SWTOR Chapter 13 Profit and Plunder Story Guide

SWTOR Chapter 13 Profit and Plunder Story and conversations guide.

Note: Videos of companion punishments can be found at end of the page to reduce spoilers.

Empire Cutscenes (Bounty Hunter)

Republic Cutscenes (Trooper)

Conversation Choices

  • Chapter Start
Trigger: Senya talking about the Gemini Frequency mission  
  1. I should go extract them  – Theron approves, Lana disapproves
  2. We don’t know that, Senya – Senya approves
  3. Our goal can’t die with them – Lana approves, Theron disapproves
  • Speak with Hylo Visz
Trigger: Hylo Visz says we can’t keep running on goodwill and borrowed credits  
  1. I take your meaning
  2. Borrowed credits?
  3. So deal with it – Hylo disapproves
Trigger: Hylo Visz says you should meet someone  
  1. Okay.
  2. Who are we dealing with?
  3. Seriously? – Hylo Visz is amused
BH Only Trigger: Meeting Gault  
  1. I can guess why you’re here
  2. Still in the doghouse, Gault? – Gault is amused
  3. Please, shoot away – Gault disapproves
Non BH Trigger: Meeting Gault  
  1. Welcome
  2. She doesn’t seem to like you
  3. Skip the pleasantries – Gault disapproves
BH Only Trigger: Gault says he just need a few tough customers to see it through  
  1. So you came to me first – Gault approves
  2. I prefer payback
  3. And your angle?
Non BH Trigger: Gault says he just need a few tough customers to see it through  
  1. People like us – Gault approves
  2. I’m not a thief – Gault disapproves
  3. And your angle?
Trigger: Gault asks if you are in  
  1. Yeah – Gault approves
  2. That’s a persuasive argument – Gault approves
  3. It better go like you say – Hylo Visz approves
  • Meet with Last Member of Gault’s Crew
Trigger: Gault tells you to be on your toes  
  1. Unannounced?
  2. That’s not assuring
  3. I’m not worried – Gault approves
Trigger: Dretcher says you can’t play dumb with me  
  1. This is about your double/You know his face?
  2. He speaks highly of you – Gault approves
  3. Enough bickering – Gault disapproves
  • Defeat Dretcher’s Droids
Trigger: Dretcher says Like I’d ever help you again!  
  1. Even to save the galaxy?
  2. The grudge isn’t worth it – Gault approves
  3. Here’s how it’s going to be – Gault disapproves
Trigger: Gault talking about death by Kashyyk Life Day Choir (if you pick choice 3 in the previous convo)  
  1. Not how I’d want to go
  2. [Wookie Impression] – Gault is greatly amused
  3. There’s a simpler method
  • Meet with Gault’s Contacts
Trigger: Captain Kenrik asks if you are satisfied  
  1. This requires explanation
  2. Impressive – Gault approves
  3. You can’t be serious
Trigger: Gault says Nah when asked to make it stop  
  1. Gault! – Gault disapproves
  2. I wouldn’t stick around
  3. Seems unnecessary
Trigger: Gault says the missile is not responding  
  1. Try the wiring
  2. Forget, run!
  3. You son of a..! – Gault disapproves
Trigger: Vette says her prank was pretty good  
  1. Another partner?
  2. It was – Vette approves
  3. Not funny – Vette disapproves
  • Head to Gault’s Hideout
  • Recover Security Spikes from Security Droids: 0/3
    • Bonus: Defeat Brekken Gang Members: 0/12 (18360 credits).
  • Cancel the lockdown in the Docks
  • Recover Security Spikes from Security Droids: 0/3
  • Cancel the Lockdown in the Central District
  • Meet with Gault’s Crew (Note: The next section has some class specific dialogue with Gault/Vette if you are a Bounty Hunter or Warrior. Other classes simply skip them).
Trigger: Gault talking about using Vaylin’s identity  
  1. Hence the forger
  2. Hold off on the bickering – Gault appreciates that
  3. That’s relevant how?
Trigger: Gault talking about his plan  
  1. And the getaway?
  2. That actually has potential – Vette/Gault approves
  3. “Just escape,” right
BH Trigger Only: Gault talking about deep freeze  
  1. I wouldn’t – Gault approves
  2. Doesn’t seem like your thing
  3. Not funny, Gault – Gault disapproves
BH Trigger Only: Gault talking about trips to the Spire  
  1. I appreciate the effort
  2. Come apart?
  3. You’re just saying that – Gault is amused
  • Meet with Gault near the Skyhook
Trigger: Gault says all we have to do is wait  
  1. Let’s go over my part again.
  2. She’s out of her element.
  3. About that sabacc game – Gault approves
Force User Trigger Only: If you picked the Sabacc game option  
  1. Find what you’re thinking – Gault approves
  2. Peak into the future
  3. Take what I want – Gault disapproves
Trigger: If you pick the Sabacc game option  
  1. Impressive – Gault approves
  2. But I want the whole story
  3. I don’t believe you
Force User Trigger Only: If you picked I don’t believe you option above  
  1. [Call His Bluff] – Gault is amused
  2. No
  • Enter the Skyhook
  • Deactivate the Security Alert
  • Take the elevator to Docking Ring
  • Board the Gilded Star
  • Access the Ductworks Panel
  • Get to the Vault
Trigger: Gault says there is something magical about the real thing  
  1. Focus on the job
  2. No kidding – Gault approves
  3. Hurry up! – Gault disapproves
Trigger: Gault asks if you want to do the honors  
  1. Call this a win
  2. Thanks, I will – Gault approves
  3. I enjoy every shot I can take
Trigger: Vette says lets blow this joint  
  1. I second that
  2. Where’d that come from, Vette?
  3. You’re always popping up – Vette is amused
  • Escape the Gilded Star
  • Take the Skyhook Down
Trigger: Gault says run and hope for a Plan C  
  1. There has to be something.
  2. That’s it? – Gault disapproves
  3. Let’s fight
  • Get to the Exterior
  • Destroy the Elite Skytrooper
BH Trigger Only: Hylo says thanks for keeping her worse half out of trouble  
  1. Business as usual – Gault approves
  2. Gault’s not so bad – Gault appreciates that
  3. More trouble than I care for – Gault disapproves
Non BH Trigger: Hylo says thanks for keeping her worse half out of trouble  
  1. I was forewarned – Gault is amused
  2. Worse-half?
  3. We just jumped off a starship
  • Reach Odessen
Trigger: Gault says about the look on Arcann’s face when he got the news  
  1. That’s not so important
  2. Crying shame – Gault disapproves
  3. To hell with him – Gault/Vette approves
Trigger: Hylo asks if you have a plan for the excess  
  1. Keep it in the Alliance – SCORPIO/Lana approves, +50 LS pts
  2. Return it to the people – Vette/Senya approves, Gault/SCORPIO disapproves, +100 LD pts
  3. Give Gault what he needs – Gault approves, Senya/Vette/Hylo disapproves, +100 DS pts
  • Meet Aric Jorgan and Kaliyo in the Hangar
    • Note that if either Aric Jorgan or Kaliyo disobeyed your orders at end of Chapter 12 to not go in and save the other, you will get the option to either permanently exile or kill one of them (depending on who disobeyed your orders). If you allowed them to go in and save each other, then you won’t get the option.
Trigger: Aric and Kaliyo arguing about the mission  
  1. I’m glad you’re both alive – Kaliyo/Aric approves
  2. Explain yourself, Kaliyo
  3. You’re both useless – Kaliyo/Aric disapproves
Trigger: Lana says to see if there is anything to salvage  
  1. Good idea, Lana – Aric/Kaliyo approves
  2. People died for that data
  3. Incompetence must be punished – Aric/Kaliyo disapproves
Trigger: Aric didn’t disobey you in Chapter 12  
  1. I’m partially to blame – Kaliyo approves, Lana disapproves
  2. Just do better, next time.
  3. You’ll both work menial jobs – Theron/Lana approves, Kaliyo disapproves
Trigger: Aric disobeyed you in Chapter 12 and you choose the option to let Aric explain his actions or give a verdict  
  1. No punishment is necessary, +100 LS pts
  2. You’re exiled-forever
  3. My sentence is death, +100 DS pts

Aric Jorgan’s Punishment

Kaliyo’s Punishment

  • Ben Gimson

    Really loved this chapter. The animations, the dialogue, the reunion with my wifey… pretty good stuff.

  • Ahzhihod

    RIP Havoc Squad :'(

    • Dragon Age Theorist

      Do they die no matter what?

      • Yup they die no matter what you do.

        • Dragon Age Theorist

          Woo. That’s a relief. I’ve been debating who I should have sent to infiltrate and for all intents and purposes sending in Aric seems the better choice.

          • William Bolitho

            I tended to send Kaliyo in first. Mostly because I wanted to keep an eye on her. None of my characters were expecting to get sidetracked by Valkorian…

            • Dragon Age Theorist

              I thought thematically she made more sense (as an infiltrator), but I trusted Aric more. When things went sideways I let her go in.

  • Darren B

    hey Dulfy , i dont know if you or anyone has posted, but the collections unlocks are discounted right now, i unlocked revan holostatue in collections for 200 coins instead of 400 coins ( 50 percent off) a lot of armor sets, mounts, toys are discounted

    • Ben Gimson

      Indeed they are! And I’d recommend everyone take this opportunity to unlock things they want to unlock, to show BW that they make more money by NOT taking the piss with unlock fees.

  • Paulo Gomes

    Ok, my honest opinion? Best chapter so far. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but I had a smile on my lips on through the whole thing. And even some good laughs along the way. Took me back to the Smuggler story that was always the comic relief of the 8 classes. Of course I’m biased since my all time favourite comp is featured, but hey…Not bad, not bad at all…

  • Sarigar

    I really enjoyed this chapter. It was better written than most, with amusing, snappy dialogue and great vocal performances. As a Warrior, I thought that my reunion with Vette was weirdly truncated and not very satisfying; that was the only sour note for me.

    • Andhros

      It felt about the same length as others when they returned. At first I was disappointed too, but then I ran some others and it was similar in length to other reunions.

      • Sarigar

        It wasn’t the length of the meeting, it just seemed very abrupt and… off. Not like I was meeting someone I’d shared many adventures with, ups and downs, and almost married, more like I crossed paths with a co-worker from an old job who remembered me but forgot my name.

        • Ben Gimson

          Could have done with a post-mission talk too, I think, to talk about the future and cement old bonds.

          • JB1987

            by the sound of it, it seems highly uneventful for those who romanced vette. seems like a real shame since i’ve been looking forward to the reunion. but at least gault didn’t try to put the moves on her…………or did he? might explain the awkwardness……..oh crap.

            • Ben Gimson

              Gault has someone else in mind 😉

              But no I wouldn’t say ‘uneventful’, just another case of where BW could have done more.

              • JB1987

                too true, man. too true.

        • Darth Twinge

          That’s kinda sad. Given her childlike personality i would have expected her to jump up and down, squeal, or something.
          Maybe at least like Harley Quinn when the Joker gets out of Arkham level of excited…

    • Errtai

      I wholeheartedly second this. Nice chapter, fun, mostly because Gault is fun. After I played it with my main, the 2nd thing I did was to play the chapter with my Jugg who married Vette to see what will happen when they see each other. But the reunion was… well, it didn’t feel quite right. She was my Jugg’s wife, they shared so much and they just said “Hey” to each other and went onto business. Weird. I was hoping for more.

    • gua543

      Dude, come on. “I’ve crossed the spans of stars and time for this momen-.” I had a smile during the whole convo.

  • Andhros

    That Bonus Mission “The Conned Strike Back” was a major pain. I had to do a lot of backtracking to find the minimum requirement.

  • Shannon Thalhammer

    Are they all out now or is more still coming.. i wont sub till i can do them all in a row ( the way it should be )

    • Andhros

      Gotta wait til late July if you only want to purchase one month. Last chapter is set to release August 2 if all goes according to schedule.

    • Lipgi Tang

      +1 for that. I unsubbed after the lack of raid content and episodic story announcements. I haven’t got any issue with subbing for SWTOR but not when they deliberately drag out content like this.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      3 more chapters after this and then this season is complete. Of course they already started work on season 2, so this story release schedule will come for another series.

  • John Kosto

    I really like Gault and Vette, but overall I have lost interest in the story by now… During the whole chapter I was just thinking when will it end so I can play the Eternal Championship…

    • Deshik

      Eternal championship is enabled for anyone who completed chapter 9. You could have done that before ch13

      • John Kosto

        Yes, I know, I saw the Alliance alert, I just wanted to play the chapter first and complete the story.

  • Havik79

    Wow, that spoiler was a shock, I don’t think I will do that on any of my toons, not a big fan of him, but I admire his loyalty.

    I hope we can kill Koth, Quinn, Skadge, and Guss.

    • Kaelin

      I bet Quinn is Arcann’s favorite wife. Arcann for sure will want a revenge if we will kill him or we will have an option to manipulate him if we will take Quinn hostage

      • Sean Bigley

        Guess I should whip out the snidely whiplash mustache and tie quinn to railroad tracks

      • Darth Twinge

        I bet when we catch up with Quinn he will be in Zakuul armor and be like:
        “Oh, sorry but I took an opportunity to help my career”

        TR-8R is revving up the spins.

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  • Burritos

    Anyone else having problems after chapter 12 and the mission for Khem ? Cant enter in that damn hangar….

    • William Bolitho

      Likely the same issue as before. If the next chapter will trigger when you enter the war room, you have to wait from finishing the first convo to the entire chapter before you can turn in your alliance alerts.

      • Burritos

        I cant enter in my hangar…Its red.

  • The best chapter to date

    • bob

      yeah if you are the guy who programmed Gault and Vette’s dialog…I didn’t like either of them…so lame that we got stuck with gault and mako gets written out of the story

  • Poop Nuggets

    Is there havoc squad casualties no matter what?

    • Darth Twinge

      Part of me wondered if I had let him train the soldiers at the end of chapter 11 if that would have made a difference. The other part of me sincerely doubts it.

      • Sidcor

        I let him train them. They all still die.

        • Darth Twinge

          Excellent – Aric’s failure is complete Muahaha!

  • Dusk

    Is there a Warrior trigger talk whit Vette?

    • Teslawog

      Yes, there is a Warrior talk with Vette that occurs in same time frame as the BH talk with Gault.

  • Whitedragon

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  • lord potato

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      • Hugh Jorgan

        Because choices matter…..

        • CraigMitchell

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    • Zasz

      It depends what happened in chapter 12. To kill either one they have to disobey your orders at the end of chapter 12. If none disobey you can send them to scrub the decks for awhile. I wish I could have gotten all options there.

      • lord potato

        Ohhh in that case it still sucks I wanted to stab him

      • Sidcor

        Actually Jorgan did disobey my Troopers orders at the end of chapter 12. I still did not have a choice to execute him. I took the time to try all the variations of conversation: I could take the blame myself. When giving option to let him explain, the options were to forgive (LS) or exile. When taking option to give verdict, I had No punishment (LS), Mess up again and we’re done (LS), or exile.

        I guess only Imperial get the chance to kill him. It’s a shame, I was looking forward to it.

        • Darth Twinge

          I didn’t have the option to kill either even though he disobeyed, and I’m a Dark V Sith Sorcerer. It’s based on something else.

          • Draeck

            As near as I could tell it’s based on the first conversation option between Kaliyo and Jorgen. The third choice “You’re both useless” appeared to always grant the kill option towards the end.

            As Dark 5 as I might be on my Sorc, I just couldn’t pull that trigger…

        • sithgal

          I got the option to kill Kaliyo as a Jedi Sentinel. The linchpin conversation choice for me was the start. If you say you are glad both are alive then you don’t get the option to kill anyone. I used “you’re both useless” “good idea Lana” “Kaliyo how do you plead?” and got the option for killing her. I imagine the same is true if Jorgan is the one who disobeyed orders.

  • Teslawog

    So, I had 3 options on my full DS mara when Aric disobeyed, but 2 of the options gained LS and one to exile:
    1. No punishment is necessary (LS)
    2. I will forgive you but it better not happen again (LS)
    3. You are exiled

    This was also while choosing the “I’m the judge and jury” option when Theron points out that Aric disobeyed a direct order.

    • Kar

      Yeah, same happened to me. Maybe something to do with his approval rating?

    • Darth Twinge

      I told him “defend his actions” and it never offered to kill him. If you admit to “being partially to blame” you can forgive him without getting LS points.

      • Teslawog

        Here are the conversation options I took:
        “I’m glad you are both alive”
        “People died for that data”
        “Just do better, next time”
        “No trial. Just my verdict”

        That was the convo path that lead to me getting 2 LS options. I’ll try out the “being partially to blame” part on another toon. I’d like to see if I can forgive him without gaining LS points.

  • Ben Gimson

    I liked the chapter but I have to agree the Eternal Championship is one of the dullest things I’ve ever played.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      As expected really. Went through there the first time. Killed all bosses without dying. Not saying there’s no challenge in there, but not if you raid normally. I got my achievement for killing all 10 bosses in a row without dying. Don’t need to go back there…the decorations could’ve been a reason to come back, but no, they are holo’s. Don’t need blue shimmery holo’s in my Strongholds.

      • Ben Gimson

        Yeah decorations sucked. I died a couple of times, but once I actually read the various buffs and whatnot it was fairly simple. Pity the rewards vendor is garbage too.

        Only reason I’ll do this now is for the radiant crystals as I don’t raid. A shame really :/

      • Zachary Williams

        If you don’t raid normally or don’t play to the point where all of your people have lvl 50 companions it’s a challenge. Take a lvl 20 companion with you and use 190 gear instead of 224 set gear. (Also helps if you have 400 ms latency, to really get a feel for lag screwing you over repeatedly)

  • Deshik

    Now that Aric and Kaliyo were made killabe, I wonder if Gault and Vette will get the same treatment.
    I think it would of been sort of epic if Warrior pulled off Malgus on Vette. 😀

    • Ahzhihod

      It would make sense too, if you think of it, for a Warrior to do that, especially if he romanced her…. Vette would be one of his only weaknesses, if you hurt Vette, you hurt the Warrior.

      • TMNJ

        And the Warrior hurts you in return. A lot.

        • Darthmanwe

          Like a damn lot.

    • Harbinger

      Actually, Malgus very much regretted killing his love. He tried to rationalize it, but he wasn’t angry when he killed her. He was upset, even angry against Angrel. (I listened to the audio book)

  • Sean Bigley

    Favorite quote of the whole series so far “Mother!”

    • Ahzhihod

      Me and my friend both through that she was gonna be like “Mother fucker!” She sure was pissed enough lol

    • Paulo Gomes

      You think? My favourite quote so far belongs to SCORPIO:

      “your lack of intelligence is insulting.”

      And by that I don’t mean you… I mean the ACTUAL quote. Just sorting things out before people get toxic lol…

      • Hugh Jorgan

        I liked “Did you bring that with you?” Me to Vette when she showed up with Spewy. Where did I think she had it? It’s almost as big as she is.

        • Darth Twinge

          junk in the trunk? lol

          • Naq

            Gives the name Spewie a whole new meaning.

  • Zijyfe Duufop

    for some reason I got the first dialog even though i sent jorgan in first.

  • John Kosto

    The Eternal Championship is not for you or me. It’s for new players to learn combat mechanics, raid mechanics, group content mechanics, without having to deal with elitist assholes that require achievements, kick players, talk down to players and are generally the cancer of raids.

    Even though I was able to complete it dying only once at the 7th boss, I thought it was a lot of fun. I can see myself getting into that arena once in a while.

    • Yallida

      Well u have 65 levels to learn all damn mechanics in this game…

      • William Bolitho

        Some people only have 5. Or they are like me, and fall victim to those elitists he mentioned, so that I never get/got to learn the mechanics.

        Based on how my computer works in mass group content, though, that might be a moot point.

        • Yallida

          Well it’s not my fault that peeps choose easy way and bought 60 lvl… As I remember I’ve never was victim of elitists because I’ve learn mechanics during leveling. Never use double xp shit on 4 first characters ( one of each class ) and never have any moaning problems because I need to put some effort to learn some basics about my character. Best way is do PvP since lvl 10 to know everything about class and do flashpoints to know every boss mechanics in this game LoL
          But no most of that poor victims of elitist gonna moan to devs to give them pathetic easy content instead put some effort and LEARN BASICS! And dumbasses d*ckheads devs listen to them… So sorry but most of players learn mechanis in normal ways so why now u need easy way… Lazy nothing more…

      • p4v7

        In what times are you living? People don’t learn their classes during leveling up process because they don’t need to visit flashpoints like years ago. Pick any new player that reaches level 60 and I guarantee you most of them have no idea about mechanics.

        • Yallida

          Which makes this game more sad and pathetic than anytime before 🙁

  • HollyCarp

    I chose to spare Jorgan. TBH, the only motivation I’d have to kill or exile either of them is if there’s a hidden achievement. But in my list of achievements, both under Agent and Trooper, it shows 100%. I take it this means there’s no hidden achievement or exiling or killing either of them?

  • StClair

    Damn. So, because my Agent didn’t actually, explicitly order her not to go in the last chapter – knowing that she’d just do as she always does, and in fact does exactly that if you try – I don’t get the option to finally get rid of her/give her what she’s had coming?

    P.S. I didn’t hire her, the former Keeper did, and I’ve been stuck with her ever since.

  • Feyari

    Am I the only person annoyed at the heavy-handed in-game morality based on decisions, as far as the ‘excess credits’ are concerned? I can see the Robin-Hood option as being spectacularly cold and calculating, a bid to garner support from the populous. And the ‘investment’ option as being a gamble borne from an earnest desire to improve the Alliance’s financial demands rather than personal greed.

    Just saying, why we do what we do kind of matters…

    Ah well. Not the first time, won’t be the last.

  • KingThane

    so there’s no warrior special dialog for those who romance vette? She forgot about us Biblethump ;_;

    • y2z

      There is. Dulfy doesn’t have her warrior here, check youtube; it’s after the mission briefing.

  • Dis

    Maybe I’m missing something but I fail to see the point in these chapters. They don’t reward any loot (besides greens lol?) and offer absolutely no challenge. Where is my incentive to subscribe and play these? They really should offer some sort of reward for these quests even if it’s just cosmetic.

    • xking5v

      what rpg games give rewards for story line

      • Dis

        Pretty much every one I’ve ever played. Loot and quest rewards are a large part of rpg’s. I am speaking as an on and off again subscriber and their business model and design philosophy leaves much to be desired. I have no motivation to re subscribe. Facerolling content in 10 min to see a few cut scenes is hardly an incentive with so many other options out there of more substance.

        • slimj091

          You are talking about gear grind rpg’s. There is little substance in those games either. At least this game entertains me instead of frustrating me with horrible rng loot.

        • LaughsAtIdiocy

          Did you come to the Dulfy comment section to complain about a game that you clearly play yet cynically condemn? Reading through your other comments here, it looks like you’re little more than a whiny baby who wants everything their way and refuses to find the benefit in the things they’re given. It’s doubtful any gaming company is going to incentivize their games to players like you.

          • Dis

            What and incredibly ignorant and arrogant comment. Excuse me for
            offering my opinion & reasons for leaving TOR 6 months ago. I never
            claimed to speak for everyone and I’m glad you are getting what you seek out of this game, which certainly has it’s charms. It is simply not for
            me because of the reasons I’ve given.

    • Yallida

      Well… welcome to Bioware’s SWToR 4.0…

    • Karatanthala

      “SW:TOR The Story based MMO From BioWare.”
      Yup, they’re living up to their promise.

      And you are getting cosmetic rewards – they’re called companions.

      • Dis

        I stand by my comment of poor business model. Homogenization of the companions makes them even less appealing.

        • Vindicator

          You’re an idiot if you think that the stories and chapters have no purpose. Thousands of people literally replay this game as subscribers over and over and over simply to explore the stories. Your commentary on it being a poor design philosophy is probably why you aren’t a video game designer and why Bioware is making a ton of money on a free to play game.

          I’ll agree that the companions have lacked an amount of depth since the consolidation of companions across all classes, but decisions have greater weight and they’ve already promised that companions will have a more intimate role in the KOTEE expansion coming out this Fall.

          It would really do you some credit to make some kind of attempt to see things for what they are, not for whatever obscure, biased, and uneducated perspective you cling to.

          • Dis

            What and incredibly ignorant and arrogant comment. Excuse me for offering my opinion and reasons for leaving TOR 6 months ago. I never claimed to speak for everyone and I’m glad you are getting what you seek out of this game, which certainly has it’s charms. It is simply not for me because of the reasons I’ve given.

  • ZP

    I’m still trying to find out what armor and assault cannon Dulfy’s Commando is sporting–I looked in Collections, but can’t seem to figure out the exact outfit and exact cannon

    • y2z

      Mandalore the Preserver chest. Not sure about cannon; very similar to Primordial but not completely the same.

      • William Bolitho

        Might be the autocannon you get by going through Chapter 12. Has a slightly Primordial look.

        • ZP

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      • ZP

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      And if Vette is your “wife”, there is a few other differences to play with as well. only version i havent tried yet, is with Vette as my Wife, and havin a relationship with someone else. i think my other sith warrior was married to vette, cause she is the one that appears in my “nightmare battle” in S&V last boss. That is supposed to be your spouse, if you have one at the time. Myself remember marrying both Vette and Jaesa, back when it was still possible. And it is SO long ago now.
      Forgot who sent me a mail when i went in carbonite as well, didnt think much of it back then, it been more than half a year already since that, and deleted the mail on that char..

      it really should say so, on the old “class-companions” in your crew-page, whether you have a relationship or not. it would be easy to generate a text on their character-summarization for the devs, as they must have the data somewhere, in order to be able to make the spouse-mails come as they do. so basically, they would just need to make the coding for the text to appear, and link it to the same info, as the mail comes from.

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        I’m not sure if that affects convos in new stuff or not, thus why I was asking

    • Tilted_Logic

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      (Said when Vette pops out of the warhead, and said in a very nervous/panicked voice):
      SW: “Vette?”
      Vette: “I didn’t… But I thought you were….”
      Vette: “Uh, fancy seeing you here…!

      (Dialogue in the private room after discussing mission details with the gang):
      Vette: “So, you’re not dead. That’s good. I guess.” (Said very insincerely)
      Vette: “I know it’s going to be hard having to hear an opinion or acknowledge that I have feelings, but I’m not “yours” anymore.” (Said with a touch of spite)
      Vette: “There’s no collar, and no us. Just the job. Don’t make it weird.”

      My response options were:
      1. SW: “We each have our own reasons for being here, lets leave it at that.”
      Vette: “Glad that’s cleared up.”

      2. SW: “I hardly imagined you’d be pleased to see me. I’m pleased to see you’re alive, none the less.”
      Vette: “Missed your favorite target for abuse?”

      3. SW: “I don’t need the collar to put you in your place, Vette.”
      Vette: “Yeah, you’re the big bad Sith. I know.” (Said slightly sarcastically)

      Regardless of which dialogue option I took, Vette always finishes the conversation by saying: “I like the way things are for me now. You coming back into the picture isn’t going to change that. I won’t let it.” (Said angrily)

      I wondered if this was going to be the same dialogue as someone that simply played a Dark Sided warrior and treated Vette poorly even after taking the collar off, but the way she refers to the collar makes it pretty clear to me this dialogue is specifically available only if you never removed it. I’m honestly shocked (hah) that they even put in dialogue for this. I was completely expecting her to be a little unhappy to see me, but not make any reference to my previous treatment of her. In fact it took me months to decide whether to start KotFE on this character because I wasn’t sure if I should test out leaving the collar on. I’m really impressed they had dialogue for this 🙂

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