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SWTOR 4.0 Operative Medicine PvE Healing Guide by Z’ik’aria

SWTOR 4.0 Operative Medicine Healing Guide written by Z’ik’aria of Jedi Covenant.


Intro to Operative Healing

This guide is designed to optimize all healing put out by a operative healer. This guide is meant for PVE players and players who wish to optimize their healing during Operations and Flashpoints.

Terms used in this Guide

  • HOT’s (healing over time)
  • HPS (healing per second
  • DPS (damage per second)
  • DOT’s (damage over time)

Operative healers are used in every situation from single target healing to multiple target healing. Their single goal is to increase the health of the allies around you. Because of changing combat situations no healer has a set rotation to follow. Rather you have a basic guideline that will allow the needed procs to be activated when needed and the needed abilities to come off of cool down when needed. Operatives are also one of four classes with a raid buff.


  • Most mobile healer in the game
  • Highest Multiple target healer
  • Strong sustained healing
  • Able to self cleanse DOTS
  • High passive damage reduction


  • Moderate burst healing
  • HPS is determined on how you manage your HOTS
  • Stuns/interrupts greatly affect burst healing/single target healing
  • Low DPS while in healing spec

Talent Building

The talents that a operative healer chooses greatly influence what the healer can and cannot do. For best healing it is best that you do not use a single talent build. Instead keep several different builds for different fights and different situations you might find yourself in.

Talent 1

(used for long drawn out fights. Also the talent for everyday Flashpoint healing)


  • Nanotech Suit
  • Chem-resistant Inlays
  • Infiltrator


  • Med Shield
  • Endorphin Rush


  • Revitalizers
  • Augmented Shields

Talent 2

(Used for situations for stealthing such as stealthing past the ads between the first boss and second boss of Eternity Vault)


  • Nanotech Suit
  • Chem-resistant Inlays
  • Infiltrator


  • Med Shield
  • Advanced Cloaking


  • Augmented Shields
  • Escape Plan

Talent 3

(used for fights in which many stuns or interrupts will appear)


  • Nanotech Suit
  • Chem-resistant Inlays
  • Infiltrator


  • Med Shield
  • Counterstrike


  • Augmented Shields
  • Circumvention

Also as a note Fortified Kolto is not a bad skill to use, especially on fights where there are specific healer mechanics to be followed. (Kiting the spike on EC)


Gearing for your operative healer is very important. Each tier of gear has its own requirements. All of the bonuses from each tier of gear stack on one another. This mean that no matter what lvl gear you have on as long as it is tier gear you get the bonuses from it.

Earpieces and Implants are considered Enhancements and Mastery Stims are used on Operative healers

Tier Gear Bonuses

  • (2) Activating a healing ability has a 15% chance to grant Field Medic’s Critical Bonus which causes your next Kolto Injection or Underworld Medicine (Republic version) to be a Critical. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.
  • (4) Reduces the energy cost of Kolto Infusion or Kolto Pack (Republic version) by 2.
  • (6) Reduces the cooldown of Recuperative Nanotech or Kolto Cloud ( Republic Version) by 3 seconds.

216 Tier Gear

216 Tier gear are dropped from SM operations.


  • 7700 HPS (Single Target)
  • 5871 Endurance
  • 4990 Mastery
  • 2648 Power
  • 1449 Critical
    • 8X Adept Enhancements 42
    • 1X Critical Augment 40
    • 2X (+41 Critical Rating) Color Crystals
  • 1253 Alacrity
    • 2X Quick Savant Enhancement 42
    • 13X Alacrity Augment 40
  • 0 Accuracy

220 Tier Gear

220 Tier Gear is dropped from HM operations


  • 8210 HPS (Single target)
  • 6302 Endurance
  • 5179 Mastery
  • 2788 Power
  • 1505 Critical
    • 7X Adept Enhancement 43
    • 3X Critical Augment 40
    • 2x (+41 Critical Rating) Color Crystal
  • 1238 Alacrity
    • 3X Quick Savant Enhancement 43
    • 11X Alacrity Augment 40
  • 0 Accuracy

224 Tier Gear

224 gear is dropped from NiM operations. They are also dropped from the weekly Priority HM


  • 8450 HPS (Single Target)
  • 6375 Endurance
  • 5393 Mastery
  • 2940 Power
  • 1543 Critical
    • 6X Adept Enhancement 44
    • 5X Critical Augment 40
    • 2X (+41 Critical Rating) Color Crystal
  • 1329 Alacrity
    • 4X Quick Savant Enhancement 44
    • 9X Alacrity Augment 40
  • 0 Accuracy

(These numbers can be found here: along with many other numbers.) I use these numbers and they are very reliable.


The use of stims and adrenals can change the face of a battle.


  • Always Keep a stim activated
  • Use Advanced Polybiotic Versatile Stim


  • Adrenals should be used during a rough spot in the fight or when the raid leader calls for raid buffs.
  • The best adrenal to use as an operative is the Advanced Polybiotic Efficiency Adrenal. While you can use the crit adrenal the alacrity is by far the better choice.

Rotation Guidelines

As an operative healer your rotation depends on how well you manage your HOT’s and your buffs, and by making sure that all of your procs are activated at the optimal time.

For Optimal healing keep your energy above 60% as much as possible. (see energy management for further details)

Before each fight begins make sure that the tank(or tanks) each have 2 stacks of Kolto Probe.

Stim Boost will cause your Kolto Injection or Kolto Infusion to be cast instantly. It will also activate a 10% alacrity boost for 15 seconds.

Single Target healing

  • For optimal Single target healing keep two stacks of your Kolto Probe on the tank(or tanks) at all times. (To make this easier focus the main tank using alt+F}
  • Kolto Probe can be refreshed by Surgical Probe which does more instant healing and costs half as much energy.(using Surgical Probe also help keeps Tactical Medicine activated) Surgical Probe requires Tactical Advantage.
  • Use Kolto Infusion almost on cooldown. It is best used on tanks.However depending on the fight it may be necessary to prioritize heal the DPS and in that case place your kolto infusions on the DPS.
  • Make sure to keep Recuperative Nanotech’s Buff (invigorated) activated at all times as that increases all healing received. (Note only affects 4 targets.)
  • Kolto Injection should be used as needed but remember the channel is long so in cases of emergency its is best to use Stim Boost then Kolto Injection.(See burst healing).
  • Diagnostic Scan can be channeled while running. It costs no energy and if this ability crits it restores 2 energy. Use while moving from fight to fight or if your energy drops below 60%.
  • Use Kolto Injection and Diagnostic Scan while Kolto Probe and Kolto Infusion’s HOTS are ticking away to keep your target’s health up.
  • Kolto Waves are best used on 3 or more players however that does not mean it is not worth using on a single target. It can help boost a player’s health when things go downhill on you and your Kolto Infusion is not available and you need a quick heal.

Multiple Target Healing

  • Initiate your multiple target healings with Recuperative Nanotech which provides a small HOT and it invigorates all healing the target will receive (see Procs and Buffs). Note Recuperative Nanotech only affects 4 Friendly targets and those targets are chosen by their proximity to the Target on which the ability was cast on. (Depending on what type of group you have first cast it on a tank to make sure their health stays up.)
  • After using Recuperative Nanotech use Kolto Waves it is a channeled AOE heal that affects up to 8 friendly targets. For best use make sure that the ranged DPS in your group are stacking (when possible). This ability is best used on 3 or more members.
  • Watch the group’s health when Multiple target healing and time your Kolto Waves to start healing group members after they receive damage.

Burst Healing

For targets with 2 stacks of Kolto Probe

  • First use your Surgical Probe then if they are still taking high amounts of damage activate your pugnacity which will allow you to instant cast either Kolto Injection or Kolto Infusion.(If you have the option use Kolto Infusion as its HOT will continue to heal them)
  • Kolto Injection has a high heal but it is a long cast. Use it after using Kolto Infusion with Stim Boost
  • For targets with 1 stack of Kolto Probe
  • Open by using Kolto Probe to start that high healing HOT
  • After the target has 2 stacks of Kolto Probe use your Surgical Probe.
  • After Surgical Probe use your Kolto Infusion or Kolto Injection. If the proc from you 2 piece set bonus is active use Kolto Injection. (if needed with your Stim Boost)

For targets with 0 stacks of Kolto Probe

  • First cast you Kolto Infusion on the target to get a HOT going on them
  • Then use a Kolto Probe and a Surgical Probe (in that order)
  • After those steps use your Stim Boost and an Kolto Injection
  • Finish them off with the second stack of your Kolto Probe and an Surgical Probe

Procs and Buffs

As a operative healer your HPS depends upon the proper timing and usage of your Buffs and Procs. Here is a list of what each buff/proc a operative healer can get and how to get them.

  • Tactical Advantage- Tactical Advantage is a buff that allows you to exploit targets. Tactical Advantage is required to cast both Surgical Probe and Kolto Infusion. It can be gained over time through your HOTS (which in the middle of fights is an easy thing to accomplish) or by casting Kolto Injection. It can stack up to 3 times and it lasts 25 seconds.
  • Power Surge- Power surge is a buff that increases your power by a moderate amount for 6 seconds. It is gained by throwing out any heals on a friendly target or yourself.
  • Mastery Surge- Mastery Surge is a buff that increases your Mastery by a moderate amount. It lasts for 6 seconds and is gained by throwing out any heals on a friendly target or yourself.
  • Tactical Medicine- This is a buff that increases all healing output by 3% for 6 seconds. It is gained by casting Surgical Probe on a friendly target. This Buff is one of your most important buffs so make sure to regularly use Surgical Probe.
  • InvigoratedInvigorated is a buff that originates from your Recuperative Nanotech. It Increases all healing the target received. Note this will also affect the healing that the target will receive from a co healer. Keep it activated on as many targets as you can and keep it activated as often as you can.
  • Field Medic’s Critical Bonus- This buff is received by completing your 2 piece set bonus. Everytime you cast a healing ability it has a 15% chance to activate this buff. The Field Medic’s Critical Bonus can only be activated once every 30 seconds and once activated it will cause your next Kolto Injection to crit.

Energy Moderation/Aggro Management

Because a operative healer can only hold 100 energy it is important to maintain a level above 60% If your energy drops below 60% use your Diagnostic Scan which will build energy quickly. If you must continue to Mass heal targets while your energy is below 60% wait until your energy levels drop below 45% then activate your Adrenaline Probe which will instantly rebuild 50 energy.

Aggro Management on a operative healer can be tricky. Because of how much healing you are constantly doing (due to your HOTS) it will be likely that your aggro will be very high. To reduce the threat you generate there are several things you can do.

  • Key thing to remember if you do pull aggro and cannot drop it run to the tanks.
  • Use Countermeasures on Cooldown
  • Remain with 15-20 meters of the tanks so that if you do pull aggro you can easily scamper back to them.
  • If you continue to pull aggro use your Cloaking Screen it will cause you to instantly drop all aggro.
  • If you do pull aggro activate your Shield Probe and your Evasion.

Rezzing Targets During Combat

As a operative healer you have two ways to rez a dead group member during combat.

  1. Combat Rez- Combat rezzing an ally (Using Resuscitation Probe) will place a global cooldown on every member of the raid/group. This cooldown will not allow any other combat rezzes to be activated for 5 minutes. This move is primarily reserved for the tank or healer incase one of them dies. However if the fight is dps heavy it may require you to rez a dps.
  2. Stealth Rez- To execute a proper stealth rez make sure that all allies have no HOTS that you have casted on them. While still in combat make your way to the dead player. Once on top of the player you which to target activate your Cloaking Screen. You can rez Multiple Allies While executing a stealth Rez. Stealth Rezing can be tough as there are many things which will cause you to enter combat. If you have and active HOT on an ally you will not be able to exit combat. If the boss deals damage to you, you will automatically enter combat making a stealth rez impossible.

DPS’ing While in Heal Spec

If the fight requires you to do DPS then there are somethings to consider.

  1. As a operative healer you only have several dps moves, none of which do any major damage.
  2. Using Dps abilities will cause your energy to deplete faster than normal.
  3. To DPS while in heal spec keep the DOT from your Corrosive Dart on the target. Then use your Shiv, Fragmentation Grenade, and Overload Shot. To regain energy use your Rifle Shot. Fill in the down time between your abilities with Carbine Burst and Rifle Shot
  4. In General Corrosive Dart>Backstab>Shiv>Overload Shot >Rifle Shot.
  5. Multiple targets: Fragmentation Grenade>Carbine Burst.

When energy falls below 60% use Rifle shot to regain energy

About the Author

I have been Healing since I started playing in 2.0. I started on a commando. I then moved to a sage/sorcerer in 3.0. I started playing as a scoundrel then as well. Once 4.0 came around I started maining with my scoundrel/operative. Currently I am in the guild Imperial Command on the Jedi Covenant server. Special thanks to Ki’fico and Imfamine for all the time spent parsing with them.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

66 replies on “SWTOR 4.0 Operative Medicine PvE Healing Guide by Z’ik’aria”

How do you classify Operatives as the most mobile healers in the game? Sorcerers are way more mobile, I think… I would agree to that pre-3.0, but now?

^ I’m with this guy.

I had an op healer as my main since release but swapped to merc heals for HM Revan and still felt that Sorcs were more mobile when I played them on my alts. Only time op heals feels more mobile is if I spend most the fight keeping 2 stacks on the group with the occasional recouperative nanotech and surgical probes in between. I guess you get the instant big heal every 2 minutes with stim boost as well but that style of play makes me want to gouge my eyes out:)

Yeah, what I like to call the “carrossel”, where you keep the whole party on 2 stacks of Kolto Probe. But that can be difficult to maintain in an Ops group, and it’s boring.

Overall ever since the “Mother of all Nerfs” I’ve found my Operative to be frustrating to play. I feel like I’m constantly over-healing to compensate for the fact that I have no burst. That’s why in numbers Operatives do so well. Most of that healing is over-heals, where Sorcs or Mercs don’t have to over-heal as much.

One way I think the class could improve is if at 3 Tactical Advantages the channel time of Kolto Injection would be reduced by “X”, and using Kolto Injection would consume 2 Tactical Advantages. Because using Stim Boost every 2 mnts is also a pain, 2 mnts is a LONG time in a fight. At less than 3 Tac Advantages the ability would be unchanged…

They used to call that “The Storymode Hero”, cause that would get you murdered in HM content, tons of overheals on the people staying out of stupid, not enough heals on the people dive bombing it.

I was trying to be nice when I said it can be “difficult” to maintain in an Ops group… But you are, as usual, absolutely correct.

I feel the same way. It’s why I love my sorc healer, because of the versatility and mobility. The operative doesn’t feel that mobile to me, but it could be my playstyle. I also don’t like this boring carrousel that is mentioned. That’s just downright boring and the big aoe heal that is rather good does require you to stand still.

I would agree that sorcs are very versitile healers. However their longest cast time is my shortest. A op healer is a hot healer and therefore by definition is an over healer. While lacking the burst that come while playing on a sorc and merc they make up for this by the speed at which they can channel abilities.

Ok, I now can see where you’re coming from… Keep up the good work. And sorry but I couldn’t help but smile when I read the part about DPS’ing multiple targets… I would say “5. Multiple Targets: Bring another class altogether to whatever you’re doing…”

As a sage healer, when I have to be completely mobile I really only lose one heal (Deliverance), and partly two others (Benevolence and Salvation). Our HoT (Rejuvenate) is instant. The channeled heal (Healing Trance) can be channeled while moving with a utility selection (which I always take). Even our AoE (Salvation) can be instant after 3 stacks from crits of our channel (which happens a lot due to a crit boost from the HoT), and after casting it, causes one other heal to be instant (Benevolence, which is why I said “partially” previously). Plus the AoE heal just requires that the target enter the area, and they keep it if they leave, which allows everyone to be mobile as well. It’s been a while since I’ve done any sawbones healing, but I want to get back to it. Guess I’ll be able to compare directly once I do.

I agree with you. I can (in most fights) keep moving non stop on my sorc if I wanted, the need to use any cast is really low, while on my operative I need to stand still for almost any relevant heal, specially on kolto waves, one the most important operative healing skills. So, in my opinion saying that operative is more mobile than sorc is completely wrong. Not to mention that if the raid screws up and gets in need of some burst urgent heals, don’t count on operatives because all they can do is watch and cry… while sorcs can succeed in that task.

that moment when you first wake up and check dulfy’s to see a thread called “SWTOR 4.0 Operation” only to realize you’re still dreaming and it really says “SWTOR 4.0 Operative Medicine PvE Healing Guide by Z’ik’aria”…. *cries self back to sleep*

There is a special place in hell for rDPS who refuse to be within Operative AOE heal range of other raid members.

Hi. Thanks for this guide.
In Burst healing “For targets with 2 stacks of Kolto Probe” not Pugnacity but Stim Boost.
“For targets with 1 stack of Kolto Probe” is not part of “For targets with 2 stacks of Kolto Probe”. 🙂

Thanks for the catch. I’ll make the change as soon as possible. The original guide was for a scoundrel Healer. Same exact abilities just different names.

When will people understand that hots dont put you back in combat (referring to stealth rez part)

They certainly do – all heals coming from yourself on an in-combat target will pull you into combat. That’s why you should ask Sorcerers to stop using Roaming Mend, if it bounces off you it’ll count as a heal coming from you.

Hots on yourself are fine. Here’s quoting Keyboardninja:

Healing someone (e.g. with a latent HoT) will pull you back into combat

Dealing damage (e.g. with a latent DoT) will pull you back into combat

Someone else healing you will NOT pull you back into combat

Someone using a “bouncy” heal (Wandering Mend is the worst here, but
Successive Treatment can also qualify sometimes) that hits you will pull
you into combat

Someone using Force Armor on you will generally pull you into combat

If you’re a shadow, someone else stepping into your Phase Walk will pull you into combat

If your guard target takes damage or deals damage, you will be pulled back into combat

AoEs will pull you into combat (duh)

Bizarre, invisible, debuff-changing effects (like Walkabout) will often pull you into combat

Applying raid buffs will generally pull you into combat, though not always

New NPCs entering the fight will pull you into combat (note that many
mechanics that don’t look like NPCs are actually counted as such
invisibly by the game)

Dealing damage by reflect (basically, the Vanguard AoE taunt utility) will pull you back into combat

Sometimes, the mere application of the reflect by your friendly neighborhood vanguard will pull you back into combat

Oh I noticed something, KeyboardNinja was wrong on this point.

“Dealing damage (e.g. with a latent DoT) will pull you back into combat”

It doesn’t, strangely enough.

As much as I respect KBN and everything he did for the community, he can (on rare occasions) be wrong. Maybe theoretically you are right, but there are other parameters and that I am sure of (maybe a range thing dunno).

Here is the situation:
I was progging on Revan for quite a few weeks during the bugged reticles moment. Nearly every pull, we had a dps die cause of slow reaction to the conal HK does, and when that didn’t happen we had a tank die to a weird kill-shot or w/e. Anyway, I averaged around 10 stealth rezzes per night (probably more tbh), and that went on for three weeks or so.
Everytime I did the same thing, wait for grenades, then for the conal, the stealth+rez. I never let my slow-release-medpacks fall from the tanks (maybe it happened on a few occasions, but I refuse to believe it happened everytime). The only night where I failed stealth rezzes a lot was the night me and the other healer were doing a DPS-off on first floor (so tired of doing it had to keep things interesting), and I had a vital shot on HK that dealt damage to me (cause we always had the dead body out of the shield).
SO maybe in that specific situation rules are different cause of shield? Dunno…

Anyway, I have been a scoundrel healer since 2.0 (maybe earlier, I’m not exactly sure if I was raiding on my scoundrel in 1.0), and I have never really worried about letting my hots fall off, and have a pretty good record on success. Everytime I failed one was because I miss-timed it with AOE boss things and such.

Honestly strange. I believe you but I never had that success.

A simple test with one groupmember in combat and my HoTs on him also showed that they would pull me into combat.

I can’t imagine how the shield influenced the HoTs to work different.

I do not really understand the burst healing, so hopefully you could explain. It seems to me that if the target has 0 stacks of Kolto Probe, your burst is just too slow. Especially the 2nd step – Kolto Probe + Surgical Probe – does almost no healing in 2 GCDs, basically at the most critical time. I’d suggest swapping the 2nd and 3rd steps, eventually continue with Kolto Injection for as long as needed and energy allows. Although it would be nice to give the target 2 stacks of Kolto Probe, I just don’t see the time to do that while burst healing.

TBH in most cases where a single target burst is required immediately the co-healer should do the bursting and you should take your time and setup probes(if needed) to top them off or provide a basis for keeping them healthy in the near future if the situation is such that more damage on that target is expected soon.

As an operative: A) you should be healing with another non-operative healer B) Do everything you can to avoid having to handle unpredictable single target burst healing.

This. The above “burst” healing is exactly for an operation scenario for example when the offtank takes over, gets some heavy damage and you forgot to have probes on him.

It’s useless for real damage spikes for which you should use Infusion+Injection spam with some Surgical Probes/Diagnostic Scan/Adrenaline Probes, depending on the situation.

Yes as a operative your burst is your weakest point. I am currently working on a new burst healing for flashpoints and as needed operations. For now this is what I suggest. Surgical probe, Stim boost then , kolto infusion, kolto probe, if still taking damage go another surgical probe, kolto injection and end with kolto probe. If your Stim boost is on cooldown use an alacrity adrenal in its place.

Decent guide, just three things I’d change for the sake of it:
– Operatives are not the most mobile healer in the game. Sorcs can heal better on the move. Scamper/well used trick move allows them to cover distance faster than any other healer though, so it’s worth mentionning (if you have naughty tanks that get out of range, like in SS or something), but healing on the move removes any kind of big heal they could want to do (which isn’t the case for sorcs).
– DPS’ing while in heal spec section, fragmentation is actually decent in single target mainly because it’s a 30m ability. I’d add a 10m+ section: Corossive dart > frag grenade > rifle shot.
– Add a healing the DPS section. If DPS take damage but won’t take anymore in the next seconds (ex: Bulo barrel/load lifter, M/B grenades, etc.), dont bother topping them off, just put a probe or two (depending on the size of the hit) on them, and let it do it’s job. If they are close to the tank, nanotech or waves will do the job. Casting a heal on a DPS should be done only if you know they will take high damage soon. Operative’s strenght is in the HoTs, so use them, then even if tanks don’t need healing, jsut contribute to DPS instead of topping the DPS off and making your HoTs do nothing.

Thanks for this feedback I will make the changes in the updated version of the guide that I am currently working on. This is the first guide I have ever written so I am very happy with all the feedback.

the old set bonus hasn’t been worth it since the new one was changed from kolto waves to recuperative nanotech

to reply to myself, using the 198 2 piece for the extra autocrit injection allows for larger and more frequent burst in comparison to the full 224 6 piece.

Interesting commentary – Coincidentally if you are looking for a CA BOF 119 , my colleagues filled a fillable version here

When you guys give a goal number for gearing especially for Power, is it with a stim or without (thus gear alone)? Because that would be roughly the amount of Power I could switch to Alacrity to obtain the sweet spot.

Power should come from mods and enhancements only, you always want the high power mods and high alac/crit enhancements. That should get you to the desired level for power.

I am mostly in 224 minus headgear (optimized 220), offhand (optimized 220), one implant (220) and relics (220+216). I have not a single lettered mod. That gets me to 2980 Power (unbuffed) or 3070 with a Versatile stim… and to even get to 2980 I had to use not one but 2 Power augments. So if I had to go with the advised augments here I would actually be down to 2834 Power.

I doubt that upgrading these 5 pieces will get me 106 points to get to 2940… So basically I can’t swap these Power augments to Alacrity. I honesly have no idea where people pull these numbers from for these guides.

I checked the numbers, and can 100% confirm. Having all the high power mods, enhancements, armorings and earpiece/implants will put you at the specified level in this guide, with class buffs and a mastery power stim on. I checked for 220 and 224 gear btw. (No power augments)

“and a mastery power” So that was the answer to my original question! The 90 Power from the stim gets me to the numbers of the guide more or less (minus my pieces below 224) Thanks 🙂

There’s a bit of misinformation in this guide.

Utilities – med shield should never be taken over fortified kolto unless you can’t keep 2 stacks of probes on yourself. the damage reduction from fortified kolto has far greater utility than the measly 5% healing you get every 30 seconds from med shield

Gearing – crit is too high and alacrity is too low. if you’re using bant’s numbers he assumes an optimum rotation operative healers should never use. crit is good if you’re constantly casting big heals like on a merc, it’s less awesome for a class that focuses on hots and channels when 1% alacrity will usually increase your healing more than 1% crit

Diagnostic scan – don’t use this. diagnostic scan is an energy management tool, not a real heal. if you need to move roll and then use instant casts like nanotech or surgical probe while you finish getting into position. if you’re standing still and have nothing better to do either dps or precast injection. if you’re below 50 energy and adrenaline probe is on cooldown you’re either doing nim which means you don’t need a healing guide or you need to learn to manage energy better

burst healing – with sufficient alacrity injection is less than 1.5 seconds and infusion is under 1 second. unless the only way to save your target is with a big instant cast, that’s enough to make surgical probe > injection viable for most burst healing

defensives – don’t activate shield probe and evasion together. shield probe only has a 10 second window, and evasion (if used correctly) stop 100% of all damage, so you’re basically wasting part of your shield probe when you use them together. the pvp guide has good advice on how to use these

Agree with your point about the utilities. the 5% healing also doesn’t help at all if you’re at max HP which is the case more often than not.

I have my doubts about the gearing part though. Yes Bant’s numbers might not be optimal for a real scenario but I see no evidence or indication that what you’re saying is correct.

And using Diagnostic Scan is obviously better than using roll if you can still move out of the way. 1.5s of tiny healing and energy regeneration is better than nothing. I bet you some groups could have you run out of energy in storymode operations – Healing isn’t uniform and the author describes the use of DS well enough.

You know surgical probe heals for more than the entire channel of diagnostic scan right? So you will get more healing out of roll + surgical probe than diagnostic scan in the same time. It doesn’t matter in sm where you have to really try to fail but I see ops healing hms wondering why tanks are dying and it’s because they’re using diagnostic scan. The only time to use diagnostic scan is when adrenaline probe is on cd, you’re under 50 energy, outgoing damage is low, you know heavy burst is going to come soon, and you know your natural energy regen isn’t going to get you back to 75.

As for gearing, it’s not worth debating marginal improvements in stats when changing rotations (like getting rid of diagnostic scan) will do a lot more

Roll costs a GCD. 1.5s of diagnostic scan are more healing than 1.5s of rolling. If you want you can do surgical probe afterwards. Diagnostic Scan+Surgical Probe is more healing than Roll+Surgical Probe.

I know my rotation as Operative Healer decently well, that’s why I am curious about gearing. I deliberately take more crit in PvP because I feel that not having to reapply as often and bigger heals make more of a difference than faster HoTs or faster casts(which I can barely get off anyway). In PvE that’s not an issue and you can basically run through Bants rotation unless you get designated as single-target healer. So I am curious how more alacrity helps there.

And also in response to your gearing if the ala is where you say it should be you have found a way to add ala to your stats. With all 224 ala enhancements and all ala augments you will still not have enough ala to do what you are wanting to do. The crit is where if should be. If you want to feel a little better you can add one ala enhancement and remove a crit. Your cast time for infusion should be about 1.33 seconds and the cast time for injection should be about 1.77 seconds.

Med shield will give you a maximum 4K self-heal, which is nothing in this game.
6% DR is WAY better, Fortified Kolto should always be taken over Med Shield for healers.

Also, I ALWAYS choose Endorphin Rush. Medicine is the worst of the 3 healers for Burst-heals, so that burst of energy goes a long way in saving lives.
It lets you burst the shit out of your heals and then kickstart your energy after. Best utility for Medicine Healers.

About Med-shield, the cutoff point where fortified kolto is better is a lot higher than you might think.

If during a fight you are taking 1000 damage per second, FK will prevent 60 damage per seconds, adding up to 1800 damage prevented every 30 seconds. When using shield probe on cooldown, Med shield will heal more than twice as much. So in raw numbers, FK only performs better when you’re taking over 2200 damage per second, which in most fights means you’re doing something very wrong.

The realistic balance is slightly different, because FK prevention is always effective while MS can easily overheal and be ineffective, but at normal incoming damage levels I think Med Shield is a very competitive option.

reading this guide gives me aids. You missed half of class specifics and small tricks wich you may not even know.

Thank you all for your input when 5.0 is released I shall update my information with the new expansions changes( if any) along with implementing all of your very helpful reviews. As I said this is my first guide so I am very pleased with the criticism.i hope to better the guide and aid players on the operative healers as best I can.

why are there 10 enhancement slots in total with the gearing section where there are only 7 available in the gear… head, chest, gloves, legs, feet, offhand, mainhand…

any1 with bigger knowledge, do you know if operative healer will be viable in 5.0? (basing on datamined info) I wanted to learn this spec as i really enjoy operative, but i don’t see reason for doing so if it will e nerfed as hell…

Based on the current patch releases on the PTS Opertives will be very viable as healers. To date they are getting an auto crit on surgical probe along with an ability that will grant two stacks of kolto probe.

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