market?

>The Lightning Weapon Tuning is exclusive to the Cartel Market, but there may be future Tunings >available from other sources.”

Boss drop? PvP ranked reward?

>Will we be able to modify existing weapons?

>Many of the existing weapons you have will support the Weapon Tuning
slot, but not all. We will >continue adding them to existing weapons over
time and all new weapons introduced will have this >slot.

I saw
tuning slot on some random green drop while I was doing the latest KotFE
chapter, so they clearly don’t want it on CM and crystal gear only…

Everyone also remembers what Bioware says and what Bioware actually ends up doing often are completely different or even forgotten.

First let’s see the quality of the tunings IF they become available via crafting but I am almost certain that the non cartel market tunings will not be as awesome looking as any released via the Cartel Market just the same way they went with color crystals and dyes.

Nah, they are careful with the wording. Depends on what kind of tunings they want to introduce, but I’m skeptical about crafting option.

I genuinely laughed when I read how many weapons have tuning slots. Some of the best weapon designs are in the 1-50 level range. Personally, I don’t give a crap about lightning, flame or rainbow effects on my weapons but less than half of the cm stuff looks good. This reminds me of when they gave us the dye system.

Not on any ranked weapons, not on any lvl 65 pve weapons. But yet I can get it on a level 55 green?

You’re idiots. You want me to buy a tuning? PUT THEM ON WEAPONS I USE NOT ON WEAPONS I’LL NEVER USE YOU MORONS.

Im looking forward and hope the next step will be weapons for the outfit designer -> selling more weapons and weapon effects.

Judging from the comments here it seems that people haven’t learned their lesson yet. Bioware wants only your money. They could give a crap about what you actually want.


BW hasn’t learned anything either. Why are they allowing tuning slots on weapons people vendor? I’d be trying for a tuning if my ranked reward had a slot and i’d try for my pve MH if it had one too.

BW doesn’t want our money or whoever started this thing is a community college graduate.

The weapons from chapter 9 Odessen must be bugged then cause mine and another guildie’s has no tuning slot.

Would have been nice, to actually get a weapon tuning as the chapter 12 reward, so we could use our new special power with our familiar weapon instead of building a one.

Ohh ya! People usually pay money to not have such ugly sounds in their speakers.

Vader: Im your father!
Luke: wh.. what?
Vader: im your FATHER!
Luke: what you rather?
Vader: Those damn weapon tunings.. *cuts off hand*
Luke: Ahhhhrgg!
Vader: thats better.. IM YOUR FATHER !

I bought and opened a hypercrate… I got 0 tunings. I got a couple of weapons that can hold a tuning… but no actual tunings.

Opened 27 crates, no tuning. Did get an Unstable Arbiter and a Nihilus Mask from a chance cube, amongst other nice items.

The collections menu has NO tuning under pack content. Can someone confirm they got one on live? The fact that its not listed under pack contents in the collectible menu is worrysome.

There are also no stronghold decorations listing under pack content in collections. Only stuff that is unlockable in collections from said pack shows up in collections. Weapon tunings, like dyes, are not one of these.

P.S. Congrats on the Nihilus mask from the chance cube. Impressive rng result.

Lame animation. Not worth all the moaning and crying over rarity in pack. MY Bh guns have better animations—knife on end already has lightening

I was okay with these until I saw they weren’t even unlockable on collections. Pbfft, another Outlaw’s Boots? No thanks.

It’s ridiculous that they made them as rare as they have (by all indications they have about the same drop rate as the Arbiter’s sabers) but they don’t unlock in collections. Yeah, yeah, I understand why, it’s still ridiculous.

For a feature that was advertised/marketed as a “new thing” they’re sure as heck making certain very few players can enjoy said feature.

They need to either make this unlockable in collections or vastly increase the drop rate.

You and all the people whining about this need to take a step back from your soap boxes. This is the first weapon tuning. If they have gone to the trouble of making it work in almost every moddable (is that even a word) weapon don’t you think the plan is to add more as time goes on? Just give it a couple months to see how it’s going to play out before you jump up and down on Oprah’s couch.

Oh my goodness, I humbly apologize for daring to voice my opinion as a paying customer based on the present situation and available information. It won’t happen again, Mr. Musco, I’m so very sorry. Please take my money and be assured I will be completely satisfied no matter what decisions you make in the future, because there’s technically always a chance they will solve every problem without any feedback whatsoever.

[sarcasm mode off]

They advertised this as a feature. They have not revealed any further weapon tunings beyond “yes, there will be more, and not all of them will be Cartel Market” (which doesn’t preclude them being exceptionally rare even then…for instance rare Nightmare Mode Operations drops or the like).

The current, only available tuning is very rare. Ergo, very few people can currently benefit from this “feature.” These are legitimate complaints in the here and now.

Further, a company learns how to adjust via feedback. If nobody complained about these things (or not enough people complained enough), then I guarantee you Bioware would happily keep all weapon tunings as rare drops in the Cartel Market packs forevermore.

They already said upfront that they plan to release some tunings without use of cc in the future.

they said that they maybe do that *keyword maybe*, its not certain they will even do that since their word these days are worth zero trust

Lost my intrest in a hypercrate purchase with the words Gree Weapons and vibroswords dont have tuning slots. A tuning slot might also have redeemed the ugly chapter 13 weapons.

It’s a measure of how little consideration the devs put into how the addition of tuning slots would be perceived that the Chapter XIII “attuned” weapons weren’t the _first_ ones to get tuning slots.

I opened a hypercrate. I got 34 chance cubes, a ton of companion gifts, and some jawa junk. Literally one box of armor, two crystals and one crappy mount. What a total waste. These guys are totally useless.

Yeah, it’s a lottery and they get you with the hope you might actually get something rare. On the upside, you can usually sell your stuff on GTN and make a ton of creds. …still doesn’t get your rl cash back, though. 🙁

I know this is old, but you misread. I opened two crates, not hypercrates. I didn’t spend $100, I spent way less than that. So yeah, great deal. Only two single measly crates, but two awesome mounts.

I re-subbed this month, hoping to get back into the game. I promptly used all my CC to buy a new hypercrate, excited for the NEW items.

I got over half OLD items. Didn’t get most of the stuff I wanted from the pack I bought.

I had several packs with 2 of the stupid pack inside of a pack nonsense. Such bulls***.

Bad start to getting me to stick around again..

Lol, it doesn’t even work on the double-bladed sabers. It only shows on 1 blade. What’s even the point if it work only on half weapon?

Under the first title: second bulletpoint = …they bound once they… => they become bound (would flow better)

I’m not advocating it, but I would say it’s cheaper to buy a second account and funnel it out you are concerned about that than but a single hypercrate.

Yeah, I would much rather give my money to Gold Sellers than EA. They can shove their gambling packs right up their collective asses.

Been doing it since day one, never had issue. Maybe it’s the way you do it? I don’t know. Truthfully I don’t think they care about gold spamming.

I’ve never tried it. I would worry too much about either a.) having my account banned or b.) having my credit card stolen.

But it must be working for folks since the Gold Spammers have been around since day one and it seems to be a booming business. If they were banning the crap out of people then I guess the market for selling gold would have fallen out a long long time ago LOL.

I like the glow, but if you play Sentinel or Mercenary it’s very uncool to just have one of those mods…

They could have just made new crystals, there was no need to make a new slot for this. Making the crystals uber rare would be no different than usual, and probably would have gone over better.

It’s a minor annoyance to have an empty slot on your weapons, a minor pointless annoyance.

If they add weapon tunings that can be crafted, you can fill your slot.
Hopefully this craftable tuning will be a tuning that doesn’t sound like somebody is imitating campfire with plastic foil.

Don’t think that would work out mate. A new crystal effect would bind you to one color and exclude all others previously collected. This way you can use w/e color you like. Much more flexible this way.

That’s kind of the way I thought of it. Now you can get something along the lines of the “Volatile Saber” or whatever look on whatever weapon you like was my thought. Seems a lot less constricting than getting stuck with same handle all the time imho.

But then again, I’ve never responded the same way as the majority when it comes to these things- I mean, after all, if I DID, I’d probably be playing WoW or CoD. lol. 😀

Well, as a decorations collector, I’ll buy all the holos… eventually. But only 6 a week will take a lot of weeks.

No, not the actual trophy. You exchange the trophies on exclusive stuff found on the three vendors in the arena elevator lobby. There are holograms of every enemy you face in the arena. Even the adds, creatures, droids. They cost between 2 and 6 tokens, depending on size.

Anyone else notice the Tuning effect is not being shown during a convo when the weapon is drawn (Light Saber)

Haven’t seen a lot of angry posts since the tuning got released. It didnt work out to bad on JC. Were already down under 10 mill for the ones here and though some ppl will think that’s a lot, it’s really only two weeks of heroics on a single toon or one weeks worth on two toons tbh. I do feel for the dual weilders though as that’s double. Nice effect all around. Does amazing things with the blue-core in a Volatile Conqueror or Unstable Arbiter. Wow!

Give us something useful. It’s not often I stop what I’m doing in the middle of a raid and say to the rest of the group… “WoW, do you see just how cool my weapon looks?!!?” These are pointless… *drops mic*

So what you’re saying is you want pay to win items in the cartel packs, not fluff stuff? I mean… just to be clear… pretty much all cartel items are of the “Wow, do you see how cool my [something] looks?!!?”, right? And also, *bitch slaps the fuck out of you for typing it ‘WoW’*

these are amazing,but i hope they add smoke/Energy like effects aswell…like some sort of light/Dark side energy =D

weapon tuning is absolutely stupid idea has not purpose within the game and all this binding to characters equipment is just pissing off long term gamers,

Who have totally lost fucking interest Eric Musco for months now we had bad implementation of chapters and game up dates unless email response from your staff at swtor who give you the most dumb arse answered that has nothing to do we how to fixes to the issue and your staff is treating people like they are 2 years olds.

The way the Star wars the old republic is heading gamers will just uninstall the stupid game pull their subscriptions and head to rival companies,

You need to stop and look at the mess and address the still over buggy quests like Heroic Traken 4 Legacy to the way your implementing the chapters.

their is no justification for why you release a update for of bad coding, errors and plain down right stupid contents that does nothing to capture the gamers attention and it restrictive,

Then you tell gamers your going to suspend them for using the /stuck key or for disconnecting during the Eternal championship EA, Bioware, Swtor need to grow a brain you can not tell and control anyone logging in and out because most users can not control the internet providers.

The designers of this game is properly under orders from a dope who has no programming back ground and no knowledge of gamers interest and i can tell you this game is losing gamers interest i see less and less gamers every night and day across every server over 2 week period to date and i see their comments on forums like the one the gamer of 20 years who also said the weapon tuning was the reason he was quitting for starters the price of the items, the trading on the GTN to the way missions not clearly first time.

Eric Musco and some of the gamers this is not affecting might be saying this is unfair criticism i got this to say your not on the receiving end of these issue for the last 2 years and your not seeing what majority of us long term gamers are and have not received the stupid email messages from droid XXX.

For Swtor to keep its member base you really need to lift your game and address the problems before any new content is release especially the stupid statement on development track about disconnecting we have no control over the way the game disconnects if your service provider is carrying out maintenance or your servers are mucking up which many time they have.

sadly my friend what you and I think, isn’t good enough for them to wipe their assess with after a good shit. Though I personally couldn’t agree more with you.

And here I was hoping that tunings would add a bit of elemental damage from lightning, energy, flame, or whatever the tuners are tuned with! It being just cosmitic

is completely stupid! Add some elemental damage to them and then they might actually be worth getting!

Then they must be obtainable through crafting and not from CM. Bioware will never do it. Why doing something good when you can just make MOAR money?
P.S. Also there is no separation in elemental damage.

I made a 208 Lightsabre using Artifice; and a Duravlex Onslaught Sniper Rifle.
Both had tuning slots.
So (many?) (some) crafted weapons seem to have them?

It looks like it was made for melee weapons in mind. All those glowing bits doesn’t go well with ranged ones. Overcharged mod looks like weapon is in constant firing mode. Ranged weapons need stuff like laser sights, animated decals and custom firing sounds.
Dark side blaster pistols? No, thanks.

For you twerps who complain with such foul-mouthed ridiculous ANGER
:-p about tunings; so?? If you don’t like tunings, don’t get them. Simple.

You’re like: “You can buy f*****g tunings for f*****g weapons now? Aaaaarrgh!! I’ll never f*****g play this game again!! Aaaaarrrgh!!”

Oh pleeeease. In this world, can you find something better to get upset about?

Anyone happen to know the color crystal used with the saber staff in the Light attuned video. I know it’s a purple one I just can’t figure out which one it is. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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