Black Desert May 13 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online May 13 Game Update Patch Notes.

Class Changes


  • While casting Chaos: Red Moon, you will now take less damage from back attacks.

Item Changes

  • The following items have had their Tooltips changed.
    • Basteer Longsword
    • Basteer Longbow
    • Basteer Amulet
    • Basteer Axe
    • Basteer Shortsword
    • Basteer Blade
    • Basteer Staff
  • Horse Shoes may now be branded.

Mechanic Changes

  • Added function that allows to select pet’s appearance in Pet exchange window.
  • Gender will now be shown before naming a horse.
  • Rewards for achievement system has been improved.

Monster Changes

  • The number of Kamels in Hasrah Dungeon has been increased.
  • The number of Drunk Treasure Hunter in Kuit Islands has been decreased dramatically.
  • The cool down for the Weekly Boss Muskahns jump attack has been decreased.
  • Frozen monster can now take damage.
  • The quest boss Biraghi will now use fewer jump attacks.
  • Added Alert animation for monsters in Kuit Islands and Helm Tribe Dungeon.
  • Deck Combatant’s level has been changed from 54 to 53.
  • The number of Helm Predatory in Helm Tribe’s dungeon has been increased.
  • Black Harpy Elite’s level has been changed from 36 to 35.
  • The Damage for monsters in Biraghi Den has been decreased.
  • The Damage for Red Orc Wizard has been decreased.
  • Red Orc Elite’s level has been changed from 33 to 32
  • World & Field Boss will spawn faster than before.
  • Increased the number of Weasel, Fox and Wolf in Eastern of Olvia.
  • Dastard Bheg will no longer continuously react to Matchlock attacks.

Interface Changes

  • Updated the Worker Window
  • When talking with NPC, button size will be changed according to the number of characters.
  • Color Blind Mode is added to game settings for Ally and Enemy character identification.
    • (Followings will be changed when it is set)
      • Monsters in Minimap
      • New notice text for black spirit
      • Day/Night notice text
      • Effect change in the right bottom corner for black spirit
      • Verification code for auction house
      • Color for HP & MP bar on top of character’s head
      • Mount HP & MP

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where players would get stuck in a rock when they used the Escape function on Kuit Island.
  • Fixed the issue where mouse cursor wasn’t activated when closing the character sheet.
  • Fixed the issue where players could not receive Daily Quests due to time difference.
  • Fixed the issue where the color in mini map displayed abnormally when hitting monsters.
  • Fixed the issue where mount HP & MP bar displayed abnormal colors when logging between characters that did and did not have a horse.
  • Fixed the issue where monster’s aggro range was too short in Kuit Island.
  • Basic stats for Musa & Maehwa increased, both AP and DP for Ranged, Magic, and  Melee.
  • Monster AI Lag has been reduced.
  • Secker

    Thanks! I’m sure there’s a lot of old GW2 lurkers here despite the lack of comments. Appreciate the guides you make too, quality stuff! Such an awesome game, so much to do and accomplish for me still, I’ve really embraced it completely and just lack the time to do everything it has to offer. Dare to say it’s the best game I’ve ever played with its weird combination of different successful genres of games put together.

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