livestream Producer's Livestream SWTOR

SWTOR May Producer’s Livestream Coverage

SWTOR May Producer’s Livestream Coverage where upcoming Chapter 14 and more will be discusssed.




  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder
  • Subscriber Rewards
  • Happy May the 4th
  • Chapter 14: Mandalore the Avenger
  • Wrap Up

State of the Galaxy

  • Had some connection issues yesterday (error 308) but it was resolved quickly.
  • Ranked PvP – Taking aggressive actions against cheaters and win traders.
  • There is a convo choice in Chapter 13 that allow players to make a wookie noise, seeing the voice actors for each class making that noise was hilarious. (You get this wookie sound choice when you first encounter Dretcher in the story).
  • Showed a screenshot of a player trying to send credits to Dretcher once you get his mail but the “Dretcher” character doesn’t exist.
  • Community vote on the coolest item from the Plunder Pack (tie between Vorn Tiger and Stardrive)
  • 50% OFF on all collection unlocks until next Monday Midnight.


  • Featured Community Contributions:
    • Swtorista/Ootinicast – How does the alliance system works?
    • Torfashion – Lightning Weapon Tuning
    • Vulkk – Bowdarr and Eternal Championship
    • xLetalis – Profit & Plunder – Best Chapter ever
  • Nvidia Contest Winners (you can watch their videos on the official SWTOR youtube channel as a playlist)
    • 1st Place: Feez
    • 2nd Place: BuildYourAlliance
    • 3rd place: MortalMandolin

June Subscriber Rewards (subscribe by June 1st)

  • Eternal Empire Patroller Speeder
  • Early access to Chapter 14: Mandalore the Avenger


May 4th Rewards

  • Chapter 1 Free Trial
  • M4-I6 Zakuulan Astromech Droid
  • Double XP, legacy XP, Warzoner Comms, and Space PVP Requisition from May 3- May 10 and May 26-30.
  • Eternal Championship Solo Speedrun. Need to click Enter Now on the website to enter. 1st place winner get flown to Star Wars Celebration in London.
  • Story So Far contest – Finish Chapter 13 in May. 5 Winner drawn every 5 days.

Chapter 14: Mandalore the Avenger

  • Assault a massive enemy fortress with Shae Vizla, Torian and the Mandalorian Clans
  • Uncover the secret mechanism controlling the Eternal Fleet
  • Chapter will have some cool music.
  • Broonmark recruitment mission – Vicious Talz warrior on a bloody warpath of revenge. Will be interesting to see how he bounce off characters like Light side Jedi Knight.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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I hope Shhae join us a companion. i know it shot dark heck 13 had two companions. anyword on alliance recruitmwent missions

“Had some connection issues yesterday (error 308) but it was resolved quickly.”

If by quickly you mean taking 12 hours to fix a problem that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place, then job well done Biofail… However, my definition of “quickly” is a lot shorter than 12 hours.

What the!
“Eternal Empire Patroller Speeder”

Why not “HK-themed Eternal Empire Patroller Speeder”?

Yayyyy Broonmark! I know I’m one of the few Broonies in SWTOR fandom (or the only one), but that don’t matta, cuz our bloody-taloned hero is coming back!

maybe I can ask him qyzen, Usar, and bowdarr to grab one of skadges limbs and pull….dark I know but if there was ever one who deserved it

I’ve been thinking about these “beast companions”… Maybe I’ll take one of my toons and exclusively use them… Then I’ll use the “Beastmaster” title that I could never find a use for… 🙂

It was more or less an advertisement for their current gambling pack, and the title and premise of the next companion recruiting mission.

Yes, how DARE Bioware not bring back more lame, forgettable NPCs from lame Republic class stories!

I found most the class stories to be forgettable. By which I mean I’ve forgotten the details of all of them.

Huh looks like nothing worth a crap… So glad I left this sinking ship… So tired of the boring story only content…

Nothing wrong with checking out the latest info even if you are not subbed. Dulfy is taking one for all of us by staying on top of the latest *ahem* content and news so that those of us who unsubbed, can stay in the loop or should the day ever come Bioware gets their shit together (Yeah I know, highly unlikely. At this point, they are just trying to bleed the player base left for all it can with minimal effort), then those of us who have been unsubbed for a while can jump back into it.

Dulfy is taking one for all of us? How the hell do you know she’s taking one for us? That implies she doesn’t like the game. Speak for yourself not her you trash.

*Sigh*. Reading not your forte huh Hugh? Ok, take note of the following I wrote:

“Nothing wrong with checking out the latest info even if you are not
subbed. Dulfy is taking one for all of us by staying on top of the
latest *ahem* content and news so that those of us who unsubbed……”

Now if you would kindly step back from being the keyboard warrior 9000 you think you are, you will notice that what I wrote related firstly in response to Lindz who commented on how despite Dawg2006’s hatred of SWTOR, here he was checking and commenting regardless to which I pointed out in my comment how there is nothing wrong with those of us who unsubbed coming to Dulfy to read up on the latest and thanks to her (Hence taking one for us so we don’t need to stay subbed to keep in the loop) still playing it (subbed or not), we get to stay unsubbed but still read up on all the latest info until which time we think Bioware has done enough to bring us back or not.

So nope Hugh Keyboard Warrior 9000 Jorgan, never claimed to speak for Dulfy nor stated she liked nor disliked the game and never would. But I am pretty sure she doesn’t need you white knighting either on a point you invented in your chump change head but that is neither here nor there.

Bottom line – Thanks to Dulfy still being in the game, those of us who unsubbed can stay unsubbed but stay in the loop.

Saying she’s “taking one for all of us” IS implying that she doesn’t enjoy the game and is just playing it to keep people informed. “Taking one for all of us” is not an enjoyable thing, if you like doing whatever it is it’s not ” taking one for all of us” *Shock* maybe she enjoys the game.

You say shit like ” I am not going to be a jackass like you and try to force you to agree with me or insult you for not agreeing with me. I respect your opinion, don’t agree with it but again to each their own.” and yet here you are being a jackass! The first line of your response is in fact you being a jackass.

Bottom line – anyone who doesn’t doesn’t agree with you is a BioDrone shit eater.
You are a fucking hypocrite.

oh look another self righteous “this game is shit because I think so” what are the Odds? 🙂

*Shock* And look here, yet another Bioware shit eating drone who thinks anyone that doesn’t love SWTOR the way he does is “self righteous”. See what I did there? Funny that you should raise that point and yet take issue with me because I don’t think the same as you. Sorry clown shoes but everyone is entitled to an opinion and despite not agreeing with yours, I am not going to be a jackass like you and try to force you to agree with me or insult you for not agreeing with me. I respect your opinion, don’t agree with it but again to each their own. Yup, It’s that easy!! 🙂

” I am not going to be a jackass like you and […] insult you for not agreeing with me.”

You just did.

So I’m not allowed to keep up with a game I quit playing? I’m hoping that maybe they will add something worth coming back to, but I have zero hope that will happen…

wow the Jedi Knight, Consular, and Smuggler classes are feeling very lonely right now. (so far they’ve only gotten to re-unlock 1 companion from their respective story lines each)

Based on datamined info, there are future Alliance missions to recruit Rusk, Zenith, and Guss. That’s it for Republic companions in Season 1.

Same for empire female romance options (except Vette, but a warrior could have chosen Jaesa instead – and she is absent).

Jaesa’s mail said she found someone ‘new’ that is the center of her world. Not sure she’s coming back anytime soon.

I haven’t romanced Jaesa but even if I had, I wouldn’t be surprised by that mail. I mean, she’s a sith just for the lulz.

Rish should have been working with Vette and Gault. She’s a thief and was childhood friends with Vette.

This is for Season 1. I’m assuming that Season 2 will bring back the remaining romance companions. Hopefully.

Torian (Chapter XIV): June
Broonmark: June
Guss: TBA
Zenith: TBA
Rusk/Skadge (same mission): TBA

with the way the story is progressing do you think they plan to do one massive alliance recruitment fest at the end of the first season?

Currently, there are 3 more chapters left in Season 1 and 4 more recruitment missions. Next month, we get one of each, meaning that there will still be 2 chapters and 3 missions. Maybe they’ll double up for the last chapter of Season 1?

Possibly, I thought one time when I was pursuing the datamined stuff I saw ashara’s name pop up. Or is that just me?

Bummer. Oh well, my favorite fallen jedi will find her way home eventually :3

I wouldn’t say fallen. Maybe gray? If you romance Ashara, then her mail at the beginning of KotFE says she’s abandoned the Jedi and Sith. I’m guessing this means that she’s a neutral force user now.

I just hope she isn’t indoctrinated into the Knights of Zakuul O.O

Mmn. True….although I wouldn’t mind being able to use, or have a comp even, who could use those Saber spears

If they made them, I’m assuming Xalek, Jaesa, and Kira could use them. Maybe Vector if they made a tech version.

“Double XP, legacy XP, Warzoner Comms, and Space PVP Requisition” but no GSF content? Nothing even mentioned for years? No thank you.

Sorry, as much as I wanted GSF to be a new Rogue Squadron or Battlefront 2, there just aren’t enough people playing it and those that do just aren’t as vocal as the general PvP population. I doubt GSF will go the way of Ilum or Outlaw’s Den, as it is still going to have people that want to play it. I am sure if original Ilum had actually worked people would still be doing dailies there. At least GSF works 😛

There were plenty of people playing it, till they stopped supporting it. Kinda like they did for PvP, then Operations, then FPs.

Wait… Just imagine that Valkorion departed just to tell Shae Vizla to begin a new mandalorian invasion ? Wooow, Second chance 😀 ?

so will chapter 14 with the mandos also perfectly and in detail explain what happend to the previous mandalore if not then fail chapter and where is akaavi ? she is a mandalorian aswell or is bioware gonna favor empire again

It’s in the datamined content and it’s shite. Shae is a pushover compared to Mandalore the Vindicated.

reallyu? does Shae run around inducting people into Mandalorian society without teaching them a bloody thing? Mandalore the vindicated was a HORRIABLE Mandalore. all talk, no action.

Well I don’t know about Mandalorian society but, she was easy enough to beat in Blood Hunt, of course that’s no indication of her strength but it kind of still paints her in a meager position. The main point though is that Artus Lok has never been bested and he’s been with us since chapter 2 in vanilla, since 2011, and they’re ditching him out in an unspectacular way. Perhaps he is still a bad Mandalorian though I wouldn’t know, but even so the first runner up to the position of Mandalore would be the Bounty Hunter if you chose to become a Mandalorian, not Shae who is as old as Artus and also beaten.

the bounty hunter was eaither dead, frozen in a slab of carbonite or just missing. hardly in a position to lead. furthermore, just because you can beat someone in a flashpoint doesn;t mean they suck. it means your character is JUST THAT GOOD

I’m beginning to think that I’m quite stupid. That is because I keep coming to check the livestreams wondering if I would see any hint of new MMO content in the works. Instead it’s always talk about armor sets and cutscenes. So I must be stupid doing the same thing.
(And if anyone plans to jab at me about what’s “MMO content”, don’t, because I will destroy you.)

Is that all? Very low energy.
But yeah, a bit silly they don’t even mention group content.

There’s a lot of things that they don’t mention.

What do you expect from 3 guys who can’t figure out how to use their own email system? (Ben and Eric have been sending me blank emails concerning my recent filing of arbitration. I have no idea who this Charles person is.)

They changed the livestreams from watching Musco playing a new chapter to something even more pointless.

I think we watch these streams to make sure the dev team is still alive and not laying dead unter the desk in Austin and nobody noticed it.

you’re right Trumpcat.. the game is for casual players, soccer moms and people who have the wii u console. Hard core mmo’s are out it seems. 🙁

Soccer moms don’t play this game. I work for a webhosting company that caters to soccer moms and they won’t come near this game. Some of them are die hard Star Wars fans too and most of them still cry over what happened to SWG eons ago. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been begged to set up an SWG emulator for them and their families but I just don’t have that kind of time..,

You mean the “hard core mmo’s” that nobody ever wanted to play, which is why they never existed in the first place?

Go ahead and point us to an objective definition of “MMO content,” then. If you don’t like the direction TOR is taking, fair enough, but that’s as far as it goes.

Raids, new flashpoints, more than 1 pvp map every 4 years. Anything besides recycled small group content that you can solo and/or ran 2-3 years ago. Hell I would even count and take new GSF content.

Well I like the game for everything. I like the content they are putting out… but the vast majority of everything else in the game is sorely lacking.

It didn’t used to be. Hence why my sub that was active uninterrupted since launch has been canceled since December.

Alright, but I will need your help getting there. Can you please tell why do you play an MMO game?

I seriously doubt that anyone is a bigger fan of Star Wars than me. Equal, that’s fine, but bigger I don’t think so.

Having said that, I WILL NEVER PUT MY MONEY ON ANOTHER STAR WARS GAME DONE BY EA. I don’t care if they bring back SWG and pay me to play it lol… Bioware is not the issue here, I’ve said it countless times. Bioware has delivered highest rate RPG’s for most of their time as a video game studio. I love those games, they’re a part of my gaming experience since my teens.

Electronic Arts… I’ll pass on that one tyvm…

Okay , i wasn’t sure.. seems like a life time ago i was spending 18 hrs a day leveling my first character. 🙂 (lost job, lost girlfriend, etc) LOL!

Lets be honest . Lost Girlfriend? I am sorry i don’t believe you.
at most you miss jerking off in your mom’s undies draw.

How would you know that? you must do it yourself. (your poor mother)

Well, it wasn’t. Just go back to your blow up doll, you can keep her ever.

You…. realise your trying to out meme whitedragon right? He has a meme for everything xD you have no hope

You have no hope if lossing weight , cause you win the pie eating contest.

and you have no hope of gaining brain cells cause both your parents were alchoholics. you see? I can play the stupid insults game too

oh, you wound me so. tell me, how long did you spend thinking up another fat joke? half a day? a whole day? your originality astounds me. if yoru going to sling petty insults at least have the decency to log on to an actual account and say them to my face you cowardly waste of oxygen.

It’s still awesome and the KOTFE story is great. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem. It feels like a true continuation of the universe created in KOTOR 1 and 2. I play bioware games for the story and right now I’m loving the fact they are focusing on the story. Couldn’t give two shits about raids or pvp.

Oh wow, the KOTFE story is far from awesome. It was pretty good in the first few chapters, now it’s just ok. The game is most definitely not awesome anymore. I wish it was because I still play. Running out of things to do unfortunately.

KOFTE story is awful.
Biggest shoehorn pile of bantha crap ever.
Breaks character immersion at every turn.
There’s not one class (light or dark) that you can take through KOTFE and not find a chapter that has your toon doing something they would never do.
8 classes + 1 linear story = crap.

None of that is true. Though for the love of god they need more Force Chapters. Though everyone had a fit when they just included one when there’s been live 5 chapters focused on non force-users. It’s ridiculous.

None of that is true?
Are you high?
What class can you take through the KOTFE story that does not break character immersion?
You tell me the character and I’ll tell you which chapter your toon would not do.
Light side jedi wont help kaliyo plant bombs around a city.
Dark side sith isnt helping jorgan rescue people.

Oh and for force chapters. The entire kotfe story is for force characters. Playing a non force class in this shoehorn story just feels out of place.

Yep… But that aside, if you like or dislike the story or the way it’s being delivered… I mean, it’s important, but for me that’s not the issue. That’s a matter of opinion, although I tend to agree with yours…

My problem is: what the hell do I do when the story FINISHES??? What’s really the endgame here (pun intended). There is NO NEW ENDGAME! It’s the same old Ops, thank God the pvp’ers got a new map… But honestly what am I supposed to do in the game? Run endless Heroics so I can buy new shinnies in the CM? I can understand relatively new players being in awe of the game, hell I know I was, back in the day… But right now there’s not much to do… Not even a freaking new daily to farm reputation.

As far as the story goes… The best time I’ve been having in the game is having all the toons I made under one “banner”. The same server for all of them, thanks to the character cap increase. The original 8 stories is where I’ve been having the most fun, revisiting stories I had forgotten the details of. THAT’S epic storytelling for ya…

Totally agree with you Paulo.
Endgame is zero.
And taking multiple toons through KOTFE will be a nightmare.
Sod that idea.

the problem is that the kotfe story is pointless they make a huge deal that your the save all to the universe while bieng a puppet to the emperor who could kill his kids just by thinking about it if he wanted to then your thrown into creating a clone army of comps that you dont need in the first place all for what to run a mediocre at best heroic a million times over for more cookie cutter comps lol and lets not forget the rehashing of your old comps bieng to sold to you as new content yeah i dont think so….

Force sensitive chapters… The WHOLE EXPANSION is based around Force sensitive stuff… We somehow all become Force sensitive thanks to none other than the Emperor himself… Do you remember a Mandalorian being Force sensitive? That’s just great, one of the greatest rival factions of the Jedi are now Force sensitive… REALLY immersive… Epic storytelling… Yeah right…

You know why? Because it’s ONE STORYLINE! Just one. Because they are TOO LAZY to do what they had done at the beginning of the game. And please don’t start saying it’s not possible, it’s too much work, it couldn’t be done… Fact is, it was done, it is possible. Every time someone rolls a non-insta lv 60 toon they are CONFRONTED with that fact.

And another thing people nowadays seem to forget: “back in the day” we were able to do the story with a friend, or more than a friend, and the game wouldn’t collapse on itself… Try that now. Even better, try doing it with SoR. I did. Had to do it solo because me and a friend had so many problems we would have wound up doing the expansion twice… Per toon…

Yes. But the people leaving took a unfinished game engine, that goes carzy if there are more than 10 people in one instance, spaghetti coded some stuff to it and said: oh shit and ran away.

maybe they will again, find a reason to reboot the game. (lord hear our prayer)

It still is awesome. But people will whine about anything. ‘Back then’ the same people cried about the game that are crying today. Suck it up and move on. No one cares If I like the game and no one cares If you don’t like it. Either play or don’t. But dissing it for no reason doesn’t accomplish anything.

game kinda sucks now with no New end game operations going on 18+ months now.. but thats just my personal opinion and why i havent subbed for awhile now

BioWare is no longer BioWare. It’s just a trademark name for one of EA’s developer studios.

And BioWare (the original crew) made a really big mistake when starting SWTOR in game engine choice. A mistake so big, you should never forget they created this mess!

You don’t know who’s choice it was to get that engine; it could have been forced on Bioware by EA because it was relatively cheap, for example

bioware is just a name plate on a building EA guts all its companys it buys and guts them into nothing look at sim city fuck ea

“Chapter will have somecool music”

Really? Thats the marketing message? This is a new low and sounds desperation….

Seems like Torian will use a sniper blaster instead of a electrostaff now.

At least Jorgan makes sense, he is described as sniper in his files, also speaks of being sniper in his personal story.

to be fair, torian does mention using a rifle in several of his convos, hell on makeb one of his quotes while exploring is something like “I should’ve brought my rifle!: or something along those lines. And, honest question to people. If he does have a sniper rifle is that so bad? Honestly finding an electrostaff for him gets difficult after a while.

Broonmark recruitment mission more like achieve rank 10 with Broonmark by doing trivial bullshit

Also if Shae and Torian’s armor don’t come with jetpacks (assuming the jetpack works unlike the relentless hunter’s jetpack that fires off a jet upwards into the tube) I’m gonna further forsake this game’s taste in outfits

Wrong, the Broonmark mission will be more like the style used for Xalek. Just exploring and a bossfight.

Johns’s point is that Madman said the Broonmark quest would be doing trivial bullshit, then Jinx said “Wrong….just exploring” which is trivial bullshit. Hes just saying that Jinx is saying Madman is wrong when he is actually saying the exact same thing.

Considering that they completely ignore what the players want from the game all the time, I won’t waste my time. You make sure that you keep on playing and praising whatever they release.

It seems like Shae will have the same armor like she had before, so it should have a backpack. As for Torian, just do what I do: The first time you get him as a comp in the Chapter, just give him some different armor.

I too hate those recruitment alerts where one must to collect something grindy to achieve 10th lvl of affection just like Qyzen’s mission or Blizz’s.
HK-55’s, Xalek’s and Ak’ghal Usar’s missions were imho better.

Finally a good subscriber reward…Too bad there is still not even a whiff of new Operations so I won’t be subscribing to get it.

Because I really want to love and support this game again. Or more importantly I want it to be worth my love and support again.

Ranked PvP – Taking aggressive actions against cheaters and win traders.
what happen here?

To be honest i dont do rank pvp, so unsure what is win traders. How they cheat in pvp that is all

yea look on video thats cheating (fliyng near your opponents when round isnt start yet). Wintrading means that : when 1 man from opposite team is leaving from the match or nothing doing (let you win). Most ppl from wintrades have friends on opposite site or using another account to do that to incrase rating. Hope you understood that bad english 🙂

It’s sad that peeps are such d*ckheads and cheating. Brainless monkeys notnig more.But as I know most of the community on this game their gonna start defend and moan about all of that poor cheaters just because they don’t know how to play and achive anything without cheats :/ Really sad thing 🙁

true but what the deal breaker for me was no objective based open world pvp fuck that warzone shit i want large scale pvp battles

I gave up PVP a long time ago because of all the cheating. it will never end. ” so sayeth the shepherd so sayeth the flock”

Agree, pvpers and their bullsh*t. Wonder why can`t they enjoy their favorite content without being a**holes (real life problems and they cool only in game?). The good thing, I got my valor armor set and companion and was done with pvp. Let them bullsh*t each other

pve-ers can`t ruin your sweet time like pvpers do. Not sure about you but for people who don`t have a raid team ready to play with them pvpers are ruining quests and some events. Do they need to ruin your quests? Not they don`t but they are doing it anyway because they can (or because they are bullied in real life) and they are calling you names because they beat you 2+ on 1. Unlike most of them I do have a life and I can`t wait for hours for them to get bored of me and finally let me do my quests. And I`m not even starting to talk about about open pvp games

are you dumb?
pve players can be even nastier and pve players can ruin your ”sweet” time even more then pvp players if 1 thing goes wrong or if you dont skip cutscenes

besides pvp players cant ruin your precious single player garbage anyway its all instanced same goes for the pve/pvp focus crap.

and bullies eh guess you got bullied alot then back in school if you gonna use that word
name calling isnt against the tos and if you get offended by a random dude over the internet in a game then clearly video games specially MMO’s arent for you.


Thing is, every time you need to do something that involves playing with other people there’s a chance they can ruin your playing experience. That’s not exclusive to pvp, it happens A LOT in Ops and Flashpoints too. You just gotta roll with the punches, and realize there are good people out there too. You will find assholes in all walks of life, that’s not exclusive to MMO’s either lol…

I`m talking only about MMO`s here and refuse to talk about anything else because everything else (other games, real life, etc) should not forse people ruin everyone else good time. My problems are mostly with pvpers because my healers (my fav role) can save a day most of times in group pve content. Most pvpers are like “Hey! Look at me, I`m so amazing! I play so-so much and so-so good with pvp! I have my friends with me! And you all alone here, we will ruin your mmo evening and your quests! It will be so much fun because we have a lot of time, we are gaming 24/7 and have nothing better to do”, seriously I don`t see it much from pve-ers

Oh you heal??? Omg, you gotta have a really thick skin for that my friend, I know it from personal experience. It’s always the healers fault, isn’t it? Nevermind if the tank can’t hold aggro, if the dps are absolutely going crazy and don’t even give you time to recuperate between fights… Tell you what I do: at the first sign of aggravation I quit. Simple as that. I understand you not wanting to talk about anything other than MMO’s, but I get enough stress from normal, “afk” life, I don’t need it in a game! Just quit, wait for another group, and most of all be patient and polite to other people, even if you quit. EVEN if they are not polite to you. That’s what I do anyways…

Well, I agree with you. Quiting is a best way to deal with it 🙂 Its really a shame the next time to play may come weeks later. May be you are more lucky, its just it usually pvpers who getting in my way, its not often but annoying for sure

“Hey! Look at me, I`m so amazing! I play so-so much and so-so good with
pvp! I have my friends with me! And you all alone here, we will ruin
your mmo evening and your quests! It will be so much fun because we have
a lot of time, we are gaming 24/7 and have nothing better to do”

I see the same thing with pve-ers parading around both faction fleets with their wings of the architect mount. Well I used to, when it was new. Same thing: “Hey! Look at me, I’m so amazing! I play so-so much and I’m so-so good with pve that I have this great mount! And you can’t have it! So look at me, and my mount, on the fleet! And my gear! My guild and I are gaming 24/7 and have nothing better to do”

I really don’t see a difference. “I don’t see it much from pve-ers” but you DO see it. Thanks for proving my point that pve-ers are not innocent. “pve-ers are not innocent” was solely my point, by the way. Don’t gloss over it next time.

Well, we can talk only about ourselves, don’t you think so? For me pvpers are most annoying of them all. Anyway how pve -ers “parading around both faction fleets with their wings of the architect mount” can ruin your gameplay? Or they can somehow ruin your event quests by just using pve shiny stuff?

We can speak only for ourselves, don`t you think so? And I`m really missing the point with shiny pve stuff, how people showing it off can ruin your gameplay and your quests?

I will only say this, they need more Force-based chapters and they need to make longer chapters. Waiting a month for a story that takes about an hour to finish is hardly a fair trade-off. Hopefully though we can chose who’s going to be Mandalore. (I know It’ll probably be Shae, but I find her really illogical. Then again…most mandos are.) I am a little concerned about the choice mechanics, since I’m pretty sure the devs said you could kill whoever disobeyed your orders in the last chapter when all you got to do was “Exile” them without even getting Dark side points.

I second this. Being a sub and having to wait a month at a time to play a simple story line is absurd. I recently got chapter 13 done is like 30-45 minutes. After, it’s like, what the hell am I suppose to do now? Pve/Pvp is boring. I would rather continue playing to get back the characters that were taken. Still irritates me a little how they made us get the old companions up only to take them away and have us doing stupid little quests for them.

its callled baited subscriptions.. they say they give out sub rewards.. but not all of them get to players as well as they just plain and simple suck…. they want ppl to sub to enjoy the story.. but simply put for me the story sucks and is boring AF. predictable, and wait for it…. SOLO!!! adding Solo only content to an MMO and baiting subs for the story is just obsurd.. i am truly surprised people are actually falling for this and still subbing. To each their own.

its called rehashed content and lazyness if you want to play the story should just wait till its all done pay 15 bucks 1 time if your gonna do it all

Only exile them? I got 3 options:
1. Don’t do it again (+ LS points)
2. You’re exiled. Forever.
3. I can’t have you sabotaging my operations again [Kill] (+ DS points)

more force-based chapters??? really???
you create your lightsaber or conversation pistol with trooper is not enough force-based chapters???

Yes, they literally had one only force chapter. Whereas there have been several non force-user chapters. That one was a good start; but there need to be many more.

Musco looks like he’s getting Fat off all these peoples spending on the CM and baited subs. Rip Swtor endgame 2011-2014

Go back and listen to the very first episode of TOROcast to see just how big of a hypocrite Musco is. Everything he says he worries about BW messing up they are now messing up and he’s their biggest cheerleader. Such a sell-out.

Mmm… everyone keep on whining about how there’s nothing to do in the end… if there’s nothing to do, why am I still interested in playing more? Probably because I have friends in the game, and you don’t…

Or maybe weare bored to death doing same things over and over again… We would like to see new ops or even flashpoint because this rescaling stuff is already boring as hell… Cheers to your friends… LoL

Yes, because an argument is valid when you add “lol” to the end of it. Sorry bro. I’m still having fun with the game, and so is ZipNyon. You’re not gonna ruin that for me.

Ok it’s good for you if you have fun playing ToR but why you offend something like 85% community of this game who are not satisfied enough at the moment of this game? And why you offend them? Just because we want play real MMO (which is exactly what we paid for) not easy, boring as hell single player story content online with co-op mode? Really? Oh bro you have no idea how much I fell sorry for you for your selfish attitude to others. Because you are living proof that SWToR is no longer MMO…

seeing how we’ve had the same ops for years now… there really is no endgame outside of PVP and that got old.. years ago.. maybe u just didn’t complete End game content when it was level so you dont mind.. but those of us who’ve been grinding NiM since the EC days, the end game is just non existent at this point if you already done it all in the past. Hence why most of the Better Raiders have long left the game and moved onto to other things, only occasionally coming back to play

I 100% Agree with you, I have been grinding NiM Since the EV/KP NiM days (though those don’t really count) and further to the EC days, Raiders definitely want new places, new bosses with new unique mechanics not re-scaled bosses to the level at the game is currently at. It’s nice to bring old content back to being relevant but that is irrelevant in a time without any new content. Also having come back recently in December and playing the game is in a pretty bad state for end-game unless you’re a casual and love doing story mode crap or the occasional hardmode like EV/KP specially when it’s highlighted, which is another mistake that is made. Game can’t even compete with FFXIV or WoW that has new raiding end-game all the time. It’s sad I use to love progression in this game when the new raids dropped. Ahh well. What can you do but be a casual now.

Me, along with 11 people from my guild, quit, tired of the single player mmo. I do consider them friends. And we play another MMO together. So there’s that.

yes what mmo is that – as I left swtor myself when my interest had run out. I had been with the game since launch and did have when I played

Wow, what a nice thing to say… Well, if you still feel like playing the game, good for you! Hey, I do too, if I didn’t I wouldn’t even bother coming here. But as a player since launch… Yeah, things are pretty boring. And although I still have friends in the game, all the old timers, the people I looked up to because they were PHENOMENAL players are gone, yes. Funny thing, new players now look up to ME, and I don’t consider myself a GREAT player. So either I’m having self-confidence issues, or the general level of playing in the game has decreased substantially… I’d go for the later, rather than the former…

Using images to prove your point is not clever. It’s just spammy at this point. BTW the guy before is actually the greatest player. At least he has common sense. People like different things. The toxic people saying that this game is dying is ruining the game for the rest of us. Sorry…

got to admit, since KOTFE things are looking grim. what are you going to do with your million lvl 65’s once the game die’s?

ive seen win trades going on since not too long after the game launched. Still goes on today. What actions are they exactly going to take? Ban both guilds doing it, or just the players atm…? Why not just abolish the whole rank system to begin with? Other than a couple of vendor items u can receive, what is ranked pvp good for nowadays anyway? i admit a well-balanced coordinated ranked team are hard to defeat, but what good is battling em? What do u get outta it, a high pvp rank? Is there a special achievement for it, or just bragging rights?

MEANWHILE all this talk of getting credit spammers out of the game has not worked at all. Every 2 months i see a post on “We’re working on getting rid of these spamers, blah, blah, blah” yet i see more and more spams and spam mail on not a daily basis, on an HOURLY basis. To me, id try fixing one thing bfore u guys go messing with multiple problems. No offense, but i dont think theyll solve either of those problems lol. Oh well. Trade u later!

That surprises you? They fixed the “mouse going wild” issue over a year ago and many folks still have the problem, including me.

So youre telling me theres still in-game issues that need to be fixed that take precedent over win-trading, which is the point im making. I’m thinking we’re in agreeance ( i hope)…..

Wait, so the mouse going nuts and spinning my character around is a bug with the game?

Figured it was my mouse XD

At some point it’s no longer just the game, but also all these mouse companies having their own active driver software, rather than passive.

5$=500k credits fr:Obogames
Buy now and get 5k free!

Oh wait……you said get rid of spammers? I thought everyone wanted a life-like mail server and i was the only one that HATES them!

Akaavi Spar gonna be part of this chapter? Considering 16 is the final clearly not everyone is comming back.

From what I heard it was going to be Torian & Possibly Shae Vizla from CH13, the alliance alert was going to be Broonmark. Didn’t hear anything about Akaavi Sparr though.

Asked Charles about that. He stated that since Torian is a love interest, he wanted to give each possible love interest their own spotlight/chapter. That was what he said to me at least. Take it how you will. Would post a screenshot of the conversation, but I’m too lazy. You can probably find it via Charles Twitter page.

It doesn’t end at chapter 16. Supposedly, we get a hiatus with other new content, then season 2 kicks off sooner or later(tm).

There will be a season two? Amazing! I really love the new monthly released stories. Hopefully, at the end of this season, we will be able to replay all the current chapters. (With different rewards, like data Crystals)

I would assume there would be a Season 2 since they keep referring to Chapters I-XVI as “Season 1.”

Okay Jinx we get it, you read the datamined files. Doesn’t mean fan’s concerns aren’t noteworthy you fuck

That was uncalled for, Tomato. Just because I share info with people, doesn’t mean you should be a dick to me.

Don’t mind him jinx. Probably just some biased minded arse whose taking out his frustrations on you. Besides, he didn’t have the guts to log onto an account and say this.

I dont get it… ¿why they make Aakavi mandalorian if she isnt mandalorian in game?… Akaavi would be in that chapter.. is mandalorian.. at least in alert part of Story Chapter i guess.. But bioware says no…. because they “fired” the original writers… and new writers start storyline form 0

spoiler alert:

Akaavi is the last surving member of a dishonoured and eliminated mandalorian Clan, why should any other mandalorian care about her?

When interviewing for a job with bioware/swtor. The first question should be “Do you play the game” if the H1B1 guy says NO. the response should be NEXT!

So the Eternal Empire failed to put star fortresses on any other planets? Coruscant or DK didn’t seem like a good idea?

Story written by community college graduates.

Those same “community college drop outs:
Randy Begel


Charles Boyd

(lead writer)

Alex Freed


Hall Hood


Sean McKeever


Courtney Woods

also came up with how utterly dumb and inept the Eternal Empire is but want us to believe they somehow easily and systematically beat both the Republic and Empire (Yes yes they were weakened blah blah blah). Epic story this is not. Only one thing epic about KOTFE when you play it and that is how it makes you:

But how inept? Quick dirty example: When the first Star Fortress is taken down, do they think of boosting security, ships and troop numbers at the remaining fortresses like anyone with half a brain would?? Or maybe work out all CSI like how the Outlander got in the first time and fix that shit for the remaining Star Fortresses?? More guards and heavy equipment guarding the shield generators?? Maybe start working on a way to detect a stealthed ship perhaps?

Well you are in luck. Here is the unauthorized leaked script by said writers regarding the issue. But Bioware being the cheap shits they are, didn’t put this cut scene in lest they have more bugs to ignore and more work to do. This was to take place after the first Star Fortress is destroyed:

Replaceable Eternal Knight Captain: My Emperor, a thousand pardons for interrupting your Hayden Christensen Emo imitation training but I have just received word of the Star Fortress over being destroyed.

Emperor Arcann: What do you mean destroyed? There was a shield around it, two bad ass Blaster Cannons at the door of the Generator station and a big scary robot guarding the Shield Generator inside.

Replaceable Eternal Knight Captain: Umm yes that was all in place but the Outlander appears to have taken it all down along with the Star Fortress and it’s Exarch.

Vaylin: I wish you would just admit you have OCD and not make every Star Fortress identical. You realise because you made them all identical, the Outlander now knows how to destroy the rest right?

Emperor Arcann: Enough. I am the Emperor and I am infallible. I am too busy pouting and pretending to be scary to worry about making each Star Fortress unique or upgrading the remaining Star Fortress. The Outlander got lucky. The rest of the Fortresses are fine as is. See?? I am logging in now to check up on them. Only one was taken over and destroyed………..oh now two…….Hmmm, this Outlander is really lucky. Wait…..Three?? FOUR??? You just said three!!

*Vaylin facepalming at this point with the Replaceable Eternal Knight Captain slowly leaving the room*

Emperor Arcann: Hmmm, Well maybe we should boost defenses on the last…….WTF!! They are all gone??

*Eric Musco’s voice over of “SEE???? CHOICES MATTER!!” was to be inserted as inspiration for the player at this point.*

Emperor Arcann: Oh well, doesn’t really make any difference to the narrative, I mean my Empire. Let’s just move forward like they were never there over 5 pointless planets shall we?? Now Vaylin, does my Episode 2 or 3 Hayden need work? I want to appear really bad ass for Chapter 16, I mean when I finally have my one on one that actually culminates in a final battle with the Outlander.

This is all in true Star Wars spirit. Remember the two (now actually three) Death Stars? The bad guys never learn.

True enough but at least with the 3 Death stars, they kept getting bigger and bigger and at least was more heavily defended with each new Death Star. Star Fortresses – Copy and paste saves the day and screw making the surviving Fortresses better guarded.

At least if each Fortress got harder then the last abd different mechanics, it woulf have made doing them fun……..Oops. I said a dirty word. :p

FUN? BURN THIS HERETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the biggest plothole and joke of it all is that this “emporer” would need anyone for anything when hes capable of eating planets and all this just ruins the story he could kill his kids if he really wanted to with a thought instead his idea is round up a clone army and make you do all the work what? lolz at best they made the emporer to powerful and they cant get around the fact lol

Mass production is usually done to minimize production costs. It also speeds up acclimation of rotating personnel. Arcann also doesn’t seem to worry about numerical loses as he considers himself more powerful than the outlander and his forces having far superior numbers. Not to mention that retrofitting existing superstructures takes time and energy, in addition to long and arduous analysis, that is usually better devoted toward developing a superior next generation platform.

The closest thing to a limiting factor seems to be the Exarchs, but even those don’t seem to be in short supply. The real questions are why doesn’t Arcann attempt to pacify the area with the Eternal Fleet and skytroopers? What are the time projections for establishing a replacement Star Fortress? and, Why are punitive measures delayed to nonexistent?

Although as you stated below giving the Exarchs an increase variation in mechanics or just increasing the number of skytroopers at the base should have been a valid reaction based on real world and game world mechanics.

I’m hoping that “cool music” will be some sampling of Jesse Harlin’s Mandalorian themed music from the Republic Commando game. That would actually be cool.

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