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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales May 17 – 24

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales May 17 – 24


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22 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales May 17 – 24”

So…they just now released the supercrate? That’s an interesting move… Not that I’ll buy it.

Not going to lie it confused me for the longest time why they didn’t include the x5 pack when plunderers came out o.o

There is no new pack. The Plunderer Pack was the one released two weeks ago, but they had released it only in it’s single crate format, and the Hypercrate format. For some reason, they released the Supercrate (5 boxes) this week. One more amazing short-term marketing decision by Bioware.

“New” I mean anarchists which one being while ago. Dont understand 1 thing why they didnt made promotion like 1 year or 2 years ago. Where whole week (maybe more) was 1 pack per day (old ones to new one). That was fantastic….

Clicking on the Anarchist links to see what they are gives me a “502 Bad Gateway nginx” on tor-fashion.

Unfortunately, I can’t even bring myself to log into SWTOR anymore. Thanks, Dulfy for telling me about BDO. That time vampire of a game… it’s sucking away all time I’ve spent in SWTOR, lol.

Their cash shop is more horridly expensive than Bioware’s, but I think my time is near end for SWTOR, I’m sorry to say. They have turned this into something that is just a horrible in game economy thing.

You know… more and more people keep saying this game is sying/dead/at its end….and it’s still here xD

Oh I never said that. I know full well that the game is doing fine, and your comment leads me to believe that you really didn’t read much of what I said, and had to rush to make a point of something that I never even said.

This is just me not really liking this game much anymore.

im sad because i just bought the anarchist hypercrate yesterday and if i did it today, i would have gotten two. darn :/

Too bad they’re douchey and don’t also put the account unlock on sale when they do the cargo bays, etc..

Congrats to everyone who doesn’t wait for a sale to buy hypercrates. You’re the real MVP keeping this game alive

Since Anarchist is on sale this week, I’m thinking they are going to make one of the four latest packs on sale each week for a month…. Because.

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