Black Desert Mother’s Day Event Guide

A guide to the Black Desert Online Mother’s Day event running from May 4 to May 25.

Getting Started

To do this event you must be level 30 or above and have completed two prerequisite quests (Unsure if the level requirement is a hard lockout or just a recommended level due to the areas you need to visit).

Watch Out, Santo Manzi – This quest starts with the Trade Manager Bahar in Velia and require you to have the knowledge on Islin Bartali (Innkeeper in Velia in the Inn next to the Chief) and Level 7+. It will direct you to Claire Arryn.


Clare’s Son – The quest starts with Claire Arryn in Velia and require you to have completed the previous quest, it will direct you to Santo Manzi.


Once you have done that, talk to Santo Manzi (Work Supervisor in Velia) and he will give you a chain of quests to complete. Completing this chain will unlock dailies for you to do until May 25.


Quest Chain

Quest #1 So I was Saying..

Head to Florin, which is west of Velia and talk to Loria (Trade Manager). It will complete the quest and reward you with 20 Contrib XP and a Hoe.


Quest #2 Flowers in Florin

Loria will give you this next quest which require you to do three more quests to complete it

  1. Winning Loria’s Heart #1
  2. Winning Loria’s Heart #2
  3. Winning Loria’s Heart #3


Once you have done the three sub quests, arrange the three flowers from each subquest in a V shape. You may need to arrange them in the same way as I did to get it working. They will convert to Bouquet of Love. Make sure you have auto-arrange in your inventory turned off or you won’t be able to do it.


Quest #2a Winning Loria’s Heart #1

All you need to do here is participate in the Herb Brewer minigame, which requires you to time your jump correctly 5 times. Fairly simple. There is also a daily nearby for the same minigame which give 80 contrib XP so be sure to pick that up one as well.


Quest #2b Winning Loria’s Heart #2

Simple delivery quest but you do need to travel through Caphras Cave, which has a bunch of level 30ish monsters. In addition, the NPC you need to reach is behind a stone door you need to breakdown.


Quest #2c Winning Loria’s Heart #3

This one probably take the longest to do. You need to gather a Fire Flake Flower, which you can get from Fire Flake Flowers if you are lucky or from Wild Herbs. It is recommended you use a Hoe when gathering so you get less weed. You do need to gather the flower manually as the ones in your storage or brought from the Marketplace only complete part of the quest.

There is a large concentration of Fire Flake Flowers on top of the hill west of Florin.


Quest 3 Flower Delivery

After you completed the second quest from Loria, pick this up and run back to Santo Manzi for 80 Contrib XP.


Quest 4 With Love-laden Heart

For the conclusion of this event quest chain go to Claire Arryn and get a choice of two chocolates and 20 Contrib XP. You will actually turn in the quest to Santo Manzi who is now standing beside Claire Arryn. .


This will also reward you with the Motherlover title


Repeatable Daily

Daily Event: With Love-Laden Heart

  • You get the daily from the Santo next to his mother, not Santo the Work supervisor.

The repeatable daily is exactly same as what you did above in the quest chain. You go to Florin, talk to Loria and get the three Winning Loria’s Heart quests (which are now dailies) and then combine the flowers to turn them into a bouquet that you give back to Santo Manzi (the one next to Claire Arryn) for a choice of either Hearty Chocolate or Chocolate of Love x3 and 20 Contrib XP.


  • Amy

    Thanks for the guide!

  • Moo

    for some reason i don’t have any of these quests available

    • PAUL DO

      You need to turn on all quest type from “O” key interface

    • Miroslav Štěpánek

      Maybe you can start right from Santo Manzi because you have already done the first two. I had it like that.

      • Moo

        that was the case, thanks!

  • Bill Jutz

    Wonderful guide as always, thanks! You need to update your event list menu drop down 😉

  • Tiki Gamer

    tip – for the fire flake plants (Quest #2c Winning Loria’s Heart #3) I got mine by looting one of the herb storage jars in Florin

  • ibooyou

    Head up on top Caphras Cave icon on map for Fire Flake Flowers

  • Mindchatter13

    This shit quest is bugged

  • Katu

    Anyone else unable to get the dailies from Loria? I did the initial quest, but neither she nor Santo Manzi have anything for me, despite it being a new day, and me having relogged.

    • Make sure you are talking to the right Santo, the one next to his mother

      • BrewWarrior

        I am having the same issue as Katu. I finished the quest line in Velia but Santo didn’t give me any other quests. Also, Loria doesn’t give me any quests except for “Flowers for Loria” where I need to get her 5 fire flakes.

        • BrewWarrior

          I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was on an alt that wasn’t level 30. Switched to main character and everything worked as written.

      • Reymas

        Where is the other Santo? Is he not the worker manager?

  • J.M. Bray

    When I talk to the NPC “Koi” in the cavern, she doesn’t give me a flower….what am I missing? (I already have the other two flowers.)

    Thanks for any help!

  • Taralune

    V shape didn’t work for me, I put them in line and was finally able to make the bouquet…

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