GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Cavalier Weapon Skins Gallery

A gallery of the newly added Cavalier weapon skins available for 1 Black Lion Ticket each. These weapons also have a version that displays Guild Emblem.

Guild Emblem is displayed on the white cloth hanging on each weapon. I have updated two different sheahed pics for each weapon, one with and without the guild emblem. If you want the guild emblem to display, you must spend an addition transmutation charge as you get the version without the emblem by default.

Cavalier Axe


Cavalier Dagger


Cavalier Focus


Cavalier Greatsword


Cavalier Hammer


Cavalier Longbow


Cavalier Mace


Cavalier Pistol


Cavalier Rifle


Cavalier Scepter


Cavalier Shield


Cavalier Short Bow


Cavalier Staff


Cavalier Sword


Cavalier Torch


Cavalier Warhorn

gw2-cavalier-warhorn gw2-cavalier-warhorn-4gw2-cavalier-warhorn-3gw2-cavalier-warhorn-2

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60 replies on “GW2 Cavalier Weapon Skins Gallery”

Guild Emblem location perhaps?

Allergens can be a brutal foe on the battlefield too I guess

In Medieval and Renaissance times, a Lady would give her favor to a combatant before battle, allowing him to fight in her honor. Usually the favor was a perfume scented handkerchief that she would tie on his weapon or hand to him so he could wear it with his armor.

all jokes aside, I want to thank you dulfy for having all updates ready to post 2mins after actual updates happen, Youre the best.

Not totally sold on the dangling hanky thing, but aside from that? Damn. These are actually pretty nice. Stylish without being over-the-top.

yep, nice to actually have some skin that do not subscribe to the “particle overload” school: Of course, being non flashy and not overwhelmingly glowing is a no-go in fashion wars 2…

Well then I’m glad I stand out by NOT standing out with my non-flashy weapons and armor. I’m a big believer in less-is-more.

Thank god I had enough scrap to make the ticket for the last skin last week!

As for these lots, it kinda meh to me. The only one I kinda liked is the sword (look like a rapier). I may liked they more if they were in a different colour as the stone piller wall does not appear to me.

I mean, these look very pretty, I like the simplicity – however, they look like weapon skins I could buy from some NPC in-game, not something I’d spend a Black Lion ticket on. :l I mean, compared to some of the other sets? That have amazing effects or beautiful details? This isn’t worth the money to me, they look very unfinished.

It would be nice to know how well sales for the different ticket weapons compare. This looks really plain to me as well. It would be nice to know if the general populace shares that view.

I agree, it would be really interesting to see the statistical information about sales, if there is any. I agree with both of you about how plain they look.

Oh to unsheathe the cavalier greatsword while descending via glider. I’d think this a bit too plain to merit a ticket weapon but its nice to see the guild emblem finally applied in a respectable manner.

The cloth doesn’t really bother me on them, aside from the shield. Would have greatly preferred that shield without it, since the cloth hangs kinda weird when wielding it.

A piece of cloth dangling from my weapon to toot my nose on now instead of my own armor during or after a fight. Nice! 😛

Not bad. I like the pistol and rifle. It’s like what soldiers would do during wars. Putting a piece of cloth from a loved one on their gun.

they should have called this the “french weapon set” because of the white surrender flag hanging off everything

They just need to research weapons a bit. The designs are aesthetically nice, but make little to no sense practically.

sometimes a bit of realism goes a long way in adding to the immersion. not everyone wants to fling around a particle effects generator. some of us want to genuinely believe were cleaving things in half with our swords.

That’s their fault but you could search the net for better ideas on “cavalier” styles for weapons than this. It’s just an excuse. I’ve loved this game since is early release but since this past year it’s been hard to find reasons to defend them so I straight up DONT

I feel like I’ve seen the base design for these weapons before… But there’s been so many different weapon sets they’re all kind of starting to blur together. The GS is nice though; looks more appropriate for a slender caster-type than some of the crazy huge weapons.

they blur together because its the same people designing them and they never change how they think. they use the same themes and base ideas. even if youre comparing the super flashy ones to more subdued ones like these, there are stylistic parallels, just like with armor.

ive always thought that, at least once in a while, they should pick from fanart. mix it up a bit.

What’s with all the hate?

I know that I’m going to drop a lot of gold on these. Couple of them are bizzare, but really like the others.

Also, Anet has given us two for the price of one. And it’s a cool concept, imo.

Oh, admittedly I thought the cloth was optional. Ie no emblem meant no cloth. Reality is significantly less cool, but still some nice looking skins.

“Unlocking any Cavalier weapon skin in your wardrobe will automatically
unlock another version that displays your active guild’s emblem.”
i dunno i think it balances out

Funny how they can keep chucking these out for cash shops but legendary weapons are off limits. Adding glamour most be hard work i guess….that or it’s just not cost effective lol

That’s their fault for changing the way to obtain one. It was originally just a skin even though swapping stats were added . All they had to do was make them account bound going forward if they wanted to hide it behind a grind wall to keep players playing. It’s not like MMO’s where it gives stat bonuses. Instead of correcting that mistake they decided to punish players who like who like grinding for the best weapons skins by not making anymore altogether? but we’ll keep making and you can still buy as many of ” these” as you like because you can’t efficiently grind for BL Keys without Additional accounts, all the Alts and years in low level content areas, etc. hahaha

You might accuse me of being picky… but these skins…… it takes a special guy to design them.

I’m happy that they are not releasing any skins that are in my liking. NEVER HAVE TO WASTE MY GOLDS!!!

Uhh…I usually never complain about anything (gem store or update wise)…but dem skins.

They have outdone themselves this time,this is booooooooooooooooooooring.

so .. what’s the purpose of the shield butt cape? is it to wipe our ass after doing an emergency number 2 around the bushes in maguuma jungle?? neat. thanks for the consideration anet! i will use that one with my rp toon, he will accidentally ate some poisonous berries that grow wild in verdant brink or tangle depth and shit himself to oblivion and wipe it off with his brand new shield butt cape. TO ADVENTURE!

Biggest thing for me is the guild emblem part. Wouldn’t be upset about a different way of incorporating it, but I still like these more than a fair amount of the other skins they’ve released.

“Unlocking any Cavalier weapon skin in your wardrobe will automatically
unlock another version that displays your active guild’s emblem.”

its not unheard of in history, but it is a bit unusual in games. its generally reserved for dueling or higher-class officers. sometimes for show, yes, but also it can be used in combat as a distraction or to entangle a weapon.

Actually that was a real thing for dueling in several cultures. They would roll or fold up their capes behind a buckler or other side arm to sweep it at their opponent; entangling a weapon, snagging armor, wrapping up a limb, or even just momentarilly obscuring their opponents vision.

What is the armor that the display character in white/blue chick is wearing?

And what about the blonde character with black and white armor?

i appreciate that they arent adding more flashy stuff to everything, but the designs still need some work. im way too cheap to buy keys, so my BL tickets are precious.

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